Battleteam Name Poll


11-02-2006 08:41:16

There is a chance both will be staying, but I want to see your opinion for if I do have to get rid of one. One with the most votes stays. I have no preference really.

Vangar Blade

24-05-2006 09:42:45

If u came up with that on your own you need to find an imagination. :S


24-05-2006 12:44:00

Ay, they're both kind'a lame. My suggestion would be to scrap em both and come up with something new.


24-05-2006 13:56:11

I'm not in the Clan, but from my knowledge, the question being asked is which do you keep, since they're both already part of the House...these aren't "new" Battleteams

Linkin Camulos

26-05-2006 19:05:07

People need to start reading dates of posts, this poll is extremely old and a decision has already been made (both have been kept)

If you want a name change for these however, speak to the BTLs, AED, and QUA.


10-10-2006 14:38:53

That is true ok then well i guess this is all over

Ood Bnar

12-10-2006 10:18:10

It is, so don't reply anymore until something urgent or imminent regarding Battleteam names is called for! ;)


12-10-2006 10:30:12

OK i wont


21-10-2006 23:30:52

Nightmare RULEZ!!!!!