Rybanloth System Prospectus


24-08-2009 19:57:40

The following was created by Vodo, with a little tweaking from me and approved by Muz for use. This is what we will use to base all of our information on the Rybanloth System...our starting point. Vodo also did something similar for the Kr'Tal system, working off some ideas I had and bringing his own in. I've been a lazy bastard though, and still haven't put in all my comments for it. However, once I do that and it gets updated again, I'll post it all up here for everyone to pick apart.

Anyway...have a look below


For too many years Clan Taldryanís additional planetary system has been neglected and left forgotten. In order to bring the Rybanloth System into the clanís fictional fold, the following document will lay out the stellar bodies of the system and list detailed locations for each. All information, pending approval of the Clan Consul, the Grand Master and his Deputy, will be transferred to the DB Wiki and the Clan Website.

Overview of System:

The G0 V main sequence star, named Rybanloth, has four orbiting bodies: Aris, Kalus, Omus Massa, and Sarmus. It burns a bright, rich orange color which bathes all the planets in ample levels of light. While the System is mostly devoid of life, there is a small amount of evidence to suggest that a primitive culture of Dark Side worshippers existed at one point on one planet.

Aris is a dead planet, devoid of life and atmosphere. Its rocky terrain offers no sanctuary from the harsh rays of Rybanloth, nor the biting cold during its 28 hour day. The planet, 4,086m in diameter offers a little more than 1/3 (.35g) standard gravity. It completes one orbit of Rybanloth every 358 standard days.
Uninhabitable to all but the toughest interstellar life forms, Clan Taldryan has forgone any attempts to colonize and settle on Aris. Subterranean encampments were deemed unfeasible due to the amount of time the base would remain inaccessible while closest to the star.
Aris has three satalites: Adelphos, Metis, and Timeus. All are captured stellar rock, that orbit in sequence around the planetís equatorial belt. Adelphos orbits closest to the planet at 300,000km, is 20km across at its widest, and completes four rotations for every Aris day. Metis orbits at a distance of 420,000km, is 17.5km across at its widest, and completes one orbit for every one Aris day. Timeus orbits elliptically, 390,000km at its closest and 520,000km at its furthest. At 15 km across at its widest, Timeus completes one orbit for every two and a half Aris Days.

Kalus is a planet covered in acidic and corrosive gases. The scared landscape beneath the dense atmosphere is sharp and jagged, reflecting millennia of torture. The light of Rybanloth can only be perceived at the surface as an omniscient glow that covers the entire planet eternally. The light defuses to such an extent that on the ground, objects 15 meters away are hard to make out. Kalus is 16,647m in diameter, completes one rotation on its axis every 17 hours, and orbits Rybanloth in 210 standard days. Gravity is just above average (1.05g).
The Planetís corrosive atmosphere has prevented any large scale efforts to inhabit the surface. Subterranean shelters serve as little more than secluded research centers for Clan Scientists and Dark Side Philosophers who journey to the planet in order to study the Dark Side Nexus present on the planetís Northern Pole. Archaeologists have uncovered evidence of a prior existing civilization on the surface while climatologists suggest that the atmosphere did not always look as it did.
Kalusís one satellite is a full moon referred to as Jarri. Jarri is 4,175m in diameter with gravity just under ľ (.24g) of standard. Its barren surface is devoid of an atmosphere but sustains rock boring insects called Brick Bugs which can grow up to 3m over two centuries. Jarri is the site of the Rybanloth Systemís Taldryan Fleet Station and Naval Dock. Its here that the Clan Navy berths for repair and restoration while in-system. The Station features above ground and below ground accommodations for all facets of the operation.
The Taldryan Starfighter Corps Top Fighter training program operates from the Fleet Station and uses the thick atmosphere of the planet Kalus as a prime location for the training of combat and transport pilots. High scoring flight cadets and battle-proven veterans are sent here to be trained to higher standards and with more advanced techniques which they will then take back with them to their units and teach.
State of the art defenses on the ground include embedded Turbolaser batteries and an energy shield. The orbiting Naval Docks are defended by ion and turbolaser batteries as well as early warning systems orbiting around the Rybanloth System.

Omus Massa is a Gas Giant whose atmosphere contains various gases vital to ship weaponry and ship power generation. At 84,072m wide, the planet dwarfs all other stellar bodies in the system. It is encircled by a thin white ring which stretches from pole to pole. The Gas Giant completes one day every 14 hours and orbits Rybanloth once every 1,012 standard days.
The planet is the site of mining efforts by Clan Taldryan. Gas is extracted from the atmosphere, refined in orbiting platforms and taken to be sold out of system through a series of cover operations to conceal the origin of the Gas. The Naval Forces reserve the use of no less than 1/8 of every shipment for their use while monetary proceeds many pay for the maintenance, upkeep, and pay for the armed services operations.
Omus Massa is orbited by five satellites; two moons and three rocky objects. In order they are Ateius, Rubico , Cordus, Juba , and Gala. Atieus is the smallest of the five at 19km across at its widest. It is a barren rock with little mineral value. Rubico is a moon the size of Kalus at 15,994m in diameter. With a thin atmosphere, the moon supports only the most basic small life forms and has been reserved for use by the Gas Mining Companies to settle and inhabit. Cordus is a large asteroid that was once caught in the Gas Giantís gravitational pull. At 80km wide, it has a enough gravitational pull to hold a humanoid to its surface (.10g). Juba is also a large moon at 13,000m in diameter. It lacks an external atmosphere but has numerous subterranean caverns which contain noxious and useless gases. It is orbited by Gala, making it the only known moon to have an individual satellite.

Sarmus is the final planet in the Rybanloth System, but also the most habitable. Its atmosphere contains nearly equal parts oxygen and nitrogen and contains trace amounts of various harmless gases. The planet is 15,369m wide and has a gravitational pull of 1.09g due to a dense inner core. One Sarmus day is nearly 15 hours and it completes a full rotation of the Star in 470 days. Sarmusís surface is diverse; oceans lead to coastal plains, which fade into foothills and mountains. Deserts and grasslands dot the southern hemisphere while the main continent is covered by wide swaths of forests and woodlands. Curiously, the planet is devoid of life, though perfectly suited to it.
Clan Taldryan has reserved the use of Sarmus as an active retreat for Dark Jedi and Service Members of the Security Forces. Clan personnel on leave can request time at one of the many luxurious resort communities or amenities to brave the wilderness (with conditions). The planet is orbited by an unarmed XQ6 Space Station which serves as a space dock where drop ships embark to the planet and return.

Special Privledges:

Sons and Daughters of Taldryan as well as Clan Elders reserve the right to at will pay for and oversee the construction of personal villas on any planet of their choosing, though Sarmus is highly encouraged. Elders are entitled to pay for out of personal funds the construction of a single dwelling with no property rights other than the land immediately surrounding them or choose an existing dwelling at no expense. Taldrya are given Grants of Land and a stipend to build and cultivate their holdings. On these Grants, the Taldrya is the supreme word of law. All personal dwellings and Grants will be devoid of personal defenses and security forces, with all Security provided by the Clan.
The Clan Security Service reserves the right to three exclusive resorts on Sarmus and the large swaths of land directly surrounding them for the private use of non-Jedi. The stress of extended service and the omniscient presence of their Dark Jedi overlords is understood by the powers that be and have created a retreat for Service Personnel on Shore Leave, though they are not limited to these locations.

Taldryan Security Service Presence:

The Taldryan Security Service maintains an active force in the Rybanloth System to ward off piracy and defend the Clanís interests in the area. At any given time, a full Battlegroup or smaller will be deployed within the system. Based from the Rybanloth Systemís Fleet Station and Naval Dock on Jarri, the present forces will patrol the entire system. All ships are rotated back to KríTal and replaced in due time.