Land Grants


28-07-2009 21:04:20

One idea that has always been floated is a formalized process to give out land/area for member of Taldryan. I have two ideas for this and how they can be given out. The first deals with the Kr'Tal system. Land here should be coveted, and only given out to the most loyal of Taldryan's. As such, I believe only those who are Sons and Daughters of Taldrya should be given land on which to build a permanent home. It would be "gift" that goes along with being granted that title. Would need to decide on how large the plots are, but someone can choose any planet they wish. What can be built will also be limited...that would get more detailed should the idea go ahead.

The second idea was to have more general land grants, but make them in the Rybanloth System. We can make the habitable moon a more "resort" area for the Clan...somewhere the military would go for shore leave, or even our own dark jedi would go to for some relaxation. Here we can give out little villas as "rewards" for people in the Clan. While not wholly owned (like the land grants for Taldrya), they would be permanent homes for these members for as long as they are in the Clan. What they are rewarded for would have to be decided, but things like awesome displays in big competitions would be the idea for this type of reward.

Why would all of this be rare/worth it? Well...technically none of us "own" anything in our systems. They are all governed by the Clan. Outside of our systems you can do whatever you want, but wouldn't it be nice to have an official description of your own residence in our system details? It would be a new addition to your own character as well.

Yes, no? Thoughts, comments?


31-07-2009 02:21:51

I like the first idea a lot. Taldrya, albeit fictionally, should be more than a title and respect amongst the military and dark Jedi. If each Taldrya, especially Elder's with the Clan's name sake, should each be able to have their own domain; their own castle in a way.

As for a member being granted their own vacation spot (for lack of better words) I think it should be more like a standard residence off of the Clan's regular home base planet in Kr'Tal. Instead of awarding it to a member for being active during a majority of competitions, put it into place that Equite1 inherit their own domain. To allow our Equites to expand on their own fictional development, as well as a broader variety of venues for competitions and their own personal purposes.

While writing the above statements, this brings up something I just thought of. Now, bare with me here as I elaborate on this:
How would we feel about starting a small economy in a sense? I.e., for every certain amount of Merit Awards you get, there is an addition to what you can receive as far as land, or even give yourself a special title. And when I say 'Merit Awards', I don't mean 2 or 3 DC"s. Of course we would have to really put some thought into this, but it is an idea, and a basic one at that.

Vladet Xavier

31-07-2009 17:18:12

If we're going to implement some kind of "reward" system for Taldryan members I suggest we just don't limit it to land. There are a number of different types of things we could fictionally award for different accomplishments. For example:

Attain the rank of DJK - honorary rank of Captain in the Taldryan Security Service (allows command of a platoon in battle)
Attain the rank of Equite1 - assigned a "basic" starfighter from Taldryan's fleet (they don't own it, just have it assigned - no modifications/upgrades)
Attain the title of Taldrya - land grant on one of Taldryan's habitable planets
Attain the rank of Equite3 - honorary rank of High Colonel in the Taldryan security service (allows command of a brigade or whatever in battle)
Attain the rank of Equite4 - assigned an "advanced" starfighter from Taldryan's fleet
Attain the rank of Elder1 - honorary rank of General in the Taldryan security service
Attain the rank of Elder2 - given command of a small warship during a war
Earn X amount of medals/degrees/etc - given something small

Those are just random examples and can be modified fully or in part or whatever. I don't think the system should be limited to just Taldrya members or only elder members of Taldryan. The newer members need something to strive for but we shouldn't be giving stuff for GRD promotions or whatever. Maybe start at Jedi Hunter or something.


31-07-2009 21:14:35

I'm wary of having a secondary system of reward that encompasses the military and elements relating to it. I would like to do something different with Taldryan, and keep it somewhat unique when compared with the rest of the DB. That means not making our dark jedi integral parts of the "military". It is an idea that is already set in how we operate in war, and I would like that to continue.

Now, about the land grants themselves...that can always be tweaked, although I don't want anything to become watered down. It should be something is a rare occurrence to wholly "own" something when talking about the Clan's planets. That, and the fact of just what you are able to do with that land...I'll try and break-down how I picture things in general when it comes to living arrangements

APP-JH (?)
- They are quartered in their respective House headquarters. They are required to hang around as they have to earn the respect of the Clan to be given the necessary freedoms.

- Live outside their House headquarters, but on the same planet
- Living spaces equal to rank (options of housing types grow as you grow in rank...from condo to huge Houses)

- Can live on any planet and any type of "housing" they choose

Basically, the idea is people have their own place, although how good that place is does depend on their rank. However, it is not owned by them, but instead by the Clan. You live there, but it's not yours.

Summit would have a set place where they live, outside of their headquarters. Think of it like the White House...while they are leaders, they are given a very fancy place to live in. This would go for AED-CON.

- Given a large parcel of land on which to build/develop however they choose
- Only stipulation is that no "defenses" are erected...all protection is provided by the Clan (Personal security forces, etc...)

So now you have the grand-daddy of places. Have a Michael Jackson-complex? Build Neverland :P So the skies the limit with this, more or less

In the Rybanloth System, the same would be true for the "land grants" although they would only be for vacation/resort purposes. There are no permanent residences in that system. Why? Well...why would we want our dark jedi and other forces to be living on the other side of the galaxy? But for vacation? Sure! All Taldryans can stay in wonderful villas and what not while there, but only those given a land grant can have a true vacation home all of their own.'s not a huge thing at all, but I like there to be a reason/purpose for everything we do. Everyone should be given the opportunity to grow their characters, but we should also ask how does that tie into the overall idea of the Clan.


04-08-2009 18:47:35

I think you've got a good basic structure for this idea Halc. I also like the idea of avoiding assigning automatic military duties and titles to Jedi, because we have no place in that hierarchy. Here's my slight twist on your idea

-I feel that the journeymen as a whole should be quartered as an entire unit in their respective house's lodging (i.e. Ektrosis Temple, Temple of Dinaari).
-The Eq+1 should remain in the House Temples to act as the equivalent of a college RA (maintaining discipline, order, a good example, etc).
-EQ+2-+4 can choose housing of their choice outside the house temples, but on the same planet
-Elders can live on Karufr, Taruma, or Altur
-The House Summits each have a large portion of their house Temples as personal space
-The Clan Summit has both the Clan Temple and personal estates to call their own (these estates would be official residences that would not change with leaders like the white house).
-Taldrya would have large estates on any planet within the Kr'Tal system of their choice
-The Rybanloth System is for R&R for any and all jedi and servicemen/women


12-08-2009 16:40:23

Hey guys, just thought I'd toss something into the discussion. A ways back I decided that as a long-time CON and Son of Taldryan, it would probably be likely that my character would have a place of his own in Tal-space. So this was my version of the "land grant":

It might give an idea of what a land grant could turn into, or not - just thought it might help brainstorming.