Clan Systems, Clan Locations

Aidan Kincaid

04-01-2009 15:22:20

Hey all, the first topic I wanted to get going is about our under-developed Systems and Clan locations. If you'll take a quick look at this Rybanloth System page you'll see we have almost none of the stuff created. Though most of its planets are uninhabitable, we have a lot of moons to work with. We really need to work out the history and current usage of this System before some Clan tries to win it from us.

As for the planetary locations - if you check out some of the Kr'Tal System planets, you'll find their pages include a bit of information on specific locations on the planet. For some of the more important locales used by Taldryan I would like to see something more like this Estate page. This is a fictional estate Kir created on Karufr. It's a beautiful page and includes a lot of details about how it was created, what it's used for, etc. We don't even have those sort of details for our headquarters. It'd be nice to take some of the "points of interest" and expand them into their own article.

I'll post some more ideas/stuff later, but I think this will be enough to start some conversations. We can focus on the planetary stuff first - get it out of the way before we tackle locations, but they're both important parts of Taldryan's fictional backdrop, and can really help in the creation of competitions, ACC locales, fiction writing, RO writing, etc. Have at it!

Kraval Taldrya

04-01-2009 18:52:53

So for the planetary stuff, do you want it done like the Kr'Tal system where there's a brief description of the planet itself as well as continents and cities or do you have vague generalities as to what you'd want said about each planet? When I worked on Kr'Tal I basically went from scratch and just used the image of the planet as a way to describe it. If the planet was red and ashy looking I said it was a volcano planet, if it was blues and greens mixed it gets jungles and forests and whatnot.


04-01-2009 21:29:51

For Rybanloth you will have to specify how many moons you will want habitable (and how many moons in general). I've always erred on the side of something approximating "realism", so in most cases you'll be lucky to have 2 or 3 habitable places. Rybanloth has one habitable planet, so you could probably also get a livable moon going. It's also better to focus in on things so you're not having to create a million other details on other planets.

With Kr'Tal, with so many "livable" places, it means having to go into a lot more detail since you do have a lot more to fill in. In Star Wars there were aren't a lot of system with lots of habitable places...something like the Corellian system is an exception, but then that was "man" made, with the Centerpoint Station and all. Otherwise you basically have one livable place per system.

Another idea I had for Rybanloth...may have mentioned it in another thread, but I don't see it as really have much in the way of an indigenous population. I've always seen it as being "empty", although there are signs that there used to be life on it. It also allows that system to be the "working" system, with much of the population made up of workers involved in mining and other such jobs that help benefit Tal and keep us sustainable. Since there then isn't a native population, you can perhaps introduce "Land Grants" for people in Taldryan to have. It could become like a vacation spot for Tal-folk and the like.

Kraval Taldrya

04-01-2009 21:41:46

Well since Sarmus is the only habitable planet I'm guessing we should make one of Omus Massa's moons habitable. Aris is a dead world and the closest to the system's star so it'd be realistic if its moon was dead as well. That leaves Kalus' one moon and Omus Massa's five moons as options. Perhaps we could have some sort of refinery on one of Omus Massa's moons for whatever we harvest from the gas giant? I mean it can be some obscure resource and have a processing location on OM's habitable moon.

As for a land grant that'd be a pretty good incentive to get folks from the Kr'Tal system to make the switch

Kraval Taldrya

10-01-2009 13:36:42

Here's what I've come up with so far for the Rybanloth system:


No one can say for certain when the planet lost its atmosphere or even had one to begin with. Signs of life are non-existent on the barren world of Aris. No structures line the horizon, no signs of a civilization long gone have been unearthed and there are scarce signs of frozen water having been on the planet. Being devoid of any atmosphere Aris serves as an alternate training ground for the Taldryan military. Preliminary testing of the planet for any useful minerals yielded no results and being the closest to the systemís star limits the usefulness of the planet. Varying mountain ranges and chasms across Aris allow for difficult terrain flying skills considered essential for any fighter in the service of the Taldryan Navy as well as practice for EVA maneuvers for the Army. The three moons orbiting Aris are as dead as the planet they orbit, however they do provide some materials for Taldryan to mine.

Moon #1
Moon #2
Moon #3


With an atmosphere composed mainly of sulfur and carbon dioxide Kalus is the hottest planet in the entire Rybanloth system. Impossible for oxygen breathing species to live on without suits and most plant life to thrive on the yellow planet remains uninhabited by Taldryan. The rocky terrain and hot conditions have made Kalus completely useless for civilian or even military use. After initial scientific study the planet has been left alone by Taldryan and even the moon, with no natural resources has been untouched.

Moon #1

Omus Massa

Methane and hydrogen dominate the atmosphere of this gas giant in the Rybanloth system. Having no terrain to speak of and with two and half times the normal gravity Omus Massa hangs like a sapphire stone in space. With no useful gas like tibanna to harvest the large body of the blue giant serves little purpose for Taldryan. Four of the five orbiting moons of Omus Massa are unlivable due to various conditions, but one of the orbiting moons has enough of an atmosphere to support most forms of life.

Moon #1
Moon #2 (Habitable)
Moon #3
Moon #4
Moon #5


The only habitable planet for most beings Sarmus is abundant with plant life on the land and the oceans are filled with many different types of aquatic species. Settling on the equatorial continent Taldryan has yet to explore the entire planet and many of the native species of plant and animal life has yet to be categorized. A small military instillation inside the main city provides the local civilian population with some protection as Taldryan begins expansion on various parts of the planet.

Moon #1

This is just what I came up with for the past 30 minutes. I know we're going to want points of interest and all that, but give me your thoughts on what I've got so far


11-01-2009 18:23:24

I like that whole bit there Krav, but we could also use one of these uninhabited moons by creating a Polis Massa-like structure, or emplacement. Perhaps the naval garrison of the system could be based from here?

Kraval Taldrya

11-01-2009 22:15:48

I like that whole bit there Krav, but we could also use one of these uninhabited moons by creating a Polis Massa-like structure, or emplacement. Perhaps the naval garrison of the system could be based from here?

It's a possibility and not something I'm against, but for right now I'm just trying to get the generalities out of the way and also get some direction from the clan summit to make sure I'm not screwing up too horrendously :P


28-07-2009 20:50:18

*dusts place off*

Krav put those generalities up quite some time ago. Generally we'll need "approval" for anything we do, but 2 habitable places seems to be fairly ok to me.

We would also need a reason to have this other system. Its location is actually pretty secretive, and the other Clans don't know about it, so it would be the perfect fall-back place for the Clan, should anything ever happen to our main System. It is also the perfect place for any projects we may be up to, or just a general place to repair/retool our ships, away from prying eyes.