Rybanloth System


11-08-2008 20:50:20

While work has been done on our home system, nothing has really been done with the other System that's been awarded to us. It's pretty much a blank slate to us, although I tried to give it a little personality in our recent competition. The only stipulation is that I'll need to get final-final approval from Sarin/Muz for anything we come up with, which is fine as I'm hoping to keep things fairly "realistic" with this system.

Rybanloth System

Here are some things that have been mentioned about it

- There's a security outpost on one of the satellite's around Omus Massa
- Archaeological dig on Kalus...this will tie into a new artifact
- Sarmus is the only habitable planet in the system
- None of the satellite's are named
- We can probably make one of the Omus Massa satellite's habitable

The idea I'm having about this system is that it allows us to be completely self sufficient. While other Clans have to have outside sources of income to survive, we can use this system as our little treasure trove. Set up large-scale mining and perhaps a facility allowing us to repair our starships. Kr'Tal is our home/relaxation point and Rybanloth is where all of the "work" is done to make our lives run smoothly.

Those are just general ideas.


12-08-2008 14:57:23

Are we literally creating everything about the system like we did with Kr'Tal? If so I recommend making at least 2 of the planets inhabited, because having a domestic workforce is crucial for realism.


12-08-2008 21:12:30

It's not completely from scratch. We were given the foundation by the Dark Council, so the general states of each planet are already set

- First Planet from sun
- A dead world, no atmosphere
- 3 satellites

- Second planet from sun
- "hot house" atmosphere and uninhabited
- 1 satellite
- something similar to Venus I believe

Omus Massa
- Third planet
- gas giant
- 5 satellites

- Fourth and final planet
- Habitable...most "earth" like
- no satellites

None of the satellites are named or described, so we have wiggle room there and due to how the system is set up, using one of the satellites around Omus Massa would work best as a habitable place next to Sarmus.


13-08-2008 12:05:20

How indepth are you going to want this to be? Would you like something that I did for the Kr'Tal system by specifying each continent and the cities in them and the features or do you want something more general?


30-08-2008 19:33:30

I think one of the things we'd need to address is how "developed" this system actually is. From how I viewed things the system itself was pretty much bare. When we were given it, there was nothing there except whatever natural resource came with it, or whatever had been left behind by any previous inhabitants.

So in my view this system used to be inhabited, but no longer is (hence the artifact findings and what not). So I don't see a lot of civilization right now outside of the Taldryan presence.


31-08-2008 18:40:59

Can we consider a somewhat significant smuggler presence? It would make our concern for security more pertinent.