Taldryan Military Officers


11-08-2008 13:58:19

This is an area that doesn't need a discussion so much as volunteers to work on the histories of the main members of the Taldryan military. We have a couple of wiki pages up, but they aren't all that detailed, plus we need to get everyone else up with information.

Naval Officers

Naval Commander: High Admiral Tak Vordin (NPC, male Human, 43)
Fighter Group Admiral: Boryn Durb (NPC, male Sullustan, 61)

Battlegroup Vanguard CO: Vice-Admiral Raif Slaxton (NPC)
CSD Justice CO: Vice-Admiral Raif Slaxton (NPC)
MJHC Compulsor CO: Commodore Kyle Takan (NPC)
VIN Honor CO: Commodore Saiff Hessen (NPC)
L/FRG Fury CO: Captain Jormel Plaso (NPC, male Human, 38)
L/FRG Vengeance CO: Captain Shelsar Mer'skr (NPC, female Bothan, 40)
VT-49 Legacy CO: Tal Dark Jedi

Battlegroup Vigilance CO: Rear Admiral Shalla Arundel (NPC)
BAC Dark Prophet II CO: Rear Admiral Shalla Arundel (NPC)
VIN Valor CO: Commodore Kayla Norvin (NPC)
M/INT Orthanc CO: Commodore Ammar Kordoo (NPC)
CGS Flamewind CO: Captain Lee Starr (NPC, male Corellian, 32)
CGS Stormwind CO: Captain Merenia (NPC, female Selonian, 46)
VT-49 Sentinel CO: Tal Dark Jedi

Home Guard Forces
STARG Fearless CO: Commodore Eller Valtain (NPC, male Duros, 51)
Citadel Alpha CO: Captain Ark Lassik (NPC)

Army Officers

Surface Marshall Travik Korr

The Army still needs a lot of development concerning specific units

Intel Officers

Executive Committee
Training Director (TDir)
Division Liaison (DL)
Executive Director (EDir)
Chief Director (CDir)

Division Director (DD) - Operations
Division Director (DD) - Analysis

There are no specific NPCs set for any of the above position, so they will need to be made from scratch.

Military Institute

Leader: Lieutenant General Nas Crut

Those are just some of the "big" names in our military, and a good starting point. If anyone is interested in any of these NPCs, please volunteer. The hope is to have detailed histories that we can put up on the wiki. If you don't think you have time to fully develop individuals, or just have random ideas for certain areas, feel free to post those as well. The more people have to work with, the better it is for them I'm sure.

Vladet Xavier

11-08-2008 22:33:19

I will volunteer to flesh out a history for Surface Marshal Travik Korr. I'm going on "vacation" in a week but when I get back at the start of September I can get something going relatively quickly.

*It's also Marshal (one "L"), not Marshall



12-08-2008 00:30:01

I'll claim Battle Group Vanguard. I think I'll be able to pump out a decent amount of stuff for those officers, and still maintain a variety of stories and backgrounds.


13-08-2008 12:20:44

I'll take these two

Naval Commander: High Admiral Tak Vordin (NPC, male Human, 43)
Fighter Group Admiral: Boryn Durb (NPC, male Sullustan, 61)

Is there a time table you want these done by? Are you wanting the histories to follow a unified format like start off with birth and childhood then move into later years and military training and then move into how they got into their current position and what they do/how they perform?


30-08-2008 19:36:37

I don't have a specific time table, but the sooner the better is always good :P The format you stated would pretty much be the "basics" needed.


31-08-2008 18:38:59

of course