Taldryan Development: A Purpose


11-08-2008 13:32:59

Hey everyone,

I've decided to clean the cobwebs from out of here and re-open this place to continue developing the Clan in all fictional aspects. I don't plan on doing any sort of overhaul of what's come before. I like what's already there, and I know real work went into that. This is now to use what has already been done as a stepping point and go from there. We have a lot of areas that need to be expanded on or just plain done from scratch. Taldryan has a lot more possibilities then other Clans as we've earned much more to work with. We have a larger Naval fleet as well as an extra System to play around with, not to mention a separate planet as well. This is all official and cannot be taken from us, so it's in our best interest to develop it all.

I'm hoping to build something unique in this club for us, and you've been asked here because you've shown the ability to contribute to the Clan in these areas. I have my own ideas on where to go and will be opening up topics in these areas to start off with. However, nothing is set in stone and as long as a topic is still "pinned", that means nothing is really settled. When a topic is done and the details finalized it will be un-pinned and hopefully the work can then be put up on the wiki and our website.

However, feel free to open up your own talks of interest and they'll be pinned up for discussion as well. Eventually we will need volunteers to put all of the information together, so I hope that some of you step up to help.

In the end we should have a fictional world that is unique and as "realistic" as we can possibly make it. Already we have set ourselves apart from the rest of the DB by having our military focused around NPCs instead of the dark jedi, which makes sense. Wouldn't you rather have those that train day in and day out in command of such things instead of those that have their focus on other matters? These are the sorts of things we should always keep an eye out for.