TFDG - SIT Purchases

Duga Taldrya Arkarso

22-05-2006 19:24:07

We were going to be making some possible purchases before the Great Jedi War, but Smoke, Jac, and Goat said that changes are underway on the list to buy. It'll be better off to wait until that is done before spending anything, since things are going to be reset and re-priced. Like the upgrades will probably be gone, ships will be in squadrons for the Clans, and probably other big stuff added in. Anyways, this topic can be an open one to talk about what ships people like, what you'd like to see bought when we get an updated list, or just anything regarding buying something with the SIT points. Depending on what we do with the Military stuff, maybe we will see these Clan Possessions used more specifically in fiction and RP area. When the Summit wants to buy things, we will come here and get your feedback before hand.

SIT (Sunday Invitational Tournament) Items List

SIT Point totals for Clans and Members, check the latest posts

Current list as of "Special Gaming Day" 4-13-2006 and SIT 4-16-2006

Clan Taldryan: 2016 points
Dark Sabre 346pts
Shadow 211pts
Chaosrain 148pts
Duga 143pts
Menace 121pts
NexusMage 117pts
Pyralis 105pts
Vardar 80pts
Benevolent 55pts
Michael Arkarso 37pts
Odium 24pts
Kraval 19pts
Fire Knight 16pts
Mav 10pts
Zhilvinas 10pts
Erinyes 7pts
Nadaz 7pts
Mordin 5pts
Tarax 3pts
Dark Destroyer 1pt

Aidan Kincaid

23-05-2006 23:24:52

Don't forget to add 211 for me :P

Duga Taldrya Arkarso

24-05-2006 12:53:54

Yeah, you didn't show up on our current list there, having to go Rogue on us. :P Updated.

Oh, and if anyone didn't notice yet we won a squadron of TIE Hunters for placing 2nd Clan-wise in the XvT Bracket of the Taldryan Invitational. We can still win some Ground stuff since Ben and I are still in some of the brackets. The Hunters are on the website as well for those that want to check that. Nice not having to buy stuff.

Andan Taldrya Marshall

24-05-2006 14:07:26

When this topic came up a while ago I looked at everything we had and figured that the thing that we needed the most would be more bombers. I don't have time to go through all the math again, but if memory servers then we have 6 scimitars as our only real bombers, and the 12 hyperions that could double as light bombers (even though they're mainly fighters). I did a long post explaining everything that I'll try to find that post soon and let you guys see it again.


25-05-2006 18:59:20

I'm thinking we should buy B-wings since those and the TIE Bombers cost the same but looking at design and all B-wings are far better or better yet perhaps those missle boats.


26-05-2006 03:30:57

As much as I despise the purchase of craft affiliated with the Rebellion, I have to say, B-wings ARE beastly...a much better choice than TIE Bombers.

Though, I wanna see what cap ships they bring may be worth holding off on fighters in favor of a cap ship...we'll see...

Andan Taldrya Marshall

26-05-2006 14:22:42

As much as I'd love to roll in with 20 cap ships every other clan has more fighters then us, and they'll be using them a lot. We need some way to counter their fighters. If we want to go the route of cap ships over fighters we need to look into a few L/FRGs or GSPs, ships that are designed to take out fighters.

I still think bombers should be the main focus of this round of buying, though. Our bomber "wing" (i.e. 6 ships) is majorly lacking.

Aidan Kincaid

26-05-2006 14:31:57

We also have the most cap ships of any clan at the moment. And the GJW will probably add a few more to that list. Fighters are a must. Sad to see clans with 5 cap ships have 5x as many fighters as us :P

freshjive taldrya

27-05-2006 14:10:30

Get missile boats....easiest way to kill cap ships, plus, with no cap ships theres no reason to have fighters

Hyperion squadron can take care of a lot of fighters themselves too


28-05-2006 06:11:59

I just said it MAY be worth waiting on the fighters....depending on what is up for grabs...:-p

and just cause I'm feeling stubborn right now...My opinion stands :P >:) :P


01-06-2006 21:30:43

I agree with the fighters. Hyp's kick major booty and I would love to see just a fleet of them.

Aidan Kincaid

01-06-2006 22:34:55

Unfortunately we probably won't ever see more of them. They were a one and only thing for Goats Sith War.

Andan Taldrya Marshall

01-06-2006 23:25:59

When I divided up the fleet between the houses and assigned fighter squads to the different cap ships (ala the military thread) I noticed that we have room in the fleet for 3 more fighters before we need to start buying ESCs. If we buy ships with hyperdrives we can fudge it, but I'd rather have a cap ship for them to land on for reloading and such.

Also, I'd LOVE to see an entire wing of Hyperions...but like Shad said they're a one time thing from Goat's Sith War. They're the best fighters in the entire DB to date though, so even if we just have 12 they give us a major advantage.


02-06-2006 06:11:05

When I divided up the fleet between the houses and assigned fighter squads to the different cap ships (ala the military thread) I noticed that we have room in the fleet for 3 more fighters before we need to start buying ESCs. If we buy ships with hyperdrives we can fudge it, but I'd rather have a cap ship for them to land on for reloading and such.


Andan Taldrya Marshall

02-06-2006 12:07:19

ESCs are support ships, not cap ships...they lack guns of their own :P

Have you ever seen an ESC attacking other cap ships? Hell no, they launch fighters and stay out of the way till the fight is over, pick up their fighters and leave.


03-06-2006 06:48:29

No..I haven't seen one attack another capital ship, but I have flown against them, and they definitely shoot back...I h8 ESC's, though by far I think my worst encounter is definitely the VSD...anyway...

I just like cap ships. They're very.....pretty.....yeah....Not to mention that a massive fleet instills fear in the hearts of the enemy, and if the fleet is large enough secures victory for that fleet without even firing a shot. "Fear is my ally" Though it kinda depends on the cap ships available and if we can even afford the any of the good one's they'll have. In the end, I expect us to be getting fighters...I just like cap ships :-p


03-06-2006 08:49:05

now if we got another dark prophet we wouldnt need another ship ever again..... :P But thats kinda costly

Also, I was wondering what we do fictionally for a crew for the ships. There are not enough people alone to man the dark prophet let alone the rest of the ship crews. I know we have a lot of extras but thats pushing the extras when we usually compare them to house and clan rates, or even the populace on tal's planets since they seem kinda barren. Do we keep the ships on some kinda slave drive to keep down on the crew or do we just make up that many thousands of people.


X-) Constipation is my explination

Andan Taldrya Marshall

03-06-2006 17:16:12

The ship crews are the same idea as our non-jedi troops: we just pretend that they're there and write them into fiction/ROs. Basicly as Jedi we're the elite of Taldryan and the non-jedi people are there to help us kick ass. In theory, an APP has more prestige in the clan then a non-jedi, but realisticly an APP has no prestige because all we really care about are the Jedi (and the occasional NPC general).


04-06-2006 05:00:59

yep, Raist.......<3 capital ships :wub:

and yes...we kinda...assume they're there....It's great fun isn't it?!?