Equite 3 Promotion Requirements


26-02-2011 11:28:20

Morning Sirs,

With the Independence Games approaching quickly and with my work load becoming easier over the next several months (as I finally finish school) I was looking to try and become active once more in the DJB. Though not active in a clan I keep up with the org whenever I get home (only place I have internet now) and I try and log in as much as possible just to keep my account active.

I've been reading a lot lately about the new promotion requirement to equite level 3. I first need to say this is a great idea as it gives a firm goal that someone can reach for and should help promote activity. One of the reasons I left, besides my crippling work load, was there was no clear idea of what I could do to keep advancing.

That said I have a question. Back in the day when I was in college I trained Impetus (#5951) to the rank of DJK. I was awarded a Scroll of Foundation for this back in 2009. I was wondering if I became active again would I need to train a new member through the ranks or could I retroactively apply the work I have already done?

I ask this because increasing in ranks is one of the ways you keep interest and frankly having been at the same rank for a while with no way to go higher has been boring. I think it was last year I went back to then Clan Scholae Palatinae (maybe more than a year now) and I was asking for a student and none were available so I left again. I'm trying once more to be active and I just wanted to check and see what my options were and what the possible future could hold. Thanks

Muz Ashen

27-02-2011 00:06:30

You already trained someone through to DJK, so that requirement has been met.


28-02-2011 08:24:32

Snap! Thanks Sir,

Now just to get active again