04-01-2009 18:30:36

I'm just gonna throw this out there and see; but why is Tarax not even an option for P:MAA? Obviously he's doing a good job if you are keeping him around this long. And surely even if certain ppl of the DB leave, personally I see the only people threating as deserving to be gone anyways for their childish behaviours.

So I gotta ask why not him?



05-01-2009 03:21:18

I'll let Tarax answer this one

Tarax Kor

05-01-2009 03:37:27

It's three very simple things:
    • My primary loyalty is to Taldryan. As P:MAA, I'd be basically training to take over for Kaek when he leaves his position; meaning that I'd have to seriously limit my involvement with my Clan, and I'm not willing to do that at this point in time.
    • Somewhat spinning off from #1, I just don't have the time nor resources to spread myself out. If I'm to dedicate myself wholly to my studies and job, and to my Clan, I won't have the time to be an effective trainee for the MAA office.
    • I'm sure there'd be a mass exodus of emos and retards because they don't like me. B)

There are several other reasons as well, but they're not something most people need to worry about. The main reason I'm P:MAA now is because I have an adequate understanding of how most of the MAA policies work. (That and Kaek loves me, but no homo. <3) Kaek knows he can trust me in getting most of the easier/daily grunt work finished/processed without any issues arising; I'm here to alleviate the workload, and provide a sounding board until a permanent Praetor gets chosen.

Sure, some people may bitch and whine about me having access and being associated with the MAA's office in any way...but those people are retarded; I've fairly processed recommendations/requests from people who never bother to hide the fact that they dislike me, and that means I'm capable of doing the job. If individuals keep threatening to quit, then they should stop trying to be attention whores, get their balls to drop, and just [Expletive Deleted]ing quit.

I hope that answers your question. And thanks for the show of support. :)

Hel-Pa Sklib

05-01-2009 11:28:18

It's primarily because the awesomeness of my era as P:MAA hasn't died down yet (and probably never will). No one can ever really be as awesome at well, life, as I am so it's more of an honorary position than anything right now.

Tarax Kor

05-01-2009 12:49:10

Sklib has yet to experience female sexage.