Regarding The Recent Maa Report


21-04-2008 19:19:44

Hey Kaek!

Nice Report. Thanks for being so thorough with it, I'm sure other leaders like myself appreciated all the info. I had a question regarding it though, but instead of posting on the comments I felt it may be best to post it here so you can answer it when you have a chance and in case the thread gets long or something.
Anyways, merely curious about something for the Super AWOL Check; I realized you may not have everything worked out yet, but I'm just wondering if regarding its conclusion if you have any plans of reassigning the dossier numbers? I realize this may be an out of the blue topic, but I was reading through rebirth materials the other day and regarding reaching the 10,000 dossier (as you stated in your report) it made me curious if you had plans of bringing this back to keep the digits down and working it in after the conclusion of the awol check.
I realize an extra number in the dossier isn't a big deal, or at least I'm assuming. But given that the goal in rebirth to reset them so we didn't have dossier 10000, 10001, etc; I merely thought it would be interesting to know.

Anyways, thanks in advance for considering this and getting back to me.



23-06-2008 15:43:56

Wow - so sorry I didn't see this until now but I've always had problems with logging into the forums.

Anyways, to answer your question, we won't be reassigning dossier numbers. Just like they don't reassign social security numbers when people die, we don't want to disrupt people's DB identities. Plus, it's probably entirely impossible with the current database setup


04-07-2008 18:13:14

np, it wasn't a pressing matter; just general curiousity. Like I said, it was merely mentioned in earlier files and I wondered if it was gonna possibly pop up in the future.

Anyways, thanks for the answer Kaek. Hope you are enjoying your second reign as MAA.