Transfers And Promotion Reccs


12-05-2007 19:18:07

Okay, Kravs, I've got a question!

*waves hand around vigorously until the MAA takes notice*

Here's my situation:

Member A has just transferred to my House, but he's also well past due for a promotion *if* I include the activity he did *before* he transferred to my House. Would it be allowed for me to include activity that he did before joining my House in a promotion recommendation? Or are promotion recommendations only supposed to be based around activity that members have done while in my House?

/me is confuzzled.



12-05-2007 23:20:33

A promotion can be done if the member has done other works in another house/clan, but it would be a good idea to get the specific info from the leaders of that other house or clan before going ahead with a promo or medal. Activity shouldn't be forgotten because a member moved somewhere else


13-05-2007 11:48:51

I wish I had known this.

Andan Taldrya Marshall

13-05-2007 16:14:04

That's why Krav is around for you to ask questions to.


14-05-2007 12:55:20

What if we had a past Master (who now is by a different name) who said that I had completed his trials for DJK, but was never promoted and moved to a new Clan? What would I do in that situation?


14-05-2007 14:55:32

Talk to your past master, have him or her send your leaders the info on what you did for said trials. Then your leaders can look at it and submit something to me

Macron Sadow

14-05-2007 15:28:11

I have actually encountered this situation several times. Person a moves to clan b, and has done a bunch of stuff and it has not been accounted for. I make it a point to research all I can in thse cases, and send the MAA as detailed a rec as I can. I find that most MAA folks are more receptive to hard data, and not so much to the flowery stuff (although the members like it.)


14-05-2007 22:34:54

Flowery stuff is just fine in a rec, but MAA's will look over that and try to see in the rec itself the explination of why this member deserves a medal or promotion. A rec doesn't have to be all "Member did x,y,z." If you have a personal word or two of congrats or to say how glad you are to have that member doing things for your house/clan then by all means put it in there, but don't leave out the explination of the work either :)