Family Creation


20-03-2007 22:48:38

Dark Brotherhood Family Regulations
Originally drafted by the Special Committee for the Definition and Regulation of Families

1) Families are to exist only for role-playing purposes and as an external sign of a bond between friends.

2) Members are only permitted to be in one family at a time and must be at least the rank of Guardian to join, and have a Dark Side Adept or higher to create a family.

3) Families are required to have at least three to five members including the patriarch at the time of registry and must have a Herald-approved fictional history at least four to five pages in length.

4) Families must have an official family representative who may or may not be the family leader. This individual is responsible for ensuring the Master At Arms has an updated roster of the family

5) "Family hopping" will not be allowed. After leaving one family, a member will be required to wait 4 months before they are permitted to join another.

6) Families are limited to ten members at a time