Crescent Level 3.5???

Baron Zarco

05-11-2006 20:05:11

I have a question about crescents.

I often organize competitions for my BT or even House. I am faced with what award will motivate participants and see that fourth level crescents are for things such as top ten or naming things, i.e. quick and easy BT stuff. Third level crescents are for clan-wide events. That leaves me unable to do anything substantive and give an award other than a "quick and easy" award (Fourth Level Crescents) for anything short of clan-wide stuff.

Could there be a crescent for BT or house stuff created so that BTs and Houses may do comps at higher than Fourth Level Crescents? There are a lot of writing tasks that are not "quick and easy" that a BT or House could do but with Fourth Level Crescents (again, an award for "quick and easy" according to the Codex) it is difficult to get participation.

Crescent level 3.5? Or, seriously, open Third level crescents up to Houses or even BTs for serious writing events??

Thank you for your time.


05-11-2006 20:31:26

There has never been a point where 4th level crescents should be for "quick and easy" sort's of competitions, especially at the BT level and also at the House level. Crescents are there for the "competition" factor...hence the increasing level as you open it up to more people. THe more people who compete/can compete, the higher the reward. How "hard" a competition is also plays a factor in whether a certain level is approved or dis-proved. So although 5th level crescents are normally BT level, a more "serious" competition may warrant 4th level crescents and be approved as such. THe same can be said as you move up.

Crescents are rewarded for the "Competition" aspects, but all members who participate can be rewarded with medals/promotions as that is a "big" way to get medals and what not. That should be the real motivation behind participating

Baron Zarco

05-11-2006 21:00:18

My reference to "quick and easy," alomg with my example of "top ten" and "naming" competitions was a reference to the terms of the Codex. To wit:

"Fourth Level: Fourth level competitions are low-effort competitions that are usually have a main emphasis on being quick and fun. Examples consist of Top 10 lists, word puzzles in reports, or name reccomendations for things like Battleteams."

Given that definition, I stand by the point I was making.

As for merit medals and long term effort, I understand your point there but have had very little success in getting those through the MAA, e.g. denial for merit medal requested for team members who entered six straight weeks of competitions. Given that, while I see your point, it has been cold comfort for my Tyro.


05-11-2006 21:13:20

The codex is in need of updating, and such crescent policies have been around for some time now and have been explained in past "denials". The merit medals are done the same way as a single competition is not usually enough to warrant a merit medal by itself. It was not was a singular competition run over the course of six weeks that was one event (a Run-On). We do actually take these things into account and should have been explained as much through e-mails, so bringing it up again as "examples" is not prudent in this case.

Baron Zarco

05-11-2006 21:21:18

I apologize for appearing "not prudent." I was, however, unaware that the Codex was not considered "gospel." I had assumed, routinely and in determining my role as a battle team member, that it was.

As for the other, though it was actually submitted as two competitions, it was indeed judged and awarded on a weekly basis.

I began this thread asking a serious question about what can be done to encourage substantive competitions on a battle team and house level. The reward structure seems to be lacking in that regard.

I did not ask that question to incur your wrath. I asked it in order to better serve my team as Tetrarch. Again, I regret any upset caused by my question.


05-11-2006 21:28:26

It hasn't incurred anything...I'm not the MAA :P However, bringing in another issue into this debate isn't the best way to resolve things should you still have an issue with it. As I stated before, "substantive"competitions can be awarded with one crescent level higher than normal. So, while a BT competition may normally be 5th level, a large-scale competition may be considered for a 4th level instead. However, once again the amount of participants should also play a part. Should you only have 2 or 3 active people in a BT, it probably isn't a good idea to award higher-level crescents in those cases.

The Codex isn't "gospel", especially in areas that are going through changes (as the MAA office is and has been explained in various news posts) so it's best to ask those in charge of a specific area so that there isn't confusion about things.

So, once again, crescents are a competition award...key word being "competition", while activity in general is rewarded with medals and promotions.


13-11-2006 17:00:43

You are now :P

Sephiroth Kali

23-02-2007 19:36:34

Is this still accurate?:

If a competition has three or less participants, the level of the competition will automatically be raised by one


23-02-2007 20:15:06

Is this still accurate?:

If a competition has three or less participants, the level of the competition will automatically be raised by one

The Crescent level is raised...meaning the "top" crescent goes down by one. A little confusing, but yeah :P Remember, the higher the level, the lower the crescent

Sephiroth Kali

24-02-2007 09:06:17

So in a Fith lvl comp with three participants, the 1st place winner would get a CRwTS, second would get a CRwES, and Third would get a CRwTS. Is that correct?


24-02-2007 10:38:32

No, they would get the 5th level crescents: Emerald, Topaz and Quartz. If only 2 people participated, then instead it would be the Topaz and Quartz.