Hi there


25-05-2005 10:03:03

Hi i am Cozmo a new member, i was told about this site from a friend and it seems great so far, i look forward to my time here and I hope that everone will be helpful during my first month or two :P, Anyways everone seems great and i hope to have a blast here


25-05-2005 10:50:46

Welcome to the Krath Cozmo. We are here if you have any questions. Also, if you want to meet more members of our order, connect to the undernet server to the channel: #krath. Have fun within the brotherhood and you will be well rewarded.


25-05-2005 11:08:31

Hi Cozmo, nice to meet you. If you have any questions, just shout - there are plenty of people who idle around here :P And get irc if you can - its a great way to get caught up and involved in the club.


26-05-2005 08:57:13

Nice.. ill get the irc as soon as i get home because at the school that port is currently blocked :P


26-05-2005 09:06:26

:: piles books upon Cozmo ::

Welcome to the Brotherhood and the Krath Order! Any questions?

:: looks around in a crazed frenzy of knowledge that he 'thinks' he has ::



26-05-2005 18:28:10

Now don't scare him away before I have a chance to say hi to him :P


27-05-2005 04:46:19

Y'know Tel, you could make a nice little KHP avatar by having pink KHP letters glowing down her lightsabre... (well, purple letters :P)


29-05-2005 16:27:43

hello fellow krath, i am xiroc. i am new and i am not sure exactly what i should be doing right now. do i take classes at the academy or what? i dont know how to climb the rank ladder....



30-05-2005 17:30:50

Well you could take SA courses. I suggest emailing your house leaders, viewing their website if they have one, and jumping on IRC to start talking with others. Typically the clans have their own ways to gain promotions and it's best to contact other members of your house.

Lannie: I'd change it if someone made it for me :P


01-06-2005 12:32:41

Hi Cozmo, you are in my Clan. Thus, you should have been contacted by now and recieve our mails.

First thing is for you to fill your history in your dossier. This will make us know your character better. It is also the way to get your promotion to NOV. :D


08-07-2005 09:13:18

Hi how are you going.

Shinichi Endymiron K

08-07-2005 11:40:37


Ark Dowell

11-07-2005 20:19:14

Heya. Welcome to the DB. Hope you enjoy your time here.


17-07-2005 17:12:33

hello, happy times with this lot :P


20-07-2005 08:23:01

hi...just promise me 1 thing...


Dark Killer

21-07-2005 18:05:34

Carrnn : 'want me to do it for you ? :P >:)

No ? But you just said you wanted to be killed, didn't you ? :P

Ood Bnar

28-07-2005 09:43:45



31-07-2005 14:42:20



01-08-2005 10:37:50

hey ood, i love your avatar, what is that exactly? to me it seems like Sauron.

Ood Bnar

08-08-2005 07:09:38

Actually it is Morgoth, the master of sauron. The great god of evil and such

Ood Bnar

08-08-2005 14:41:43

his main apprentice was Sauron, after Morgoth(means lord of evil) was defeated Sauron took over a shard of the original evil empire and created the rings of power

Ood Bnar

08-08-2005 15:34:32

if you are interested just mail me and i'll send you some cool pictures of Morgoth and such.


08-08-2005 15:44:33

i have read such things in the history of middle earth(i believe volume two, rise and fall of the second age of men) if im not mistaken, middle earth/tolkien's world/lotr is my second passion

Ood Bnar

08-08-2005 15:47:54

Then you'll like the Tolkien-fanclub i am a member of, you should take a look there if you want (www.councilofelrond.com). if you do, contact me. i'm 'Cardolan'


08-08-2005 15:51:15

im gonna join, what should my name be??

Ood Bnar

08-08-2005 17:22:52

just choose one, Tyrus is ok too


08-08-2005 18:28:46

k, but i must know this immediately, in the original creation of the ring, did the goblins recover the rings of the dwarves? or did sauron do it?

im just curious...

sauron is awesome, though wasnt morgoth one of the aundil(or whatever)

teh simirillian is one of my favorite obviously :P

Ood Bnar

09-08-2005 05:09:21

that fact was never clear. it is known that Smaug(dragon from "the Hobbit") had one dwarvenring in his treasure Traïn, father of Thorin had one but the others of the seven were lost in history. it is believed that every great dragontreasure had one as a foundation. In "Unfinished tales" there is a story were Gandalf says that he found the tird dwarvenring on Traïn in Moria, but that Traïn was slain by goblins before he could get to it. So the Goblins at least have one of the great rings.

Melkor was one of the Ainur, the one that wasn't created to rule a special territory, like Ulmo who is Lord of Water, but to be almost an equal to Eru(Ilúvatar, the one, the creator of everything), he was given influence in every field but became jealous with Eru's power and wanted to create things himself (created the orcs). after seeing that his creations failed he became bitter and started destroying the works of his brothers. after that he crowned himself "Dark Lord" and was named Morgoth, wich means "Dark Foe", or King of darkness. His searvants were fallen angels like Sauron and Saruman and the demonlike Valaraukar (Balrogs).

I hope this is an answer to your question.


14-08-2005 18:37:58

indeed, thanks

Ood Bnar

15-08-2005 16:19:29

if there are any other questions, just ask!


21-08-2005 11:12:10

will do, i really like wringwraiths, is that wierd?

i just think theyre so cool, i mean, who can scream like that and make ppl cower in fear, and the swords they have, priceless

Ood Bnar

21-08-2005 12:44:25

i understand the fascination with the Nazgul, they are really cool. i'm just more of a "Balrog-person".


21-08-2005 12:50:21

ahh, indeed, they are awesome


21-08-2005 19:17:19

hi ther my name is caine and i am new umm i got the email and everything just wasnt sure how to do the tests <_<

Ood Bnar

22-08-2005 05:39:25

if you have additional questions, just ask. welcome to the brotherhood and good luck with the tests. maybe you'll end up in Scholae Palatinae and then we'll meet certainly.

Ood Bnar

22-08-2005 05:55:37

hey tyrus, if you still don't have acces to Council of Elrond. use this, it is the tip given by the moderator of the site:


Cardolan wrote on Aug 21, 2005 - 05:19 AM:
a friend of mine "tyrus" joined a while ago but didn't get his password mail, what should he do to get this



He has to email accounts@councilofelrond.com from the email address used to register the account.

He *must* make sure that the above address (accounts@councilofelrond.com) is listed in his contacts/safe list so he will receive replies.

This is the most common problem - although there is a *note* in regards to this, many times people who register do not do this, and our attempts to send passwords are rejected.


(PS: i cant send you mails either, i think it is a problem with your emailadres)


22-08-2005 20:10:33

Hello. I just joined the DB Couple days ago. I submitted a couple tourny scores that I played with my brother, who was on the DB before me, but I guess they deleted his profile before the scores got submitted which sucks. Well just wanted to say hello and I look forward to doing much stuff with you guys. Peace : P

Ood Bnar

23-08-2005 05:42:17

welcome to the DB and enjoy


24-08-2005 17:40:49

the db is great, what house are you in, if youre in tridens/gladius, welcome, i can help you, if not, well....oh well...

Kaelin Ring

26-08-2005 01:24:06

Hey guys! I just recently joined Krath so I decided to check out the boards. Did Tolkien ever name the Ring Wraiths? Does he write, in detail, about the first great war?

Ood Bnar

26-08-2005 05:29:00

We know that one of them is the Witch-King of Angmar

The Nazgûl were once Men (some of them Númenóreans), who wanted power above anything else. Sauron harnessed this weakness and gave them the Nine Rings of Power and thus enslaved them. The power of the rings transformed their lust for power into the obedient service to Sauron. Their will was taken away, replaced by Sauron's evil and malice.

=== they where never named

which war do you mean: Morgoth Vs. Íluvatar
Valar Vs. Morgoth
Elves (Noldor, Vanyar, Sindar) Vs. Morgoth
Noldor Vs. Sindar
Turín Vs. Glaurung
Gorthaur (Sauron) Vs. Beren, Luthien and Finrod Felagund
Sauron Vs. Last Alliance of Men and Elves
The first war was fought in the dawn of time:
Melkor was the firstborn of the Ainur, and he was given the greatest gifts of knowledge and power, as well as a share in all the powers of his brethren. Being impatient with Ilúvatar, Melkor desired to create, and he searched the Void for the Flame Imperishable. When Ilúvatur orchestrated the Music of the Ainur, Melkor started to interweave his own themes into Ilúvatur’s patterns in order to increase the power and the glory of his own part of the harmony. His brash and violent tunes caused discord through the rest of the melodies.

Melkor was rebuked by Ilúvatur, and he became filled with shame – but out of his shame came anger, and he kept secret his dreams of ruling and being called ‘Master’. When the Valar began their labours in Arda, Melkor took a leading role, but he meddled in all that was made, turning each of their creations to his own desires. He took a visible form – though because of the hatred burning in him, his form was dark and terrible, with a majesty and power greater than that of the other Valar. The light in his eyes was like a flame that withered with heat and pierced with cold.

Melkor still wanted mastery over the world, and he told the other Valar that Arda would be his own kingdom. Manwë, Melkor’s brother in the eyes of Ilúvatur, refused to accept this and started the first conflict between Melkor and the other Valar for the dominion of Arda. At the end of those lengthy wars, Melkor fled before the wrath of Tulkas, and hid in the outer darkness.

Kaelin Ring

26-08-2005 13:51:24

Wow, I didn't know that there were so many "great wars"! I think it was the Sauron vs. The Last Alliance of Men and Elves. I was also wondering if any of you have read books by Dennis L. Mckiernan... I'm not sure if I spelled his last name right.

Ood Bnar

26-08-2005 13:58:43

Wow, I didn't know that there were so many "great wars"! I think it was the Sauron vs. The Last Alliance of Men and Elves. I was also wondering if any of you have read books by Dennis L. Mckiernan... I'm not sure if I spelled his last name right.

Tolkien only refers to the "First war of the rings" in: "Unfinished tales", "The Lord of the Rings".

what is known of it isn't much:

At that time, Sauron was still able to appear fair of face and form and he used treachery and deceit as his main weapons. He went among the Elves and Men, wearing a fair form, and bearing fair names, including Annatar. Many of these showed reverence to Aulë. Gil-Galad refused all dealings with him, but not so the Elves - Celebrimbor of Eregion made a pact with Sauron and together they began to forge the Rings of Power.

Sauron aided the Elven Smiths in their task, but secretly began to forge the One Ring. Eventually, the Elves realised his treacherous nature, and went to war against him. Eregion was overrun, and Celebrimbor was slain. Only Gil-Galad held out, and even he would have been defeated had not reinforcements arrived from Númenor. In this way, the old alliance between Elves and Men was renewed, and this earned Men the hatred of Sauron, who was forced to withdraw.

The next conflict between Sauron and Númenor came when Ar-Pharazôn arrived in Umbar with his great host. The armies of Sauron fled, but Sauron himself was able to twist the situation to use Ar-Pharazôn for his own purposes. The King of Númenor was a vain man, and when Sauron humbled himself in front of the King, he was carried back to Númenor instead of being killed. There, Sauron's old gifts of treachery and betrayal reasserted themselves, and he made himself Ar-Pharazôn's chief counsellor. He started to enhance the corruption already present in Númenor by introducing a cult of the Dark, while the name of Morgoth began to be spoken with reverence, and sacrifices were made to Sauron's former Master.

After he had been held captive for less than 50 years, at Sauron's instigation, Ar-Pharazôn assembled the Great Armament. In the following downfall of Númenor, Sauron's mortal body was destroyed, but his spirit survived and fled back to Middle Earth.

He was never again able to appear in a pleasant form, but instead became the Dark Lord, terrible of aspect, black and burning hot, with a single lidless Eye that was rimmed in fire. It was as yellow as a cat's and the black slit of its pupil opened onto a window into nothing.

While in Mordor, Sauron learned that a remnant of the Númenoreans had escaped. He gathered his armies with great speed, wanting to sweep the Men into the Sea. In SA 3429, he came across the pass of Cirith Ungol, captured Minas Ithil and drove the Dúnedain back across the Anduin. However, he had again underestimated Men and Elves - they made an alliance against him and laid siege to Barad-dûr. In a final combat against Elendil and Gil-Galad, Sauron was cast down, and his Ring taken from him.

No, i've never even heard of Dennis mckiernan (or something like it)! what does he write about?

Kaelin Ring

26-08-2005 14:11:44

Mostly science-fiction fantasy. Umm.. he's wrote books called Voyage of the Fox Rider, Into the Forge and its sequal Into the Fire, umm alot of stuff which he bases on Mithgar, I think. Or was it Midgar... any way he uses elves, dwarves, men, "hidden ones", warrows, wizards, and sometimes dragons as the "good" side. He uses humans, Rucks, Holks, Gargons, Trolls, Hellarms, some dragons, and other such as the "bad" side. He was one of the first science fiction writers that I read.

Ood Bnar

26-08-2005 14:13:46

Mostly science-fiction fantasy. Umm.. he's wrote books called Voyage of the Fox Rider, Into the Forge and its sequal Into the Fire, umm alot of stuff which he bases on Mithgar, I think. Or was it Midgar... any way he uses elves, dwarves, men, "hidden ones", warrows, wizards, and sometimes dragons as the "good" side. He uses humans, Rucks, Holks, Gargons, Trolls, Hellarms, some dragons, and other such as the "bad" side. He was one of the first science fiction writers that I read.

nice, will see if i can get one of his books and then i'll read it

my first SF-book was Asimov's "Infinity" or something

Kaelin Ring

28-08-2005 13:39:12

Sounds cool. Robert Jordan had better hurry on his last book, or something terrible might happen, lol. Have you read Ender's Game, by Orson Scott Card?

Ood Bnar

28-08-2005 13:41:15

Sounds cool. Robert Jordan had better hurry on his last book, or something terrible might happen, lol. Have you read Ender's Game, by Orson Scott Card?

nope sorry

have you read Raymond Feist


28-08-2005 20:33:41

Midgar was the name of the giant city in Final Fantasy VII...

Ood Bnar

29-08-2005 04:44:04

yes, thank you for sharing that with us!

Midgard was the ancient palace of Odin and the Norse Gods!

Kaelin Ring

29-08-2005 23:56:49

What books has Feist done? And I think it just ment "middle earth/plane"... Oh well... And your right RevengeX!!!

Ood Bnar

30-08-2005 05:27:27

Feist wrote the Midkemia series

A Darkness at Sethanon
Prince of the Blood
The King's Buccaneer
The Wood Boy

Shadow of a Dark Queen
Rise of a Merchant Prince
Rage of a Demon King
Shards of a Broken Crown

Krondor: The Betrayel
Krondor: The Assassins
Krondor: Tear of the Gods

Daughter of the Empire
Servant of the Empire
Mistress of the Empire

Honoured Enemy
Murder in LaMut
Jimmy the Hand

Talon of the Silverhawk
King of Foxes
Exile's Return

Kaelin Ring

30-08-2005 17:53:05

Wow, he wrote alot! I'm going to read some of his books, they sound interesting!! Have you heard of David Gemmel?

Ood Bnar

30-08-2005 17:59:32

David Gemmel?

No, i don't think so! what did he write?

Kaelin Ring

30-08-2005 23:07:15

Legend, Midnight Falcon, Sword in the Storm, Waylander, King beyond the Gate, Quest for Lost Heroes, In the Realm of the Wolf, The Legend of Deathwalker, First Chronicles of Druss the Legend... stuff like that.

Ood Bnar

31-08-2005 05:38:43

i'll read some of those then

Kaelin Ring

31-08-2005 23:53:29

Cool! By the way in answer to the message you sent me, I would love to be a member! I might be asking you guys to help me, because my master just asked me to lead a group of newbs... you know show them the ropes. The problem is I need to do all of the same things a BT leader would do and I've never really been in a BT, not to mention more than a few comps. Thanks guys!

Ood Bnar

02-09-2005 14:00:57

ok, i'll put you in and if it gets accepted you're in! oh yeah, if you need help, send them on the messageboards and the spamboard if they need help, or if you need help!

Kaelin Ring

02-09-2005 16:51:40

Thanks much! Its kinda hard being one of the two Krath in a Sith House, lol!

Ood Bnar

03-09-2005 05:39:22

it's nothing! we krath should stick together

Kaelin Ring

07-09-2005 00:28:28

Lol, thats right! That is why I joined Krath! Lol!

Ood Bnar

09-09-2005 14:54:21

and remember, .......................

i don't know!
have fun being battleteamleader

Kaelin Ring

10-09-2005 01:26:18

Oh Yeah!! I have my first report coming up and only four people wrote back!!! ITS SO FRUSTRATING!!!

Ood Bnar

10-09-2005 05:39:58

keep pressing them to respond! they'll probately just forgot

Kaelin Ring

10-09-2005 21:27:45

I'll try... but I dont know.


20-09-2005 21:31:39

I am a new member of the Krath. I look foward to serving with you all, as well as learning from your teachings.

Kaelin Ring

20-09-2005 23:57:35

Nice to meet you, Mortis. What house are you in?

Ood Bnar

24-09-2005 06:03:24

good, mortis if you have any questions! post them here and we'll help you


10-02-2006 09:55:13

go krath, ye u need any advice come to us.

Kalak Ragnose

15-04-2007 03:49:16

Hello new Krath brothers. Didn't morgoth use a giant spider as his partner


17-04-2007 11:44:22


I'm a new member of Krath Order.
Name is R'deth Bay. Hope to learn many things from all of you.

Kalak Ragnose

17-04-2007 14:29:55

hi R'deth. Anything you need, just let me know