Chapter 1 RoS results


29-01-2005 14:55:41

Congrats to Tally so far....

Dark Sabre

29-01-2005 14:57:52

Tally pwnz. Beyond belief. :P

Jac Cotelin

29-01-2005 15:23:37

Interesting results so far. Some of the placings surprise me.



29-01-2005 18:21:48

I'm surprised CEK is doing so bad. Most likely due to the fact half the clans AWOL. (or should be)


29-01-2005 19:04:34

CEK is doing bad?
The DC points aren't even counted!!! :P

Aidan Kincaid

29-01-2005 19:11:22

That's why you AWOL people :P

* Strokes his small House just recently losing 12 members to an AWOL check

Nekura Manji

30-01-2005 05:30:42

Taldryan? Feh. Taldryan is nothing compared to the might of Naga Sadow. You just wait... we gonna PWN you good. :D


30-01-2005 06:14:06

I love a fight :D

Aidan Kincaid

30-01-2005 06:20:07

I love when people say stuff like that. It's funny I don't even remember CNS being a competitor in the GJW. And it seems Tal's fiction entries alone were just a few points shy of beating CNS's total. hmm yeah... interesting.


30-01-2005 06:38:44

Taldryan? Nothing?

I guess from where the other clans are we are just a speck of light in the distance.... ;)

Aidan Kincaid

30-01-2005 06:47:14

<3 bubbs

Dark Sabre

30-01-2005 08:06:06

yeah... Tal is getting beaten sooooo bad. We should be ashamed of our performance.

Sorry we're such failures you guys. :P


30-01-2005 14:01:39

I'm not at all suprised about Tally leading. If anything, they know how to motivate people to do the competitions. They want to win, so they do, not try >:)

The participation of Tally alone was worth more than some Clan's submissions in some places.


30-01-2005 14:05:12

Hey when you have people leaving because the events offered are of no interest it's hard to motivate those who are left. :P


30-01-2005 14:07:55

Hey when you have people leaving because the events offered are of no interest it's hard to motivate those who are left.  :P

Oh dear, that doesn't sound good. I think I know who you mean tho, and I've e-mailled him to see what he was actually referring to.


30-01-2005 14:11:01

I know some considered the fiction part boring, but then, people managed to misunderstand the topic a lot. It wasn't meant as boring description and we got some great entries ;)


30-01-2005 14:28:10

Arania! I'm ORDERING you to get an other avatar!

I can't stand the hippo! He's the hippo from the "Jamba" commercials and I HATE those commercials!!!


30-01-2005 14:52:56

Bad luck for you. My son and me love those commecials :P


30-01-2005 14:53:47

Bad luck for you. My son and me love those commecials  :P

I'm an admin, I can just remove it if I really want to >:) :P


30-01-2005 15:32:52

Like you randomly keep deleting CSP's MB posts? >:)

Sure but you'd be sorry.. cuz I'd come up with way worse images, har har har.

It's a placeholder until my own avatar is done anway, but I won't tell you that!


30-01-2005 17:05:36

Dancing hippo is good!


30-01-2005 17:09:52

No! Dancing hippo is B A D ! :P

Aidan Kincaid

30-01-2005 17:58:55

That bit about motivating people when they find no interest in the topic - that's where the resolve to always win and do the best comes in. That's what you have to motivate with - not medals, or promos alone. Make them *want* to win, make them hate the other clans enough to not be able to stomach losing :P


30-01-2005 22:02:48

See now I can't do that. Forcing people to hate others just for some silly competition is just not my style. If they participate it's because they want to and I thank them all for it. Telona <3 all

Dark Sabre

30-01-2005 23:12:53

It's not forced hate; most of it comes naturally with the desire to win.


30-01-2005 23:30:25

See, it's not so much actual hate, as general... well, refusal to even consider that someone else could be better than them. And when you can't believe someone is ever better than you, you like to prove it. And to prove it, you compete and beat the crap out of the little guy.

I thought everyone else would be getting all rev'd up to attempt to prove that Taldryan COULD be beaten... guess there isn't enough competitive spirit left in the rest of ya :P


31-01-2005 00:30:01

The youngin's just don't understand this whole rivalry thing anymore... :P


31-01-2005 00:33:45

Meh I could really care less about bragging rights. I guess if a female challenged me then I'd be competitive.

Aidan Kincaid

31-01-2005 01:04:27

Well, Telona. More guys are hitting on me then you. Now be competitive! :P And Yacks is right. It's not really hate - it's about bragging rights which is kind of a guy thing to begin with. But I dunno, without having the urge to win and flaunt... what will you ever do in the DB as a clan?


31-01-2005 03:25:22

*waves at Telona*

I'm female >:) (No Shad hun, I will not prove it)

You don't force them, you bribe them. Surely you've got the knack of bending men to your will? ;) Come on, give us some competition!!!!! As for motivation - you guys are forgetting the Ekky special - Ice-cream!!!!!

And Yacks sweetie, Tally CAN'T be beaten, that's the whole point :P


31-01-2005 04:17:29

Yeah! Bribe me :)


31-01-2005 05:23:38

Wooo booo mooo dooo booo!


31-01-2005 06:35:19

Well said, Vail. I think that sums it up nicely!


31-01-2005 07:29:55

Satal Keto is going to slap you all about with large trouts! Yeah! You'll see! :w00t:


31-01-2005 07:32:59

Wooo booo mooo dooo booo!

Vail, your postcount already stands on -993, if you want it to be decreased even more, please continue with that kind of posts


31-01-2005 09:49:15

*sees all the people with better rank names....pouts*



31-01-2005 10:22:11

*sees all the people with better rank names....pouts*


Damn, you all got it better than me, lol


31-01-2005 11:58:57

I have to say I'm very impressed with Taldryan's score at this point, and all the credit goes to QUA's Dark Sabre and Shadow. I decided to take a hands-off approach as CON with this KRoS and so far it has worked out really well! So props to those two and I'm sure the scores will even out more as the Chapters continue on.

And winning big comps like this in the DB is ALL about motivation. Let's be honest...the DB has been around for quite awhile, so coming up with unique competition ideas that are really really fun is getting very difficult. So some of the topics won't be incredibly happens. Thats where your desire to win comes in. During the GJW I didn't like a lot of individual events...but Tal had the desire to win, and as leaders we pushed our members hard and got results.

The DB is about fun, but sometimes fun (read: pwning other clans) takes some hard work to get there.


31-01-2005 12:46:12

And who really cares about a post count? Sheesh you guys need to losen up. A lot. Especially when it comes to messing with CSP's boards - as in don't.


31-01-2005 12:49:49

The DB is about fun, but sometimes fun (read: pwning other clans) takes some hard work to get there.

Yeah well. That is not the only fun available and can also lead to frustration. And frustration leads to anger, and anger.. oh darn, never mind :P


31-01-2005 14:00:39

Vail, your postcount already stands on -993, if you want it to be decreased even more, please continue with that kind of posts

Cool. Give me -10,000 posts if that will stop this retarded argument.


31-01-2005 14:12:15

Vail, Spam is not allowed on official boards, they're giving you minus post count for that, and the next step if you keep posting nonsensical gibberish is to just stop you from posting. These boards are for informed discussion, even lively debates, not baby talk.

As for Arania's statement, yes I will be discussing with CG and Jamez about modifying posts on CSP's boards, because that is not our mandate, however, that being said, I still expect you guys to police them, and expect to see posts retaining a certain amount of etiquette.

Now, lets all just be quiet about this and have a very happy day... well except for me, because this stupid sinus headache is killing me... sinus'... who needs em?


31-01-2005 20:50:38

Arania I didn't mean that the only type of fun comes from winning competitions, just that is one way people have fun.

I personally enjoy taking part in MB discussions and talking on IRC too, so its a balance thing.


01-02-2005 06:23:33

Yeah Kir, I know. I don't see anything wrong with Tally being competitive. It would be rather boring and pointless to have competitions if people were not competitive at all.