Good Bye Alanna


13-03-2005 13:51:56

You've had a good run as KHP and it's sad to see you go. I'm happy that you'll be sticking around but whoever takes your place will not do it like you did Alanna. I'm not one for good byes so maybe someone else will post something more meaningful. :$


13-03-2005 14:15:27

I'm not much of a person to say goodbye as well, but you were a kick-ass KHP Lannie and we will all miss you. I'm glad you are going to be staying around. :)


13-03-2005 19:39:53

I'd just like to say that you are the kind of person that I wish the DB had more of, and that I enjoyed my brief time in the Krath order immensely largely thanks to you.


14-03-2005 03:20:30

Being a Krath is greatly enjoyable, you make it that much better, Alanna. You were a great High Priestess and will be sorely missed :(


14-03-2005 06:06:49

Well, she'll get to train her successor, that is a good thing. :)

It is always a pleasure to work with you Lannie, and I bet we get a few things done even without you being in the DC :D Still wish you could stay.


14-03-2005 06:47:02

Aww, thanks everyone :)

I've very much enjoyed being KHP, and I'm going to miss it. My successor will probably get fed-up of me trying to interfere with whatever they're doing :P heheh


14-03-2005 09:10:09

*sniffles and cries* Why? WHY!?!....why? ;_;

*goes off to make a big "Go Alanna" quilt...*


Sephiroth Kali

14-03-2005 09:44:38


"You can't leave me!"

Muz Ashen

14-03-2005 10:54:12

Alanna is one of the more vibrant characters that make this club work so well. Her force of personality really drives people to do their best, and still fosters the friendly atmosphere that makes everyone have a great time while doing so.

You'll be missed Alanna.

As for you Tally people...I'm horribly, horribly jealous of you lucky dogs.


14-03-2005 19:55:40

I'm not one for goodbyes, but then again I don't really need to say it since Alanna is coming back to Tal. =P We will miss you as KHP but we in Ekky are glad to have you back. (And maybe you will be in my BattleTeam=P)


15-03-2005 07:19:10

Can I just say one thing...YEY!!!!! We get Lannie back!!!! *dances*

Someone else to help me beat up certain people when they suggest cutting out the ice-cream ;) Oooh, and don't forget to raid your cookie cupboard before you leave....

Bubbs xxx (getting very excited about Lannie coming home at last, and trying to think of a believable threat of what will happen if she doesn't come back to Phoenix...)

Nekura Manji

16-03-2005 16:58:16

Alanna- you rock. You rocked as KHP, and you'll rock without being KHP. Go Alanna!

And..hmm... there's no way that we can somehow convince you to convert to CNS instead, is there? :D Think of all the booze... ^_^ *Manji attempts to Force Persuade Lannie... and fails* Ah well. Good luck, anyway :D

Aidan Kincaid

16-03-2005 17:04:53

converting to CNS... ahahaha. Anyways, no goodbyes for Lannie. Welcome back to Tal where you belong.


20-03-2005 13:32:51

YAY! LANNNIE IS COMING BACK HOME! its a great day for Ektrosis. Why would she conver to CNS anyways? Ekky is Number one when it comes to krathly stuff, and it wouldn't make any sence if the former KHP went any where that was sub-par.

Welcome home Lannie, your presence as the KHp will be missed, but your person will thrive in Ekky I am sure. Maybe you you can kick DarkSabre into getting a little more active in the house for us.

For ever in the service of the Dark,
GRD Vodo Biask

Dark Sabre

20-03-2005 14:32:22

Alanna going to CNS? Is that some kind of joke? :P

Lannie belongs in Tal... and that's where she'll stay. <3


13-04-2005 16:11:20

We will all dearly miss you, Lady Darkness. You have my deepest gratitude for all that you have tought us and all that you helped us accoplish.


14-04-2005 05:01:57

Thanks again for all the nice comments everyone :) And I find Telona's first comment at the start of this thread amusing given who we chose to suceed me as KHP :P


16-04-2005 13:34:33

One of the best activity creators in the DB (ie producer of DB wide competitions galore)... It would be a shame to see you not in your old leadership position. But since you're joining CNS...

Welcome aboard, Alanna!!! :D

I'm sure you'll get a lot of love from us (ie lots of booze). And we always welcome new 'active' members.

* gives a few people in the clan a glare :P *

Dark Sabre

16-04-2005 16:32:16

*coughs and whispers so that Konar won't embarass himself further*

She's in Tal. :P


17-04-2005 04:27:44

Yeah? I knew that... :blink: :$



18-04-2005 10:04:12

Quick, Konar, you can still edit in time to save your dignity ;)

Rune Kiirnodel

18-04-2005 11:47:40

You were a great KHP Alanna and I will miss you alot, but you must never forget the Kenders that helped you ....or I think they did. Who knows with them collecting all those silver
Hope to see you around someday.


23-06-2005 21:16:43

Allanna, I never got to know you much during the time I was active during your rein as KHP, but, I could see the result of your efforts. Good bye Lannie!


24-06-2005 09:38:50

I'm still here! Just not as KHP... :P


24-06-2005 13:40:52

what are you then, i probably dont outrank yu :P


24-06-2005 14:12:24

No, you dont, by a longshot, Alanna is a DJM ;)


24-06-2005 15:10:27

holy hell!!!!!! :'( im soo sorry, will you forgive me, if not then you shall feel my PRT rath with my journeyman limited crappy weak powers!!!!!! :P muuhhhaaahahahahah

Shinichi Endymiron K

24-06-2005 20:03:53

If it weren't for that purple hippo I'm sure we'd all be afraid. :P


24-06-2005 20:13:19

the only useful power i have is inflict pain:::i will touch yu and make you hurt::: muhahahahahahaaaahh


25-06-2005 01:48:30


* heavy breathing *

Ok, I'm done.


25-06-2005 04:37:40

heheh, you guys are funny :lol:


25-06-2005 10:58:32

anyway, im sorry youre leaving even though i just switched to krath a week ago, im sad youre leaving becasue its sad when everyone else is sad. anyway, what house are you in now, probably not tridens. :( im in tridens of tarentum :( but i like it :) if you want i will spam the obelisk board. :D

:::pulls out two grenades and a pair of c-4:::


25-06-2005 16:20:28

Ok first, Tyrus you can use the search function on the DB page to find out which particular person is in which house/clan. Second, yeah no spamming.


25-06-2005 17:43:45

but we hate the obbies, right? Brotherhood my foot. Krathhood maybe :)

:::sadly puts away grenades and c4::: :( :'(

Muz Ashen

30-06-2005 11:32:57

"we" don't hate any particular order.
Sometimes we don't trust their motives, or suspect them of various political maneuverings, but, we are a brotherhood. We all trust each other far more than we'd trust a frelling New Republic Jedi *spits*.

Heck, the Obelisk High Commander was Krath before he was given command, and my master. So mrah.


30-06-2005 11:42:24

Yeah, like Muz says - most of the DC have been Krath at one time or another, so we know who's the real power around here, even if the other orders won't admit it :P

And I'm in Ektrosis of Taldryan.


02-07-2005 14:00:17

Yeah, Korras trained me in the acc, I couldn't fight him without dying ten thousand times. And yeah, Jac was Krath before he went GM, so if look behin the scenes, we are in control.

And Tyrus, "go spam the obbies" was a joke.


27-08-2005 19:51:36

Oh when I came in here I thought she was leaving permanetly.

Ood Bnar

09-09-2005 15:41:44

well, she isn't

Kaelin Ring

10-09-2005 01:25:14

thats obvious now... but back at the begining I didn't know either... They said "Good Bye!" , not "She's resigning from her blah blah blah". Its nothing to say sorry over, just some weird wording.