Krath Pride


25-04-2007 18:03:52

It seems to me that since the abolishon of the Order leaders, it's become fairly pointless to choose an Order at all. I chose to be a Krath because at the time, Krath were the poets, the writers, the Roleplayers, and the people who represented my interests. The Krath High Priestess rank competitions gear towards people like tha, and we had something that we could be proud of.

I'm not arguing that the destruction of the posts of the Order Leaders was a good thing. No. I'm saying that it destroyed our legacy. The Same with the Sith and the Obelisk as well. As a member of a Caste, Krath, Sith, or Obelisk, you are merely defined by that term. It no longer holds much weight. I can call myself Krath, and play exclusivly JKII or EaW. I can be a Sith and write only poetry. While this can only serve to strengthen the Brotherhood, it only serves to weaken the fictional legacies those who've come before us built.

I say that we take back our heretige, and actually have some pride in what we've chosen to be. We are Krath. We are the socerers, the Magicians, the back stabbers, and the smartest of the Dark Jedi. We look down our noses at the Sith, and laugh at the Obelisk!

If you are Krath, if you wish to proclaim your allieignace to your brothers in this order, if you want everyone to know what you are! Change the background of your war banner. Make it purple. Make the trim on your robes purple. Take the trim on your light saber and select, you guessed it, purple.

take pride in who you are. What you've bcome, and what you will be!

Kalak Ragnose

26-04-2007 01:55:56

I agree with you. My banner and robes are purple

Ood Bnar

26-04-2007 04:00:19

Us Krath stand together (except when that new tome of ancient lore is finally delivered to the archives => then it's every Dark one for himself to be the first to read it). I agreed with you, the Order leaders gave the Orders that little bit extra (KHP: Krath High Poet, SHW: Sith High Walker and OHC: Obelisk High Cook). However, they aren't really missed in my eyes. The Fiction tribune gives writing competitions. the Tribunes made it easier to run it all. the focus shifted from the Orders to the tasks. where once the KHP made sure the Krath had enough competitions. now someone makes sure there are enough writing competitions for the entire DB. I'm not saying the Orders are useless, they define us. However, they don't stand for specific area's anymore. If you like to write, then call yourself Krath and we'll all know you do.


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08-09-2008 12:14:58

For the Krath! For the backstabbers of the brotherhood! FOR PURPLE!


08-09-2008 16:59:58

sweet more than a year late awesome

Sanarai Iridana

16-04-2011 17:02:31

I agree! We should show our pride, show everyone what it means to be in the Order of the Krath!
Soon as I can, I'll change everything to purple.


04-03-2012 00:20:17

Hmm...I think this thread needs a bump...

I started my DB career as a Sith. I came to the Brotherhood from the TIE Corps back when we were part of the Emperor's Hammer, so I was a pilot back in those days. It was easy to be a Sith, as I was playing TIE, XvT, and XWA. But, as my interest in those games began to wane, I started to write more and more, and that's when I made the switch to the Krath. I've been a loyal Brother of the Krath Order ever since, minus a short stint with the Obelisk shortly after the dissolution of the Order leaders(my character isn't much of a mystic, and is more of a hand-to-hand combatant).

I write short stories. That's my main form of activity within the DB, so there's no point in joining any of the other Orders. My Order allegiance will always be to the Krath, second only to Tarentum which has been my home since day one.

Long Live the Krath!


12-03-2012 09:16:34

We've lost a lot of flavor with the Order identity mostly down the drain, but it looks like there are now efforts to restore some of it. :twisted:

Tarax Kor

12-03-2012 09:36:35

krath are gay. like Kir.

just sayin.


12-03-2012 23:48:44

lol... Krath Pride.
That's some funny shit.


22-08-2012 13:00:53

krath are gay. like Kir.

just sayin.

Yeah? Well, Taldryan's gay. So there.