31-05-2006 21:41:50

Hey i'm the new guy >:)


01-06-2006 08:33:20

Welcome >:)


01-06-2006 10:14:08

Dark greetings to you...
Always a pleasure to welcome a new Krath.


01-06-2006 15:32:14

Could it be? Another newbie like myself :o

Welcome. ;)


01-06-2006 17:20:45

Yay for Krathies! Yay for newbies!

/me waves to Rosemarie, "Thought you could escape, didja?" :D


02-06-2006 09:01:41

*waves back*

Wow, hello there! What a meeting :)


02-06-2006 17:02:52

nice to meet ya'll


02-06-2006 20:18:58

Hi. Im JuliusCaesar, A.K.A Tolter...


02-06-2006 23:34:29

Wow alot more Kraths then i thought there would be, perfect. I did have this one idea but i dought it will be passed. I was thinking seance the clans have houses why don;t we have houses, covens or something. It would be interesting. Well it was just a thought thanks Juleus.


04-06-2006 05:58:44

Don't you belong to a clan and house already...?
If not you should contact your Envoy.
He/she will help you...

You are all very welcome.
Dark Greetings;
PRT Lokasena Corvinus.


04-06-2006 19:09:19

I ment within this Order. Are there groups in the krath or just ranks and stuff?


05-06-2006 04:58:45

you can achieve ranks and positions through training and competing.
medals are also awarded to those who serve the Order well...!!!
Keep developing those writing skills. The GJW is comming soon... :)


05-06-2006 15:21:42

The what?


05-06-2006 15:40:35

The Great Jedi War. HUGE competition, as I heard.


05-06-2006 16:06:02

I ment within this Order. Are there groups in the krath or just ranks and stuff?

It wasn't that long before your arrival that Houses were Order-specific; meaning, my house, for example, was all Krath, others were all Obby or all Sith. But that's changed :(


06-06-2006 15:53:41

Why has it changed? Or it's one of those "too long story to tell now" ? Sounds like a good idea though, would make it all more personalized. I don't know if it could be a good compare, but like in the KotOR games, one could be a Guardian, a Sentinel or a Consuler, and each class had differences, should be trained in different things. One can't master everything.... or can we? B)


06-06-2006 17:05:10

It portrayed the Orders (Which really dont even exist anymore). The Krath house was supposed to be the writing/fiction house, Obelisk the fighters, and Sith the flyers.

The problem came that Obelisks wanted to write, and play games, kraths wanted to fight and wright (that rhymes :)) etc.

Now the Orders are for RP purposes only....

Tell me if I'm wrong?

Kaine Mandaala

06-06-2006 18:30:05

That pretty much covers it. The orders used to be locked into their duties. It's why the founders made up the Obelisk - needed an order for people who wanted to play JK but not play TF or write fiction.

There was also a time where you were allowed to have three characters - your "main" self and two "clones" in the other orders so you could participate in all the games and activities. When we split from the EH we eliminated all clones to deflate our numbers to the realistic amount that it is. We made it so that all orders could participate in all open activities. Even I switched orders here and there just to become less associated with the tasks assigned to each of them. I was tired of people asking me for writing advice simply because I was a DA/DJM who was Krath, so I switched to Obelisk.

Changing Houses to multi-order came about mostly because Clans would have an outbalanced house system, with far more of one over the other two (or just none of one order all together). They decided to open houses to multi-orders to balance out the clan. Inter-clan fighting is better when there are equal (or close to equal) sides, and this gives the QUA/AED another option.

Of course this makes it a bit harder on the TET's... it was easier when everyone in your phyle/bt/wing was the same as you. Activities were easier to plan/moderate.


07-06-2006 05:59:20

I do remember the time where houses were split into their orders. There were quite some problems like some houses barely had any members, others were filled to the brim.
Additionally people wanted to do more than just being stuck to one kind of activity. I was once in the Sith Order. Then I switched to Krath, because I realized I prefer to write stories. I had hesitated very long to make that change as English is not my mothertongue.

Nowaday as a Krath you can also fly missions, play JA and write stories. I happen to know a Sith who is very good in writing stories, but also rocks in JA. It would be a pity to cut down people's talent to just one kind of activity.

Of course it is not easy as a Quaestor and Aedile to find enough activities where everyone can take part in. You need a certain kind of balance.

Today the Order is reflecting a certain aspect of your character. My character rp-wise is someone who rather uses the force powers, trickery and stealth than the saber. Though if it is necessary the use of a saber is no problem at all - and the result is a dead smoking opponent :D

People should think about their character, reading the description of the orders and decide what suits them most.


Macron Sadow

07-06-2006 10:30:05

Hiyas Amon. Welcome. I'm not Krath, but lots of my good friends, my Master, and Quaestor are. :)


07-06-2006 16:45:53

Actually... I'm not so entirely out of topic, as for the Orders. I've been in another SW club, which happened to have almost the same sounding name. They did have there the three Orders you have mentioned. I was a member of that club about two months. And the only person that have spoken to me during that time (with an exception at the end) was Troutrooper. Thanks to him I knew what was it all about. Thus our lil' greeting up there. Anyway, the story is short. I was in one clan, accomplished a few things, like a competition, a few courses and alike. I knew what and how only thanks to Trout's kindness and patience. I haven't heard a word from anyone else, so finally, I decided to change clans. Then they awoke, insulting me, how did I dare to say nobody spoke to me, and other not really polite things. Then, I decided to leave that place. After a long while, lasting several months I bumped into your main page, while searching for SW wallpapers.
Anyway, the thing I liked about that club, was the Orders, they made things more individual.


09-06-2006 11:07:24

:$ I am evil! Really I am!


09-06-2006 12:02:49

Suuuure you are Trouty *wink wink*

I like the houses multi-order, lets me participate. My character is more of a Sith whereas I in RL do not have JA so I write.

Ood Bnar

16-06-2006 09:08:58

i like the current situation as wel.

i am sad to see the orders become less important but i hope that they'll persist.

and for now, i hope the Order Leaders in exile try to keep their order members into the spirit of the order.

i understand why the change was made and i see the positive side of it. but that doesn't stop me from being sad to see them go.

(my two eurocents)


21-06-2006 06:41:31

Welcome, Amon. Good to see another Krath.


18-08-2006 19:15:35

Hello, All! I am (currently) Acolyte Sai "Alabaster" Na'Ashar, fairly new to the Brotherhood and these boards, and it is my pleasure to make all of your respective acquaintances!

I look forward to "meeting" you all!


03-01-2007 12:49:53

Hello, Krath people! I'm also a Krath.
Jedi Hunter Vladek, I would have posted here earlier but I only just found out about this forum. :P
Well anyway, Hello! :D