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28-10-2005 07:14:55

.:From the DB News:.

Cleaning the Combat Master
Posted by DA Corran Halcyon Arconae - 10/27/2005 [9:52:00 PM]

Brethren of the Dark Brotherhood,

For too long have we stood by and allowed our senses to be defiled and our stomachs churned as we walked the halls of the Antei Combat Centre. On behalf of the entire staff of the ACC, I call upon you to rise up in arms and fight against this injustice! Once and for all we must take the fight into our own hands and cleanse ourselves of this vile stench. The Combat Master MUST BE CLEANED!

The Grand Master himself has given us his blessings, his time spent during the Championship has finally allowed him to see our ways. The entire facility is at your discretion. Find the half-breed and get him cleaned!

In preparation for the “Derelict Code”, a smaller co-op competition has been released for anyone Seeker and above in the ACC.

You and a partner are tasked with trying to clean the Combat Master as his stench is legendary. Full details on the competition can be found here. And a Forum Topic has also been placed with all relevant information.

This is a FUN competition and is a warm-up to getting used to writing with a partner. Sign-ups close on November 5th with the competition starting the next day. Remember, submit your team to both the Combat Master and the Deputy Combat Master.

Good luck!