You got the game, now what?


27-10-2005 17:19:06

For a long time now ACCLive! has been billed as the "gaming" platform for the Krath. Despite the orderless feel the DB is undertaking, the krath are still the writers in my book - often cast aside for things like JK, JO, JA, XWA, XvT, Allegiance and all of the other games that run rampant through the DB. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind games - but there has been a platform specifically created for the Krath - so, I just wanna know, where the heck are you?

Get into #acc and have an ACCLive! match - earn some CF's!!!


27-10-2005 21:17:32

Not only that but there's the regular ACC battles and the Armed Hostilities to play in.


10-02-2006 10:00:38

ooh sounds interesting, been meening to get back into the ACC