I'm Back!

Sephiroth Kali

20-09-2005 09:25:24

Guess who's back!

I got a nice National Defense Ribbon too.


20-09-2005 09:47:27

Welcome back, I know i'm not a Krath but I used to be a member of Rei and I know that you used to be its leader so kinda feel like i have to welcome you back.

Sephiroth Kali

21-09-2005 08:32:52

thanks anyway, i do intend to rejoin Rei, which reminds me....


21-09-2005 08:36:10

i liked it there, moved to arcona no point saying why, all in the past now.

Ood Bnar

24-09-2005 06:49:55

good to have you back among us

Ark Dowell

24-09-2005 10:56:04

Welcome to Arcona, Diablos! :)

Ood Bnar

25-09-2005 16:09:06

why did you change?


25-09-2005 17:11:19

Rather not talk about it, its stupid really but all in the past now.

Ood Bnar

25-09-2005 17:16:45

ok, talk about if when you want. or not talk about it!


25-09-2005 17:37:22

If i start i won't stop, so probably best to say nothing.

Ood Bnar

01-10-2005 11:05:14

yep, we aren't forcing you to do anything


10-02-2006 09:54:22

if ya wana tell it , say it on the spam board, there people will listen and if your lucky Ood will make an appearance