Shinichi Endymiron K

11-06-2005 15:53:34

I have returned from the unknown depths of space and ready to take up my proper place once again. It is good to see that the Krath has thrived in my absence and that there are so many people here that were not here when I departed. At any rate I'm back and ready to get to work.


11-06-2005 18:41:52

welcome back, it's great to see another veteran member return to the club


12-06-2005 02:18:30

Yay for returning members!


15-06-2005 15:55:28

I have returned as well and hello to my House's newest person(well new in a way)!

Ark Dowell

19-06-2005 09:07:27

Hey! I don't know you, but welcome back!


22-06-2005 18:10:17

i dont know any of you , but who cares im krath

:::a round for everyone:::


09-02-2006 07:44:38

i have to agree with the last statements, i dont know u but hey.