Pazaak Competition results and Q&A


01-01-2014 06:42:35

Post all your competition related questions for the pazaak competition here.
All played matches should be submitted with scores here after each is played. Beginning matches will be posted here after the generation of brackets on 6th January and will be updated as scores are received.


05-01-2014 19:46:10

Matches for first games are as follows :

Meleu V Ragnar
Aabsdu V Naomi
Famosus V Montresor

Participants now have 3 days to meet on the pazaak lobby and play their matches (best of 5)
Post results here for updates.


05-01-2014 23:03:04

Famosus vs Montresor: 3-2 Win, Famosus


06-01-2014 05:54:39

Nicely done, Famosus! Bad luck Monty :(

Famosus will now play Aabsdu or Naomi depending on their match.


08-01-2014 08:47:41

Have any of you still left to play arranged your matches? If so, please let me know how you get on :)


17-01-2014 11:51:28

Ok Meleu hasn't replied to Ragnar's requests for a match, therefore Ragnar gets a bye into the next round and Meleu is eliminated.


19-01-2014 09:31:07

In next round are Monty, Aabs and Ragnar.

This time will be a round robin to determine the winner so the matches will be :

Monty V Aabs
Ragnar V Monty
Aabs V Ragnar

Post your rounds won along with your games won I.e. red lights count too. So, red light count during game (rounds won), Plus games won at the end.
Winner will be most Games won and in case of a tie, rounds won will be counted.

Go get your pazaak on again guys!


19-01-2014 15:56:14

Famosus v Aabsdu --- Famosus win


19-01-2014 16:10:41

Famosus V Aabsdu 3-2


20-01-2014 22:36:38

Ragnar vs Aabsdu - 3-2 Ragnar


26-01-2014 06:57:18

So we have Famosus V Aabsduu - 3-2 to Famosus
Ragnar V Aabsdu 3-2 to Ragnar

Now we need Ragnar V Famosus, scheduled for tonight at 9PM Central Time.


03-02-2014 05:20:10

Ragnar V Famosus - Ragnar cannot play any more, so has forfeited his match. Therefore Famosus wins.

Now we have a dilemma, 2xFamosus and a Ragnar - it looks as if these two players will have trouble meeting to play, so what do you guys suggest?

Both of you won your matches 3-2 so you are both equal. I think if you can, you should meet to play the Final between you. Try to arrange this if it's possible, otherwise I'll have to decide the standings as a draw, both first place.

Any input on this anyone?


09-02-2014 16:10:07

Ok Guys this competition WILL finish on the 13th even if you have not played. I suggest you get the final played quickly to avoid disappointment.

Famosus V Ragnar in Final.

No play, no awards....