[PLA] Summer Invasion RO


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Welcome to the Week One Run On for the Summer Invasion!

In this week, you and your primary troops have landed on Sepros, in an area burned free of the jungle by the turbolasers of your star destroyers. It's large enough for you, your troops, and your machines.

The environment is exceptionally humid, extremely hostile, moist jungle. It will not be easy to get through, and you will be expected to survive not only the environment, but the guerilla warfare you can expect from the Dlarit Security Forces that will be assaulting your group as you cut, burn, and force through to the Firebase you are tasked with assaulting.

Before you can move forward to actually engage the Temple of Sorrow, you MUST complete the objective of destroying your firebase. Failure to comply will keep you stuck at the Firebase, unable to move forward and support your allies, and unable to withdraw due to the continued AA of the base.

The Dlarit Alert Base is not some flimsy structure. It has teeth, and you will lose men assaulting it. Be prepared for the crafty Dlarit troopers. They are not your average run of the mill soldiers. They will be smarter, faster, stronger, and better than what you would expect from regulars. While it may not have a lot of troopers, and may primarily be fire support and control, you will not get it without a fight.

Those of you who opt in for space-side action, know that you will not be able to destroy any of the enemy capital ships. You may harass, distract, and annoy them though. You may destroy fighters, and perform measures of daring do. If you attempt to board an enemy ship, be prepared to face excessive resistance.
Welcome to the Week One Run On for the Summer Invasion!

In this week, you and your primary troops have landed on Sepros, in an area burned free of the jungle by the turbolasers of your star destroyers. It's large enough for you, your troops, and your machines.

The environment is exceptionally humid, extremely hostile, moist jungle. It will not be easy to get through, and you will be expected to survive not only the environment, but the guerilla warfare you can expect from the Dlarit Security Forces that will be assaulting your group as you cut, burn, and force through to the Firebase you are tasked with assaulting.

Before you can move forward to actually engage the Temple of Sorrow, you MUST complete the objective of destroying your firebase. Failure to comply will keep you stuck at the Firebase, unable to move forward and support your allies, and unable to withdraw due to the continued AA of the base.

The Dlarit Alert Base is not some flimsy structure. It has teeth, and you will lose men assaulting it. Be prepared for the crafty Dlarit troopers. They are not your average run of the mill soldiers. They will be smarter, faster, stronger, and better than what you would expect from regulars. While it may not have a lot of troopers, and may primarily be fire support and control, you will not get it without a fight.

Those of you who opt in for space-side action, know that you will not be able to destroy any of the enemy capital ships. You may harass, distract, and annoy them though. You may destroy fighters, and perform measures of daring do. If you attempt to board an enemy ship, be prepared to face excessive resistance.

House Scholae Palatinae has the Southern Firebase.

House Plagueis has the South Eastern Firebase.


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36 ABY
Orian System
Upper Atmosphere

They came like locusts, to devour the holdings of Sadow.

Dotting the thick layer of cloud and smoke above Sepros' jungled vista, a cloud of multi-altitude assault transports dove toward the planet's surface, flanked by a storm of fighter and bomber craft and surrounding the oppressive hulk of a Warlord dropship. Within each craft, crews trained to perfection did weapons checks, meticulously ran diagnostics on armored equipment, and relayed initial drop orders.

"Surface in forty-eight. I want a screen of air support; bombers, eradicate any surface-to-air resistance you find." The cold voice of a Sith Battlelord sent a chill down the spines of all who heard it.

Twin ion engines let loose their piercing screams as they wove toward their positions, their pilots tapping a key that let loose a confirmation tone. The soldiers surrounding the Battlelord looked at him and toward themselves, their black armor almost chitinous in its appearance, the red slash that was its visor making them look like some kind of hellish insect; composed of many species and genders, this armor took away indicators of individuality, filtered out any visible signs of self. Only one trained in the micro-expressions of the galaxy could tell them apart now - they were as one species.

Ascendant soldiers, forged in the flames of House Plagueis. The sight made Vorrac proud.

"Surface in twenty." Another voice called out over the comlink in the Sith's ear; Starrett, the Rollmaster. Flak rounds and explosives began bursting in the sky, rocking dropships and turning one into a flaming wreck. "Drop pods away."

The doors to each MAAT ship opened, howling winds sharp with the stink of smoke flowing through each vessel. Straining the straps that held each soldier in - the Sith wore no such attire; the Force kept him grounded - the near-vertical descent of the craft gave each the sensation of falling. Kal's green eyes stained yellow as his heart began to pump, looking amidst blasts of anti-aircraft ammunition to meet the eyes of his fellow Dark Jedi. In their gazes he found the heat of battle, the cold of murder, and the excitement of what they had all been born for. Other Dark Jedi would hide behind title, or skulk in the shadows; not them. In Plagueis, there was but one task, one purpose. Power, attained by bloody victory.

Huge, flaming cylinders dropped between them, as the chariots of gods might have; Kal leapt, his lightsaber bursting to crimson life as he let free a battle cry. The adrenaline coursing through his veins seemed to make seconds stretch out, each a mile wide as he took in the flaming ruin of mighty trees, the onslaught of metallic walkers, and the Dlarit forces pouring through the flaming trees that still remained.

And then, with the crackle of a saber, all became real.

Kal's blade came down on the soldier with the force of his descent, the Sith's training saving him from terminal velocity even as the red plasma turned durasteel and flesh into vapor with a crackling rip. Shifting it to his right hand, the Sith turned and swung his weapon, which bit through the chest of another man. His scream was lost in the war cry of Plagueian forces, sliding down their lines to land in the mud and let loose a barrage of blaster fire and explosives.

"Rip them apart!" The Sith roared, his eyes almost glowing a sulphuric gold. "For Plagueis!"

"Adapt! Ascend! Avail!" The soldiers cried as one, their resolve growing with every dead opponent.

Burnt and blackened wood crackled and burst under booted feet as the Plagueian troops howled forward, their disciplined enemies holding but shrinking in number. The huge hulk of the Warlord formed their central position as its passenger doors slid apart, the lumbering clank of the legs of All-Terrain Armored Transports filling the air as they disembarked. More drop pods carrying Scout Transports sunk into the mud, blasting apart as the bipedal machines flanked the quartet of larger machines. The dropship took off once more, fighters flitting through the air as they fought back defensive aircraft.

The inclusion of the walkers turned the tide as a fire consumed fallen leaves. Kal roared as he rushed into the fray anew, Dark Jedi on every side of him as their blades tore through those troops that refused to run. His red weapon was a precision instrument of murder, its edge ripping open a throat. The Sith dropped and spun, the blade darting out to hamstring another troop. Drawing a pistol in his left hand, Kal ended the screaming life of the fallen soldier with a blast to the face, before the Sith darted forward to punch a neat hole in a man's heart.

Spinning again, Kal found himself blade-to-blade with a Sadowan Sith. The man's topaz blade sparked and crackled, yellow and red flashes casting the faces of the two Dark Siders with a haunting pall.

"You will die, Plagueian!" The man - a kiffar, by the blue dots tattooed across his face - shouted. Fear was evident in his eyes, hidden beneath a face of rage and resolve. "Naga Sadow will destroy you!"

"No," The Sith cackled, his pale visage made more fearsome by mud, blood, and soot. "Today, you will die!"

Pulling apart from the lock, the Sith brought his weapon toward his opponent in a flurry of strikes. The kiffar's yellow weapon span and deflected in return, seeming almost a dance but for the sweat emerging on his brow. Kal's attacks were light, elegant, a tap here and a probing stab there; this one had clearly been trained by the more common saberist, those who favored blows of strength and dominance. He could barely keep up. His training is complete, but his technique lacks practice, the Sith thought. A Knight, perhaps, or maybe a Warrior. Their duel took a sharp turn for the worst as the kiffar stumbled, barely keeping his footing on a chunk of flaming char. Kal took the opportunity, leaping into the air with a roar, his pistol falling away from his hand as he took a two-handed grip.

The Knight raised his blade to parry, only for Vorrac's blade to vanish for but an instant. It reappeared with a crack moments later, bringing an expression of pain and horror to the Sadowan as his opponent dropped to his knees and twisted. The weapon turned light armor, robe, bone, flesh, and vital organ to smoke and fire as it ripped through his back, emerging from his chest.

Standing, Kal smirked, as the forces of Sadow broke. The Knight was dead before he knew what happened; Trakata, in its essence. "Form a perimeter!" The Battlelord roared, watching the black-armored soldiers entrench themselves. Dlarit troops fired back as they retreated into a treeline pelted by walker fire. "Set up a command tent, and get a barracks and communications center up!" An All-Terrain Anti-Air walker lumbered free from another dropship, its blasts of flak scattering the few enemy fighters that remained.

"Already begun, sir!" A soldier shouted in reply. Green-brown fireproof canvas rose in the center of the pavilion, even as troops begun digging trenches and setting up defensive guns. "We'll have a command post up within the hour."

"Good." Kal replied. Looking over, he saw his Apprentice, Telum vas Umbra, striding through the ruins of man and wood alike. The man wore armor, but his tattooed right arm was visible. On his scarred left, he wore a metallic vambrace, scales of durasteel that hid the marred tissue beneath. "Umbra! Put down any foes who survive here, then inspect the perimeter. Interrogate any Force users before they die. We don't want any surprises. I go to address the Summit; the enemy will have a defensive camp up by now. I cannot delay."

"Yes, my Master." Umbra replied, bringing a fist to rest over his heart in a salute. "It will be done."

Nodding, Kal smiled, looking to the burning treeline and the carnage all around. The pungent odors of burning flesh and wood filled his nostrils as troopers gathered bodies for burning and walkers patrolled the edges of the camp. Rapidly, the turbolaser-made clearing shifted from the sight of a massacre to a disciplined staging area.

Thus was the way of Plagueis; victory, and advancement. Nodding, Kal strode to the newly-erected command tent, ready to plan and scheme with Palatinae and Plagueis.

Gon Doru

29-07-2012 19:18:29

36 ABY
Orian System

The Sith Knight observed his master walk away for a couple of seconds. He needed some hate filled motivation to continue this battle, and the best source of that was his inner hatred of Vorrac. Telum turned on his heel and headed at a half trot toward a group of soldiers. Armed to the teeth, the group of heavy troops looked ready for anything. He stopped and looked at them. Observing them, maybe even trying to think of something to say, yet nothing came to mind.

He dodged his way around massive walker machines as they pursued and cast bolts of energy at retreating forces. He watched them lumber away in their unusual gait.

“Soldiers!” the voice rose above the combat. “You go to the northern perimeter and destroy any rabble you find there.”

“Aye, Sir!”

After commanding them to the northern perimeter, the Knight trotted onwards. Towards the group of Trandoshan slavers that had come to play with the fighting Plagueians. This pleased the Sith, as he had gone and spent months with them in their community learning from them and gaining a deep grasp of their traditions.

As he approached them he noticed first the sounds of their guttural war songs, and the hissing prayers to their goddess. This pleased him, as he could use it to his advantage. This would be a time to get these warriors some Sadowian slaves.

“T'doshok!” Umbra spoke softly, just loud enough that only the closest of the Lizard people could hear him. But it was enough, for soon a silence moved over the entirety of them.

“Speak Ssssith Telum vasssss Umbra” Gorthss, their commander of the Field spoke.

“T'doshok, today you have found yourselves on a glorious field of battle,” he paused for the roars to calm down. “This day you are to go forth and collect yourselves slaves from the numbers of our foes. They clamber and harass, and believe themselves to be bigger than your Goddess.”

The roar of outrage and the rise in hatred, crashed wave after wave into Umbra, he could feel their emotions as they poured forth from their anger filled souls.

“You are to go out there and gain yourselves Jagannath points. The Scorekeeper will remember your deeds, and if you find yourselves on Dosha hunting Wookies on a clear and sun filled day, do not worry for you are already in the arms of your Goddess and she has rewarded you well!”

The cheers and shouts vibrated the metal armor upon the Plaguians’ body. The entire slaver group of Trandoshans took off towards the western perimeter to assist the soldiers there. He allowed himself a slight chuckle, and a slight thanks to the force for depriving him the opportunity to smell, for he knew these lizard people never bathed before a battle, and they always stunk anyways. Smoke and ash rose up into the sky, an offering to the great star god of this system.

Finally, Umbra had turned and trotted to the rest of the soldiers and commanded them to go after the southern and eastern parts of the field and set up the remainder of their territory. He allowed himself a moment to search for the Chaser, the main craft of the battleteam Primus Pilus, and once spotting them, he made a move towards them.

Furios and Kodais were both there. Kuro had left to join the Summit Command. Along with them stood the other members of Pilus, standing in silence listening to the commands issued from the Flight Leaders.

“Sirs, Vorrac had me setting up the perimeter.” Telum gave a salute. “I am to serve my Master in this fight, but if you require I am here to fight alongside the blades.”


29-07-2012 23:04:20

“We will keep that option in mind, Umbra,” Furios replied with an emotionless response. The sounds of another MAAT deploying troops to the still burning field was louder than his voice but Telum heard it anyway. The smell of burnt flesh and foliage from the primary bombardment still hung heavy in the air and stung the Epicanthix’s nose as he turned to face the other members of Primus Pilus. Each of them returned his cold, green gaze.

“Alright men and women,” Furios began. “We are ordered to split into two groups. One group, consisting of Nariah and myself, will be pushing into the jungles, headed for the Sadowan Firebase. The other group, consisting of Octavia, Varoth, and Zuser, will remain on guard at the command tent until further notice.”

“I will not be joining either group,” Kodais stated, continuing with the orders. “I have been informed that I will not be taking part in the battle for undefined reasons.”

“Are there any questions?” Furios concluded.

“No sir,” the Blades replied in unison.

Without waiting long enough for a heartbeat, the members of Primus Pilus split into their respective groups. Octavia, Varoth, and Zuser trotted to the command tent to receive further orders while Kodais walked toward the Chaser so that he could return to orbit above Sepros. Furios and Nariah walked to the northeast side of the staging area where a platoon from the 19th Company waited for them. Each one was adorned in the same black armor as the other soldiers in the staging area except that each one had personalized marks on their armor, an obvious symbol of their abilities. A number of specialized weapons were equipped to the thirty men and women of the first platoon of the Forlorn Hope ranging from range rifles to mini-guns to flamethrowers. Behind these heavy troopers was a pair of AT-STs that stood awaiting commands.

Furios nodded to men and woman who had fought beside him on numerous occasions while Nariah looked to each of them, wondering if only a single platoon would be enough for the Dark Jedi to use effectively. As if he’d been reading her mind, a heavy set soldier brandishing a very large flamethrower spoke, “Not to worry, miss. We’ll burn through this hellish jungle before lunch time.” The sound of another blast at the edge of the clearing rang through the Jedi Hunter’s ears as a wave of smoke and dust swept by.

“Besides,” the Equite continued. “We have another two platoons for backup.”

The young woman still did not look convinced that it was enough firepower, but she gave a slight nod anyway. With a quick hand gesture from the Flight Leader, the platoon and pair of walkers began pushing into the cursed jungle, firing at the unseen dangers that hid within the foliage.


30-07-2012 13:28:22

Darkness, an eternal void of black. Death, an infinite lifetime of nothingness. Silence, the loudest sound ever heard. All three the Exarch saw, lived, and heard. Silent once the old Questor in a mighty Clan…Plagueis, the one who came and caused his death. For years, a single piece of the Obelisk stayed tuned to the living with the flow of the force, an evil parting gift by none other than Darth Plagueis the wise.

Truly loyal to the Exarch his servant Centrum, a Kaleesh, rushed the piece to the home world of the Kaminoans and began years of rebuilding his formal master.

36 ABY
Orian System

The Obelisk opened his eyes, the scene before him fell in slow motion. Kal the once promising sith apprentice now a mighty Dark Lord of the force, commanding as he was meant to. Death left in his wake, fires all around by his command, troopers in the ready. The Shi’ido smirked to himself, oh how he missed the smell of fear. Silent paced himself across the battlefield, this was only the beginning of the battle, let the younglings and troopers take their first blood, he thought to himself. Silently slipping into the newly erected command tent, he caught the eyes of Kal who gave a slight nod.

“I see the years haven’t been kind to the dead and you look different this time around.”

“Years of being rebuilt, a dark lord in my thoughts, it helped to think of my ancestors, so for now I will keep the look of my pure sithblood forefather, Darth Peryite”

“Ah the bringer of Pestilence”

The Exarch nodded

“Well be at the ready and die another day, who knows maybe you will become Darth Silent, The bringer of the Quite game!”

“Sure but only if we can use your body to make a speeder.”

The two Plagueians shared a soft smile before the true fun was to begin

“Call when you need me, until then Kal ill make sure the younglings get their bearings on the ground.”

With that, Silent headed back out to the field.

Alaris Jinn

30-07-2012 23:24:32

Allies often hate each other.

Alaris Jinn had learned that years ago when the Dark Jedi and the troops around him were under his complete control. He had surrendered that control for a different calling, yet here he once again found himself surrounded by Plagueians and readying his blade against another Clan. Naga Sadow was no new enemy of his and he found tearing through their ranks as satisfying now as he did when he sat upon the Dark Throne.

At this very moment his pace was measured and deliberate; a flair for the dramatic that he had never let go of. He approached his target, weapon extinguished and on his belt, deep beneath his robes. The man he approached could feel his presence, he knew. It was confirmed when that man turned around and made eye contact with a visage he hadn’t seen in months.

“I see only battle will return you from your comfortable holdings on Coruscant, Senator.” Kal smiled slightly upon seeing him. “I was unsure if you were going to join us for this one, spending all your time between the GA and the Chamber of Justice.”

“I would suggest that you jest, Aedile, but you never were one for the drole.” Alaris responded with a sharp grin. “I return to bring down Clan Naga Sadow,” he spit, “arrogant as they are.”

“You know the full value of arrogance, Left Hand.”

“You know me better than that, Praetor.”

“Indeed. It’s rare that I am content to see you, but this is one of those rare cases.” Kal turned back toward the perimeter where his apprentice should be at this time. “It will, indeed, be good to fight alongside you once more.

“I agree. We always did work well when allied.”

Allies often hate each other.


31-07-2012 03:13:11

The Crimson blood red of ash layed across the battlefield, Dlarit soldiers being burnt to a fine crispy black. The perimeter was nearly complete with some last minute trenches being dug up by the troopers. Some of the perimeter guns were up and running others still being placed and booted up with a couple troopers at the ready. Dark Knights and troopers spread out some in the tree lines hunting others on the field finishing off the survivors, some even getting the luck of finishing off one of the younglings of the sadow.

The Exarch could feel the power of the force flowing over the camp and it made him thirsty for death. Silent continued his way to the tree line, the gunfire could be heard from a distance, sadows must be at full run to escape or maybe lead our people into a trap… Silent thought. As he reached the edge of the camps perimeter a trooper stop the Dark Lord.

“Trooper if you wish to die now I suggest you keep in my way”

“My Lord my duty is to you and to all Plagueian’s, which is why I have stopped you. The other units are setting up land mines a bit out and I wouldn’t want my lord to be injured”

The trooper quickly brought both hands up to his throat, as he was force choked by the Obelisk. The force should have warned me sooner I must remember to meditate more in the force. Silent let the trooper fall to his knees as he let him go.

“Let that be a reminder that any Sith is no fool with the force on its side and need not your warnings to since what I already knew was there, once this gun is up and running you will be digging latrines for the rest of the landing crew, next time your head will come off.”

“My apo…”

The rest was lost in the wind as Silent turned back to camp, he knew other Plagueians would know if they were getting put into a trap, the less experience are either with their master or setting up tents with the troopers, so the exarch knew the only thing he could do right now and hated it……waiting.


01-08-2012 02:30:45

Orian System
NSD Ascendancy - Bridge
Sepros Orbital Blockade

Another HLAF-500 starfighter span out of control, exploding against Ascendancy's shielded hulk. Tra'an smiled at the sight. "How many does that make?"

"Eighteen, sir." The officer at the Sensory Console called up from the pit. A female Chagrian. "Fifteen of which are from Lord Vessicant."

"Good." The Shi'ido replied. He didn't bother to correct the woman on proper titles; Kal had been lecturing him on how Sith were the Lords of the mundane. Tra'an was starting to agree with him on that point. "Make sure he watches those corvettes - two of those Marauder-class ships are getting a little too close to our fighters."

"Yes, sir." The woman called back.

Striding across the bridge's raised command platform, the shapeshifter cut a striking figure. Wearing newly-made, well-cut black robes, plated lightly with hardweave armor, he was the very image of command and power. On Libra's advice, he'd taken a few hours of sleep, and it had helped his look immensely; gone was the haggard, haunted-looking man.

In his place stood the Will of Plagueis. "Intensify ion battery fire on the Immolator. If we can get it to flee, Instigator and Renown can get a better shot on those damned corvettes."

The Ascendant and Imperial fleets had made a lovely mess of things over Sepros, the Shi'ido reflected. Even now, ships like the Warspite and The Baron formed islands of resistance for Plagueis and Palatinae. Around them, lesser ships and cruisers released and fought back each other and clouds of fighters, even as the larger ships of the Orian fleet tried to break through the mess. The First and Second defense lines had been unprepared, as were the ships of the First Fleet - even now, minor occupations and assaults were underway on Aeotheran, and other ships had pulled back to protect Tarthos.

Facing two House fleets had the Sadowans scattered and locked in a stalemate - just how Xen'Mordin and Tra'an had wanted it. Without being able to unite their ships, form proper battle lines, and face the enemy, the Sadowans had no chance of driving off the enemy and obtaining victory with ease. Now, it was a battle of tenacity and time, warships hammering one another and shifting through orbit, giving and taking positions as they went. While their positions similarly kept the allied Houses from turning the surface of Sepros to ash and glass, the stalemate gave the two Houses the ability to keep massive Sadowan reinforcements away from the Temple of Sorrow.

More importantly, it gave Kal Vorrac and Brent Ligur Victae the chance to burn through the trees toward the seat of Sadowan command.

Standing nearby, armored in the heavy black of a Plagueian heavy trooper but with the Pyramid of Perfection emblazoned over the Plagueian emblem, Kuro Kogarasu watched the Quaestor and glanced at the battle outside. "Kuro, you know that we're still near enough for insertion. You don't have to be here."

"On New Tython, I stopped a Mandalorian from gutting you." The man said, adjusting his glasses. Faint scratches showed on the shaped transparisteel lenses, held in a well-weathered but rust-free durasteel frame; they'd seen hell more times than some of the House's Knights. "Perhaps here, I'll keep a Sadowan's saber at bay. Boarding action's common in these little stand-offs, I'm told."

"Suit yourself." Tra'an said. Kuro still stood at a bit of a lean, ever since the Mando's beskad had ripped through him, but he was no less lethal; if anything, he was more ferocious, and Tra'an was glad to have another saber at his back. "Perhaps we need to-,"

"Milord!" The Communications Officer said, looking up. "General Vorrac has requested a war council. Apparently, our forces have been deployed."

"Good. I'll address him soon." The Shi'ido replied. A new fire seemed to have filled his eyes.

"You seem... confident." Kuro said, noting the change. "Calmer, almost."

"Indeed." Tra'an replied. "I am one step closer to defeating my premonitions. Now, if you would be so kind, I need to consult with my Apprentice."

"Zuser?" Kuro asked, stopping in mid-step. "He, er... insisted on being part of the landing party."

The Shi'ido turned silently, looking Kuro in the eye. The look on his face could have pulled the ears off of a gundark. "He what?"

Orian System
Sepros Orbital Blockade
Harrying of M-CRV Inquisitor and Tarthos Invictus
TIE Avenger - Kite Leader

"Form up." Vessicant said, the headset nestled about his pale blue brow as familiar to him as the hair on his head. "Headhunters, coming around."

Dated though they were, the dependable craft poured from the two Marauder-class warships like a swarm of Karanan Gorebugs. The Warlord knew better; no minor pests, twenty four capable craft now sought to overwhelm the ten remaining craft. Kite Nine had lost an entire wing after being grazed by a turbolaser, and had the Ascendancy's tractor beam to thank for still being alive.

Kite Four hadn't been so lucky. The gutted hull of the starfighter still floated eerily a few thousand feet away, mechanical innards spilling out after a barrage from a cluster of point-defense laser cannons.

Bringing the craft into a sharp spiral, Vessicant's hands swept over the controls of the ship, the Force enhancing his own inherent talent with the craft as he dove toward the center of the enemy ships. Thumbing his laser cannons, he span at full velocity toward the enemy craft, shaking the control yokes just enough to send the ship into an uncontrolled warble. The resulting web of green laser bolts pelted the Z-95 onslaught, forcing them to disperse and delivering moderate to serious hits to several.

As practiced, the mundane pilots of Kite Squadron didn't bother trying to keep up with their Sith leader; their craft spread out like a many-pointed star, each assaulting scattering fighters in every direction possible. The Wroonian smiled, pulling the ship back under control with a well-timed jerk. A normal pilot wouldn't have had the timing to reverse the wobble, and would have ended up decorating the side of a corvette. Looking around, he calmly got back to his mission - keeping the corvettes exactly where they were.

"Damage report." The man said calmly, adjusting in his seat. His lightsaber snagged briefly against his safety harness; he took the time to release it. If the opportunity came, he might need it later.

"Milord, Kite Five here. Two Headhunters floating, one of them slag. I counted eight moderate hits on a few others, nothing fatal." The man's voice had a Concordian accent, like the clone troopers of old. Hardly a surprise; all kinds made up the Fleet. "I've sustained a hit to my portside- Agh!!!"

A flash and a crackle were his last sounds as a concussion missile took him in the rear. Vessicant inwardly cursed, looking up at the weaving pilot of the oncoming squadron. XJ-3's, he thought, and led by a Sith.

Plagueian War Camp
1 hour after initial attack

"Our perimeter is tight. Minefields have been set up, turrets are in place, stakes and trenches are in place to discourage a charge or a vehicular ambush." Starrett said, his pale bald head looking more like that of a ghoul than a ghost with soot smudging it. "The bodies of the fallen have been dealt with, and our equipment is running at full capacity - for now."

Tra'an nodded; the Shi'ido's blue holographic image flickered and wobbled. A turbolaser must have hit the shields. "Have any attempts to strike us been made?"

"Not as yet," the Rollmaster said. "The cowards hide; they still fear us after the death we brought upon them. My scouts report a few scouts in the trees, but nothing offensive. They've even been reported blasting beasts away and burning undergrowth."

"Odd." The Quaestor said. Looking to Vorrac, he spoke again. "What do you make of this, Aedile?"

"It's simple. They're clearing paths." The Sith replied. He hadn't yet wiped the blood and mud from his face or cleaned up his attire - the man had been too busy. "They're eradicating threats and readying trails for their troops, their scouts, and their supplies."

"You describe the tactics of primitives." Starrett scoffed. "They have transports, machines, and soldiers, just as we do."

"Aye. But they also have two Houses to contend with, and their respective fleets blockading the system. If they fight our war, they are at a disadvantage... so they won't. They're going to dig in, set traps, and let the climate and environment rip us apart bit by bit as they strike at our flanks." The Sith smiled, his eyes glinting. They'd finally returned to their emerald hue. "It's basic guerrilla warfare - they're natives of this world, they know it and they rely upon it. We will eventually have to go home."

Tra'an nodded. "So what do you propose we do?"

"It's simple." Kal replied. "We burn our way to them and destroy their base before time can take its toll. We shed our weaklings and our incompetent in this forest, and bring Sadow to its knees."

Again, Tra'an nodded. "Do we have an idea of the terrain before us?"

"Initial topography scans have revealed our terrain. It's worse than we suspected." Running a hand over the portable holotable, the Battlelord brought up a blue field that descended into the shapes of the scanned terrain. It looked as though it had shattered.

"The land before us is composed of hills, valleys, cliffs, and ravines, some small and others colossal. We face what appear to be the channels of huge rivers and the mouths of cave systems. The trees here are twisted by the Dark Side, but their look puts me in mind of a Wroshyr - huge and gnarled even before corruption set in. To top it all off," He said, taking a grim look, "Everything alive in their is hostile."

"Alright." Tra'an said, closing his eyes as if to think. "Troop dispositions?"

"Presently, toward two targets." Kal said, waving a hand over the portable holotable. A preprogrammed sequence of symbols spread over the table, some showing topography and foliage while others represented units. "One is this hole in the treeline - it's not on the standard maps, nor on any of our initial scans during approach. Scouts have reported the site recently cleared; I'd say that is where their resistance will be centered. A firebase, if you will; prefabricated buildings, defensive structures, the works." Pointing to a line of cleared trees nearby, he continued. "Here, based on position, we've got a stretch of treeline removed or lowered to set up anti-aircraft equipment. In addition to an anti-aircraft walker, much like ours, they have likely been setting up stationary weapons within and outside of the treeline."

"What's our plan, then?" Tra'an asked.

"We will send the Ninth and Forty-Fourth Infantry Regiments through the forest, using a variety of both tactical and destructive methods to push onward throughout the trees and eliminate any pockets of resistance. They will surround the firebase, while the Assymetric Warfare Command joins elements of the Second Armored Regiment to work around them and disable the anti-air." He pointed to the smaller symbols, now moving in a systematic fashion through the trees. "Our contingents of AT-AT and AT-ST walkers will follow alongside our other armor and spread out, burning their way through the forest with the Seventh at the lead ripping through the forest. All will assemble here," he said, indicating a wide patch of blue, "And await further orders."

"I assume there's a reason to wait?" Reith asked, arching an eyebrow.

"There is," Kal said, smiling. "Once the anti-air capabilities are empty, I'll call the assistance of several bomber squadrons, alongside the Nineteenth." The row of aerial assailants spread across the holographic sky like a plague. "They'll reduce the trees and those beneath them to ashes... and Forlorn Hope will ensure that the fires don't go out."

The Quaestor nodded. "A fine start. Put your assaults into action, Kal. Starrett, deploy your scouts however you must, be it by speeder or by air. I want to know everything that happens under those branches. Let us set this Clan aflame, that we might feast on the spoils." He saluted, fist over chest, briefly. "Adapt, Ascend, Avail. Give them hell."

"It will be done," The two replied, saluting in unison.


01-08-2012 05:07:03

36 ABY
Orian System

Walking through the heavily dense jungle with Furios, was bringing back a lot of memories for the Jedi hurter. This was her Friend, her leader, her fellow brethren; there was nothing she would not do for this man, so if he said they had enough troops to enter the jungle, she would trust that he knew what he was doing.

The flame throwers move ahead of the group clearing a path through the dense foliage when needed, the platoon moved slowly and quietly towards their destination.

Nariah, for some reason grow more apprehensive the farther the group enter the area looking over to where Furios walked fear enter the woman’s heart and mind, this was not like her. She continued to walk feeling has if they were had straight towards and ambush.

The dark jedi look over toward her leader.
“Do you not feel that, I feel like we are being watched?” Nariah said.

Traan Reith

02-08-2012 02:06:38

NSD Ascendancy

Tra’an beckoned Kuro to follow as he stepped back into the briefing room and shut the door behind him.

With an intense look on his face, and a rising Anger, Tra’an spoke quietly. “For the good that you have done as Commander of Pilus, I’m asking you this in private. Why in Muz’s name is my Apprentice, THE PILOT, on the ground?”

Kuro took a step back, not having expected Tra’an to react like this. He took a moment to center himself, gathering his thoughts and remembering how it was that Zuser had ended up planet-side. As the thoughts came together, a slow chill went down his spine.

Steeling himself, the tip of the Blade that was Primus Pilus answered his Quaestor.

“Furios said that he had requested the duty sir. If I had stopped to think, I would have recognized it as an obvious mistake.” Kuro began to sweat just a little with the look Tra’an was holding. The anger and disbelief was causing him to open and close his fists which were held behind his back. Sighing, Tra’an turned away and looked out the viewport.

“My apprentice can be a gifted pilot at times. For ships, nothing else. He’s not particularly gifted as a soldier, or in much else. He’s not particularly strong in the Force even.” A small smile crossed the Shi’ido’s lips as he thought back to the many times Zuser had tried, and failed the basic Force usages, only to randomly manifest it later with something completely different.

“He is however, exceedingly lucky.” With a grimace, Tra’an though of the times the young Human had almost killed them all. “Some might say, suicidally so, as his luck usually manifests when he’s about to die in a horrific accident at no fault of his own, because he bumbled into something yet again. Call Furios. Get Zuser on the Chaser and back into space, ASAP. At least he has a chance of surviving up here.” Kuro saluted and left quickly, not wanting to face the wrath of the shapeshifter over his only Apprentice.


Forward Operations Area

Zuser moved along with the group of soldiers he had been assigned to protect from other Foxtrot Uniforms out and in the bush. At the time, no one had stopped to consider that as a Guardian, he had relatively little to contribute to the group other than the occasional warning when something wasn’t right. That in and of itself though had proved useful several times in avoiding traps and ambushes.

That last bit had netter them ten dead Sadowans, and ten speeder bikes. The humming anti-grave repulsors currently supporting Zuser were enough to give the pilot a thrill. He loved to fly things, and felt he could fly anything. Despite all the warnings in the world, it wasn’t enough sometimes.

Without thinking, the young Human set his hand on the control bar, and realizing it was there, pulled backwards. The motion was enough to trigger the hand throttle and send the bike flying forwards. The hard grip that the Guardian had adopted from sheer fear and terror of being nearly yanked out of his seat had only served to make things worse.

With an act of will, he managed to get his other hand on the left handlebar, giving him some control over the direction of the machine. The other nine soldiers followed closely behind, but leaving enough room to pick off any patrols that tried to chase him. Thinking it a grand strategy, they whooped and hollered over the coms before being silenced by a Sargent.

“CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP” was all they heard in response.

The black armor helped some in the dense, dark foliage of the jungle, serving as camouflage, until the wind rose to shake the trees and let some light through.

Even worse luck waited for the Knight-wannabe, as he shot out in front of a Sadowan tank, leading them to target him and try to bring him down. One of the rounds came close and just barely missed him, the rush of wind enough to jerk his left hand loose, sending the speeder bike on a sharp right, directly for the tank. Screaming in fear, his hand scrabbled at the left handlebar, finding it just in time to rise up over the tank, avoiding the round they had hastily prepared.

The tank, was not so lucky, having completely missed the nine other speeders closing on it, ready to riddle it full of holes. The brilliant red death bored through the metal, causing it to smoke and fume.

Nothing emerged, leaving the Sargent spit on it before they all returned to the base, a terrified Zuser carefully in the middle to avoid a repeat incident.


As they returned to camp, Zuser was let go at the gate, where another Sargent escorted him to the landing area. As they turned the corner, Zuser broke out in smiles and ran for his beloved Chaser. Kodais was waiting with a raised eyebrow and a tapping foot.

“Sorry Kodais. They had me stuck on patrol. I told them that I should stay at camp and wait for orders. I need to be in space, I can't do ground work! I can't even properly drive a speeder!” AS Zuser said this, the nearby Sargent guffawed, earning attention from Kodais.

“Well?” The Task Master’s steely gaze prompted the story of the event that had led to him being returned here.

“See? I told you I can’t drive them right. The whole thing was a mistake! I slipped to get started, then a gust of wind yanked my hand off the handlebar. It was just a mistake. So, can I go back into space now? Please? Before I somehow cause another speeder or something to crash?" Kodais’s eyes were twitching, as he tried to imagine what was going to happen to him when Tra’an heard about this little story. Then he grinned.

“Sure. When we get back to the Ascendancy, remember to tell your Master that you were only on the ground because of Furios’ orders.” Kodais deep voice rumbled and Zuser nodded as they boarded the Chaser. A grin stretched Kodais’ face as he imagined what would happen to his fellow flight leader.


02-08-2012 19:19:57

Orian System

Zuser sighed happily as he sat in the pilot’s seat of the Chaser, Kodais sitting in the Co-Pilot’s seat. The young human ran his hands along the yoke of the Firespray-class ship before going through the take off sequence with Sparky, the Chaser’s A.I., giving system updates and feedback on the ship’s functions here and there. Soon Zuser had the Chaser lifting off from the surface and, when it gained enough altitude, flipped to its vertical position before taking off for space.


No sooner had they left the atmosphere of the planet were they engaged in a quick skirmish with a few Sadowan fighters hoping to take out an unlucky ship. Unfortunately for them they decided to try and pick off the wrong ship.

“I’d buckle up and hang on, Commander.” Came Zuser’s excited voice. “This is going to be fun.” Kodais could only swallow as he braced himself for any sudden maneuvers the 19 year old human would pull off.

Zuser yanked the Chaser into a sharp turn with the three Sadowan ships trailing behind him, opening fire whenever they could. “Sparky, engage deflector shields and prepare for attack pattern Lambda.”

“Deflector shields online and engaged. Laser cannons primed and ready to fire.”

The grin on Zuser’s face was so wide and full of excitement one would wonder if he was currently sane. The Guardian slammed the throttle forward and the yoke down, sending the Chaser into a sharp arc upwards with the Sadowan ships still following behind him but a little farther behind. With a near insane chuckle Zuser slammed the throttle back, which halted their ascent and flipped the Firespray-class ship around in a U-turn, making Kodais’ stomach rise, and sped towards the three attackers. As soon as Zuser had the three Sadowan ships in sight and range, he locked on and opened fire with the laser cannons on the bottom or ‘tail’ of the ship. He cackled as the three ships were soon reduced to slag as he nailed all of them in quick succession. He managed to catch all three ships by surprise with his unorthodox maneuver, thus enabling a quick victory.

“Whoo! That was fun, wasn’t it Commander?” The commander could only nod, feeling his heart pounding and his stomach slowly falling back to it’s original position. “Ok! Let’s go see Master Reith, shall we?” He tilted the throttle forward and steered the Chaser towards the Ascendancy.


With the Chaser now resting in the Ascendancy’s hangar Zuser and Kodais made their way to the bridge where Tra’an Reith was waiting. Zuser smiled widely and gave a slight bow to his master. “Greetings Master, sorry I didn’t come with Commander Kodais earlier. You see, what happened was Furios wanted me with the ground forces…” Zuser soon launched into the story of what transpired down on Sepros.

“…and then on our way here I shot down three Sadowan fighters and now here we are!” Needless to say, most of the bridge crew were having a difficult time keeping a straight face and desperately trying not to laugh at the Guardian’s story. Kodais’ eye twitched again at hearing the story once more while Tra’an lifted his hand to pinch the bridge of his nose. Zuser himself bounced softly on the balls of his heels, his padawan braid bouncing and swaying as it hung on the right side of his forehead. Finally, Tra’an spoke to the energetic and hyperactive human that is his apprentice in front of him.

“Well, at least you’re back safely and no damage has been done to the platoon you were stationed with. Your new mission is to take a TIE Interceptor and await further orders on what squad you will be assigned. Understood?”

Zuser snapped a smart salute, grinning, “Yes, Master!”

“Good. You are dismissed, my apprentice.”

Zuser nodded and bowed before leaving the bridge, giving a quick two fingered salute to Kodais before leaving to go to the hangar to find his TIE Interceptor.

Kuro Kogarasu

03-08-2012 00:33:52

Orian System
NSD Ascendancy - Bridge
Sepros Orbital Blockade

Kuro Left the breifing room with a slight smile, He had succsesfully played to Tra'an fear once again. "he needs to learn, I aint afraid of nothing, Dont care if hes stronger then me or not" Kuro then walked off to the side and looked out the window to see fighters zipping past, blaster bolts crashing into the Ascendancy's shields. The Commander woundered how things were going on the ground. The Templar is ment for fighting, not standing around watching, but He is a Commander now with many capable solders on the ground to do his work. besides that, He was there to watch over his Queastor, Tra'an.

Kogarasu leaned up against the window, knelt his head against the glass and released a sigh. "oh what I would give for just a little..." Kuros thought was cut short from a fighter that was flying straight for the ship.

"wha....what is this crazy guy doing? Kuro watched and called Tra'an over.

"Sir! come here quick"

"What is it Commander"

"This fella is going to crash into us, looks like hes heading for the hanger"

Tra'an Called out to close the hangers shield and raise the blast doors, but it was too late. The fighter flew right in and crashed into some barrels and crates. Fire irrupted in the back half of the hanger. The wreckage was surrounded by damage control crew as well as solders. The Pilot was still alive.

"Hold him there, I will be right there, I want to question that fool" Tra'an ordered

Him and Kogarasu, along with 4 guards, rushed to the hanger. They arrived at the wreckage and Tra'an started to pull the pilot out of the firey wreck. Kuro stood by and watched as he saw that the fighter was leaking more feul and it was running towards more fire, which was near his Queastor as he was trying to question the slowly slipping away pilot.

'SIR!....FIRE!" Kuro yelled out. He grabbed his Queastor, along with the pilot and tossed them both aside just as the wreck blew once again. The body of Kogarasu was tossed forcefully against the wall. The guards that accompanied them, rushed to his aid. Kuro got up, his only wounds was some minor bruising and burns. his clothes was ruined and his armor was scorched, it saved his life.

Kuro hobbled over to Tra'an. "sir, if i have to keep protecting your hide like this, your going to have to start paying me hazard pay" Kuro said sarcastically. Tra'an grinned and turned his attention to the firespray that was pulling into the Hanger. It was Primus's own, Zuser returning to his master.

While the two them caught up, Kuro made his way back to the bridge and the war room. Kuro wanted to see how things were moving on the ground.

Looking at the map, from the most recent reports, Not much progress had been made. This did not sit well with the Battle raised Obelisk. He got on Primus Pilus call signal and made a Team wide command.

"This is Commander Kogarasu, What is the hold up? Get yalls asses to the base. If I have to come down there and do it myself, Yall will not like it." Kuro growled
Kuro did not allow anytime for a reply before he cut off the connection. Kuro paced the leangth the bridge, constantly looking out side to see the space battle going on. Kuro never missed a fight before, he is no stranger to command but everytime a conflict came up, Kuro was on the front line. He knows he needs to allow newer and younger solders to shine but the thought of loosing his house, his team, was eating at him.

Pilots and officers walk past the angry and sore Templar, seeing the rage in his eyes, they keep space between him in fear of catching some of his wrath. Popping his knuckles and twirling a Westar pistol, Kuro needs something to happen.

"What the hell is the Hold up!?" Kuro yelled out. His anger released a wave of energy in the force of a push, knocking over chairs and pushed a console through a wall and warped a few of the weaker walls.


03-08-2012 04:22:03

36 ABY
Orian System
Surface Jungle

“Of course we’re being watched,” Furios replied. “I’m not sure what part of Jusadih you were training in, but one of the places I was sent to was the Vongformed jungle on Sigil 2. This place is similar enough. We will always be watched.”

“Well isn’t there something we can do about it?” Nariah asked with a tone of unease.

“Not entirely,” was the reply. “But if it makes you feel any better…”

The Obelisk waved his hand toward the two soldiers on point. The men aimed their flamethrowers to the canopy above and shot jets of burning flames up the trees just in front of them. Bloodcurdling, inhuman screams emanated from the direction the flames were traveling. A second later, four charred bodies of inhuman shape fell from the upper branches. Two of them were dead and the other two were still writhing and snarling from the pain of being burned. The skin on the strange beings that wasn’t blackened from the flamethrowers was a striped pattern of green and brown. Their lithe figures had folds of skin between the limbs for short distance gliding and each limb ended in a clawed, three-fingered hand. They were meant to climb in the treetops above.

“What are they?” Nariah asked with a look of disgust on her face.

“I don’t know,” was the solemn reply. “They might be native creatures or Krath beasts made to spy on us.” Furios ignited his lightsaber and plunged it into the torso of the livelier of the two moving creatures. The rancid odor of burning flesh mixed in with a thin black smoke that trickled from the wound. The still living of the four creatures started squirming even more violently before Furios killed it in the same merciless way. “Either way, they are manifestations of the Dark Side. Keep moving.”

The cerulean blade of his saber slid back into the hilt and the flamethrowers poured fresh streams of fire into the undergrowth as they pushed further northwest to their target. Nariah continued walking forward, still uneasy about the feeling of being watched. Furios’ eyes began to glow a brighter green than usual as he searched outward with the Force. The platoon and its commanders continued walking forward in silence. Every few minutes, the Epicanthix would point out a spot in the trees and jet of fire would burn through the foliage or a few bursts of blaster fire would tear into the plants. Each time this happened, something would die. Nariah must have counted at least ten different species of creature in the next hour as the soldiers continued on. Each one was more grotesque than the last.

After leaving a particularly large fur-covered carcass behind, Jadon got the feeling that the march was going a little too smoothly. They were always the attackers, not having to defend against an assault. The prickling feelings of unease washed over her refreshed by the realization. Furios sensed it almost instantly with his mind already looking to pick up signatures in the Force. “What troubles you now?” the Equite asked.

“Isn’t it more than a little odd that we haven’t been attacked by anything or anyone yet?” Nariah asked with a nervous tone.

“Don’t worry,” Furios assured. “Trouble will find us soon enough.”

“How can you say that so calmly?” The anxiety spiked for a moment.

“I know what’s going to happen,” he answered with a hushed voice. “I’ve sensed eight different Dlarit scouts in the past hour. They’re watching us so they can set a trap in our path. I’ll guess now that it will be placed between those two trees ahead of us, where the undergrowth is thinnest.”

“What makes you so sure of this?” Nariah asked.

Furios let a small smile curve on his mouth. “It’s a basic tactic.”

“So we should avoid the trap,” Nariah said, clearly not amused.

“I say we spring the trap,” Furios replied. “Kill off the soldiers now rather than wait to avoid another trap later.”

He moved his hand into the air just next to his head and made a military signal that the woman didn’t recognize. The platoon didn’t appear to acknowledge the gesture at all. Nariah looked puzzled as they slowly burned through the foliage leading into the trap. She held her breath as the point men walked through the pair of trees. Nothing happened. Furios walked through next and still nothing happened. A sigh escaped Nariah’s lips as more of the platoon walked through the falsely predicted trap.

Next the AT-STs walked through and at that moment, the trap was sprung. A pair of rockets flew toward each armored walker, flooding the area with a shrieking sound from their propulsion. Furios waved a hand at each rocket, using the Force to make them veer off course. Both rockets detonated against massive wroshyr-like trees as at least a dozen separate blaster rifles opened fire on the Plagueian forces. Furios drew his lightsaber with a defensive flourish, sending a number of blaster bolts hurtling back to their sources. The soldiers of the Forlorn Hope opened fire on their assailants, unleashing tibanna gas and fire at the covered enemies. The walkers opened fire at enemies that disappeared and reappeared at will.

The Epicanthix darted through the trees, chasing after the Dlarit soldiers with Force-fueled speed, hacking through their environmental armor. Moments later, the remaining Sadowan troops had fled deeper into the jungle leaving the Plagueian forces alone for the time being. The Templar counted three dead and collected tags before continuing toward their target, the South Eastern Firebase.


03-08-2012 22:03:10

A sprinkle, a drizzle, now a down pour. The rain had started once again on the unlit sunless planet of Sepros, the only good it truly did was run the blood off your boots while caking it with a nice dark chocolate frosting of mud. Water, soothing yet terrifing for one rebuilt in a tank on a oceanic world, the Exarch knew the importance of this attack and even though he was new in a body since he was still an old soul and an old Shi’ido. Most important though was he was a Dark Lord and as the rain dripped down his red tendril face Fear would not slow him down but make him stronger.

A small squad of troopers acompanied the Obelisk though never close or even huddle around each other, Silent kept his squad in a tactical line at the ready on his left and right. Today this Exarch will look on to the force to guide his movements and right now it was leading him in a direction of a battle now past fought. The smell was the first to hit him, the screams of death flowed through the force was the second.

You so called Plagueians are weak and should of used the enemies trap agaisnt them.

“Plagueis, plagueing my mind once again, I thought after all of the years we slumbered you would of left long ago.” The Obelisk said out loud

“What was that sir?” the trooper replied

“Trooper if you speak out of turn one more time there will be someone else in your squad getting a promotion, now concern yourself with your duties and not with the Force”

Ah I see that I still see that I have chose well, maybe one day you can learn to be truly immortal like myself. Plagueis said

If living in one’s head through the force from an forgotten relic is being immortal then I rather die repeatedly in a sarlac pit

Even the pitiful Boba Fett survived and he was not one with the force…

Yeah but he didn’t have you living in his head

The Exarch and his squad soon made it to the trap site, bodies layed across the land, blood soiled the land, guts of a trooper lay falling out a few of the Dlart troopers, a lightsaber slash or lunge to a body here and there. Silent inspected a few of the bodies.

“I can tell who the troopers are and even some sadow warriors but what are the others?” trooper ask

“The Ekind, product of years of useless sith sorcery making man and lizard one, and the big one over there seems to be a wookie or a very large dog that looks uncanny to your mother.” The Exarch said

It seemed to the Obelisk that they were getting closer to the base and more conflict was on the arise. Silent knew he was to let the Dark knights run ahead, some were to be truly gifted in the dark art, others fool hearted and from what the Exarch could see…sloppy.

“Lets keep moving it seems im not wrong in believing that Furios is a few hours ahead of us.”

“Sir if I may ask, how can you tell its Lord Furios?”

“Simple, the cocky bastard likes to take souvenirs, and no tags are seen. That it seems like a rancor took a dump in a Hutta porta john, and that’s the same smell I smell after he takes his boots off, I might have to cut those off him one day.”

The rain came harder.

Gon Doru

03-08-2012 22:38:19

36 ABY Orian System Sepros Surface-Jungle Proximity=AA emplacement

“Sir, this battery is guarded by an AT-AT!”

“I do not want to hear your excuses for failure this day,” a blast of Force energy pushed the Trandosian warrior back a pace. “or have you forgotten the honor your Scorekeeper has blessed upon you this day?”

With the mention of their goddess the lizard-people lifted their shoulders and prepared themselves for the battle at hand. Taking out am encamped Anti-air battery guarded by one large armored transport a few dozen soldiers and a couple of armored scouts. There was nothing the heavily armed mercenaries could not take down. Their stubbornness for combat and their desire to gain points for their goddess was something the Sith knight learned to manipulate from the months he spent with them.

There was the scent of blood in the air, or was that anticipation? It did not matter, the Knight was about to slaughter himself some of the unworthy filth that Clan Naga Sadow employed to protect their worthless souls. The end of the day would be saturated in ecstasy the bitter sweet pleasure of destruction and death.

“Commander I want you to line up your heavy weapons on that rise over there, and prepare for my signal.”

As time approached for combat Telum stood at the ready, and positioned himself in such a way as to observe the entire field of battle. A scout from the Plagueian infantry approached the Dark Jedi and handed him a datapad.

“Sir, we have fifty armed soldiers on the across this rise ready for battle,” the scout declared. “And General Kal sends his regards.”

“Tell your men to prepare for my signal, first these filthy lizardmen will open fire and then you will charge.”

With that Telum turned away away lifted his lightsaber, and ignited it. Over his shoulders rockets and proton projectiles fired and streaked into the encampment. Explosions rumbled and shook the ground. Dirt and debris flew all over and pelted the enemy. Out of the midst of the dirt and dust crimson blaster fire lit up the area.

Traan Reith

03-08-2012 23:33:15

The rain was torrential. A monsoon had formed out over the ocean and come inland with a vengeance. No one was immune as all suffered from the water and the wind. Like icy daggers, the rain sluiced across the jungle, taking every exposed figure unprepared, feeling as if they'd been dunked in snow. It was hellish, if one felt that Hell was frozen. The Dlarit forces manning the South Eastern Firebase looked out from the warm shelters into the howling madness that was Sepros.

As the Commander and his XO sat in the office overlooking the rest of the compound, the former Imperial, Major Alexi Godravan looked out as did the rest of his command. The XO, Lieutenant Vashoth Brigamir, sat comfortably on the couch, sipping his whiskey.

"Do you really think those forsaken morons will come to us Vashoth?" His musings were quiet, but clearly audible above the drumming of the rain and the moaning of the wind. "No one survives that forest. Those bastards in the Palace swear they're coming. But in this mess?" He shook his head.

Taking a moment to collect his thoughts, Vasoth replied in kind.

"It's suicide for us Sir, but you and I both know that they're not supposed to be like us. They're supposed to be akin to the whispered powers of Vader, or perhaps the Emperor." Vashoth stopped for a moment and shook in a shiver. A bad omen that. "As it is, I agree that the weather here should slow them down. They couldn't possible mount an assault when they cannot see beyond their own arms."

Standing, the Lieutenant walked over to share the window with his commander. As the rain slackened off for a moment, they were able to make out what appeared to be a lone figure running toward the base. With an amused smirk, Alexi pointed him out.

"They send just one man to take us down. Confident, aren't they?" With a chuckle, the two men watched, confident that it would amount to nothing.

That confidence shattered rather quickly as the human suddenly seemed to sprout an iridescent purple length to his left hand. With a growing alarm, the watched him leap into the air, and arc right towards them. The glass in front of them shattered, shredding the two men in the process. The wind and rain immediately blew in to freeze the two dying former Imperials, diluting the blood soaking the carpet. As the tall Human landed quietly before them, Alexi had time to look up and choke out a simple question.

"W-w-who are you?" As he lost the fight to keep his head up, the robed figure knelt down next to him.

"I am Pontifex Alex d'Tana, and Plagueis has come for you, Sadowan." The last thing the man saw was a flash of purple.

Gon Doru

04-08-2012 02:14:12

Part 2

36 ABY
Orian System
Proximity=AA emplacement

The giant piece that was a mechanical terror attempted to turn around, its lumbering limbs ponderously moved into firing position. By then it was too late, as those soldiers firing heavy weapons had already moved to other locations or had moved into battle groups to confront the Anti-Air base full frontal. Blaster fire sounded off, the screeching plasma scorching the air, and filling the vicinity with the scent of ionized oxygen.

The lone Sith Knight had moved into battle, his lightsaber a glowing beam of plasma that melted flesh, bone, and armor without prejudice. His target was a lumbering sentinel. A laser-equipped AT-ST. The machine had been mowing down Plagueian soldiers in such numbers that Umbra decided to become his namesake. The Weapon of Vorracs’ Will held his blade low-diagonally allowing the tip of its humming thickness scorch the earth as he ran towards the Armor.

Water beaded down his face, the torrential pour continued unabated, yet for the hate filled Apprentice the droplets became vigorous reminders of his darker emotions seemed to strike him and then turn to steam. Even the beam of his saber sizzled and stuttered in its need to express an inner hatred. As he neared the Scout Transport its copilot noticed the singular figure walking amidst falling and burning comrades. Hastily he pointed to the pilot, but by then it was too late. Telum vas Umbra ran up the foot and part of the leg before bounding high enough to do a backwards flip severing the portside blaster arm. The Force simmered within him and he felt it at last come to his call at his bidding. No more meditation, it came in the heat of battle and was controllable.

As the Sith landed he tumbled forward before spinning fully around to face the AT-ST. The chicken-walker moved quickly and turned to face the semi-prone warrior. Right before the gunner could get a good aim on his armored body Telum spear threw his lightsaber, and aided as it was with the Force it gained a deep purchase inside the pilot’s view port. Using the handle as a focus point he leapt up and swung acrobatically gripping the weapon having enough momentum it flipped him upwards. At the apex of the swing he deactivated the weapon and landed in a three point crouch on the access hatch of the walker.

With a focus he sliced open the hatch and absent mindedly threw in two grenades. The gas canister detonated immediately bringing tears and caused sinuses to drip profusely. The Plagueian Knight leapt off and the moment he hit ground the second grenade detonated. The incendiary device made of phosphorous and thermite melted the flesh of the occupants in a flash of light. Any watching the burning AT-ST felt a moment of elation as the battle swung full force in their favor. The battle would be long over before the machine finished burning itself to molten slag, and even melting itself a rather deep crater into the soil itself.

The trained and deadly Sith Knight gave a nonchalant glance over his left shoulder at the flaming wreck before he turned and continued onward toward the massive AT-AT. The battle was in full swing and the heightened aggression sunk in and recharged him mentally. The rain came down and though it was cold, it felt like heaven. For paradise to the once Tusken Raider was a jungle like this, and the sky would pour down rain...life giving water. How he hated being a slave to the desert world of Tatooine. Deep within those memories Telum entered into the fray of rebel soldiers. His lightsaber flashed and flicked ending a life here and there.

One soldier proved rather difficult to kill. The sexless creature taunted and harassed the Knight. Umbra grew tired of this ones actions. Just before he wove a series of moves that would end the life of this one the enemy drew forth a lightsaber and ignited it. The green blade thrummed in the rain. Apprentice to Vorrac was startled. And in this startled moment he grew pissed. Their lightsabers clashed and bounced off each other. The clatter sounding like a thousand lightning crashes.

In an upward block Telum batted the oppositions blade aside, and quickly disarmed him literally. The crimson blade sliced through the enemies armor, flesh, and then bone. As this scum fell to his knees in instant pain Telum grabbed the man and ripped off his helmet only to reveal long golden locks of a female dark Jedi. He then took hold of her jaw with his left hand and with his right rammed the business end of his disengaged lightsaber down into her throat. Using the Force to give instant strength to his arm he shoved the hilt to the activation switch down her neck. Then absentmindedly he pressed the switch. In a flash the weapon vaporized everything as it killed her within seconds. Then with a kick he sent her body falling backwards. He walked beyond her, and sensed his weapon before summoning it back to his hand.

Gon Doru

04-08-2012 21:52:00

AA encampment continued.

The female Clan Jedi Hunter was nothing more than a faded memory when Telum reached the heat of the battle. Bodies littered the battlefield, arms, legs, heads, and torsos disembodied gave a morose texture to the landscape. All could not be any more dreadful and the fun was only just beginning. Ahead the main weapon firing platform was under an assault by a dozen soldiers. Everyone looked the same in the torrential pour.

The Sith Knight marched on his lightsaber swinging and killing all that opposed it. When a blaster bolt struck him in the left hand only then did he look at his body. Pieces of armor had been seared off. Remains of carbonization and burnt flesh smoldered. If he had any sense of smell the stench would have paralyzed him. His hand had been completely burned away leaving a cauterized stump in its place. Pain reached his central nervous system, but he shunted it away burying it underneath the Force. Half of his chest guard had been sliced off, the Jedi Hunter must have gotten lucky, or Telum chose to believe.

Onward he marched and upon reaching the platform he glared evilly at the operators. Their faces were glued to their screens, heads and eyes darting to follow and track Plagueian fighter craft. Enough was enough. Their deaths came quickly enough for them. The guns went cold.

“Command, this is Telum vas Umbra. The AA site is down you may start your attack run.”

“Copy, that. And Dark Jedi….”

“Sith Knight…” Telum corrected.

“Right…Sith Knight. Your master commands your presence.”

“It will be done.” Umbra turned around only to be faced with another of the Clan’s Dark Jedi.

This one was obviously male, and an Arconan by species. Clothed as he was in a white robe and clothe undergarments. He raised his right hand in a salute then ignited his lightsaber. A beam of yellow flashed into existence.

“I hear you are the apprentice of Vorrac!”

“Yes, and I hear that you are the pet whore of Locke!”

The Sadowian Knight stormed towards Telum. Their lightsabers matching speed and velocity. Umbra understood well the art of Soresu. The other seemed to be a dualist. This would prove most difficult for the Sith Weapon. As the yellow blade flashed and arced it was constantly met by the crimson beam.

The Arconan kicked directly into Telum’s chest. The blow knocked his air from his lungs and the Knight stumbled then fell backwards. In the prone state he was at the mercy of the other. He had yet to learn to fight from his back, and besides this his left hand was completely gone. At once the Sadow Knight pressed the fight. His yellow blade soon knocked the weapon out of the hand of the Plagueian.


05-08-2012 00:02:13

Southeastern Dlarit Firebase

Blaster rounds rang out across the distance, putting down those who had not yet retreated to hold their position. Then, all went still. Soldiers armored in black, caked in brown and red, and seeming to steam with fury suddenly pulled back, their walkers falling into formation. Dark Jedi severed Wroshyr saplings large enough to be full-sized trees on another world with their sabers, Plagueian troopers using them and the fallen armor of their own and their enemies as barriers to group behind.

For a moment, the retreating Dlarit commanders and Sadowans couldn't believe their eyes. Davok Krayne, a Knight of Marka Ragnos, held his blue saber up like a beacon. "Steady," He called. "Steady now! Get into position, and prepare for a regrouped assault!"

It was only when he heard starship engines and the characteristic shrieks of TIE craft that his face went ash-white. "Move!" He cried, barreling for the fortified center of the firebase.

Screaming over the trees, a full squadron of Scimitar Assault Bombers dropped their fully-loaded proton bomb payloads, blasting tree, valley and man-made trench alike into fire and vapor. Those forces who didn't brace behind their cover or taste the edge of the flames let out a cheer, a bloodthirsty battle cry that split the air like a knife. Fortifications, equipment, and personnel were all reduced to char, with those who avoided the bombs hurled and tossed like macabre rag dolls. The battle cries of the Plagueians continued as silence settled again.

Then, the MAAT dropships rocketed in.

Leaping from their holds, bearing jetpacks and other fall-arrest systems, the soldiers of the 19th Independent Company let loose on those still alive or groaning. Some bore heavy weapons, rockets and concussion missiles, while still others bore repeating blaster cannons and even slugthrower weaponry. Only one thing was certain as they landed, tearing apart the helpless; the Forlorn Hope had arrived.

"Charge!" The cry came from Vorrac, sprinting from the fore to lead the attack, crimson saber alight. The forces of Plagueis welled behind him, soldiers firing at the now-exposed base of Sadowan defenses.

The tide of black and steel met a harsh net of Dlarit Corporation opposition, enemy guns beyond the blast zone still active but outnumbered. Dark Jedi leaped out, slaying all that they could before being overwhelmed. Kal's blade flashed and burned, laying waste as it went, even as a blaster bolt grazed his shoulder clasp and sent his cloak flying. Burying his weapon in the man who fired it, he spun to counter another strike, before a Force blast hurled him off of his feet.

The Aedile landed hard, sliding through mud, gore, and ashes before looking up to see who had hit him. The form of Robert Sadow emerged from the crowd, his own crimson weapon alive in his hand and burning furiously. "Come, Ascendant scum," He shouted. "Face a real Sith!"

The onslaught of the Plagueian walkers was slowed as an enemy AT-AT walker emerged from the muck, blasting holes in the assault left and right. Darting toward its feet ran Furios, his azure weapon shining brightly as he leapt up and began climbing its leg. Step by step, swatting aside blaster bolts and knocking missiles back with the Force, the Epicanthix slowly surmounted his prey, plunging his saber into its thick armor and using it as a handhold. The slow-burning metal held the saber fast for long enough to keep its owner aloft.

A purple blade carved a hole in its top, its Falleen owner emerging with a shout. "Die, Plagueian!" He howled, darting at Furios.

The clash of their blades seemed to shout louder than even the noise of the walker below, Furios fighting with all of his strength and skill against his opponent. Again and again they struck and counter-struck, Morega advancing with a series of slashes and stabs before being battered back to the edge. Finally, their blades met in twin overhead strikes, crossing in a saber lock.

"You cannot win," The alien roared, his skin red with fury. "Even now, our forces amass in the jungle. You cannot destroy us!"

"Perhaps," Furios shouted in reply, before hurling his weight into the Falleen. The walker's motion made him stumble for just long enough to find a blue blade planted in his gut. "But I can destroy you!"

Pulling his blade free, the Epicanthix gave his foe a vicious kick to the chest, sending his screaming form plummeting toward the ground below.

Kal's blade clashed again and again with Robert's, the Son of Sadow facing the Last Son of Plagueis in a duel to the death. Kal's blade grazed Robert's forearm, even as the Warlord's weapon scraped along his enemy's armored side. With a growl, Kal leapt backward, his left hand flashing up and pulling a stray rocket toward the Sadowan's form. Robert leapt aside, hurling a pair of troopers from each side who were in a life-and-death grapple like projectiles toward Vorrac.

Even as Kal rolled aside, a boot connected with his head, sending stars across his vision. As he rolled through the mud, he gasped, coming up on his left arm with his blade raised in his right. Robert's blade met the air before his throat, the Warlord's face contemptuous. "Any last words?"

"Yeah," Kal spat. "That walker's going to be an absolute schutta to get out from under."

Raising an eyebrow, the Sadowan turned, only to gasp as the AT-AT came creaking down toward the site of the combat. Kal took the opportunity, lashing out with a roar and slashing a black line across Robert's palm. The Son of Sadow's weapon fell apart in his hands, even as he stumbled and ran for cover, joining all of the soldiers and equipment alongside him. The metallic beast came down with a thunderous crash, sending a shock wave that threw up mud and corpses alike.

As the dust settled, Kal stood, cracking his neck. The form of Furios landed beside him, panting. "I didn't think you'd survive that."

"To be honest," The Obelisk replied, "Neither did I."

"Secure the Sadowan." Kal barked, pointing at Robert's now-surrounded form.

Looking about, Kal watched as the battle seemed to wrap itself up before his eyes. Dlarit forces pulled back as cover positions were overrun, turrets were blasted aside or taken, and walkers fell back or died. Even as black-armored soldiers died, as Plagueian Dark Jedi lost limbs or lives to the onslaught of soldier and enemy, ground was gained. The grudging resistance took only the returning sound of the Scimitar bombers to finally discourage the remaining forces, who as one turned and headed for the remaining treeline.

"Scimitars!" Kal roared into his comlink. "Attack Pattern Omega. End the command cluster!" Pointing his saber toward it, he roared again.

One enemy Sadowan got off a rocket at the Scimitars; Kal caught it with the Force, two feet from his face. Crushing it with the Force, he watched it hurl the man backward, body parts coming off.

The blast of the proton bombs turned prefab structures to twisted heaps of plasteel and durasteel, flaming and half-destroyed bodies flying out as still others poured out, screaming in agony. Plagueian forces indiscriminately gunned down anything that moved, whether its armor was black from paint or from soot; no quarter was given. Kal himself took up a fallen soldier's blaster, firing at the writhing targets as AT-XT walkers fired artillery rounds into the treeline.

For a few seconds, Hell itself broke loose, its gates the twisted remnants of the Firebase. Then came the silence, and the rain.

Looking about, Kal tossed the rifle aside, his saber coming back to his hand by its own will. Rain water poured down, soothing the wounds on his body and soaking his filthied armor. Mud and blood washed off of his face as his golden eyes gazed on the enemy's site, knowing the taste of victory. Ten minutes ago, this had been a functional base, almost a permanent outpost of Sadowan strength. Now, it was a muddy, flaming, gore-riddled tomb.

Activating his weapon, he lifted it into the air, shouting. "Adapt! Ascend! Avail!" The cheer that followed shook the very ground, before Plagueian forces began consolidating the battlefield.

"Kal," Tra'an's voice came from the comlink on his arm, "Status report."

"Victorious." The Sith replied. "The firebase is a ruin; what can be salvaged, will be. All the rest, the beasts can have."

"Splendid." The Shi'ido said, nodding. "I trust we took prisoners?"

"Aye, Sadowan and Dlarit alike. Your orders?" Vorrac's voice held a hint of expectation.

"Keep the Force users. Kill the rest." Tra'an said, knowing what his Aedile would suggest. "It seems we may crush Sadow after all. Our fears may finally be at rest."

"No," Kal replied. "We bled for this, but not nearly as we should have. The rest of the Sadowan forces will be out there somewhere, readying for a strike against us all." Vorrac's face grew grim. "The battle for Sepros has only begun."


05-08-2012 00:10:09

Week Two has begun!

As the firebases lay in smoldering ruins, more or less gutted from the rampages that had happened within, the path to the temple lay forward and onward. Fighters and bombers screamed overhead, flying tight cover missions denied to them before with the AA still in operation.

At last, the march to the Temple could begin, though the jungle remained plenty dangerous. Already, members of your contingent have fallen to the many dangers. If not the Sadowans, then the dark side beasts lurking within the Forest, or perhaps friendly fire? It matters not, but to know that no one is safe, no one is immune.

The path before you is tangled and twisted. Even if you make it through, you know not what traps and defenses await you as you approach the Sadowan stronghold. Be prepared for the unexpected, as much as you can be. They've had plenty of time to prepare for this, and you will be challenged. Your orders are to get as close to the temple as you can, without breaching the perimeter until all your units have been brought forward and have linked up with the other House.

The assault will only go on as planned if both units are ready at the end of the week.

Good luck.

You'll need it.

Gon Doru

05-08-2012 14:25:29

36 ABY
Orian System
Jungle Somewhere

Sand got everywhere; anyone that grew up on a desert planet knew that. It would get in the smallest openings in clothing. It would grind and irritate, but it was easy to just wipe away. It would fall from the skin with a simple dry handed swat. Not so with mud. Not so at all. Mud would slorp into those same openings. It would squish and move and ooze itself deeper under the clothes. Telum, learned this while being dragged in the mud.

Being a forward scout was one thing that he had gotten good at. He enjoyed the isolation. The time alone always gave him time to mediate on those things that gave him purpose. The Plagueian group had begun its major assault on the Firebase shortly after the victory at the A.A encampment. Kal gave him a simple task, and ordered him to go alone in search for remaining rebels. Sure it was simple. Easy as it was, just go and look and radio back.

“This is Sith Knight Umbra, I am pursuing a single enemy Force user.”

“Copy that, your location.”

“I am at sector seven mark…..” a blinding light filled his cybernetic photo receptors and then an impact to the back of his head left stars hanging in his vision.

He fell to the mud; his body betrayed the most simple of commands and gave over to unconsciousness. The head hit the hardest, yet it did not matter for he was already out of it. Two armored soldiers stood over him. One holding a club and the other anxiously looked around.

“You sure this is one of theirs? All this rain and mud has removed any traces of insignia on their clothes.” The first soldier spoke in a hushed tone.

“Of course it is. We do not have any Dark Jedi in our ranks that have this much facial cybernetics, nor is any of it that poorly constructed. Look at that mess. I have seen garbage haulers that had facial surgery look much better than this.”

“And you sure about the reward?”

“Look Locke had issued a statement declaring that if anyone came across a Dark Jedi with facial cybernetics and a vocoder equipped mask we were to capture him at all costs.”

The Plagueian body was quickly put into chains and then attached to the right leg of a smaller scout walker to be dragged to wherever his captors chose. He woke up during one of these jerking forward motions. The leg would move forward slowly and his body would slide and bounce in the mud. The violence of each movement and the speed at which the walker moved prevented him from concentrating enough to getting loose. He knew he had been caught. It would only be a matter of time before these same guards would unstrap him and when they did Umbra would have his vengeance.

Just as he concluded the thought the machine stepped over a large rock, but the direction it traveled meant that Telum would strike it. No amount of preparation could be called upon to help deal with the incoming impact. When he struck it he lost the last remaining thread of consciousness and fell into a tumbling mass of mud caked weight.

Kuro Kogarasu

05-08-2012 17:01:03

The Commander continued to pace back and forth on the bridge of the NSD Ascendancy. The Heavy foot steps of the Templar echoed through out the ship. The look on Kuros face was cold and still. The look of pure limitless rage. Kuro has never sat out of a fight before and although he was protecting his Quaestor, He still felt useless on board. This did not sit well with the highly experienced warrior.

Kogarasu walked back over to the briefing room where all the reports were coming in from the ground, He over heard that the Anti-Air Turret was down. "I need to be down there, fighting, They cant have all the fun"

A officer walked in to report the casualty list and after hearing the numbers, Kuro slammed his fists down on the surface of the table, leaving fist-sized imprints. "Is there a problem Commander?" A voice came from behind him. Kuro, let out a steamed sigh and turned to face the voice. The fierce stare that came from the Obelisk Templar would frighten most people, but Tra'an knew Kuro all to well. "Sir, my skills and power are being wasted up here...no offense sir" The Quaestor nodded to his Commander but before he could reply another report from the surface came in. "Umbra has been taken prisoner!" The voice was barely understandable from the sound of explosions, baster fire and weather. "WHAT!?" Kuro shouted. Kuros rage was now peaked.

A officer came up and put his hand on the Templar's shoulder, that was a mistake, Kuros raged instincts sent the officer flying into a wall. His limp body made a thud as it hit the durasteel floor. "Kogarasu! you WILL calm down. We need to concentrate and focus, we will...." Kuro interrupted his Quaestor. "NO! I am going down there, I can not sit up here and watch as Plagueis gets taken one by one. I respect you sir, as my Quaestor and a friend...." The Obelisks voice turned to dark and serious "...do not try to stop me"

Kuro stormed back to his quarters and gathered his gear. Changing out of his burned up and tattered clothes and Obelisk armor, and into his fathers Mandolorian armor that Kuro modified to fit his style and a black form fitting duster coat. Strapping on his Dual hip holster which included a hook for his hilt and his Dual shoulder holster. The man was now on a mission. After getting his three Westars, his DH-17 and his hilt, he left his room and called out for a pilot to meet him in the hanger.

Kuro boarded the shuttle, Ready to face what ever would forces that would greet the firery force that is Kogarasu. "Sir, you sure it is safe to land now?" The nervous pilot asked. "Yes, Umbra and his team took out the Anti-Air emplacement, I want you to take me to the outskirts of the southeastern firebase, I wish to meet up with Kal and the rest before they march up to the temple." Kuro handed the directions to the pilot.

The shuttle was approaching the landing zone, but before it did, Kuro was growing impatient. The Templar pushed the hatch open. "sir we havent landed yet" the pilot yelled out but it was too late. The rage inside the commander could not wait and Kuro jumped out. The heavily armored and armed Commander landed on the ground, creating a small human sized crater. Kogarasu stood up and walked over to his Aedile. "your reinforcements sir" the Blood raged growl of the Templar made Kal smile.


06-08-2012 00:24:33

Southeastern Dlarit Firebase

The rains ice cold fingertips dripping down the red skin of the Dark Lord, the force swirling around the Shi’ido like wraiths on its prey. The gold eyes of this Obelisk peering into the very soul of a dead sadow knight, the fear, desires, and the power of his force slowly entering Silent’s mind and body.

Drink heavily it is but a refreshment to make you stronger, if I must be stuck with you then I must keep you healthy.

Help from a dead sith lord is as useful a giant Ewok to a Wookie

The battle was fierce and deadly, blood, guts, limbs, and fear fueled the battlefield. It was short battle, but one that will not be forgotten for ages. The Exarch not truly notice in this battle was still one of it contributors to the death of many, lowbie sadow bodies laid around the Obelisk, blood caked on his robes and boots slowly dripping down in a river stream. Taking on two sadows was easy enough for the Exarch but a third came in and gave a true sith attack slashing down on his right arm; only with the force did he escape from the low to high arch of the swing with just a minor burn while his partner lost half his face.

The battle for the entrance was complete, soon the others will gather for the taking of the Temple. Fear reeks the pass, the Force has betrayed the Sadows, and they run and hide. Silent knows the true battle awaits, taking off his robes and laying on the soaking blood rain of the field the Exarch begins to meditate awaiting for further orders, maybe he will be of use with his shape shifting there are many Dlarit uniforms around. Deep in the force, the Obelisk surrounds himself.

Gon Doru

06-08-2012 21:30:33

36 ABY

The flail found purchase against the bare back, ripping flesh and sinew revealing the bone beneath. Its crude, but deadly durasteel claws had no trouble bringing the pain. The body was chained and placed in a prostrated position. His raised arms crossed in such a way to restrict his every breath. Blood had pooled freely about the ground beneath him. Behind the torn and broken body stood a solitary figure. The bringer of the pain and the torturer specialist stood midst the shadows so as to obscure any identification of identity at all.

When the flail finally stopped its brutal lashes and strikes the weapon was changed to a simple shock stick. It was lashed forward to connect directly with the exposed flesh and muscles. Each precisely placed strike brought a new localized pain. Spasms and seizes rocked his body.

"That's enough." a deep voice declared. "They will come for him, and when they do we will see the end of Plagueis and the death of his Master."

The cell door slammed shut, the echo reverberated leaving its sound as the only other noise in the room. The prisoner had no idea how long the echo lasted, if it went on for seconds of for years, but it remained wholly and entirely in his mind.

36 ABY
Plagueis Firebase

"General Vorrac," the wire thin of an officer approached the Sith with trepidation. "Scouts are reporting that your apprentice has been shuttled to a sequestered location in the jungle."

"Thank you for the information."

The Battlelord turned and stalked away. His thoughts were darkly elsewhere. The end of the Clan Naga Sadow would come soon enough. They would once again be put in there place. Plagueis would rise above all of this like a vampirous Phoenix reborn. The house would ascend and suck the very life from that which now held Telum vas Umbra captive. The Last Son began to work his plotted plans and would soon seek vengeance. If someone kills his apprentice outside of his Will it will raise an ire not seen since the death of the last great lord of the Sith.

Gon Doru

07-08-2012 13:51:28

Part 2 Captive
36 ABY

Being alone and in pain, hung from the ceiling in a forced kneeling position was not new to Telum. He had suffered much the same abuse while a journeyman under the furious whip of Dacien Victae. His captors had grown frustrated by this Knight each time they went to abuse him with Force summoned powers. His training under Vorrac had ensured an increase in being able to will his internal defense to block against them. It would have taken a higher trained individual than a Dark Jedi Knight to do harm that way, and with the fighting against Houses Scholae and Plagueis they did not have any to spare. Therefore they had resorted to the whips and flail, but even as a nomad from a tribe of brutal nomads he had developed tough skin.

Being a Ghorfa in the normal galaxy had brought about looks of distaste. He was not liked. Even when arriving at the Temple of Plagueis dressed in the black garb of a mourning Ghorfa he had been met with looks of displeasure. As if he was to incompetent to be trained in the arts of the Force. Some of the guards would even look away in fear because of some grisly fairy tale about his people. As if I even liked the taste of sentient flesh , he thought.

Now he had transcended upon being the once Tusken Raider, a Gorfa from Tatooine. No longer did he view that planet as the heir of true paradise, and the place the Builders would return to. He had grown in ways that made him less of a member of the human race and more of an individual of the galaxy. He was Sith now. Indeed he had become a forged weapon: a specialized tool to enact the Will of his Master. Now he was looked upon with terror, he had become an agent of destruction, and a bringer of death. He had reveled in bringing fear and terror to those he hunted.

Now he was alone, and had no purpose. There was not a single hope…hope that was something the Jedi believed in. Hope had no necessity in the vocabulary of a Sith. There would only be revenge. Could only be the desire to enact fury upon those that had placed him here against his Will.

Umbra could feel the cold damp floor beneath him. The dampness had become slightly sticky as the blood began to coagulate on the floor. Inwardly he searched for the Force. It was there, but recessed within his mind. It felt like it was chained and kept from him. Yet constantly he called for it. He could feel the cold darkness ebb against his body. With each crashing wave his body wracked with the warm tingling sensation as his midichlorians tried to encourage the blood cells to form faster and his skin to heal.

His back vibrated from the pulsating brought about by his terror at being without purpose. He focused on how reviled he had become. A singular thought reached his mind from his past. Umbra had been tasked to kill a rebel dark Jedi. The male had a family now. A wife, that was pregnant with their third child. The others were a little boy and an older girl. They had gotten in his way and he had to kill them. The children succumbed easily enough to his killing hand. The wife proved more difficult. She had stepped back just enough that his lighsaber only cut open her belly and the unborn mess sloshed onto the ground. Her eyes bugged from her head as she fell back, the shock of it killing her quickly. The Rebel had taken up hiding behind his family. Unarmed as he was, Fistan could not strike such a foe with a weapon. They sparred hand to hand for a moment before falling to the onslaught of blows. The former nomad had crawled from his mind that day and acted in the cruelest fashion: taking up the unborn still had a attached umbilical cord to its mother, and choked the life out of that rebel Knight.

The thought of such hatred and violence rose with in Telum, and when he came back to himself his chained arms were now at his side. The cuffs still attached on his wrists. He stood on shaky legs and looked around. He was naked and alone, but not so alone as to be weak. He will escape this prison and he will do worse that he did to that rebel from months before once he got past the door blocking his aggression.

Kuro Kogarasu

09-08-2012 16:55:42

Southeastern Dlarit Firebase

Kuro and Kal stood several meters away from the rubble and runies that once was a deadly Firebase. Members of the Plagueis forces continued to show up now that the Ainti Air weapon was down, and it allowed the Aedile to start planning for the assault on the Temple.

Kuro stood by, looking and watching as Vorrac strategized with the team, but that was all, Kuros mind and attention was elsewhere.

"Commander, you following this?" Kal asked

The Templar looked at Kal with a cold blank stare as if he was trying to see through him.

"Kogarasu!" Vorrac yelled out, trying to get his attention "do you understand the plan....Commander" Kal asked

Kuro just nodded and turned around to face the jungle. The view was full of some fallen and burned trees and shrubs caused by some of the random bombings that have taken place due to the downed Turret. There was one trail that lead deep into the woods, an obvious path that was created by the Sadowans to connect the Firebase to the Temple.

"Enough of this standing around!" Kuro growled out. "We have a job to do, I suggest we get on it!"

"Kuro is right, the plan is set, lets move out" Kal ordered

The team started to make their way through the treacherous terrain. staying on the alert to avoid any traps that may of been set up by the retreating Sadows as Plagueis made their way closer to the firebase.

The Commanders Gaze was set firmly on the task ahead, still fully aware of the surroundings but after an uneventful thirty minuets of hiking, The Aedile stopped. Kal raised his hand with a closed fist to signal for the team to hold. Kogarasu looked over to Kal. "Sir, you feel it too I guess" Kuro said.

"yes, I sensed it a few minuets ago but was unsure till now as to who it is" The two warriors drew the sabers and the team took up battle formation. A dark silhouette slowly approached their location through the woods. As the form got closed, it became more clear that Mister Vorrac knew this man.

"I was wondering how long it would take for you to show up" Kal said to the figure. Kuro looked at the man then back to the Kal with confusion.

"I think your trip will end here, as well as you lives" the man raised his hand and out from the trees, 60 plus armed militiamen and about 20 Novice Jedi appeared. 80 expendable men surrounded this mystery Obelisk Prelate.

"Who is this with you Vorrac, looking at me with such disrespect?" The man asked, pointing at Kuro.
"if you value that finger, I would point it else where" Kuro said in a low tone but loud enough to make his voice heard. Kal put his hand on Kogarasu's shoulder and told Kuro to not engage this man.

"you doubt me?...ME!?" Kuro growled and swatted the Aediles hand away like it was a fly. Kal tried to warn Kuro of the man but the Templar didnt want to hear it. Kuro started to walk up to the man, The Prelate pulled his saber and Kogarasu started to smile.

"Everyone stay back! Kal, Ill handle this man, you keep on the mission" Kuro ordered. Kall of course ignored it and just as Kuro was face to face with the Prelate, Kuro so it was obvious this man was from Naga Sadow. Kuros smile turned into a frown.

"Allow me to introduce myself. I am Kuro Kogarasu, Obelisk Templar and Commander of Primus Pilus, The Blade of Plagueis" Kuro said as he readied his saber.

"Well well, the famous Kogarasu, Ive heard about you." The man said. Kal stood his ground, keeping his team ready for whatever might happen. The Prelates team stood ready as well, watching Kuro and Kal. "I am Mirado Pepoi L'eonheart of...well you know" Mirado said in a cocky manner.

Kuro and Pepoi exchange some words, then something happens and Kuro and him start to fight. Kal and the team wants to engage the other team but something keeps them from doing so, the Novice jedi try to jump kal but it dont work, Kal just takes them out with ease and the Sadow solders surround Kuro and Miardo making a circle, like a fighting cage. After a few pushes and shoves, Mirado made a huge mistake.

"So I hear your parents were killed when you were younger. good thing, they would be ashamed to see you now" He said in a sly voice "Then you were married? had a daughter? and they left you? and you call your self a man." Pepoi said shaking his head. The Demon inside Kogarasu was unleashed. His apperance started to change, And Kal had sensed it.

The first little conflict lasted only a few minutes, Kal, who havent even broken a sweat fighting off the first small waves of Novices, who lay on the ground at his feet. They were no match for the Aedile. Mean while the 60 armed solders surrounded Kogarasu and Pepoi as if it was some sort of cage fight.

"Commander, break away, We need to continue on the mission!" Kal yelled out. Kuro turned around and looked at Kal. Kuros eyes were solid red and orange as fire, the dark circles around his eyes were almost black now. Kal does not get shaken often but the look in Kuros face was enough to un-nerve the Aedile. "You took care of the puny novices, I will handle this trash." Kuro said in a voice not his own. it was almost beastly. "Commander..." Kuro interrupted " Go...now, I will catch up" the animalistic voice from Kuro said as he turned his attention back to Pepoi, who was tiring but trying to hide it.

"Well it seems I may of hit a nerve with you" Mirado said with a chuckle. "Vorrac is leaving with the troops but they wont get far. STOP THEM!" The Prelate commanded. As the circle started to break away, Kuro jumped out and started to kill each one. Several well timed blocks with the saber sent many blaster bolts back to the shooter. Shattered armor flew off each solder as the balster bolts burned its way threw the soft flesh. two, then four and eventually 10 bodys fell to the ground. Kuro then rushed yet another wave of the riflemen. His saber slicing thew the blasters, cutting them into two, then punching them in the face. crushing the skulls from each hit. Mirado saw his team slowly getting cut down so he jumped into the fight. Sabers clashing together while also dodging blaster fire.

Kuro was always strong in one on one fights but now he is in fighting a man who is almost his mirror as well as trying to fight off 50 armed riflemen, but he couldent think about the odds, all he knew and concentrated on was Killing Mirado Pepoi. Kuro Was skilled enough with the saber that he could fight with one hand. Doing so allowed him to pull one of his Westars and he began making short work of the Sadownian riflemen.

Kuro getting fairly cocking in himself when he landing a graze on Miardo's arm, This caused Pepoi to sweep Kuros leg making him fall to the ground. A sharp pain in Kuros side was caused from a blater bolt hitting him in between his armor. Kuro yelled in pain and just as the Prelate was going in for the kill, Kuro reflected a bolt off his saber and into Pepois face, just scratching his cheek, Kuro then called upon the force, and tossed him away from the Templar, and slamming into a nearby tree. Kuro got up and used his rage to finnish off the last 5 solders. In a burst a speed, using the last bit of energy he had, he cut threw the solders like a hot knife threw butter.

In the same voice from before, he called out to Pepoi. "L'eonheart! get your Sadownian ass over here and FINISH THIS!" Kuro put away his Westar and drew out his dagger, still holding his saber in the other hand he walked over to the Prelate who was slowly getting up. confident that Kuro was all used up, he tried for one more attack, Swinging his saber to attempt to remove the Templars head, Kuro ducked and stuck his dagger into the thigh of Pepoi.

They both step away from eachother, sore, hurt and tired. Mirado finally notices the bodys of his team littering the ground around him, it messes with his mind and he uses the last bit of his own engery to retreat, alone. "This is not over Kogarasu! We will meet again!" Pepoi yelled out just as he faded into the distance.

Kuro covers his blaster wound, blood steadily streaming from it, and hobbles away and heads in the direction of Kal and the rest of his team. Kuro eventually catches up with them and Kal asks about Pepoi. Kuro answers him with "He is alone and wounded, like myself. Also, Sadow just lost 80 men" Kuro and Kal both look up and see the temple in the distance. "I still feel that Umbra must be close, why else would someone like Pepoi be in the middle of the woods?" Kuro said as the bulk of the Plaguiean Forces march on to the temple.

Gon Doru

11-08-2012 21:03:37

36 ABY
Somewhere in the jungle

He could nearly feel the presence of his lightsaber, more specifically the dark pearl that radiated Sith energy that focused the chaotic power. The death of the Ice Dragon on Morroth flashed into his mind. The massive beast that was nothing more than a Sithspawned Krayt dragon died gloriously. Simply the memory of that gruesome day…the day he lost his face…the day that Gon Doru Fistandantilusi died and Telum vas Umbra was born…that day he had defeated the two largest beasts of Morroth. Only through the Force yet he had been the arbiter of their deaths. He alone had determined the battle. No one ever accused Telum of lacking in pride.

He could visualize the weapon in his hand, the durasteel hilt and all of its modifications making the piece seem more complex. He had worked in extra buttons that did nothing, dials and nobs that were pointless. All of that for what? Because the true activation switch was hidden. A twisting pommel brought the devise to life. Secrecy had become him and for what other reason would he choose not to prove it in his deeds.

The lock on the door was depressed and with a hiss of air it flew open standing in the door way was some young looking human. He stood rather short, maybe inches shorter than Telum. He had not seen this person before, and he was dressed in the outfit of an enemy. Some house of Naga Sadow owned this thing.

“Drian Veraon.” Was all this Clan one said.

“Excuse me filth?” if Telum could spit he would have.

“I wanted you to know the name of the Jedi hunter that killed you,” the grin on his impetuous face grew. “And with your own weapon.”

With that the journeyman activated the saber, casting the beam into existence. As it extended it made its customary sound, a slight purring hum. The noise confused the neophyte. He had never heard a beam make such a sound. Then when the blade reached its full length it studdered. That was enough to allow Telum a quick half circle step fake to take the weapon from the youngling. He twisted the weapon down over the front of the other humans hand rolling it down so that the blade scared an angry red gash of molten steel along the floor. Retaking his weapon into his hand he allowed himself a quick rolling flourish before neatly severing the boy’s right leg and then doing a full circle spin on his right foot then stabbing in through his heart.

The Sith had quickly ended the life of the other. All that was left would be to escape. He looked out the cell door and down the hallway. If one could call the distance a hall. It seemed little more like a gangway to another part of this prison he was in. The only direction to go seemed to indicate to go right. He walked maybe ten steps before he was presented with another door. Activating the switch and throwing up the door revealed to guards slumped over a console. Obviously dead, and done so by a lightsaber. Perhaps the youth had taken a bit of practice. Beyond the bodies and console was an open canopy window set. Then it struck him, he had been held prisoner inside an AT-AT. That explained the occasional lurching, and he thought it was completely within his mind.

It was not active now, and whoever had placed these guards and that journeymen here did not expect to lose such a valuable piece of equipment. Telum moved to the exit hatch and helped himself down and out of the machine. Once upon the ground he set himself up to slicing through the left foreleg of the massive AT-AT. If he would do anything it would be to cripple this mechanical beast. The armored leg took some time, and it was time well spent. He gathered himself up and limped towards what he felt was the Plagueian Firebase

Traan Reith

12-08-2012 01:51:27

The end is at hand.

Having pushed for so much, having fought and bled and died for ground soaked in the Dark Side, it is time to retreat.The betrayal of House Plagueis by House Scholae Palatinae has destroyed the strength and advantage of the alliance that was winning against Clan Naga Sadow. As such, you are retreating to your firebases for evacuation.

Luckily enough, your NPC Sergeants have been laying traps as you go. Remote activation mines, anti-speeder traps, anti-walker traps, and other things. They've been preparing for this eventuality. They, unlike you, were smart enough to recognize that Victory is never certain, and that in a moment of desperation, it's good to have a detonation activator in your hand as you flee.

The Sadowan Fleet is returning to full combat in orbit. They are focusing equally on the Palatinae Forces nearest to them, even as the hammer the Ascendant Navy. The Palatinae Forces on the far side are pouring fire into Plagueis. So far, the Ascendant fleet is condensing, but holding their own.

The Sadowan forces are pushing in on both groups from forward and behind. Your best and most reasonable option is retreat. At the ruins of the Firebases, you will have a chance to make your stand in the mud, the blood, and the gore.

Kuro Kogarasu

17-08-2012 00:06:06

1 mile outside of the Temple of Sorrow

Kogarasu Wore his wounds with pride knowing that he now knows someone who is equally matched in skill, but Kuro will not let him rest, Pepoi will fall to Kuros saber soon enough but the Templar will have to plan for that another day, a new, disturbing report came through Kals com-link.

"Sir!.....Scholae betrayed us....attacking everyone!..oh my god! Their coming ba......" The message was distorted from static then cut short from an explosion.

Although short, it was enough to know the fight is lost, With Plaqueis only ally now an enemy, The house was out numbered and had no choice but to retreat back to the southeastern firebase ruins.

Kuro and Kal could see the Temple through the trees, they were so close, but they could also see that Sadow new of the betrayal of Scholae and Mirado Pepoi must of informed them of how close Plagueis was due to the large number of forces thats coming their way.

"Sir, we cant fall back now, look how close we are!" Kuro hated the thought of retreating after all that they have done to get that close. "Look, we dont have much of a choice. we are out numbered, but dont worry too much about it, they will feel Plagueis wrath soon enough" Kal said as he ordered the team to make their way back to the base.

Outskirts of Southeastern Firebase

Beaten and battered, but free. Telum had managed to escape his captures and with searching the force, is on his way back to the firebase with hopes that someone from Plagueis is still there. unknowing of the deception and betrayal of Scholae Palatinae, Umbra is traveling in dangerous grounds.

Making his way through the wooded surroundings, the sound of warfare can be heard all around him. As wounded and weak as he is, the young Knight kept off to the side and in the darkness of the canopy's to stay out of view. The last thing he needed at this point was a confrontation with anyone, or anything.

Nearly to his destination, Telum was starting to feel at ease knowing that he was going to be back with his house and then he could unleash his own justice and vengeance on Sadow, but his amusings were cut short.

"Hey! you there!" a voice came from the trees. Telum looked for who called for him. "what? whos there?!" Umbra walked over to the voice and saw it was a Knight from House Scholae. "Its a Plagueian!" yelled out the Knight. Umbra was shocked and confused when four Jedi Novices leaped out and started to attack. Umbra, although weak, is still strong enough and skilled to handle a Jedi or two, but four was pushing it. While distracted by two of the Novices, a third came in from the side and tripped Umbra and all four of them started to kick the downed Sith.

"whats the meaning of this, we are on the same side!" Umbra cried out. No response. Sith are not an easy force to distroy. The anger of this betrayal was enough to give Umbra enough power to use the force to push the four Sadow Jedi off of him and gave him enough time to get back to his feet.

"I will kill you all!" Telum lunged at one of the Knights that took a harder hit then the others and was still on the ground. Telums saber cut threw the young Novices neck like a hot knife threw butter. Smoke came off the throat hole as the body of the headless Jedi flopped on the ground like a fish out of water. Telum was going to keep the head but in rage, kicked it at the next Jedi who was charging at him. The head hit the Novice in the chest and it startled him a bit and it gave Umbra a chance to take down another.

With a jump kick, Umbra knocked the next Jedi down and just as he was about to bring his saber down on him, a sharp pain flew threw his left leg, and he fell to the ground. "wha..!" looking down, the shin was broke. He was concentrating more on making another kill, he forgot that there was two more Jedi. One had taken a large branch and took out one of the Sith Knights leg. "With so much anger and range consuming you, you forget to mind your surroundings" As the Novice raised his saber to go in for a kill. and quick blur blew past, knocking the Novice into a near by tree, crushing and embedding him instantly, Another Quick blur made short work of the Last two Jedi, a saber cutting threw them both in little less then a second, and the two bodies were cut in half. "I see you got your self out of captivity, just to get taken down by petty Novices" Furios said. "oh its ok, not as bad as getting saved by a girl" Nariah said in a sarcastic manner. The Flight leader helped up the even more wounded Knight "We need to get back to the Firebase, House Scholae Palatinae betrayed Plagueis and now we are greatly out numbered and we are retreating. We'll explain more as we go"

After a short hike, Furios, Nariah and Telum and their teams made it back to the ruins of the Firebase awaiting for the rest of Plagueis to arrive.

"Kuro and Kal and Their teams should be here shortly" Furios said as they started to set up their defenses "Sadow or Palatinae will know were falling back. We need to be ready for them."

Gon Doru

18-08-2012 12:54:54


Plagueis Command



His focus, internalized, his anger, conveyed. Unfortunately, the medical droid attending his wounds received that expression.

“Sir,” a soft spoken medical technician spoke, “we cannot suffer the loss of any droids in this department. Refrain yourself and allow us to install this temporary cybernetic hand on you and attend to your physical body.”

“What hand is this?” Umbra motioned to the rudimentary device.

“It is a spare from your master.”

The piece of equipment being surgically placed was nothing more than a simple robotic hand. There was no Synth-flesh or even any attempt to hide the moving parts. The finger tips ended in sharp points that could easily penetrate flesh. The dull black lacquer would be beneficial to the campaign at hand. They had cut away part of his forearm up to the wrist to attach it to the required tendons. His twisted flesh ending in such a gruesome object felt right to him. He has become this. Telum is a weapon. He may as well look the part.

The battle outside has grown with intensity. The turned actions of Scholae could only mean one thing. Xen Mor’din must pay. And he will be reminded of this betrayal with the ear of one of his House every day until he is deboned…and dethroned. In that order.

The surgery took only an hour and yet the entire process felt like it was taking too long. Telum had to rejoin the group. And he had to teach Nariah that being found by a girl is not the same as being rescued by a girl. He could have taken those Dark Jedi by himself and he knew it...well maybe with the help of Furios...perhaps Nariah too. Regardless, he had to rescue himself. Or was this another predicament that Kal had devised to kill his apprentice. Yet the Sith continues to survive anything his master has thrown at him. Vengeance would come soon enough. He had to get out and fight.

“Telum! This is no time to be laying around!” the mocking voice came from Furios, who had come to inform the Knight of the situation. “There is a mass of Clan Naga Sadow soldiers headed this way. Not to mention a possible attack by air forces.”

Selika Roh

18-08-2012 23:33:08

Kal looked around him as he and Kuro broke free of the trees and into the clearing that contained the firebase. Jedi were moving all around him as the whine of repulsorlifts filled the air. The ordered withdrawal wasn’t a rout, but it was a near thing. The difference between retreat and panic was sometimes only a hairsbreadth.

“Status!” Kal roared over the sound of the landing craft as he grabbed the nearest soldier.

The man waited for a craft to pass overhead before he replied. “We’ve got most of the jedi off of the planet already, sir! It’s you and the Blade left.”

Kal looked over to Kuro, the latter obviously relieved to know that his command was still intact. Motioning the enlisted man to follow, Kal lead the way toward the communications center. He hoped that things in orbit weren’t as bad as they were on the planet.

The Ascendant Legion had only avoided staggering losses because of Tra’an’s foresight. He had felt the betrayal coming, and had issued orders to the non-coms that even Kal had known nothing about. The combat engineers had laid mines, explosives, and anti-vehicle traps all along their line of advance. When that line had reversed direction, becoming an avenue of retreat, those defenses had made the pursuing enemy pay dearly as they followed. Scholae Palatinae and Naga Sadow both had left blasted walkers and dismembered bodies all along the jungle paths.

That was not to say that Plagueis had been free to make their escape. As he had fled through the jungle, Kal had watched as an entire fire team had been vaporized by proton bombs. The attacking craft had flown by so fast that Kal couldn’t tell if they were Imperial or Sadowan, thought at this point their identity hardly mattered. Both Xen’Mordin and Locke would pay for the lives lost here with blood.

Striding purposefully into the comm tent, Kal waved a technician over. “Connect me with the Ascendancy. I need to speak to Supreme Commander Reith.”

The tech nodded her compliance and turned back to her console.

“Why do you think they did this?” Kuro asked of no one in particular as he looked out over the chaos of the firebase.

“Xen’Mordin and Archangel are Sith,” Kal replied, “and betrayal is part of who they are.” Kal smiled grimly, “Trust me, I should know.”

To be concluded in the finale fiction update!