New DJK in the House


20-05-2012 11:57:11

Ty for accepting me into House Plagueis. I hope to do you proud and make myself useful in all future competitions



20-05-2012 12:14:00

being that I have not done much run-ons in last couple years, I would like to set up on with me and a master or two to help me get back into character and the flow of the house. We can use this as to how i am brought into the house and clans and where I was for the last couple years. I started a run-on in another part of the forums. we could continue from there, or just start a new one.

any help would be appreciative


20-05-2012 15:42:57

Hey Brimstone. Welcome aboard, congrats on "Taking the Black," so to speak.

I'm willing to step up, maybe make you shed a little blood and prove yourself. Makes for a sick intro. Any other bad-asses out there willing to take part?


20-05-2012 17:50:34

this is the run-on I was working on to get me familiar with run-ons again. please take a look and send me any critiques on the writing. Hope I aint god-moding in this either.