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Kuro Kogarasu

15-04-2012 11:35:13

This Topic is here for each of you. State any concerns with current comps or they way the Team is running. All comments and discussions will be used to help make Primus Pilus and PLagueis better.

Kuro Kogarasu

15-04-2012 11:37:19

Please discuss your thoughts on the current progress of Origins here.

Kodais Solatus

15-04-2012 15:25:04

I think overall the comps have gone well. Participation hasn't been what it should be, however it's unlikely that you'll get everyone in a unit to participate. So far each comp has filled a purpose in the development in Primus Pilus' histroy. One member could simply sit down and write out a fictional history for the wiki article, but involving the members in the writing of said history makes it that much more rich and varied. Histories and plotlines developed by the membership at large is always way better than one written by a guy.

Having said that, my only "critique", is that Origins seems disproportionately long for a Battleteam. I can't remember who told me, but someone said that Origins was a six part event. With each part lasting roughly a month, that is a long time to develope a history for events that only lasted a fictional few months. A fictional year, or thereabouts, for a fiction few months history. I think it could have been shorter and still maintained its objective. For example: the last set of events, run under Furios, centered mostly around the viewpoint of the other side, our enemies. Was that necessary? Perhaps it was. I'm not the architect of this event. I'm just sayin'.

As for the Team as a whole, I think things are running well. We all survived the AWOL check as expected and we seem to be the ONLY active members in he House. We do seem to be slipping on a couple of our policies though. Not all of use are responding to the Commander's email as confirmation and I think some of us have been skating by with less activity than is up to standard. Now I'm not pointing fingers. We all get busy and we all forget things. I for one and very guilty on both counts. We just need to maintain the standard.

Concerning comps, I would like to see a few more esoteric events. As a Krath of the old school I oftimes feel left out when comps are anything outside of poetry or prose. Koga's poetry event is a good change of pace. While I didn't get to participate in Redemption, that was a great comp as well. Things of that nature that don't really need a lot of skull sweat and plot development. Something fun and easy to keep activity going.

Should qualification in the ACC be mandatory for Primus Pilus members?


15-04-2012 17:55:13

I will often feel that Origins needs to slow down so that everyone has a chance to participate in the creation of Primus Pilus, but at the same time, I feel that we need to hurry through it so that we can move on. It's not good for us to dwell on things too long or else we become bored with what we are working on and I feel that is the case with Pilus and Origins.

As I think about it more, we have been gaining and losing members too quickly to give everyone a chance and it's up to the members to decide whether or not they want to participate in Origins at the given time. If they don't participate, then tough luck on being a part of Primus Pilus' beginnings.

Gon Doru

21-05-2012 14:02:57

Did Koga, now Kuro, firmly state that members of Pilus need to be ACC qualified? I am unsure if this is true. Thus far it seems only a couple of the members of Pilus have taken any motions to become qualified. I am speaking of Varoth and Fistan of course. Koga, Kuro you need to qualify and there are people that can help you with that. Furios and Kodais are rather good at ACC stuff and i am sure as flight leaders they would be honored to help you out too, Commander. With that being said everyone else is doing a fantastic job. The level of dedicated service to the Battleteam and Plagueis as a whole has me impressed. It is nice to see members of the BT working together to get things done for the betterment of the House. One last thing seriously Origins...seriously! does it need to drag on like it is? How long does the history need to be? And on top of that i cannot wait until the Shadow Academy creates courses on Battle-teams. Taking the Clan Plagueis history test is nuts, way too much stuff. It might as well be a text book all of its own and not a wiki entry. Alright take that as a rant and smoke it

Jedi Hunter Gon Doru


20-09-2012 01:36:45

I think we should have Primus Pilus gaming nights. Like, playing a game of free for all slayer on Reach or something.