Volunteer Center


17-01-2012 20:49:43

Dark Greetings, Plagueis,

The Summit and the di Plagia are currently working together to develop many things for this mighty House. That said, we can always use a little help. If you've got a drive to work, a hunger for progress, and maybe a desire for some compensation and recognition, reply to this thread and we'll get you working right away.

We are changing. Plagueis is on the doorstep of a complete rejuvenation and renovation, and in preparation for this we need members of our House, and any other House or Clan willing, to help us categorize, sort, and tidy up our Wiki Category. If you feel that you can assist, let me know and I'll give you a task. If you're of another House or Clan, the same goes, and we'll coordinate with your respective Summits to see you appropriately rewarded.

If you feel that you qualify for any of the above, reply to this topic, or email me at kaliidrad@gmail.com.

Adapt! Ascend! Avail!