By Summit's Will: Primus Pilus


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"By Summit's Will..."

Dark Greetings, Plagueians.

Primus Pilus, the Blade of Plagueis. We are the safeguard against chaos and weakness, the scourge leveled against the disloyal and the sword drawn against our enemies. From its violent, vigilante origins to its current status as the weapon of the Ascendant Summit, Primus Pilus Battleteam has always had one constant: When Plagueis is in dire need, when the chips are down and the blasters drawn, Pilus is the first to the fight.

Here, we showcase their tales.

Look for the first installment of the Origins series, the tales that detail how Primus Pilus began, around September 1st.



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The departure of Supreme Commander Vorrac from Jusadih space caused a veritable storm of disunity and violence. The militarized Ascendant House, its Jedi among the soldiers and its Branches without an iron fist to direct them, began to break apart. Generals and Corporals began to plot for their own schemes, while factions of Sistros and rebellious flags began to garner unlikely allies and unforseen support. As crime ran rampant and the citizens of Jusadih began to become used to the discord and even take sides, a lone Weequay decided to take a stand. This is the story of the beginnings of his campaign, of the first seeds of reclamation.

And of those who flocked to his banner.

Under the Sky so Blue
Written by DJK Furios

35 ABY -Third Month
Jusadih System
Ellesmeria, Kapsina

The cold yet bright sun of Kapsina shone through the windows of the room. As the sun continued to rise, its restless light shone over more of the dimly lit room. Sitting on the wrinkled bedspread sat a man, heavily scarred around the neck and shoulders. His mid-length, pale blonde hair began to glow as the sun’s rays hit it. Small beads of sweat sparsely stuck to his back. The emerald green eyes were glossed over in thought. His thoughts occupied by the dream, the nightmare that had plagued his sleep. What little sleep Furios had was recently being filled with the same recurring nightmares of death. Of every little disturbance in his sleep, none had made him feel so powerless, not even the ones about Ana.

It was terrible. Flashes of the same three lightsabers plunging into his chest, one red, one blue, one green, played through his mind. The three robed figures seemed no different from any other Dark Jedi with such saber colors. Despite his best efforts, Furios could not see faces or remember the hilts. He also had no idea what any of it meant. What did it mean? Was it a war, so soon after the Commemoration of the Exodus? “Remember what Kal said about visions”, Furios thought to himself. “They are only one possible future.”

For the moment, thought of the visions fled back to the corner of his mind. The early spring day held no enjoyment for the Colonel. The past month had been overall quite stressful on him. Plaguian leadership had changed three times now and was finally starting to settle with a new leader, Tra'an Reith. In the wake of the unstable Summit Vorrac had left behind came the corruption and egocentric acts of aggression between the branches.

The chaos that ensued with the Quaestor position opening was the perfect soil for the seeds of corruption that grew in Plagueis. The Directorate made strikes against the Armed Forces and the Flight Corps began taking hits from the Naval officers. The past month had bred enough hate in Furios’ own men that he was resorting to making threats to keep his troops in line when seeing members of other branches. It hurt Furios that these soldiers that had been with him from almost the beginning needed such cruel discipline. The forces under Domus’ officers were becoming just as angry as both Unus and Mograine began to lose control over the branches. Enough Dark Jedi had taken lunges at power that their troops had begun to act on their own. Most of them had no real direction with the assaults but there was always that ultimate goal of destroying the Summit and what it had worked so hard for.

The inability to coexist weighed heavily on Furios’ mind. On more than one occasion, he actually blamed Kal, the man that had practically taught him everything he knew. All the Epicanthix wanted was to do something about it. It had been months since his troops had a real mission come from the summit. He could only assume that the other three branches were feeling the same. As restless as the Armed Forces were, he could almost understand why any branch would be looking for a fight.

As the Obelisk snapped out of his thoughts, he hadn’t even realized that he had begun getting dressed for the day. The long, black coat fit snuggly over his broad shoulders. With a heavy sigh, Furios walked into the cool spring morning of the metropolitan city. The poor mood of the Colonel reflected outward as he walked. Combined with the Plaguian symbol on his coat, every citizen in his path stepped out of his way. It was only when Furios felt the knife point on his back that his attention moved to his surroundings.

With the speed of only a true master of an elite hand-to-hand style, the Plaguian spun around and clutched the throat of the assassin. A gurgling sound came from the helmet as Furios squeezed the life out of his attacker. As the raised body went limp, Furios checked the coat of his assailant for identification. Just as he thought, there was an Intelligence Directorate badge inside. With a sigh, Furios threw the rogue agent over his shoulder and continued to the Armed Forces Headquarters. The small crowd that had stopped to watch continued with their business. It wasn’t all that rare for military to be seen with corpses around. The city had become too dark for people to really see it as the crime that it was. Furios felt at the back of his military issue coat and, to his dismay, found a hole left by the blade. “Great!” Furios thought sarcastically. “My tailor is going to laugh at me again.”

With a heavy thud, the broken body flopped onto the desk of the Grand General. Mograine had seen this kind of thing happen all too often in the past month and Furios seemed to be bringing in most of them. “Damn it, Furios. This is the ninth one this month,” the Grand General halfheartedly lectured. “What happened this time?”

“I was on my way here already in the hopes of finding a new mission waiting for me,” the younger Dark Jedi replied. “This one tried to kill me in the middle of the streets.”

“They’re getting bolder, aren’t they?”

“So when is it going to stop? I’m tired of all this bickering and I can only keep my own soldiers in line for so long.”

“You’re having trouble with your own troops? That surprises me. They have always been quite loyal to you, especially since you don’t lose many of them.”

“They are scared for their lives and you know that!” Furios yelled defensively. “Something needs to be done!”

“Something will be done, gentlemen,” a new voice stated.

Both commanders turned to the silent shadow, drawing their sabers. The blue and green blades extended from their hilts with a strong snap-hiss. Out of the shadows stepped the Directorate General, shaded in the darkness that he was all too familiar with. The two other Sith and Obelisk cautiously lowered their sabers. Unus Domus would not make his presence known if he had intended to kill, but only a fool would fully trust such an assassin. Furios and Mograine remained vigilantly ready to move at a moment’s notice.

Three Days Later

The Weequay’s offer had been even more promising than anything the two could have thought of alone. It was brash and aggressive. There was a lot of risk and the consequences would be great, but it had to be done. It would be done and Plagueis would prosper because of it. The sacrifice was all too necessary. This House needed these truly Dark Knights just as they had needed pure loyalty before, and this was the first step.

The shuttle’s display showed a powerful Imperial II-Class Star Destroyer, The Baron. Furios began to tremble slightly in anticipation. His hand shook on his arm rest as adrenaline began to move through his veins. A hand moved to stop his. “Calm down, Furios,” Unus demanded softly. “It’s almost time to fight but not yet.”

A feeling of embarrassment came over the Colonel. Not one of the other Dark Jedi seemed anything but calm, but at least they could understand and relate to it. As Furios looked back to their objective, the shuttle continued on in the inky blackness, cutting through it like a knife headed toward the giant Star Destroyer. Clearance codes were accepted without a hitch. It was almost unreal how far the commander of the Intelligence Directorate’s influence reached. Only the Summit and members of the Naval Command had those codes.

Once on board, Furios could not help but admire the sheer size and bulk of the ship. It was scary how easily he could get lost if the guide wasn’t there. The corridors and elevators seemed to last forever. Each hall had an unknown purpose and each door an unknown room behind it. The Executive officer leading them seemed to know at least enough to lead them to the bridge. Commander Christopher Carlson was a stout man with one of the most plastic smiles Furios had seen. It made him want to break those teeth in early. Once again, he managed to control that urge. “Soon”, he reminded himself. “Soon you can kill as many of the traitors as you like.” His own soldiers seemed to have a better grip as they continued behind the Dark Jedi, silently staying in check. A moment later and the group arrived at the massive bridge to meet the Captain of the ship.

As Unus, Mograine and Furios came to face Captain Archibald Carmody, yet another plastic smile greeted them. It was just too much for the Obelisk as he saw yet another false, traitorous swine smile at him like that. As the first syllable of a welcome passed the lips of that fake smile, Furios cut that smile in half with the blink of an eye. The angle of the cut connected both corners of the mouth with the burning cerulean blade. Before anyone on the ship could even react, the troops of both Furios and Mograine spread their fire in a wheel and began gunning down officers. Lightsabers ignited with hissing sounds and began to strike down other officers. The cauterized body parts littered the floor and the pilots that were unfortunate enough not to run tried in vain to hide behind their computer terminals. They would have died soon after if it hadn’t been for the fact that none of the marauders knew how to fly such a massive Destroyer. Scared for their lives, the pilots obeyed their new Commanders. One of the Rogue Jedi stayed behind to keep the navigators in check as the rest of the guerrilla team left in search of treacherous people on the ship.

For the next day and a half, Unus’ team searched and cleaned out the ship. The corpses were burned in the furnaces and the survivors were kept under control as prisoners. The odor of burning flesh filled the hallways and corridors. It plagued the elevators and choked the vents. That stink also caused a much greater number of troops to surrender to the increasing numbers of murderers. Everything was going quite smoothly for Unus, Furios, Mograine, and the others. It was halfway through the second day when a group of brave soldiers made a break for the refuge of space by attempting to take the SLC Ebon Blade, and they succeeded. By the time this incident came to pass, there were already enough prisoners fighting for the Dark Jedi that the Armed Forces troops didn’t even have to enter combat. Many died in the firefight and only a few soldiers managed to board and escape. The defense systems had the shuttle locked on target and it was only at the last second that Unus steadied the gunner’s hand. “Let them go,” Unus ordered. “They are going to be the message to our enemies, the enemies of Plagueis.”

The next three attempts were crushed much more quickly. It was only when the last of the long-range ship had been transformed into nothing more than debris that any remaining survivors surrendered to their new leaders. Another day passed with no killing. There was no hunting or searching that day. It was a day of rest for Loyalists and Rogues alike. It was a day that earned the Rogues their trust. Only then did it all change. Unus made the final orders and everyone gathered in the hangars. The legions of ex-Loyalists stood facing the new leader, Unus Domus. The other Dark Jedi and Armed Forces troops were nowhere to be seen. Only Furios was hiding in the area. He stood above the crowds and above Unus. He waited patiently for the speech to end.

As the final words left the Sith’s lips, the cue appeared. The Obelisk activated the hangar door controls and hundreds of Loyalists streamed from the giant, grey Destroyer. Unus flapped in the increasing flow of the vacuum, tethered to the durasteel podium he had given the speech from. Less than an hour later, the capital ship was empty. No blood stained the halls, no bodies littered the floors. It seemed as if everyone simply disappeared. That’s what would have been thought if it hadn’t been for the one act of supposed kindness when Unus Domus let the Ebon Blade escape. It had been meant to strike fear. Only time would tell if it had worked.

The next day, Furios was back on Ellesmeria, waking up once again but this time without the same nightmare. Instead there was a new dream, a good one. He had dreamed of a House united under a waving banner, the banner of Plagueis. He gazed out of his apartment window at the morning sky. It was so pure in its blue hue. One of the most beautiful things the Epicanthix had seen in a long time. He could not help but think how that pure blue reminded him of his own loyalty and what he had to continue doing.

Written by DJK Kodais Solatus

It was a time of great unrest in the Ascendant House. Kal di Plagia Vorrac had resigned as Quaestor of House Plagueis and left its stewardship to Jaek Kaeth. Almost from the start of Jeak’s reign the House was plagued by revolts, coup attempts, and mutinies. Whether these renegade elements of the House and Jusadih Military Regime viewed Jaek as a weak leader or easy target remains to be seen. It could have been something as arbitrary as following a pre-planned timeline and Jaek happened to be the ruling Quaestor. The world may never know. What is known is that such strife proved too much for him and he resigned. During this time Tra’an Reith, the House Aedile, became the acting Quaestor and attempted to wrest control of the Jusadih System back from the hands of the renegades. All efforts proved less than successful. All was not lost though. There were those within the House that still were loyal to the House and to its Summit. They were few, but mere pebbles may start an avalanche.

Like most Dark Jedi in the House, Kodais Solatus had voiced his disenfranchisement amongst peers and trusted associates in regards to Jaek Kaeth’s leadership of the House. It was no secret that he was loosing control and that there were those looking to capitalize on such conditions. For all intents and purposes it would appear that the House would be torn down by the same in fighting that had destroyed the Sith so many times before in history. Such conversation was dangerous though. The Summit had many ears and eyes listening and looking for any sign of treason. Though Kodais had his reservations about the strength of the Summit, his loyalty never wavered. Evidently his loyalty appeared to others as though it could be bought, for he was approached with an “opportunity” by the Sith Dark Jedi Knight Thaed Hathman.

Thaed had been very well known for his lack of support for the Summit after the seat of Quaestor had passed to Jaek. He believed that under Jaek the Ascendant House would fall and be carved up by the rest of the Brotherhood. In secret he had been gathering support for a coup. He just needed one more Dark Jedi for his attempt. When he approached Kodais about the matter the two were walking the scorched desert plains of Kapsina. Thaed had chosen the local for security.

“You and I have had this discussion before,” he said to Kodais, “There must be a change in the Summit. The Dark Council won’t listen to our pleas.”

Kodais walked in silence for a moment before carefully asking, “What do you plan to do then?”

Thaed stopped walking and looked Kodais in the eye, “I intend to overthrow the Summit.” The words hung in the air as if the wind itself would not touch them. He continued, “But I need one more Jedi for the cause. The other is a mere Sith Guardian, Dev Tillgon.”

Kodais raised an eyebrow ever so slightly, “You’re asking me to join your cause then?”

The mutinous Dark Jedi nodded his response.

The Krath Knight thought very carefully about what his next words would be. Did Thaed in fact have the right idea? Was it indeed time for a general shift in the House Summit? There was without a doubt a need for action. “What other assets do you have at your disposal?”

Though not sure of Kodais’ commitment Thaed answered, “I have several field grade Army officers and their units committed as well as a Star Destroyer and elements within the Intelligence Directorate.”

“You’ve put me in a difficult spot, Thaed,” Kodais began, “You tell me your plan of treason without knowing for sure where my loyalties lie. You either trust me or you’re confident in your assessment of me.”

“I’d like to think I hit the mark. It would be a shame to kill you.”

With that last statement Kodais’ eyes narrowed and his hand began to move toward his lightsaber. “Very well Thaed, “ he said carefully, “I’m you man.”

“Excellent! I’ll send a speeder for you in three days. We will have our first meeting then.” The two Dark Jedi went back to their respective speeders and left the barren plain.

On the way back to his Army officers’ quarters Kodais began to wonder exactly what he had just involved himself in. Certainly there needed to be a change made in the Summit, but a coup d’etat? Perhaps he was right. It was the way of the Dark Jedi. The weak fall and the strong survive. Or perhaps this was an elaborate loyalty test devised by the Summit to root out subversives from the House and eliminate them. All these contingencies ran through his head as he sped through the Kapsina desert. Upon reaching his quarters Kodais spoke to no one of his conversation with Thaed. He simply locked himself within the confines of his rooms and meditated. In such a time of indecision the Force would help him see the way.

In three days time a speeder arrived for Kodais at his quarters on the Army post outside the city of Ellesmeria. The driver we a scruffy looking local man that he immediately detested and elected to climb into the back seat and attempt to enjoy the ride. The speeder took him through many portions of Ellesmeria that Kodais had never seen before. Broad avenues that were lined with shops and restaurants, and alleys were choked with open air markets. Everywhere there were people going about their meager lives without the slightest inclination as to what Kodais was or how many others there were like him. Kodais sat back in his seat and watched the scenery change from commercial to residential to industrial. Soon Kodais found himself in an obsolete warehouse district that belonged to one of the old foundries. The speeder stopped in front of one of the warehouses but the driver made no indication that Kodais should get out. This made him hate the man even more. Without killing the driver, which took a monumental effort, Kodais dismounted the speeder and made his way inside the warehouse. The speeder did not wait and took off for the exit. Maybe he knew something Kodais did not. In the center of the warehouse was a smaller building about twenty meters square and three meters tall. It appeared to be an old foreman’s building. Lights could be seen from inside the small building so Kodais approached cautiously.

As he approached he could hear low voices in discourse. Before he walked in Kodais walked completely around the building. Strangely there was only the one door and no windows. When he finally walked through the door all voices stopped. All eyes turned to him at once. Kodais made a quick assessment of the men seated around the conference table. There was a Lieutenant General and three Colonels from the Army, a Commander from the Navy, and two plain clothed individuals that could only have been from the Intelligence Directorate as well as Thaed and Dev.

The naval Commander noticed the lightsaber on Kodais’ belt and asked, “You come armed, Jedi?”

“You didn’t?” responded Kodais.

“All right gentlemen,” interrupted Thaed, “Please have a seat.”

Thaed didn’t bother to introduce anyone in the meeting. Apparently all parties were supposed to remain anonymous.

Thaed continued, “Now that we are all hear we can proceed with our discussion. Commander, do you speak for the TIE Corpsmen stationed aboard you ship?”

“Yes,” the naval officer replied, “I can speak for them.”

“Excellent. General, how many men can you have mustered and standing by for an assault in two weeks?”

Kodais sat quietly and listened to the deliberations for quite some time. These men were serious. They had come fully prepared with documentation of troop strengths, logistical concerns, threat assessments, and internal intelligence. This was no loyalty test. Kodais had been recruited as a member of a revolutionary government. These men are mad, Kodais thought, This must end. He stopped paying attention to the conversation and began to plan his actions.

He was brought back to the meeting when the General asked him, “What say you Jedi? What is you plan?”

“My plan?” he asked, “Well, you’re all guilty of treason. I’m going to kill you all.”

On the last syllable spoken the two Dark Jedi ignited their lightsabers and faced off. Dev sprang from his chair and drew his blaster. The seven officers in the meeting immediately bolted for the door, only to have it slammed in their faces and held fast by the Force.

Thaed appeared incredulous whereas Dev just seemed confused and scared. Capitalizing on the shock of the moment Kodais lunged for Thaed and engaged him using the Makashi form. Thaed counted with his Shii-Cho. Dev ran for the door and attempted to get the officers out.

Kodais could not let that happen. He engaged Thaed in a saber lock just long enough to send his knee crashing into his groin. This staggered Thaed long enough for Kodais to leap over the conference table and swipe wildly at the group of officers and Dev. While Dev had felt the attack coming and was able to roll away, two Colonels and the Commander were not so fortunate. All three were severed in half at the chest. As their torsos fell to the ground the look of terror and agony were evident on their faces. Before Thaed could re-engage Kodais was able to take the head off of one of the Intelligence agents.

Enraged, Thaed redoubled his efforts to kill what he viewed to be a traitor. Dev took a few shots at the door with his blaster and managed to blast away the hinges. Things were not looking good for Kodais. If these men got away, they would disappear into the system. They would simply change their plans and try some other time. As Thaed pressed his attack Kodais could tell he was becoming increasingly reckless. Kodais bided his time and used his Makashi finesse to wear down his opponent. Finally Thaed made the mistake Kodais had been looking for. He raised his lightsaber high above his head and brought it crashing down. Kodais was ready and simply parried the blow to his right and sent his riposte straight through Thaed’s heart. The Sith folded in an instant and fell to the floor.

Now Kodais had to deal with the other traitors that seemed make good their escape. He ran out the door and into the warehouse. He could not see much at all, but he could sense much. Two of the officers were in a neighboring warehouse. The third was nowhere to be found. Dev was right behind him on top of the building. As soon as Kodais realized where the Guardian was, blaster fire scorched the ground around him. He had little recourse but to close with Dev and engage him with the lightsaber. Kodais bolted back towards the building and vaulted onto it. Dev rolled to his right and brought the blaster to bare on Kodais, who deftly removed the barrel from it. Unable to use his blaster Dev just lay there like a slug.

“Disgusting,” remarked Kodais. With one swift stroke he removed Dev’s from his shoulders. The next hour was spent searching for the last two Army officers. Kodais finally cornered them in one of the old foundries and cut them down. The other Intelligence agent had escaped, but he would not live for much longer. He would be found and he would be killed.

By day’s end Kodais was exhausted but still raging. However, his day was far from over. He needed to go back to the foreman’s building and collect as much data and intelligence as he could from the conspirators’ notes and documents. Such a wealth of knowledge could very easily bring down any resurgent attempts at a coup.

Over the next two weeks Kodais chewed through the list of names he had compiled from the notes. The conspirators ran the gamut; military officers, corporate CEOs, Jusadih Independence Coalition members, and even Dark Jedi from the House. Kodais event went so far as to destroy portions of the military and civil infrastructure just so the coup could be forestalled.

It was a very trying time. He had been going it alone the entire time. He could not trust anyone else. There was also the risk that if he did come forward as having “defended” the Quaestor that he might be tried for treason. The Summit did not look kindly upon those that killed their personnel and destroyed their facilities and equipment. Kodais’ need would not go unfulfilled for much longer. As he was preparing for a sabotage mission on a tabana gas refinery he was waylaid by a Weequay man who had stuck his lightsaber blade underneath Kodais’ chin. Kodais turned his head to see who it might be. Who would be his executioner? It was Unus Domus.

“Go on then,” Kodais barked, “End it!”

Unus turned his lightsaber off and stepped in front of Kodais. He then asked, “You defend the Quaestor and the House, yes?”

“I do,” answered Kodais.

“I have a proposition for you.”

Kodais must have looked surprised as he said, “You have my attention.”

The Death and Resurrection of Sarak Shai
Written by SW Sarak Shai

There are always stories of terrorists or underground groups that infect the systems of history throughout the galaxy. Ancient sorcerers called Krath nearly conquering the hearts and minds of their puppets, or powerful warriors known as Mandalorians that burned the stars with the fires of war. Then there are the freedom fighters of the Black Skull, exceptional assassins bent on the preservation of chaos and shattering the shell of order. Their actions are fueled by their hatred for tyrants and despots, and their hate powers the darkness in their hearts. This darkness allowed them to capture a weakened creature from beyond their galaxy, a member of a species who would destroy all that they came into contact with for the appeasement of their gods. The Black Skulls had captured an abandoned Yuuzhan Vong.

Torture Chamber
Black Skull Barracks
JIC Headquarters

“It is our understanding your kind loves pain...” said one of the Black Skull assassins.

“...we'll have to try and enjoy what is about to happen to you even more.” said another.

Sarak jerked left and right, trying to rip the rusted chains from the walls. Fatigue and hunger sapped his strength, forcing him to lay in his restraints like a terrified child. He allowed his destiny to take its course. His hands were above him, chained together and fastened firmly to the wall, the rusted metal holding him firmly in place. His powerful legs, packed with muscle and rippling with strength, were imprisoned in durasteel holders.

Sarak could barely breathe, his midsection clamped by a plasteel device attached to the wall. Every now and then, pressure would ebb and flow from his midsection as the device seemed to beat like a heart. His captors had rolled a small table in with them, a blood spattered cloth covering the abominations underneath. With a slight jerk, the cloth was gone and the metallic instruments danced in Sarak's eyes. Beautiful instruments of pain and torment stared at the Yuuzhan Vong with glee, a gloved hand embracing one holding it firmly in his grasp. The torturer smiled at his prey, nearly helpless and unable to do anything.

The free hand of the torturer gripped the throat of the Yuuzhan Vong, the captured prey's eyes widening as his attackers strength pressed firmly down upon his throat, his other hand with the sharp metal fiercely ripped into the abdomen of Sarak, blood trickling down the incision. Silence bubbled from the Sith's throat, an expression of anger rippling across his face. He would not allow them to enjoy the bloodbath that would ensue.

“Silence will only further your pain.”

JIC Headquarters

The night sky. That was all that looked in upon the prisoner simply known as Rev6:8. His head rolled back and forth on the stone wall that surrounded him, mocked him daily. On all fours, he crawled over to the crude bowl filled with water and brought handfuls of the liquid to his face, slurping the cool water down as it snaked past his parched lips. His throat had burned and tongue ached, the denial of food and water making the imprisoned alien hungry. The skin around his neck, covered by a metal collar, was red and raw from the constant shifting and rubbing of the tight circle. He was no better than a beast to these infidels, and so it was that he would treat them as a beast does his food.

The cell door opened, and what entered his domain was a scared member of the JIC, a new recruit to the blossoming militant organization.

What awaited him when he walked through the door was an awful display of self mutilation and down right indecent actions. From the wrists of his prisoner, blood had flowed freely and from this blood had come threats and promises. Symbols and sigils of alien origin had been defecated on the floors and ceilings, and a disoriented prisoner lay upon the floor, covered in black blood and feces.

The recruit just gazed in awe, the stone walls never having been defaced like this in his short time with the JIC. The words “Time to scream.” were placed at least once on every wall, and symbol of Yun Yammka had been scrawled in the floor. The smell of shit and piss wafted into the mans nostrils as he approached his prisoner. He knew the creature was still breathing, its stomach had been slowly rising and falling, but the recruit could only guess the condition the creature was in before him. He edged his way closer, leaning towards the beast before him and began to check for a pulse.

Before he knew it, the soiled chain of his prisoner was around his throat, the wet tongue of the alien caressing the recruits sweat ridden cheeks as it tasted the flesh of the human. Try though he did, the recruit could not shake his attacker, and eventually saw nothing but black. Rev6:8 searched the body of the recruit, eventually finding a set of keys that he prayed were the keys to his chains. After a minute or two of fumbling, the locks to his bondage has been unlocked and salvation was his.

Outside the JIC Headquarters
30 minutes later

Time passed slowly, but eventually their work was done. Sarak would slowly die of his wounds, and no amount of medical attention short of cybernetics and implants could resuscitate him. The Black Skull torturers hauled their bloodied, limbless, almost corpse outside to die in peace. The rain poured itself upon the dying Sarak, his wounds aching with every impact and every slight move.

The Sith could only lay there, praying for death to come to him quickly and hoping his Gods would allow him to enter their domain. Moments passed, and the door that he was thrown from opened once more. Sarak couldn't believe what it was he was seeing. What stepped out of the JIC Headquarters was a member of a species the Yuuzhan Vong thought he would only see when he looked into the mirror. The being known as Rev6:8 was another specimen of the Chosen Race, Sarak's race. The other Yuuzhan Vong was a ghastly sight that warmed Sarak's dying heart.

The other Vong had Vonduun Crab pincers pierce the sides of his mouth and pulled back, creating a permanent grin on his pale white skin. Freshly applied human blood created two arrows pointing upward above his eyes, accompanied by black circles surrounding his eyes. Sprouting from the back of his head was what appeared to be infected tentacles, he too being implanted with yammosk tissue to be brought closer to his gods. Unlike Sarak, however, the escalation didn't go properly and left him tainted and shamed. The tentacles moved on their own, secreting a black ooze that slurped its way down the Vong's back, making a slorp sound as it whipped softly to and fro. The other Yuuzhan Vong spotted Sarak, immediately falling to his brother in arms aid. A clawed hand embraced the Sith's head, gently caressing the severed stumps that once were his tentacles, black blood covering his hands.

Sarak lifted his head, pain washing over his face as he did so. His clouded white eyes looked into the inky pupils of his brethren, and a single tear embraced the rain filled face of Sarak. His lips went to form words, but nothing would come. His eyes screamed in agony as the stump that was once his tongue flailed around his mouth, moans of jibberish spewing forth. Sarak the Sith was no more, and in his place lay a dying torso, a husk of what was once a powerful, proud warrior. With a few more breaths, the Yuuzhan Vong Warrior died.

Rev6:8 hands tensed, his claws digging into the flesh of his dead brethren, and a loud howl unleashed itself. In his mind, he could sense he had once known the dead Warrior before, the name Sarak Shai screaming in the darkened corridors of his tainted memory. Rev6:8 released his grip upon Sarak's skull, and began to search his clothing for whatever he could find that would help him survive.

“Rrush'hok ichnar vinim'hok.” spoke Rev6:8, his finger tips combing over the eyes of his fallen Yuuzhan Vong, closing them.

The clawed hands of Rev6:8 entered the pockets of Sarak, and from their contents came an identification tag. The Yuuzhan Vong struggled to read the Aurabesh, having learned little of the infidels written word since his imprisonment, but he had learned the simple details that the fallen Yuuzhan Vong before him was in fact Sarak Shai, and that he was a member of an organization called Plagueis.

“Nikk pryozz Sarak Shai.” spoke Rev6:8, taking his fellow Yuuzhan Vong's name, using the cloud of fear and power that would come with it to his advantage.

As the newly dubbed Sarak Shai walked away from the corpse of the dead Sarak, a metallic buzz shouted from the dead. Sarak snarled as he approached the abominations communications that had been given to his fallen comrade. A metallic voice screeched from it as the new Sarak kicked the corpse gently, the sound of Galactic Basic ringing in the Yuuzhan Vong's ears.

“The Summit will lose its hold on the system unless we act. Power will be given to those that aid in this struggle and help win.” spoke the voice, sending shivers down Sarak's back.

The Gods had abandoned him and left him to die, testing his faith after being given the Codex's of his People, learning the so called truth behind his Gods. He had no where to turn to, and no better way to prove his test than to accept this call to action and aid his fallen comrades brethren. He walked slowly into the darkness, the various shadows of the night embracing him with their coldness.

“No more worship...Time to run, time to scream, time to die... “ uttered Sarak ominously as he answered the call to action.

And so is the story of how Rev6:8, an imprisoned beast of the JIC and member of the Yuuzhan Vong species, joined the ranks of House Plagueis in their struggle for stability. He wouldn't be embraced with open arms, for not even his namesake was trusted amongst their members, but few turn away help from those willing to do what is necessary in times of war.

For who knows what a man is capable of when the idea of evil is absent from his mind.

Return to the thread after GJWX to see the next chapter of the Origins storyline, Oath! United by Ascendant loyalty, the renegades of Plagueis gather in secret to discuss their first priority: What to attack first. Their names will come under fire, their freedoms will be in jeopardy... and they will rise to become the greatest of Plagueis' heroes.

Adapt! Ascend! Avail!


15-02-2012 22:53:56

A Primus Pilus Run-On

City of Olvaldi
Baleria Motel
Room F-25
34 ABY

The light coming in through a dirty window cast an odd shadow over the face of Unus as he looked over the city of Olvaldi; skyscrapers of many designs and styles were joined by crowded buildings, eclectic and random at all turns. It made for a sight of beauty, marred only by the increasing presence of black-armored soldiers and vehicles of the Regime. It made the Weequay's stomach turn; the hood over his bald head shifted as he looked about, taking in the room around him.

The hotel room was nothing special; walls coated in painted plastoid were easy to clean and durable, while the durasteel floor was even moreso. Shabby rugs and carpets covered the floor, while cheap, faded furniture filled the room, the centerpiece being a mediocre bed with questionable stains on it. It was big enough to accommodate forty people side-by-side, give or take a species or two, but that wasn't a luxury feature - a keen eye would spot the bolts and hangers left on the walls from when the room had been a storage closet.

A knock on the door, done quietly and in a sequence, announced that others had arrived. "Enter," He said, waving a hand at the door controls. It slowly crept into the ceiling, joints protesting. As the others began to walk in, he looked again to the forces throughout the city - forces who had recently begun painting new stripes and symbols onto their armor, and had been disobeying orders from Command for weeks.

Traitors, all of them - and they would soon pay the price of treachery. "Now that you're here," He said, "We can begin."


Kodais Solatus

23-02-2012 15:08:58

The group of Dark Jedi filed into the room without speaking. Kodais, the last one through, closed the door and locked it. He was dressed in plain street cloths for the occasion. It was becoming increasingly dangerous to be noticed on Shintera. The only thing that set Kodais apart from the wretched denizens of Olvaldi was his lightsaber concealed under his jacket.

The Dark Jedi gathered around Unus in a bit of a semi-circle and awaited his word. Without turning from the window he bade the rebels to take their seats. Out of respect none of the others spoke as they waited for Unus to continue. At some length the Weequay finally turned from the window and addressed the group.

“The House continues to fracture,“ he began, “In Olvaldi alone there are two new factions vying for control of the city. While they are relatively weak and of little real danger they are still traitors and deserve their fate,” He paused for effect; taking time to look each member of his group in the eye and gauge their reaction before continuing, “I asked you all here because you share my views and have taken action accordingly. Now that we are gathered together it is time to discuss our next step.”

The reactions to Unus’ last statement varied from satisfied grins to nods of acknowledgement to scowls of consternation.

Kuro Kogarasu

25-02-2012 09:53:10

Koga Kage has be secretly following Unus around for the past several weeks. knowing that he had something planned, something they both knew could get them killed. Kage, like many others, did not like how the structure of the current leadership was going and wanted to do something about it. It seemed, that chance was coming and he wanted to be apart of it.

Kage watched from outside on a ledge, Unus check into a hotel room, after several minuets pass. many of his fellow house members arrived. Kage dident know what was going on. "did they find out what he was planning?" the Templar thought. He crept closer and over heard the Weequay's opening statement. "The House continues to fracture," He couldn't make out what was said after that but it was enough for skilled veteran to know that this was it. this is what the obelisk was waiting for.

Kage, in his fully armed street gear consisting of his dual blaster shoulder holster, Saber hilt and belt. Mandolorian trouser armor, climbed up and threw a vent from out side. Crawling threw the ducts he listened for the right time to drop in.

".....Now that we are gathered together it is time to discuss our next step." The silence that followed was the ideal time for Koga to make his entrance. Dropping threw the grate in the ceiling, The Plagueian veteran stood amongst his fellow jedi, one hand on his hilt and the other on a blaster, unsure of the reaction he would be given for his unorthodox entrance. "Before yall make any mistakes to my being here, Ive been a member of plagueis for far longer then most of you here. Ive watched this house fall from the highest piller, If there is going to be a change....." Kogas face turned fierce as he griped his hilt and took a power stance "I want in"


25-02-2012 15:09:44

Five lightsabers of varied colors kept the Templar at bay as he glanced around, hands on his weapons; he couldn't help but wonder if this had been a wise decision. In such close quarters, even an Elder would have trouble fending off five attackers at once without taking injury. Kage was no Elder, and it was dubious whether or not he'd be able to kill them fast enough to even the odds if the moment arose.

Still, he was an Obelisk, and that had enough Sith in it to know weakness would get him stabbed faster. "Well?"

Unus eyed the Obelisk, his leathery face set in a grim expression. "And if we refuse you?"

"I suppose I'll have to look elsewhere." Koga replied, not dropping his facade. It was a bluff, but it looked like the better option. "If you won't let me help Plagueis, I'll find my own place to do it."

Briefly, the Weequay wished that he hadn't sent Mograine to scout out sources of opposition; another Equite would have made him feel immeasurably better. Furios and Kodais were fierce warriors, Knights of Plagueis - together with Unus, there was no doubt in Unus' mind that they could fell Koga, especially with the advantage - but he feared for Grimstroke and Whuloc. Brave soldiers, both, and willing to die, but it would be a waste.

He could not afford waste. "Alright... but you follow my command. You follow my lead."

"For now," Koga replied, nodding as sabers switched off around him. "Until we know who's better for that job."

"Enough." Furios interjected, cutting off Kage before he could start a speech. "Unus, continue. What's your plan?"

"We serve the Summit. The real Summit," Domus continued, glancing around at all of the Dark Jedi before him. "Tra'an Reith is the appointed Quaestor of the Dark Council and shares the ideals that have brought us this far. The Vong may be at his side now, protecting him, but that will only get him so far."

"He's a Dark Jedi." Kodais put in. "Surely, he can protect himself."

"Indeed." Unus said. "He can likely survive a coup attempt. But then, who takes power? How long until this system rips itself apart, or splits from the Brotherhood? How long until Darth Ashen and the Iron Throne decide to put an end to it?"

"Alright, alright." Kodais said. "We know why we're here. What's our objective?"

"First of all, intelligence. We need to know where to strike, who's there, and how to stop them. Furios, take Eivil and Kodais and get me something I can use - we know there are two groups here that are becoming a problem. Go find out who they are, and who leads them."

"And of the rest of us?" Koga interjected. Clearly, the man wasn't afraid to put a word in; Unus didn't know whether to call that a blessing or a curse. "What are we to do?"

"It's simple. Zuser, Kage, you're with me. Without better gear and armament, the six of us can't cripple groups here effectively, let alone all over Jusadih." A grim smile crossed his face. "It's time we go and visit some arms dealers."

"Arms dealers?" Zuser asked, looking wary. "Isn't that against the law in Jusadih?"

"Yes." Domus replied. "So are rebellion and dereliction of duty. Move out."


02-03-2012 16:29:47

Zuser walked casually behind the disguised forms of Unus and Koga, mainly keeping his eyes downcast and avoiding making eye contact with others on the street. He had a cloak concealing all but his head that billowed very slightly with his current pace. Under the cloak, a short vibrosword hung from his belt and a normal short sword hung from the other side of his belt, both bouncing softly against his thighs as he walked, the extra bagginess of his cloak hiding any hints of the weapons.

The street was eerily quiet as people and creatures hurried about their way to avoid any trouble. He stuck close to the two older Dark Jedi, not wanting to be left behind. Pulling his cloak tighter around him, the young Guardian worked hard not to let the silence of the street get to him. From under his cloak, he gently touched the pouch concealing his ring. Usually on his finger, current circumstances suggested it was best that it was kept elsewhere.

Glancing up at the two older Dark Ones, the pilot hoped for some interaction, but all he got was Unus glancing back to make sure Zuser was still following them. Sighing silently, the human let his head droop slightly even as he managed to catch Unus and Koga. Oblivious to their charge, they were muttering tactics. “I wonder why they aren’t talking to me. Oh, who am I kidding? They probably don’t even begin to trust me”. The young human let his eyes travel down and settle for watching busy yet somewhat quiet passerbys mill about quickly. Careful not to be seen watching from the corner of his eyes as he walked behind the two Plagueians to their destination.

Kuro Kogarasu

03-03-2012 09:58:24

Walking down the street, towards their destination, Koga was not concerned with his appearance. He wore his normal street clothes witch consisted of a old khaki, long sleeve shirt, with dual pistols in a shoulder holster. His pants were his fathers old Mandolorian trousers with armor plating which also had a belt with a blaster holster on each side of his legs. He altered the belt to hold his saber as well as his Echani blade.

The Templar was looking forward to getting to the dealer. "he better not try to stiff us" Koga said in a sinister way with a smile, gripping his blade handle. "do not do anything reckless, this is your warning" Unus said in a stern tone. Kage looked over to him with a grin, then turned back forward. "we'll see" the Obelisk said with a chuckle.

Koga was getting inpatient and irritable. "where the hell is this place" Koga said with a low growl. "cool your self..." Unus turned to the Obelisk, narrowed eyes. "WILL NOT tell you again." he growled back. Koga had to focus all his energy not to just unload on him, but the fact was, they were on the same side with a same goal. Bring Plagueis back to its former glory. Kage turned back to face Zuser who was walking behind them, His scared little puppy look made Kage happy. He turned back around and continued on their path. still cant wait to get there


04-03-2012 08:04:30

City of Olvaldi
Baleria Motel
Room F-25
34 ABY

Furios, Kodais, and Eivil waited while the others departed. Only the three and Unus still remained. Kodais and Furios waited because they were thinking the same thing. Eivil only remained due to his obligated mission with the two Knights. The older Obelisk and Krath exchanged a glance and opened their mouths to speak but were interrupted before either could speak.

“Do not engage either of the factions,” Unus commanded. “This is just reconnaissance and is not meant to result in violence. Restrain yourselves, understand?”

“Understood, Commander,” was the reply although it was given through clenched teeth.

The three left the room to embark on their mission. Soon after, Unus sat down, staring at the city below. Would it have to suffer for his agenda? If so, that could not be helped. If one city needed to be sacrificed, so be it. The silence weighed heavily on the dreary room. Unus let a smile form on his lips as Mograine stepped into the room. “What have you discovered, Mograine?”

City of Olvaldi
Warehouse District
Outside Warehouse 46
34 ABY

“Are you sure we can trust this contact of yours, Furios?” Kodais asked with a hint of caution in his voice. “I mean we aren’t exactly in a position to be trusting outsiders for duracrete information.”

From the roof of the tallest warehouse in the area, Furios, Kodais, and Eivil examined the entrance to Warehouse 46. Through one of Furios’ street level informants, the three Plagueians found a lead stating that one of the factions regularly met in this warehouse to plot Shintera’s future under the two groups.

“Well, Furios?” Eivil chimed in.

“I’ve known and trusted this particular informant since before Plagueis became a House,” Furios answered. “He knows what would happen if he betrayed me. I think it’s safe to say that the most we can lose is an evening sitting watch.”

The sound of an approaching vehicle distracted the Dark Jedi from their conversation. The three passengers of the speeder exited cautiously, one at a time. The first and last passengers, obviously mercenaries, were wearing flak jackets and carrying blaster rifles. The middle passenger, an unarmed man wearing business clothes, walked into the warehouse followed immediately by the two guards. The speeder left making it so that only those who had witnessed the drop off would know that anyone had entered. The three Plagueians who had done just that sat upon a nearby rooftop and continued to watch. It wasn’t long before others began to converge upon the meeting.

City of Olvaldi
Approximately 1 km From Warehouse 46
34 ABY

Mograine watched the three Plagueians as they watched the warehouse. He saw the three men enter the Warehouse and he saw the speeder come and go. With a heavy sigh, the Sith continued on his path to rendezvous with the oblivious Dark Jedi.

Kuro Kogarasu

06-03-2012 23:55:50

Koga, Unus and Zuser continued to walk to their destination, traveling down a older section of the shopping district, passing shops and store windows, but Kages patience is running thin. "I swear, if we dont get there soon.." Koga was cut off by Unus`s hand on his shoulder. "Kage, we`re here" he nodded and pointed to a old rickety store front. "A bakery?... really?" The Templar said.

The 3 Jedi walked threw the door. The smell of pastries and cakes were thick. The counters and cases were full of many types of deserts. "umm sir, are you sure were in the right place?" Zuser asked. Koga did not want to doubt his partners judgment but he had to ask as well. "Unus, you sure this is the place? i mean it seems to be a pretty legit bakery" Unus just smiled and nodded.

Unus approched the clerk and asked to see the specials. The clerk must of been new because he just pointed to some cakes in a display case on the other side of the room. The Knight got irritated and said " We are from Plagueis, we are here for the..specials" The clerk just shrugged his shoulders. "umm im sorry man but i dont guess i know what your talking about. Koga could not keep quiet any longer. The Obelisk drew out his Echani blade, did a few quick, flashy twirls in his hand then casually walked to the clerk. "Listen son, We need to see the specials, what ever that means. My buddy here asked you nicely, you show us what he wants or you will have trouble" Kage grinned as he jammed the blade into the wooden part of the counter, and popped his knuckles. "Im telling you i dont know what you mean, the only specials i know of are our cakes right over there." "OK THATS IT!" Kage ripped the blade out of the counter. with one hand he reached over and pulled the clerk out from behind the counter and tossed him into a near by table. He holstered his blade and drew out his dual pistols, again with a few flashy movements and then aimed at the terrified clerk. "One...more....time.." Kage said in a menacing tone.

"OK! Enough!" a voice came from the back room. Kage looked over and saw a older gentlemen. "who are look familiar" Kage demanded while reholstering his blasters. Kage was confused but Unus seemed to know the stranger and oddly enough Kage did too but just couldn't think of who he was. "before you tear up my store, let us get to business. step back here with me. Kage looked down at the terrified clerk on the ground, and just smiled and turned back to accompany the others in the back.

The four men walked into the kitchen and stopped infront of a oven that seemed to be out of order. "I hear that you fellas are going to put plagueis back where it should be." the stranger nodded then made a sigh. "It will be nice to bring back some order to the house that made me the man i am today." Koga and Zuser looked at eachother shocked and confused. who is this man. "I will do what ever I need to, to help" the stranger turned a knob on the broken over and it slide aside and revealed a secret room. The three men stepped inside and looked around. any weapon and armor you could think of was hanging on the walls and shelfs, as well and many other things. Most from Plagueis many years ago. Kage once again looked at the stranger and asked. "I know i know you but....Who are you?" Unus just smiled and said "the man whos going to help us. Now get what you need"


08-03-2012 07:52:34

The hours passed by slowly as four Dark Jedi watched Warehouse 46. With Mograine’s presence masked to the other three, the Sith watched for the moment he would be needed. Furios, Kodais, and Eivil watched for information, counting the number of people entering the meeting. A few appeared to hold positions of power, requiring body guards to ensure their safety. Others came alone while wearing the garb of middle and lower class citizens. The final number of attendees was thirty eight.

“What is the plan, Furios?” Eivil asked quietly.

“We are going to wait,” the older Obelisk replied. “Once everybody leaves the warehouse, we will depart as well.”

“But that means we have no real information,” Kodais stated with obvious annoyance. “Unus commanded us to bring back information.”

“He did not give us a time frame,” Furios growled. “Besides, how long do you think it will take Koga, Zuser, and Unus to create a proper weapons supply network? We have time to act on another day.”

“But that doesn’t make any sense,” Kodais nearly shouted. “What’s stopping us from doing it now? What aren’t you telling us?”

“Kodais calm down,” the Epicanthix demanded. “There is a plan and it will work, just let me handle it!”

“Furios, I am just as strong as you are. What gives you the right to create a plan and not fully explain yourself? I demand that you tell me why we are ending this day with nothing to show for it.”

“And how do you plan on getting any information today, Kodais?” Furios barked. “I’m curious to know how you will get the information we need.”

Kodais narrowed his eyes. A moment passed and Furios continued trying to stare down his peer. Acknowledging a continued stare down, Kodais ignited his lightsaber in an attempt to defuse Furios. The Obelisk followed suit. Kodais should have known better than to try and stop the stubbornness of an Obelisk, especially one such as Furios. Eivil simply stayed out of the way. There was no way he would be able to stop the two before him. Mograine, on the other hand, prepared to intervene as soon as a strike was made. But before one could be made, Kodais backed down. Disappointed, the Krath looked away, defused his lightsaber and returned to a sitting position. Furios did the same a moment later. Eivil and Mograine let out a simultaneous sigh from their respective positions of a few feet away and the next building over. After several minutes, Furios broke the silence.

“We are doing nothing today because there isn’t a good opportunity to do so,” Furios began. “We are scouting for an absolutely vital piece of information for our task and that is how many people are in this faction. Once we are aware of this knowledge, we can make a move without the chance of being discovered by other members that are not yet present.”

Kodais continued to watch silently, reflecting over his hasty actions. It wasn’t like the Krath to challenge others so quickly. Was the corrupt infestation of Plagueis really affecting him so badly? All of this had to end soon. Who knew how long it would be before members in this vigilante group would start to crack? Would Kodais be the first? Suddenly the doors of Warehouse 46 opened and members began to leave the meeting in small groups, spanning every ten minutes. Apparently thirty eight was the number of enemies to deal with. Thirty eight people would have to die for the cause of the Summit on Shintera. The trio continued to watch as the night wore on. When finally the first man to arrive followed as the last one to leave, Furios, Kodais, and Eivil returned to their respective quarters to rest for the actions of the next day.

City of Olvaldi
Baleria Motel
Room F-25
34 ABY

“What do you have to report, Mograine?” Unus asked from his chair.

“Furios and the others found the other faction and are simply watched the building,” Mograine answered. “Apparently, the meetings take place daily in Warehouse 46.”

“Furios reported the same,” Unus stated. “But I think he neglected to tell me something. I could hear it in his voice. Did anything else happen?”

Mograine hesitated for a moment. “Well there was one point in which I thought I would have to reveal myself and intervene early.” Unus turned to face the Sith. “Kodais and Furios began an argument while gathering information. I didn’t hear what it was about but it seems Kodais stepped down before I was forced to act.”

“I see,” Unus replied. “Watch them again tomorrow. I still want you to make sure they are able to follow my orders and show restraint. If not, we may have a real problem on our hands.”

Kuro Kogarasu

24-03-2012 00:20:54

Still unsure as to how he knew that contact, Kage couldn't waste any more time thinking about it and Koga, Unus and Zuser all had a job to do. After almost an hour of looking around the room, The 3 men gathered what they could carry then had someone with a speeder pick up the rest. Many sets of armor, various weapons, and everything they needed, but nowhere to hide it. Could not really bring all there gear back to the hotel room, let alone the temple. "I hope Furios, Kodais and Mograine can get the warehouse cleared or can find a place for us to stash all of this." Kage thought to him self.

The three men made it back to their meeting place, Koga sat down on the floor across the room, Zuser wanted to feel a little important so he stood next to Unus and his chair. It felt like they just got back when Mograine came in to report. The two men talked and Kage could see in Unus`s eyes that he did not like what was being reported.

Mograine left the room and Zuser went back to his room to await further instructions. Kage didn't leave and just stayed put. "i dont have anything going on, so im going to hang out here with you, you might need a capable guard" Kage said in a sarcastic tone.

"Oath" has ended. The second portion of the Origins Run-on will start soon. Be waiting for a e-mail from me with in a day or two.

Kuro Kogarasu

10-04-2012 23:41:19

A Primus Pilus Run On
Run Time 3 weeks
(Starts on 4/16/12)
(Ends on 5/4/12)

Though the stakes are high for the loyalist Plagueians, the potential to stabilize matters is far too great as the coup-minded Officers and officials of Jusadih gather on the commandeered Omicron Platform to form an Interrim Council for Jusadih. Too late do the loyalist Dark Jedi find out that it's a trap, and Unus orders the team to flee as he gives himself up.

Posting Order:

1. Furios
2. Kodais
3. Fistan
4. Kal
5. Varoth
6. Koga

Each person will be giver 36 hours to make a post, if no post is made then the next one in line will post, and so on.

Kuro Kogarasu

15-04-2012 23:58:36

City of Olvaldi
Baleria Motel
34 ABY

After their last mission, the loyalists who had survived or did not get caught by enemy factions were to meet back at the hotel room. Koga was the first to arrive and noticed several security officers had taped off the whole floor and guards stood outside the room. "excuse me, this floor is off limits" a Guard told Kage.

"What's going on here?" Koga asked.

"We've been alerted to a possible uprising against Regime Command. We have a few of the rebels in custody." Kage was shocked that they were found out so soon, feeling a twinge of anger at the loss of his fellow men. They were stretched too thin already.

Koga left the hotel and went into the alley to radio Unus to ask where to meet. "Gather the rest of us and await my call. I'll let everyone know where to meet up. I think I may know of a place but I need to check it out first."

"Affirmative, Kage," the Weequay replied. "I'm sure you've discovered the incident. Let us know."

Kage walked down a few blocks, the surroundings getting much less occupied, when he came across an abandoned store found with thick, solid shutters on the windows. "Perfect to not be seen from the street."

Kage explored the building and decided it was ideal for the rest of the remaining loyalists to meet. The Obelisk made several calls, but only a handful responded. a few of which were Furios, Kodais, Fistan, and Varoth. "well, we still have them, at least. We should be good." Koga took a deep breath and looked around. With a nod, he proceeded to enter the building, confident that he was on the right side for once.

Kodais Solatus

17-04-2012 23:59:17

The inside of the old store was dark and dusty, and the air smelled of iron and old wood. It appeared to have been an upscale outfitter of some kind. Koga walked around the ground floor making note of exits and defensive points. Once the ground floor was covered he made his way upstairs and repeated his survey. There were several office looking rooms, what would have been a store room, and what may have been the proprietor’s residence. The former residence was the only room to have windows; both of which overlooked the street below. All the rooms were completely emptied just as the ground floor had been. Satisfied with their new accommodations, Koga sat at the top of the stairs and waited for the others. It wasn’t long before his communicator peeped.

“Kage,” he answered.

“It’s Kodais,” came the hushed response, “What is your location?”

“The commercial district; Transvall Road, building twelve. What’s your status?”

There was a brief pause before Kodais spoke again. “I made it to the industrial district and it’s swarming with General Volkmen’s troops. I can’t tell if they are searching for me or something else, but they are being very thorough.”

Koga closed his eyes and sighed. The loyalists had lost enough in their numbers. Any more and they may not be able to recover. “Can you make it out?”

“Yes,” replied Kodais, “I just need to bide my time.”

“Good. Are you in contact with any of the other?”

“I’ve made contact with Varoth. His communicator is malfunctioning though. His transmission range is very limited. However, I was able to set a rendezvous with him.”

“Very well. Link up with him and make your way to my location.”

“Roger. Kodais, out.”

The Obelisk switched off his communicator and sighed again. The debacle on Omicron Station had struck a serious blow to the loyalists. They needed to regroup and plan. By the will of the Force would they and House Plagueis survive. Late that same night Koga sat in the residence meditating when his communicator peeped.

“I’m here,” Kodais said, “Open up.”

Koga descended the stairs and opened the door, allowing Kodais to walk in. Only Kodais.

“Where is Varoth,” asked Koga.

Kodais shook his head and replied, “I was waiting for him at the rendezvous point when he was captured.”

“By whom?”

“Volkmen’s men. There were dozens of them and we were in public,” explained Kodais, “There was nothing I could do.” The Krath cast his eyes to the ground and turn away. He was clearly upset. In the few short weeks Varoth had been with the loyalists Kodais had become something of a mentor to the young Zabrak.

“We will get him and the others back,” said Koga sternly.

Gon Doru

18-04-2012 18:05:54

City of Olvaldi
Baleria Motel
34 ABY

The tall buildings were oppressive to one who grew up on a desert planet, yet Gon Doru pressed on. He knew he had to get to the Loyalists. If Dacien Victae learned, the novice had stolen the TIE fighter he would whip the flesh from his bones. Then again, if anyone found out he crashed the craft in the industrial district he may not live much longer. Hacked transmissions from the Loyalists had spurned him to violate the most basic of rules of House Plagueis. He did it for a reason. The Summit of the House is nothing but oppressive slave masters, and better leadership should be in command. That alone served as motivation for the once Tusken Raider. Frustration over the continued struggle to find which building they had found themselves.

Sticking to the shadows and moving quietly was beginning to grow difficult the closer he moved away from his crash. It did not take long until the place was swarming with enemy soldiers. Moving around them was a challenge. After he had made it a safe distance away he turned on his stolen comm device.

“…your location?” came a hushed voice over the device.

“The commercial district; transvall road, building twelve,” another voice gave a reply.

A noise startled Gon and he switched off the device. Luckily for him the commercial district would not be that difficult to find. He had flown over the area on his landing approach.

Finding this Transvall Road was a completely different manner. As he attempted to read the letters of Galactic Basic, he grew ever more frustrated. It was a stupid language, full of pointless words to describe pointless things. He mulled over the fifty different ways to say hello and was just about to give voice to his anger when he found the road. All that was left involved finding this building numbered twelve.

He had to find another entrance. The front and back seemed to be well monitored by people. He could not make them out, yet they could be loyalists. Regardless he was not about to directly approach them, not when they were obviously under some stress about their campaign.

An open window had presented Doru a direct entrance. Perhaps he should have thought through a little better his next move. He decided to simply open the closest door and follow the sound of the hushed voices, after all these were people he wanted to fight with. The door he opened swung right into a man who stumbled from the impact, and the rest of the people were up and had weapons brought to bear.

Nobody ever expects to see a Tusken Raider away from Tatooine, or on some holovid, yet standing before the gathered loyalists stood a Ghorfa. Dressed in black died cloth that vaguely resembled the desert garb. In addition to this was his mask. It had come off an RA-7 droid. The face had these bulbous eyes that gave the Tusken a comical look. He was armed only with a modified slug thrower rifle. Yet for some reason those in the room recalled the horror stories of Ghorfa.

“What are you doing?” a voice called from the darkness. Lightsabers snapped to life.

“You loyalist? Fight against Summit?” his Galactic Basic came in bursts. As if each word tasted like rotten meat to him. His voice modulator did not help clarify the words either.

“You better explain yourself right now!”

“I fight, Summit Die. True leader rule!!!” the modulator could not capture the yell too well.

He took the rifle from his shoulders and lifted it up in the air. He figured they would at least understand a war cry.

“AArrr arrr aarr arr AAAARRRR!!” came the roar from Gon Doru.


19-04-2012 01:37:15

City of Olvaldi
Transvall Road
Building 12

The crack of a pistol against the back of the Tusken Raider's head ended his war cry with a gasp, black spots swimming across his vision. Stumbling, he fell backward, his legs seeming to lose their strength. A pair of arms broke his fall as the Dark Jedi in the room carried him into the shadows, closing the door.

"Thank the Force." Koga said, looking the newcomer over. "Still alive?"

"He's breathing." Unus said. "Take his mask off."

"Why?" Kage asked, kneeling and searching the Raider's black robes.

"That was Basic. Unless he figured out a vocoder, that's impossible." The Weequay took his rifle, ejecting the clip and round before field stripping it. "Ugh. Look at this thing, no idea how to clean it."

Koga finished with his robes. "Nothing. Let's see... Whoa." Pulling the mask off of the Tusken, his eyes widened to see a human face. "Nothing alien about this one. Err," Looking at Unus, he shrugged. "No offense."

"Oh, kark off. He's human." Grabbing a chair, the Weequay walked toward the basement door and kicked the panel. “Get him down here; I’ve got some questions for him. Bring a gag.”

City of Olvaldi
Industrial Sector
Abandoned Amik-Voss Warehouse

The Protector’s scream rang through the empty room as a black-armored grunt pressed hot metal into his chest, the skin bubbling away with a hiss of steam. “Talk, rebel! Where are they?”

Varoth slumped forward as the man backed away, the bonds around his chest and forearms chafed to the point of bleeding. “Eat slag!” He shouted, spitting blood at his captors.

The gran of the pair snarled, his three black eyes narrowing as he stepped forward to backhand the Iridonian. The Protector couldn’t help but cry out, his eye swelling shut.

“Talk!” The human barked again.

The Zabrak took a deep breath as he glanced around the room, his vision hazy. The one eye he could see out of took in every detail of the room, noting the old crates, the reinforced walls. The Force... He thought, focusing on the boxes. It was in vain; Kodais could have called a weapon to his hands, Taskmaster Victae could have probably killed these men without one, but to Varoth the Dark Side was still so distant. Slumping forward, he closed his eyes, breathing steadily.

“Done?” The human asked, chuckling as the humanoid didn’t respond. “See? They all break eventually. Got something to say to us, horns?”

Kodais... He focused on his pain, the futile anger in his breast. He gave in to the fear within him, the cold dread he couldn’t keep out. Master... Hear me...

Jusadih System
Morroth Orbit
Omicron Platform

“Volkmen.” The green skin of Admiral Karr had always put Volkmen off. Regardless, he shook the Mirialan’s hand. “Good that you made it.”

“Indeed.” The gray-haired general was tough as nails, and twice as mean. “Let’s get down to business.”

Looking outside, he saw the rush of TIE Interceptors as they passed the Platform, the white orb of Morroth far below. The prison world represented everything that Jusadih had become for Volkmen and his ilk, for ambitious men. The General had been one of the first to turn during the War of Ascension, and had led his forces against Feudalists to win victory after victory. Afterward, he’d been assigned to Sigil 2, what was left of Aerun, to train new recruits.

He knew one thing for sure; he had not fought this hard to train rookies. “Call him, and let’s get this done.”

The holoprojector in the center of the table lit up; a dark-robed figure appeared there, looking them over. He was the one who had called them here. The one who had baited the trap. “Gentlemen,” He said, his voice smooth and yet somehow chilling, “Glad you could make it. Are we prepared?”

“Ready as we’ll ever be, my Lord.” Karr said, his intonations so sweet they made Volkmen gag. “Are you certain they’ll arrive?”

“Oh, I assure you,” The shadowy figure replied, “They’ll know just where to look.”


20-04-2012 10:44:02

City of Olvaldi
Transvall Road
Building 12

Kodais was down stairs as he heard the ruckus. He arose from his seat to find Koga and Unus dragging a robed man into the room.

“Put him over here” The Sith Weequay slammed down a chair. The three then hoisted the knocked out Ghorfa onto the chair and tied him up.

“Who’s our new friend” The Krath inquired. They were all just as shocked to see a native of Tatooine in Olvaldi. The Obelisk gave a quick run-down of the puzzling situation. Unus poked at the Tusken Raider a few times.

“What’s your name!?....ANSWER ME!” The Weequay gave the bound man a hard slap. Suddenly he began to come through.

“Who are you?” Unus was impatient but ready for the answer. The Raider glanced up to a hazy sight of beings standing over him.

Without thinking he said. “GU'KA'UGH'NA” UNUS wacked the Tusken hard for speaking in such a foul language. “In Basic! What’s your name in Basic!?”

The desert man looked up with hate in his eyes. It pained him greatly but with hesitation he finally said. “Gon Doru… I Sith! I fight bad Sith! True for Plagueis!” Any torture that Gon Doru would ever go through was more merciful then speaking the rotten language of Basic.

“We fight against the corrupt Summit.” Kodais saw a potential ally, “He may be of use to us.” The three thought a moment. Could this wild Tusken named Gon Doru fight for their cause?

Koga was the first to think out loud. “He has a certain degree of rage. We could unleash him on our enemies.”

An explosion from outside the building suddenly shook the walls. The interrogation had to be cut short.

City of Olvaldi
Industrial Sector
Abandoned Amik-Voss Warehouse

The screams in the warehouse grew louder. The Zabrak tried to resist as much as he could but he was in no shape to withstand the onslaught. The young Krath had been going in and out of consciousness and became a toy of sick enjoyment by his capturers.

“Let’s see what this does!” A torturer stuck the protector with one of their devises. He cringed and suddenly felt a familiar moment. His eyes went white and he had another one of his visions. The vision was quick but he knew what he had to do. He had to find his master. He had to tell Kodais….

SMACK! Varoth fell to the floor from a blow to the back of the head.

Time had faded and the Zabrak knew nothing of how much had passed. He heard an engine growling and he felt the floor slightly shaking. Through blurry vision he looked around to find himself sitting in the back of a small transport vehicle. They were on the move.

“There’s something not right about that prisoner.” Varoth could hear voices from the front of the transport. “You saw how his eyes went white? The Boss will want to ask some questions.”

The Zabrak was regaining his composure. Something strange was afoot and he had to get out of there. He had to find his master and tell him about the vision. Kodais could translate it put it to use.

Kuro Kogarasu

21-04-2012 21:58:59

City of Olvaldi
Transvall Road
Building 12 Basement

Koga was quite amused to the treatment the strange Raider was receiving. But he knew that a raged filled raider who wanted the same thing HE wanted, could be useful. The sound of a large delivery truck backfiring shook the walls. The Obelisk chuckeled some to the shock the others got from the sudden noise. "Enough" Kage said "We cant use him if he keep blacking out. we are clearly on the same side." Koga pulled out his communicator and called Kodais. "Bring him back here. I have some Questions to ask him"

The small shuttle landed, released Varoth and Kodais, then took off again. the two men came back inside the building, carrying the wounded Varoth, they made their way back down to the basement in time for an announcement from their leader. Koga leaned in to Kodais, who was supporting the Unconscious Varoth. "we will talk later, but just be glad I called yall back when I did, Furios wanted to bring you back in a more...unconventional way" Kage smirked some and looked over to Furios who was patting a rather large rocket launcher.

"Everyone! Front and center!" Unus commanded. Everyone came down into the basement to see Unus on top of a stack of crates. They stood around him and listened to his speech. "Listen up. We have a strong group of supporters and new followers contenue to come in, If we are to succeed, We need to set up a Interrim Council for Jusadih. There Need to meet with some more officials that say they will help up. they have commandeered the Omicron Platform. There we will set up The leadership" Kage looked around the room as the commander addressed everyone. The emotions of joy could be seen on everyones face but Kage had a little doubt. "Sir" Kage Interjected Unus looked quite surprise but knew that Koga is not that stupid to interrupt him for nothing. "I since something off about the meeting, I dont mean to doubt you but....have you checked this threw?" Kage asked. "I must admit, the intel does seem alittle to good to be true but what other choices do we have? we already lost half our numbers at the hotel. what next? we must act now. I arranged a shuttle to pick us up on an hour, it will pick us up from the roof" Unus stepped down of the creates and started up the stairs but turned around just as he got to the top. "Im going to head there now and check things out. When the shuttle arrives for the rest of you, head to the Omicron Platform on the opposite side of the LZ." He then turned around and walked out of view.

Everyone looked at eachother and no words were said. They knew what was at cost, and what had to be done. everything is riding on this meeting.


23-04-2012 16:49:07

Furios paced back and forth impatiently, repeatedly looking at his wrist chrono. The others sat silently, controlling their nervousness or anticipation better than the Obelisk before them. The others sat still, contemplating the risks and dangers of the mission before them. Kodais spent the time meditating on the future meeting while his apprentice Varoth attempted to do the same. The Tusken-like Dark Jedi sat in the corner, grumbling to himself in his own guttural language. Kage sat in silence, awaiting the shuttle with quiet anger.

After a short while longer, the Epicanthix couldn’t take the silence any longer. With a short yell, Furios smashed his fists on a nearby metal table. The light piece of furniture folded under the Force-fueled blow. An instant later, Koga was standing in front of the Obelisk with his hands on Furios’ shoulders.

“Calm down Furios,” the Templar said quietly. “Keep it together.”

In the blink of an eye, Koga Kage was in a choke hold orchestrated by the muscular arms of the larger Plagueian. Kodais and Varoth were on their feet instantaneously, prepared to stop the irate man before them. Kage fumbled at his belt for something. Suddenly, his hands grasped the flask he had brought and held it up to the Epicanthix.

“Here, have a drink,” Kage gasped from the hold. “It’s your favorite.”

Furios grabbed and opened the container without loosening his grip and peered at the contents. With a cautionary sip, Furios tasted the liquid for anything extra. Not tasting any tranquilizers or poisons, the Knight dropped his Templar ally and continued drinking the cold, blue alcoholic drink. Satisfied and calmed, Furios sat down and patiently awaited the shuttle. Koga stumbled into his seat next to Kodais and Varoth.

“How’d you know what his favorite drink was?” Varoth whispered.

“Furios and I have worked together a long time,” Kage replied. “Occasionally, he needs a Reactor Core to calm down or else the whole mission suffers.”

“So why didn’t you give him one earlier?” Varoth continued.

“Because if we gave our members alcohol before every mission, we’d be one step away from being Clan Naga Sadow,” Kodais answered, annoyed by the fact that part of this mission depended on alcohol.

Before anything else could be said, the sounds of the shuttle landing outside grabbed everyone’s attention. Furios downed the last of his Reactor Core and tossed the empty flask to Kage with a nod before boarding the shuttle. Koga boarded last and approached the pilot.

“What took you so long?” Koga demanded. “I almost got turned into a twisted piece of art.”

Kodais Solatus

25-04-2012 02:52:53

Jusadih System
Commandeered Shuttle

The tense silence continued aboard the shuttle as it traveled to Omicron Station. Koga and Unus were engaged in quiet discourse over the events to come. Gon, now quiet agitated, sat on the floor and muttered as he did in the safe house. He was indeed difficult to figure out; an enigma wrapped in a paradox. Then there was the Epicanthix, Furios. Previously the most agitated and high strung member of the guerilla group sat in his seat and dozed with his head back and mouth open. Kodais scowled at him. Slovenly, and terribly unprofessional. However, Furios did have his moments.

Kodais and Varoth sat next to each other discussing the vision. As with most Force visions Varoth’s was vague and Delphic. Five figures are seen standing in a room; then three more arrive. After a few moments one of the five is stabbed in the back and another of the five walks away with the three.

“What do you think it means, master,” Varoth asked. The vision troubled the young Zabrak greatly. Kodais didn’t answer right away, which typically was not like him.

“I don’t know,” he began, “As you know, Force visions can mean anything. This vision is particularly vague.” His words did not give his apprentice much comfort, but then Kodais was not interested in his student’s comfort. “Continue meditating, my apprentice. I must speak with Unus and Koga.”

Without waiting for Varoth to acknowledge his command Kodais stood and approached the two Dark Jedi. As he approached the two regarded him and fell silent. What were they not telling him?

“Gentlemen,” said Kodais, “What can we expect at Omicron?” Koga looked at Unus, not willing to speak for their leader.

“I have a contact aboard that says he wants to help restore power to the Quaestor,” he answered, “We are meeting him and some of his subordinates to discuss our partnership.”

“Who is your contact,” inquired the Krath. Unus did not answer. He merely stared at Kodais as though he had not heard the question. Kodais continued, “Can he be trusted?”

“He’s a sniveling sycophant,” Unus explained, “But he’s not stupid. He knows where the true power lies.” None of what Unus had said gave Kodais any sort of piece of mind. The potential for another mission gone horribly awry was very high. However, those not trained in the Force were typically easily manipulated. There may actually be hope for this alliance. With a nod to his coconspirators he turned and strode back to his seat. On the way he kicked Furios awake. The Epicantix started and sputtered a bit before jumping up and confronting Kodais. The two stood almost nose to nose. All eyes turned to see what would happen.

“Sit down Furios,” Kodais said, “We’re almost there.” Furios turned to look out the porthole in time to see the bulk of Omicron Station heave into view. “You should relax Furios.”

Furios didn’t even turn as he said, “E chu at.”

The shuttled docked and its passengers disembarked onto the space station. For a few uneasy minutes they stood in the landing bay and waited for someone to meet them. Eventually a slender women in a Jusadih Military Regime uniform entered the bay and introduced herself.

“I am ensign Reikel,” she said, “Admiral Karr welcomes you to Omicron Station. Please follow me.” She then turned to leave and the Dark Jedi followed.

Gon Doru

26-04-2012 01:51:34

Omicron Station

Space travel was an issue for Gon Doru. It was not so much the flight as the cold that comes with the travel. His joints would ache for the next couple of hours, the dull throbbing sensation was just enough that if anyone so much as violated one of his honor bound tenants he would lash out. The walk down the corridors was silent. Everyone seemed to be kept in deep thought. The Tusken was not the only one completely sidetracked to the purpose of their battleteam being on the station. Here they were walking to speak to some admiral.

Unus had been walking casually to the left of the ensign. He had been engaging the woman in conversation. Her curt responses always came back to duty or against Station policy.

Koga walked in the front, following to the side and behind the female ensign. Whatever thoughts were occupying his mind was anyone’s guess.

Furios all but stomped down the corridor. He was like a barely restrained Gundark. He took his place to the left of Koga. He might have uttered a few words to the fellow, yet no one will ever know exactly which words were exchanged.

Kodais, the human flight leader kept pace with the young Zabrak. The two were having some kind of debate. Varoth may not have liked what he heard, his voice became deep and gruff. Whatever it was his mentor kept right on and talking.

Gon Doru kept pace with the others, but a couple of feet back. He eyed everything. The station was a hulking metal beast with long corridors.

As they moved down another corridor the team moved to dodge around a droid. All but Gon, as the Ghorfa had been looking into the open door leading into an armory of sorts. The droid, a regular translation droid walked right into him. The resulting clatter and guttural hollering got the attention of everyone else. Before anyone could react the warrior lifted his hands up and twisted the head clean off the droid. The body clattered to the floor.

“No…respect! Show…respect!” The words came from his mouth as if he was chewing on a mouthful of well-cooked nerf steak.

The ensign had drawn her weapon, yet Unus exchanged a few words with her and she put the weapon away.

Finally, after walking a good distance through the station they made it to the Admiral’s office.

“Ah, so you are the crew with a tamed Tusken Raider?”


28-04-2012 19:46:36

Omicron Station
The Admiral stood in front of his office to greet the team. In front of his grand doors, there were two guards who stood at attention. They seemed to be nothing more than for show and to make feeble attempts of intimidation. Around the entrance to the office, there were a number of portraits and pictures of past admirals and other high ranking officials. For a moment, the Krath in the group admired the history and wisdom that came from the many sights of the area. The Sith in the group noticed the dedication and strive of the old leaders to reach their seats of power. Finally, the Obelisk took sights of the great heroes, their dedication to the battle field, and their Art of War. They all took their own unique moments to reflect on their own paths. They were all different yet they had the same goals.

Unus was the first to reach Admiral Karr. They shook each other’s hands and shared a few whispered words. They were quickly joined by ensign Reikel who pointed towards the Tusken Raider in the group. Apparently she had some minor concerns.

Kodais, Koga, and Furios soon made it to the Admiral as well. They all shared professional greetings, but something seemed to seep into the air. The Dark Jedi were overjoyed to have support but anything amazing can still be “too good to be true.” Regardless of the smiles and hospitality being shown, there were still thoughts of “what if” in each of their minds. Nothing ever came free and allies weren’t cheap. Everything would be discovered in time but how much time was the question.

After nearly being mesmerized by the wondrous sights, Varoth finally began to process a few things. He remembered his vision while he was being tortured, the nervousness of his master after hearing of his vision, and the high stakes mission that they were on. So many things had happened to the young Zabrak and he didn’t know how things would pan out.

Quickly following the many thoughts going through the team's heads, the Admiral spoke to the group as a whole. “Shall we begin?” They all shared nods of agreement and followed him into his office to see what was in store.

Kuro Kogarasu

29-04-2012 12:44:11

Omicron Station
Admiral Karr's Office

The Loyalists Gathered around the table where the Admiral and Unus were seated. Kage Scouted out the room, looking for anything out of the ordinary but found nothing. Kodias and Furios eyes were fixated on the Admiral as if they knew something was up. The Templar walked over to Kodias and asked what was going on.

"I talked to Varoth about his vision." Kodais said. "what do you mean? I thought it was too distorted to make anything valuable out" Koga questioned. "Yes, but he said he couldn't help but think he has been here before, he thought about it and he said his vision was of here" Kodais looked alittle concerned. "Ok, then the people he saw that was surrounding us was just the officials, no problem" Koga chuckled alittle bit then walked back over to where he once stood. "I dont just doesn't feel right.." Kodais thought

"Well, Mister Domus. I understand your in need of help to oust the current Plagueis Summit." Karr said in a arrogant manner. "Yes, I was told you could help us set up our government, but where are the rest of the officials?" The Weeguay asked. "They have not arrived yet, We will meet them when they land, on the platform we...occupied... from the Omicrons security.

Admiral Karr continued to talk for several more minuets about anything and everything Except for the reason the Loyalist were there for.
As The Admiral was talking about how he got some scar on his arm from building a deck, a Beeping seem to come from beneath the table. Karr pulled out a small communicator. "This is Karr" He answered. "Nest is built" The voice on the other end replied. Karr put the communicator away and looked to Unus with a slight grin. "so what was that...Admiral" The Weeguay questioned the Admiral. "Dont worry about it" Kar said with a smile. He then sent the ensign, that brought everyone to the office, Out. "shes going to go..check something for me" Kar said.

After 2 minuets, Karr walked over to the door. "Lets go, We should be ready for you now" Karr said while oping the door and ushering everyone out. The Loyalist walked with Karr down hallways after wallway till they came across one with windows to the outside over looking the Omicron Platform where the meeting will take place. Kodais, Furios, Koga and Unus himself, now doubting the legitimacy of this so called meeting.

Omicron Platoform Main Deck
Meeting Time

After walking onto the Platform, Karr , accompanied by 6 Armed guards, Stood in front of the only exit bridge. "dont mind these men, They always guard the platform, think of them as security for our...meeting" He couldn't help but let out a laugh after saying that.

Unus walked up to Karr, Grabbed his collor and demanded whats going on. "Ok, just what is going on, ever since we arrived you have been acting odd, I demand an explanation..NOW" The smile faded from the Admirals face and the 6 Guards raised their weapons. 6 heavy blasters were pointing at the Weeguays Head. "I would release me now, if you dont want to have a massive headache" Koga, Kodais, Gon Doru and Varoth Gripped their sabers. "HOLD IT" Unus commanded. "Were here for a peaceful meeting, Here to Set up a New Summit, Bring order back to Plagueis" Unus released Karr and backed away. Karr Then let out a large belly laugh. "You think I invited you here to...Help you?" Unus and the loyalist looked confused "no no no, me and my men are here to bring order back to Plagueis alright...By Taking you and your...puppets, down." He let out a whistle and two personnel shuttle flew over head, Drop ropes came from the hull and solder after solder came sliding down.

The Loyalist were surrounded by 80 armed solders and Assassin Driods. Many carrying blaster rifles and slug throwers, There were even a few Shadow troopers. They Loyalist must Fight for their cause now. Out maned and out gunned, They must only depend on their will and force. "FOR PLAGUEIS!" The Loyalist yelled out just before everyone ignited their Sabers.


01-05-2012 04:58:00

With a simultaneous burst of Force energy in the form of a push, the surrounding soldiers were thrust backward off their feet. Kodais, Furios, and Unus charged into the troopers as they quickly regained their composure. Numerous blasters spewed burning tibanna while the blades of varied colors struck down soldiers and battle droids. Koga stood back, deflecting blaster fire that trailed too closely to the young Varoth while the others made their way through the small company of soldiers. At the same time, Admiral Karr ran for a small transport, leaving his elite guards behind to cover his escape. Seconds later, Furios grabbed one of the many cables on the personnel carriers and climbed toward the aircraft, dodging blaster fire on the way up. Kodais saw this maneuver and followed suit, climbing the ropes of the other carrier.

The first pilot noticed the Foxtrot Uniform climbing up to his shuttle and immediately began flying violently in an attempt to shake the unwanted attachment. The turbulence didn’t even slow the Obelisk down during his ascent. Once inside the small drop ship, Furios lunged for the pilot who had attempted to get out of his seat to defend himself. The pilot was immediately thrown from the ship to break his back on the platform amidst the small massacre below. The shuttle lurched for a moment without anyone flying it until Furios grabbed the controls. With so little experience, Furios could only steer his ride toward the boarding Admiral.

In the meantime, Kodais had commandeered the shuttle he boarded and managed to land it on a few of the Plagueian soldiers below. With the previous shuttle on its trajectory toward the Admiral’s craft, Furios leapt out of the once again pilotless troop transport, breaking his fall with the helmet of one of Karr’s guards. With a quick flourish of his saber, the Obelisk beheaded the other five soldiers just as the two transports collided, causing the demise of Admiral Karr. Seconds later, the last of the 80 soldiers and battle droids were killed and destroyed by Domus and Kage.

The group took a second to catch their breaths before moving toward the still intact shuttle. The Dark Jedi hadn’t even taken two steps before the massive durasteel shape of the NSD Ascendancy rose above the platform. Through the primary hangar, an entire battalion of over 800 troops descended from the massive flagship and took aim at the small group. Above the numerous soldiers, still on the Ascendancy, stood the shadowy figure of Tra`an Reith, ready to step in at the first necessary moment.

Kodais Solatus

02-05-2012 07:53:11

Perched atop the Plagueis flagship Tra’an surveyed the scene below him: crashed aircraft, dead soldiers, and the Dark Jedi responsible. So there were indeed faces to put with the shadowy rebels that destroyed his ships, stole his supplies, and killed his men. This band of saboteurs and brigands would trouble him no more after this day.

“I will deal with the leader,” he said to his officers, “Kill the others.”

Upon uttering his final syllable Tra’an leapt from the Ascendancy and landed amidst his troops. Almost immediately he ignited his lightsaber and launched himself at Unus. The Weequay ignited his own blade and defended himself as best he could.

Before his fellow guerillas could come to their leader’s aide the troopers of Plagueis opened fire on the Dark Jedi. Through a hail of blaster bolts Kodais maneuvered his way back to the transport he had commandeered to get it airborne. He was only a few meters from the cockpit before a blot from an E-WEB struck the engines rendering the aircraft useless. Committed to his movement, Kodais dove behind the transport and hunkered down. At the start of the fire fight Koga had surmised Kodais’ plan and, while dragging Varoth behind him, made for the transport as well. Just as Kodais took cover behind it they showed up. Kodais was now firing back at the soldiers with a blaster rifle.

Koga shouted to Kodais, “Ideas?”

“Uhh,” was all Kodais could say as he searched for the others. Koga rolled his eyes then launched himself into the fray. Soldiers fell like wheat before his blade. Varoth joined his Master at the impromptu battlements and fired at the soldiers.

Across the platform Furios and Gon were pinned down behind storage container. Gon fired well aimed shots at the advancing troopers; one trooper falling for every shot. Furios alternated between returning fire with a blaster and deflecting blaster bolts with his lightsaber. There was no way the Dark Jedi would be able to hold off this onslaught.

Unus and Tra’an fought in the center of the platform oblivious to the seven kinds of Hell going on around them. Fuelled by rage Tra’an overpowered the Dark Jedi Knight and began driving him back. Unus new this would happen and directed his path towards the doors to the hallway. If Unus could get Tra’an alone he might be able to convince him to cease his hostilities. In a few short seconds Unus had lead Tra’an to the open doors leading deeper into Omicron Station.

The situation for Kodais and Varoth had become desperate. There were too many of them. Their position was in very serious danger of being over run. Kodais had just ducked behind the fuselage of the transport when a trooper stepped around the tail end and fired a shot that glanced off the fuselage just above his head. In an instant Kodais leapt to his feet and cut the trooper down with his lightsaber. Standing over the bisected body Kodais turned to Varoth.

“Varoth, we’re out flanked,” he shouted, “Prepare to move ba…” Before Kodais could finish shouting his orders a trooper stuck his blaster around the tail of the transport and shot Kodais in the gut. Varoth watched in horror as the body of Kodais folded and collapsed to the floor.

“Master,” screamed Varoth. The trooper then came around the tail and met Varoth’s blaster fire in the face. “Koga! Kodais is hit!”

From where they were at Furios could not see what was happening behind the grounded speeder, but he felt something was more wrong than it should be. Both Kodais and Varoth had stopped firing and Koga was cutting his way back the transport.

“Gon,” he shouted, “Something’s not right we need to get to Koga and the others.”

Gon said something in his Tusken language and gestured wildly in between shots.

“I don’t know,” answered Furios, “Be creative!” Furios looked around frantically for something, anything they could use against the troopers. In his search he realized they were behind a storage container and cut a hole in the side with his lightsaber. He disappeared into the darkness of the durasteel container for a few moments before re-emerging with a PLX-1 missile launcher. How fortuitous to have taken cover behind a portable arms room.

Through the Force he warned Koga of the impending attack before launching the missile across the platform. The high explosive missile landed amidst the advancing troopers and virtually disintegrated the front line. Pieces of armor and people rained down across the platform as Furios reloaded. Gon had stopped shooting and marveled at the destruction technology brought to the fight. Furios reloaded and fired another missile into the line attacking his position with similar effects. With a lull in the shooting it was time to move.

“Gon, let’s go!”

Lightsabers clashed brilliantly in the low light of the hallway as the two Dark Jedi fought. Unus had intermittently been trying to reason with Tra’an that they were in fact not the enemy. Tra’an mostly ignored such pleas and pressed the attack harder.

“Listen to me,” Unus said, “We’re the ones that crippled General Volkman’s faction on Shintera!”

“Those were my agents traitor,” Tra’sn retorted.

“No! You’re agents were there, but their incompetence lead us to step in.!” Unus deactivated his lightsaber and continued. “Think about it. Every action we’ve taken against your units and personnel have been aimed at rooting out rebels and opportunists. We are loyal to you and Plagueis alone.”

The hallway shuddered and the lights flickered briefly as Tra’an regarded the Weequay and pondered his words. Indeed his agents had uncovered many facts relating to seditions intentions by those that had been killed by Unus and his band. However, those forces were under the banner of Plagueis and said actions against them could not be ignored. In the silence Unus’ communicator crackled to life.

“Unus,” Koga’s voice was stressed and breathless, “Kodais has been hit and we’re pinned down! Where are you?”

Unus took the comm link and brought it to his mouth, “Retreat. I’m surrendering myself.”

Koga could hardly believe what he had heard. He almost answered but realized there was no other choice. They would either stand and die, or run to fight another day. Fuiros and Gon had rallied behind the transport with him and the others. With them together they were able to put up a better fight, but the situation was still hopeless. He looked for a possible escape route and spotted a stairwell leading off the platform behind them. The route to the stairwell was right in the middle of a deadly crossfire, but it was the only way.

“Gon,” the Sith commanded, “Pick up Kodais! Everyone follow me!”

Gon Doru

02-05-2012 16:16:03

Omicron Station

The once Tusken looked down at the wounded human. Certainly this Knight could heal himself. Yet Koga had ordered him to pick up Kodais. With as little ceremony as one may pick up a box of spare parts, Kodais was lifted up. The pain in the man was intense and he either fainted or entered some force induced trance, whichever it was Gon could not tell.

A midst blaster fire the knight was lifted into the back of a shuttle. Koga had the systems up and primed. Once inside Kodais was put into a chair with as much pomp as he had been lifted and then strapped in place. The Tusken sat next to him an strapped himself in. His cycler rifle aimed directly at the ramp of the shuttle in case any more soldiers poked their stupid heads into his sights.

Varoth ran up the ramp and past screaming about a trooper. As the soldier pressed in toward the Zabrak his head exploded into a cloud of brains and steam. The Tusken reloaded the preach and slid the bolt into action.

The last to enter the shuttle was Furios, his lightsaber swinging wildly to block blaster fire. As soon as he was in Koga lifted the craft up and aimed the nose out the hanger.

The stations turbolaser batteries opened fire on the small craft. Koga masterfully dodged and danced the craft around the super heated bolts of plasma, and managed to out distance the stations weapons. No other vessel attempted pursuit.

The entry into the atmosphere went uneventful. Koga landed the craft down in the out skirts of the commercial district. The landing was quick and smooth. As the dissidents exited the shuttle Koga pressed a few buttons on the console and shouted for everyone to run. The explosion was small, and sounded like it only vaporized the electronics inside the craft.

City of Olvaldi
Transvall Road
Building 12 Basement

At last they had made it back to their hideout. The Tusken sat himself once more in a corner and began to clean his rifle. Varoth and Kodais stood apart but together. As for Furios and Koga. The two were in a heated argument that was accentuated with attempted strikes from Furios. The Epicanthix was angry. That anger was focused on the loss of Unus.

Koga deftly blocked each and every blow. Soon it came apparent that Furios was not going to stop. Soft words did not cool him. The commander simply reached forward, and looked at Furios who appeared to become deflated. His posture softened and he slumped down to sit on the floor.

"Everyone," Koga began, "Unus sacrificed himself so that we might escape. Our enemies are unaware that we do this for the rightful commander of Plagueis. We will continue to fight. We will battle everyday, and we will bring our enemies to their knees. We will not stop until Plagueis is purified of this disease. None of you failed Unus this day. You fought valiantly. All of you did your part to keep our crew alive."

Then Koga sat down in a chair pulled out his lightsaber and stared at the magnificent weapon. He was searching for something. The tool that was an extension of him must hold advice and wisdom.

Kuro Kogarasu

04-05-2012 13:10:13

City of Olvaldi
Transvall Road
Building 12 Basement

Koga sat down in a chair. The capture of his leader and friend was too much to bare. Looking around the room, Kodais seriously wounded, others injured as well. The Templar's rage erupted. A burst of energy surrounded the room destroying creates, tables and chairs. Kage yelling and punching walls. His Temper out of control. In mists of his rage fueled temper tantrum, a hand slowly was places on his shoulder.

"Koga, you need to calm down, everyone is looking at you for advice" The calming words from his friend Furios eased the beast inside, and Kage sat back down on one of the few chairs that were not destroyed. Pulling out his Hilt and staring at it, seeing visions of his father, flickered in his head. "Father, guide me in this time of need" The Obelisk thought. Lifting his head, eyes scanning the room, seeing the faces of his fellow team mates looking at him. he know what he must say.

"Fellow Plagueians, We all are here for the same reason. To see Plagueis rise again." Kage knew he was speaking empty words. "With the loss of our Leader, it must not slow our cause." With the loyalists gathered around, Kage felt the last little glimmer of hope and faith leave and He knows that everyone else felt the same but he knew he had to try to assure them that they would be alright and their actions will not go unnoticed.

Koga, seated in the corner, over looking the whole room, was meditating over what needs to be done but his anger issues kept conflicting with his thoughts. All Koga wanted to do was burst into Unus's holding cell, kill all the guards and break him out. Kogas anger and blood lust was noticed by his friend Furios and he walked up to Kage and put his hand on the Templar's shoulder. " Kage, we need you clear minded. must not forget our goal. I will take over from here" Kage looked into Furios eyes, the flames in his eyes were met by Furios's calming eyes. "yes, I am clearly not in the right mind at the moment" Kage gripped his saber and lowered his head. Furios then rose and approached the center of the room. "Listen up Loyal Plangians..."

Ambush is Now Closed. Brethren Will Start Up Shortly

Kodais Solatus

05-05-2012 04:44:22

A Primus Pilus Run On
Run Time 3 weeks
(Starts on 05/05/12)
(Ends on 05/26/12)

Wounded in body and pride and disheartened by the loss of their de facto leader, the Dark Jedi of the group begin to lose faith in their cause; only Furios has the presence of will to gather and strengthen them. Now, seeking much-needed support from the distasteful source of pirates and soldiers of fortune, Pilus attempts it's most daring, defiant, and risky move yet - breaking Domus out of Solitary within Keto Prison.

Posting Order:

1. Furios
2. Kodais
3. Fistan
4. Zuser
5. Kal
6. Varoth
7. Koga

Each person will be giver 36 hours to make a post, if no post is made then the next one in line will post, and so on.


05-05-2012 18:53:12

City of Olvaldi
Transvall Road
Building 12 Basement

“Listen up loyal Plagueians,” Furios demanded as he stepped into the center of the dimly lit room. “Unus Domus didn’t give himself up so we could wallow in our own sorrow. He did it because he believes in this cause. He did it because he believes that what we’ve been doing this whole time is the right thing to do.” The others continued to listen silently, some of them looking pitifully at the floor, some of them looking at the tall Knight before them. Koga continued to stare at his lightsaber as the words hit him.

“I see in this room some of the bravest, most clear-headed men in the entire Jusadih System. We are the few who clearly see what is making the House weaker and the even fewer who are brave enough to do something about it.” As Furios spoke, the eyes of those who were watching him slowly lit up and those who were looking at the floor or their own laps looked up to face him. Koga continued to look at his lightsaber.

“I know we all believe that goal of cleansing Plagueis is right or else we would not be here. Now if that is right, then Unus’ capture is wrong. Since that is wrong and we know it, the question is,” the Epicanthix paused to shift his gaze toward Koga, “what are we going to do about this injustice?”

Kage looked up from his weapon to meet Furios’ stare. As he realized what the Epicanthix was getting at, the Templar stood up. “We have to retrieve our leader. We have to break him out of whatever prison Tra’an is holding him in.”

“Exactly,” the larger Obelisk said with a grin. “Now, how are we going to do this? So does anybody have any ideas on how we’re going to do this?”

Kodais Solatus

07-05-2012 05:32:57

Jusadih System
Cell 1138, Keto Prison

A thin ray of light from the small widow in the door of the cell was the only illumination of the solitary confinement cell. Seated on the durasteel floor just beyond the light was a black clothed Weequay. It was difficult for Unus to say how long he had been in the cell. Apart from a guard that would look in on him from time to time there had been no evidence to indicate that his captors had remembered him. Ever since Unus had been placed in the austere cell he had nothing but his thoughts to keep him company. Ordinarily he would be meditating, but the caged ysalamiri in each corner of the cell completely cut him off from the Force.

Alone with just his thoughts Unus could not help to ponder his fate and the fate of his confederates. What would become of them? Did they even make it off of Omicron Station? If so would they continue their mission? It was enough drive a lesser being mad with uncertainty. Unus would trust in the Force and his own righteous convictions.

City of Olvaldi
Transvall Road
Building 12 Basement

The basement of building 12 was a buzz of activity. It had taken several days but the Dark Jedi had finally discovered where Unus was being held. Keto Prison on Morroth. The vital information had come to them by way of an old friend of Furios. Zandra Eranis stood apart from the group and spoke with Furios and Koga. Apparently Zandra had influential friends within less than reputable circles; pirates, mercenaries and the like.

Varoth and Gon looked over the schematics of the prison and analyzed possible attack and escape routes. Gon muttered to himself, apparently thinking out loud, as he made notes and drew lines on the documents. Varoth did likewise from other directions. Kodais lay on a the floor against the wall still healing his wound.

“And these men will work for us,” Koga asked Zandra.

“Yes,” she confirmed, “But they will require half of the payment up front.”

“We’ll deal with that later,” he turned to Furios, “Make the calls and arrange what you can.”

Furios nodded and took his communicator from his belt. Koga nodded to Zandra and walked over to Gon and Varoth to see what options they had at their disposal.

Gon Doru

07-05-2012 21:10:36

City of Olvaldi
Transvall Road
Building 12 Basement

Varoth raised his head and looked at Koga, and Furios. He nudged Gon to do the same. After clearing his throat the Commander looked over at the table. It was obvious that Gon had no idea how to deal with the prison. His sketches contained mostly lines and circles. He simply refused to write any word down to give his idea a semblance of transliteration. Varoth, on the other hand seemed to know his way around some of the more obvious parts of a prison. His drawings were attached to words. None of the words made sense, but there were words there.

"We got an idea" Varoth motioned at the map. "This idea calls for stealth."

What followed was about an hour of Varoth drowning on about the drawings. He even tried to make sense of what Gon had done, yet if anyone could understand it that person was on a distant planet somewhere. The former Tusken took this as an opportunity to begin explaining his idea. When his garbled Galactic Basic and Ghorfa made it to hard to understand he switched to using Jawa instead. His rapid fire words and gestures only seemed to anger Furios.

"Look we do not speak your desert Hermit language," Furios slammed his fist next to Doru. "Do you have a viable plan on getting Unus out or not?"

When the Flight Leader looked at the map again, he could see that some of the Tusken doodling had a specific order of opperations that made complete sense. Only after viewing what Varoth had jotted down did what the Gon had added completed the picture.

"Varoth you see what Gon did there?"

"No...I thought...but he was..." Varoth was confused. Every bit of Doru's plans only added to and reinforced his own. In fact with out the scratched lines and such Varoth's plan had a hole you could fly a Death Star through.

"Guys come and look at this, I think we have our plan." Furios shouted.

Koga, hooked his lightsaber onto his belt and walked over. Kodais ambled over to take a quick glance.


09-05-2012 04:28:06

Jusadih System
Interrogation and Torture Cell 2183, Keto Prison

The sound of electricity is heard, accompanied by grunts and cries of pain, echoes around the cold cell. Zuser Whuloc sat chained to a dura-steel chair, which was hooked up to an electric generator making it an electrical chair, wearing what barely qualified as shorts as he was hit with electric shocks. He was given only a moment of respite, which he used to pant from the pain, small streams of steam leaving his mouth with each pant. He groaned from the pain and he was suddenly wracked with pain as arcs of electricity coursed through him through the chair. Almost as soon as he was given a moment to breathe, a hard punch connected with his face and a heavy, boot-clad foot connected with his chest, causing his chair to fall back and him with it. He grunted in pain when his chair hit the floor with him. His body was once again suddenly wracked with immense pain as he was shocked again, his eyes shut tight as screams and cries of pain left his mouth. Ever since the operation he was part of went wrong, he’d been captured and taken here for interrogation and torture. He held his tongue, keeping strong. When he’d heard from one of his torturers that Unus had been captured, arrested, and brought to Keto Prison, his will was only strengthened. Even when his torturer told him that Unus had been frozen in carbonite, he still held firm. Even as he was beaten, shocked and cut, he never said a word about his comrades still fighting.

He had been moved from sitting in a chair to being chained to the ceiling by his arms, leaving him suspended in the freezing, cold air, his ragged breath coming out in puffs and streams of steam. Every now and then, the interrogator would inject a fluid that burned harshly, increasing the pain due to the cold. His vision swam every time he was injected with it but he still held fast. He had some deep cuts on his upper-arms, right below his shoulders and one right on his right shoulder. On the right side of his face he had a long, deep cut right on his cheek going horizontally that was just under his eye. It wasn’t a thick scar but it was noticeable. He had a couple cuts going diagonally down across his chest, his heart sitting right between the two slashes. All of those cuts had started to become scars, the smaller ones having already become scars.

Zuser looked up slightly as he heard his cell door open and his torturer entered, the cell door hissing shut behind him. Zuser’s eyes followed him as he went to activate the torture droid and to pick up some other bladed objects that he intended to use on the young Guardian. As the torturer and droid approached, the message behind the young Obelisk's glare was clear:

When I get out of here, I will personally kill you myself with your own tools.


10-05-2012 13:45:06

City of Olvaldi
Transvall Road
Building 12 Basement

Everyone huddled around the drawing board as Furios began to finalize and explain the combined plans of Varoth and Gon. The plan would call for a stealth invasion of the prison. Everyone would go in two small groups to evade detection and they would have key objectives to complete. They would start by entering an old cave that led under the prison. From there they could drill into two storage rooms in the basement. Each group would then secure their room for a potential escape. They would then proceed to their respective objectives; the security room and the holding cells. The first team would consist of Gon, Varoth, and Furios. They would break into the security room, eliminate the guards inside, and guide the other team through the complex. The next objective will be for the other team, Kodais and Koga, to sneak into the holding area for the prisoners. The second team would be smaller to decrease the chances of being caught. They would look for Unus and any others for the cause. If anything went wrong they could always start a prison riot. Every member would be equipped with some kind of explosive and a tranquillizer to cause some chaos, make a quick exit, or immobilize a guard. If they could remain stealthed then they would go out from the small underground tunnels that they came in from. If they were caught then they could call in a distraction from some hired mercenaries or pirates, or make a run for the prison’s hanger. Regardless, the main goal was to get Unus out of there and for everyone to make it out alive.

The team thought over the plan for a moment. It had some risks but it could be done. They would have to trust in the Force and hope that it would guide them to Unus. They would have to hope that their just cause would be recognized and honored after this was all over.

Furios got a sudden call from his communicator. He walked off while the rest of the group reviewed over the plan. “Furios here,” He awaited a reply. A voice then replied “I just thought you’d like to know… Zuser is there too.” Furios stopped for a moment and smiled. “Well this will be one hell of a reunion.”

Kuro Kogarasu

10-05-2012 23:50:01

City of Olvaldi
Transvall Road
Building 12 Basement

Koga nodded in agreement to the pairings and plan laid out by Furios. After he finished his call, Furios turned back towards the table and relayed the message that was given to him. "Zuser has been captured, We must bring him back as well. The plan will not change" The look in everyone's eyes said it all. They all were ready for what they had to do. "Question, how will we get there with no ship or a pilot?" Varoth asked. "A delivery shuttle will be landing on the roof in 10 minuets to drop off some crates for the warehouse next door. We will...Barrow it and the pilot, Im sure we can pursue him into taking us where we need to go" Furios said with a slight chuckle while glancing to Koga.

Koga and Kodais, as well as the others, gathered their gear and headed for the roof top. Just like Furios said, a small cargo shuttle was docked on the roof near the warehouse's loading bay that was next door. The 5 men boarded the shuttle and Koga and Furios approached the pilot. "we need to head to Morroth, congratulations, your taking us there" Furios said in a stern manner. "but..sir I..I cant, I have a job to do and I..." The man was cut short to Kogas fancy Gunslinger moves and intimidating presence. "sir...we wont tell you again" The tall Templar said as he leaned in closer to the pilot. "yes sir, what ever yall say" The door shut and they were air bound.

Morroth Air space
Mountains Near Keto Prison

The shuttle Landed just out side the cave that was mentioned in the plan. The door opened and everyone got out. Koga turned around just before the door shut to yell at the pilot. "wait here, we will need to.." Kage was cut short from the door slamming shut and the shuttle taking off like a lighting bolt. "Remind me to riddle him with holes when I see him again" Koga said to the team.

"Ok men, before we do this, I need to make something clear." Furios addressed the team "These people here, although confused, are still Plagueians, our brothers. No unnecessary killing.....Koga" Furios paused and then looked at Koga. "I know how your temper is" Koga just looked back with a sinister grin. once he made it clear, and everyone understood their job and objective, they entered the cave.


12-05-2012 14:15:27

Furios led his group through the dark cave as the wind howled at the entrance. Every step made by the Plagueians echoed loudly as they followed the Epicanthix into the cold cave. Everybody carried a light as well as parts for powerful drilling equipment. Nobody said this was going to be easy and nobody expected it to. Attached to each man was a small floodlight to aid sight in the darkness. Furios stared down at the guidance module that was leading him to the right spot for drilling. Behind him stood Koga Kage who walked with his head held high to follow the Knight in front of him. Gon Doru looked down and grumbled to himself while lightly clawing at his head as if the cold were giving causing him pain. Behind him walked the Human and Zabrak shapes of Kodais and Varoth respectively. Varoth strode next to his master while Kodais thumbed the pommel of his combat knife in anticipation.

Furios suddenly stopped at a small point in the cave and pointed at a spot for one team to set up their set of drilling equipment and another spot for his own group to begin. Once the components were set in place, Furios set a small device into the stone above his drill as Koga did the same under the other one. The small devices were vibration pulsating sensory neutralizers that would ensure that the security systems would not sense the drilling into the storage rooms. Many feet of stone slowly fell apart under the rotating head of the drill. Almost an hour had passed by before the falling dust changed from the dark grey color of stone to a lighter grey color that signified duracrete foundation. Another few moments passed before the two drills broke through the heavy tile flooring above. Satisfied with the size of the holes, Furios and Koga each climbed up their respective entrances. Gon Doru followed Furios while Varoth and Kodais followed Koga.

When Furios climbed out of the recently made hole in the ground, he examined the storage area. Numerous lockers covered the walls, all holding emergency riot gear. Racks of stun batons located in intervals gathered dust and benches to aid armor adornment sat in the center. In the other storage room, Koga saw a number of containers that held emergency rations in case of storms that prevented fresh food supply. Once inside, Kodais and Varoth followed Koga in search of the holding cells while Furios and the Fistandantilusi went in search of the security room.

Gon Doru

15-05-2012 15:37:59

Keto Prison
Deep with in its walls

A solitary light shone down upon the coppery sheen of the carbon-frozen Dark Jedi Unus. The leader of the greatest Thorn in the Tyrannical side of Plagueis' false leadership, now lays frozen in a dark sequestered part of the prison. Cold damp of the room smells of mold and mildew, and stagnant water drips quietly in the shadows. There is no breeze, and the ventilation system had been disconnected. Sound does not echo in the cell, for no one walks into this part of the prison. There is no way to get to this cell without having to go through the long corridors and multiple floors of the prison. At least that is the common thought of the prison staff, and those ignorant enough to trust the builders of the institution.

In another cell on another floor lays another brave warrior of the rebel battle team. Zuser had been unceremoniously disposed of in the middle of the floor after rigorous interrogations had left him a broken and bruised shade of a man. His mind seemed lost, and any who checked on him would see that he had remained still and non-moving from his torture. Zuser would not possess enough strength to move on his own for some time. The integrator had seen to that. If hopelessness could be material, the cell would have been painted in the deepest shade of it, for nothing could possibly help him now. He was lost to the cause. He was stuck in a cell. He was helpless to do anything.

Keto Prison
Commandants' Office

Through the window looking into the office a solitary gaurd had been posted. He watched through the glass as the man named Tra'an spoke with wild gestures at the other man in the office. Some captain or such that had been in charge of the interrogation of Zuser had gone too far, or so the rumor went. All the captain could do was stand there and take the shouts. It was obvious he wanted to hang his head in regret, yet he did not. An officer knew better than to lower his gaze at the great Tra'an. When the shouting had finished the fearsome Dark Jedi Master, threw open the door.

"And you! I do not know who put Unus in that dank cell but I want him up in the standard holding area!"

Keto Prison
Security Offices

Cameras and monitors bleeped in the semi-solitude of their simple processors giving digital life to a rather boring atmosphere. The two guards that watched the monitors of Section Aurek 1102 had just arrived on duty. The guards they relieved reported all things nominal.

"Of course it was nominal" the first guard mocked. "It is always nominal."

"True," the second guard nodded in agreement. "We are not even in the dangerous part of the compound."

"Nor would we. They do not want to pay us hazard pay."

The two guards got back to work staring at the various panels and control nobs. Both of them unaware of the figures crawling through the ventilation ducts above their heads. At some point a vent was loosened and Furios focused with the force to lower the metal piece quietly to the ground. Gon Doru drew his Tusken Rifle, this time there was a silencer fashioned to the end. It would quite the retort of the bullet but not reduce the sound of the cycler unit. Aiming at just below center of mass on the first guard Fistan squeezed the trigger. A single bullet enshrouded with superheated plasma spat from the end of the rifle. The unarmored guard slumped forward in his seat. The second guard believing the other had fallen asleep turned just enough to see the glint off the scope on the rifle. Another shot, another dead body. The Tusken climbed out of the shaft first and then assisted Furios.

Keto Prison
A corridor somewhere

Koga, Kodais, and Varoth silently skulked down the corridor. Making their way to the holding cells they had learned held Zuser and Unus. They would be heavily guarded, but Furios and Fistandantilusi would be in the security post and will have deactivated any systems that might alert the guards to their presence. As the trio hunted further down the corridor the anticipation of a possible fight could nearly be felt coming from their bodies like the heat radiating from a star. Nearing the cell block entry way Koga called for a stop. He hand motioned the directions each would take upon entering the area. As soon as he finished he gave a hand sign motioning them to prepare for the attack.


20-05-2012 10:03:16

Jusadih System
Interrogation and Torture Cell 2183, Keto Prison

"Enough!" Octavia yelled over the screams of torture from the young man hanging from the ceiling. The torturer quickly stepped back from Zuser and went about his business of cleaning up his tools as Octavia looked over the prisoner. She sighed to herself, recalling reading his record and why he was in her prison to begin with. It annoyed her greatly that so many of her House were here because the Leadership of the House was so busy in fixing the wrongs of one horrible leader that it let everything else fall by the wayside. She looked at the Guardian with a look of sadness in her eyes. As much as she was following orders for her leader, the Dark Jedi Knight felt conflicted within herself over having him here, so she would try to help him the best way she could without letting him go without reason. With a wave of her had she dismissed the torturer and waited for the doors to his shut and they were alone for her to speak.

" Why don't you just tell us what you were really up to? OR make up something. I know your Master must have explained to you how important faking it can be. It get's you out of problems like this.It could get you and your friend out of here."

Zuser just stared at the Dark Jedi for a minute before violently spitting in her face. Octavia stood her ground and resisted the urge to pull out her lightsaber and end his life. Instead she wiped her face of the spittle and blood and raised an eyebrow.

"For someone hanging from the ceiling you sure are a defiant little thing, aren't you?"

She knew there would be no response, so she walked around him once more, the only sounds in the room were her heels clicking on the metallic floor, the chains and their breathing. She felt a slight change in the level of the force in her prison and sighed. Trouble was brewing, and right now she wasn't sure if she was ready to deal with whatever that trouble might be.

Kuro Kogarasu

21-05-2012 15:38:27

Keto Prison
Cell Block Entrance

Koga, Varoth and Kodais stood outside the main cell bock that is believed to house the Carbonite frozen Unus and the battered Zuser. "ok I see Unus, he is in cell 2182, Right beside him, I can only assume is Zuser, He is in his cell chained to the ceiling, but he is not alone. it looks like there is some guards out side their cell" Furios said over their Com links from back in the security office. "We will need yall out here once we acquire Unus and Zuser, so get your selfs here now" Koga said. "come out on the opposite side, distract the guards so we can go in and get Unus and Zuser" Koga said.

Keto Prison
Cell 2183

Not knowing what was coming, she left a few guards to stand in front of rooms 2182 and 2183 while she headed back to the security office to check the cameras.

Keto Prison
Cell Block Entrance

Fistan called upon the force to pull a few small stone from the walls and toss them across the hall. This caught the attention of the guards and caused them to go check out the noise. Once the hall was clear Varoth, Koga and Kodais entered the Call block and went into Unus Cell. "Go free Zuser, quickly, those guards will be back any minuet" Kodais yelled out.

Koga and Kodais freed Unus. His limp body dropped to the ground. "wha...whose there" "its Kodais sir, Koga and Varoth, along with Furios and Fistan are here as well" Kodais said as he helped their leader to his feet. "so...any plans on getting out of here?" Unus asked. "We can escape from the hanger, its just right down the hallway of there" Koga pointed to the hallway where the noise of foot steps approaching. "We need to hurry, their coming back!" Varoth yelled out. Furios and Fistan with a beaten Zuser met Koga, Kodais and Unus out in the main hall.

With the Loyalist all together again they had to make their escape. As they made their way to the hanger, they were not only met with a large amount of blaster wielding security officers and guards. Their Commander was there. None other then The Jedi Knight, Octavia.
"well well, look who we have here, Why are you here in my prison?" Her Saber ignited and her solders blasters all aimed at their targets.


26-05-2012 20:11:17

Furios stepped to the front of the group to address the woman blocking their path. “We are taking these prisoners off your hands,” he said calmly. “You would be wise to step aside.”

“Not a chance, Furios,” the Sith woman replied angrily.

“And I suppose you think stopping us is possible,” the Epicanthix replied with another step forward.

The sound of the leather boot on the smooth floor was met with the clicking sounds of many blaster rifles being set and aimed at the Obelisk. Furios frowned at the numerous black-armored guards on the walkway above the hangar. Octavia let the corner of her mouth curl up in a small smile, clearly amused by the boldness of the much taller Knight.

“You seem to have this illusion that you have the upper hand, Furios,” Obrie mused. “I’m not going to let you leave now, with or without those prisoners.”

“Then you leave me no choice,” Furios replied coldly.

Just as Furios activated his cerulean blade, Kodais drew on the power of the Force to make the entire hangar darker than the blackest night. Octavia and her opponent both focused on Force Sight soon after and began their duel while the rest of the loyalists made their way around to the Chaser. For a moment, the Sith turned to stop the fleeing Dark Jedi but before she could do anything, Furios delivered a light blow to her side. The woman stumbled back a few steps from the blow.

“Your fight is right here, Octavia.”

“Shut up, traitor. I’ll stop this prison break of yours yet.”

“I’m a traitor?” Furios asked with another parry of his opponent’s lightsaber. “If we were traitors, you and all the guards in this place would have been killed without a second thought.”

The Epicanthix paused for a moment to block another strike from the Sith. “Did you even read the reports on those two prisoners?”

“Of course I did,” Octavia stated angrily. “Both of them were imprisoned for a number of things, sabotage, murder, insubordination, to name a few, all against the Plagueian forces. In other words, they are traitors and so are you.”

“That is what it appears to be on the surface,” Furios continued while blocking more blows from the pale, blue blade aimed at him. “But that’s not the entire story. Do you know which ‘Plagueian forces’ were attacked by us? Of course you don’t because it isn’t listed. We attacked dangerous factions within House Plagueis. We attacked those who would seek to overthrow the weakened regime. We simply trimmed the cancerous cells from the healthy ones. We are doing nothing but good for the House.”

Furios, I can’t hold this darkness much longer,” the voice of Kodais entered the Obelisk’s mind. “Hurry it up.”

“I don’t believe you!” Octavia yelled at the Epicanthix before aiming a kick at his groin.

Furios grunted and fell to one knee, but he recovered quickly enough to block a downward blow from his opponent. Less than an instant later, Furios stood up and stepped very close to the woman, wrestling the lightsaber out of her hands. With a push from his elbow, the Obelisk knocked Octavia back and immediately followed up with a kick to her lower abdomen. She fell onto her back just as the heavy boot that had put her there stepped onto her chest, keeping her from moving.

As the darkness lifted, the numerous guards in the area saw their Commander lying on her back, being pinned down by the larger Plagueian with his foot on her chest and his lightsaber at her neck while holding her own lightsaber in his other hand. Octavia only glared at him, almost daring him to kill her.

“I already told you I’m not here to kill you,” Furios said as he threw Octavia’s lightsaber over his shoulder. “I fight to strengthen Plagueis, not to weaken it.”

Through the Force Octavia pulled her lightsaber to her, but the weapon’s path was stopped by Furios’ blade as it sliced through the airborne hilt with a precise cut. With a clearly audible sigh of disappointment Furios walked away from his beaten opponent and up the ramp of the Chaser.

“If you do not see that,” Furios said over his shoulder, “then you are an even greater fool than I thought.”

The tall Obelisk continued up the entrance ramp of the Chaser and into the ship. On board, Zuser had been set in the pilot’s seat and had begun preparing for takeoff while Koga began dressing his wounds with the first aid kit from the ship. Whuloc periodically winced in pain as chemicals ate away at the infected tissue and Bacta prompted the regeneration of new tissue. When the Guardian reached for the control to the ship’s entrance ramp, Furios placed his hand on Zuser’s wrist.

“Wait a moment,” he said. Almost a full minute ticked by on the dashboard chrono. “Okay, let’s go,” Furios said as he felt the presence of Octavia entering the ship. A moment later, the woman stepped into the room as liftoff commenced, still angry about the loss of her weapon.

“I’ve decided to help you for now,” Octavia began. “But I will not hesitate to turn on you if I find that you’ve lied to me,” she continued with a glare at Furios.

Zuser piloted the ship through the hangar doors which opened without a problem thanks to Octavia. The Chaser and its passengers left Keto Prison and the Planet Morroth behind only minutes later.

Kodais Solatus

29-05-2012 06:21:30

City of Olvaldi
Transvall Road
Building 12 Basement

The Loyalists had completed their rescue mission and were even heavy one newcomer. They had made it back to their safe house without incident. Octavia had shown the others where the various tracking devices were placed on the Chaser and they were removed. While this had left the small group untraceable to the Summit they were still on edge. Tired but relieved by their success the Loyalists settled into their home.

Unus suffered from a mild case of Hibernation Sickness; his motor skills were sluggish and his eyesight blurry so Furios helped him to a chair. Kodais, Varoth, and Gon carried Zuser to a cot and laid him on it. He desperately needed medical attention. Though he was given intravenous drugs and Bacta during the flight back he was sleep deprived and unable to heal properly. With a little rest he would recover fully. Koga took Octavia aside and brought her up to speed on recent events as well as their goals and objectives.

With their leader back the group felt whole again. The patriarch had returned to the head of the family. Though there was still uncertainty as to their future.

“What happens now,” Varoth asked his master.

Before Kodais could answer Unus spoke, “We continue.” All eyes turned to him as he continued, “What has happened changes nothing. We will continue to seek out and find the treasonous scum that infects our House and destroy it.”

Unus’ words were met with nods of affirmation. They drew strength from him; from his determination, loyalty. They would not stop until Plagueis was free of disease.

Kodais Solatus

29-05-2012 06:24:50

The last run-on of Origins, Brethren, is now officially comcluded.

Gon Doru

03-08-2012 21:22:39

36 ABY
Orian System
Proximity=AA emplacement

“Sir, this battery is guarded by an AT-AT!”

“I do not want to hear your excuses for failure this day,” a blast of Force energy pushed the Trandosian warrior back a pace. “or have you forgotten the honor your Scorekeeper has blessed upon you this day?”

With the mention of their goddess the lizard-people lifted their shoulders and prepared themselves for the battle at hand. Taking out am encamped Anti-air battery guarded by one large armored transport a few dozen soldiers and a couple of armored scouts. There was nothing the heavily armed mercenaries could not take down. Their stubbornness for combat and their desire to gain points for their goddess was something the Sith knight learned to manipulate from the months he spent with them.

There was the scent of blood in the air, or was that anticipation? It did not matter, the Knight was about to slaughter himself some of the unworthy filth that Clan Naga Sadow employed to protect their worthless souls. The end of the day would be saturated in ecstasy the bitter sweet pleasure of destruction and death.

“Commander I want you to line up your heavy weapons on that rise over there, and prepare for my signal.”

As time approached for combat Telum stood at the ready, and positioned himself in such a way as to observe the entire field of battle. A scout from the Plagueian infantry approached the Dark Jedi and handed him a datapad.

“Sir, we have fifty armed soldiers on the across this rise ready for battle,” the scout declared. “And General Kal sends his regards.”

“Tell your men to prepare for my signal, first these filthy lizardmen will open fire and then you will charge.”

With that Telum turned away away lifted his lightsaber, and ignited it. Over his shoulders rockets and proton projectiles fired and streaked into the encampment. Explosions rumbled and shook the ground. Dirt and debris flew all over and pelted the enemy. Out of the midst of the dirt and dust crimson blaster fire lit up the area.