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New Trivia


This trivia will consist of three rounds spanning the week of June 9th. The rounds will follow a MWF format. Round 1 begins Monday, Round 2 begins Wednesday, and Round 3 starts on Friday the 13th. Each round's questions will have a different theme and all questions will be posted here. There isn't much time between rounds so you'll need to check early and often for the new questions and get your answers in fast.

The first questions will be posted sometime the morning of Monday, June 9th (PDT) with each new round going up the morning of the day the round begins. So there's no confusion, the rounds will look like this:

Round 1
Begins: Monday morning, June 9th (PDT) when questions are posted.
Ends: Tuesday night, June 10th at 23:59 or 11:59 pm (PDT).

Round 2
Begins: Wednesday morning, June 11th (PDT) when questions are posted.
Ends: Thursday night, June 12th at 23:59 or 11:59 pm (PDT).

Round 3
Begins: Friday morning, June 13th (PDT) when questions are posted.
Ends: Saturday night, June 14th at 23:59 or 11:59 pm (PDT).

The first three correct entries received will earn a Legion of the Scholar for each round.

Round 1 Trivia, Monday June 9th - Complete


1. What is the name of the holocron Leia Organa Solo retrieved from the resurrected Palpatine?
Tedryn Holocron or Bodo Baas's holocron

2. What creature did Darth Bane learn of from the holocron he found in Freedon Nadd’s tomb on Dxun?

3. What function did Kla serve as part of Bo Vanda’s holocron?

4. Whose holocron was recovered from Bast Castle in 22 ABY?
Asli Krimsan

5. In which holocron did Darth Sidious store much of his dark knowledge?
Telos Holocron


1st Place - Dock 7410, Tarentum

2nd Place - Kyra 7699, Tarentum

3rd Place - RevengeX 3491, Scholae Palatinae

Round 2 Trivia, Wednesday June 11th - Complete

Force Philosophy

1. What was the name of the Jedi Exar Kun corrupted whose ancient journal contributed to the ethos behind the Jensaarai?
Larad Noon

2. What was the name of the Matukai adherent Bodo Baas encountered shortly after his failed diplomatic mission to Yanibar?
Mendor Typhoons

3. What group of Force users could be considered Daughters of Allya?
Force Witches, Nightsisters, or any of the Dathomirii Force-using clans

4. Who waited for an answer from “the Ones Who Dwell Beyond the Veil”?
Aing-Tii or Aing-Tii warrior monks

5. From whom did Jacen Solo receive training in the White Current?
Akanah Norand Goss Pell of the Fallanassi


1st Place - Taigikori 5829, Taldryan

2nd Place - Kyra 7699, Tarentum

3rd Place - Sato 5175, Tarentum

Round 3 Trivia, Friday June 13th - Complete

Sith Archaeology

1. A Force-sensitive crystal once belonging to Dathka Graush later became known by what name?
Heart of Graush

2. Which Sith Lord was never interred in the tomb built for him on Korriban?
Naga Sadow

3. What did Ben Skywalker find buried on Ziost in 40 ABY?
Sith Meditation Sphere

4. Who found Naga Sadow’s flagship 1,000 years after the Battle of Primus Goluud?
Exar Kun

5. What was the name of the reliquary used by the Jedi Covenant to store many Sith artifacts?
Sanctum of the Exalted


1st Place - Dock 7410, Tarentum

2nd Place - Taigikori 5829, Taldryan

3rd Place - Kyra 7699, Tarentum

If you're not on Pacific Daylight Time you'll need to adjust accordingly. Apologies to my friends in Europe for the inconvenience.

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