Turn 4


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(I'm sick, so this will be a bit short)

"Have they arrived, finally?" The voice was old and sounded weak. It was impossible to make out the speaker clearly, he was only a shilouette against a window filled with stars and two ships.

"Yes, master," a protocol droid answered. "They have just arrived. Our scanners detect some life forms, but there is fighting going on. Something is awry. May I suggest..."

"If I need your suggestions, 49T8, I'll let you know. Leave, and leave things to me!"

"As you wish." 49T8 staggerd out of his master's presence, wondering if he should have told his master about the information he had gotten from the FOCUS about both Light Side and Dark Side tendencies on the Ship. But his master could be destructive, and seeing how he already was the 6854th protocol droid since the Great Jedi Wait (pun intended) begun, he was not willing to risk it. His master had changed in the last few hundred years, maybe he was not even able anymore to fulfil his duty. If that would be the case, 49T8 was to act on secret orders from people long since dead. ..

On the ships, yet another mechanism sprung to life. Those who had not yet accidently been awaken from their long sleep went through the process of reviving. It went slow, but in a few hours, they would all eb awake - more than 100 Force sensitive and mostly trained students and masters, some affiliated with the Dark, some with the Light, and some inbetween.

Had the Brotherhood members come on board of a fully functioanl transport, they would have been captured by droids and a stasis field, to be placed in suspension like all the other Force users. Had the computer of the ship also been fully functional, it would have never emerged in Brotherhood space, as it originally was to collect only Light Side Force users. But it was as damaged and confused as the rest of the ship, so it collected aimlessly. It might never be know what action exactly activated the recall mechanism, if any, but the arrival of the young Dark Jedi had set a cascade into motion they would be unable to stop. For better or worse, they were going to uncover a lost part of history.


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Meanwhile, the fight between the Jedi nad the Journeymen continued,

"A cunning move." The Twi'Lek said quietly. Uzbad watched him warily, not wanting to feel his wrath. They may out number him four to one, but he was superior in his force powers. Uzbad surveyed the others in his group and slowly pulled his mace from his belt.

"Jedi," He spat, "Your time is up."

Uzbad threw himself at the Jedi, his mace swinging wildly, but controlled. The Jedi ducked and made a slight hand movement in Uzbad's direction. The Zabrak went flying into the blastdoor, denting it slightly. Uzbad moaned, and stood, shaking his head, as if to remove the red mist in front of his eyes.

"What are you waiting for!?" He screamed at the others.

Koi fired a few shots at the Jedi, but the bolts where dissipated by another hand movement from the Jedi.

"Your weapons are no match for me." He hissed angrily, and threw himself upon Semyon. Uzbad growled and grabbed the Twi'Lek and threw him from Semyon. The Twi'Lek turned to face Uzbad.
"Feeling brave, are we?"
Uzbad did not reply, instead he spoke to the others telepathically:
~We must combine our Force powers, if we are to defeat this Jedi. When I say 'NOW' we must all concentrate hard on inflicting as much pain upon his as possible. This is our only hope. ~

Drodik alTor

22-05-2005 20:20:54

Drodik's captors continued to pace around the Brig where he was being kept. Over and Over the Man with the force powers had Drodik tortured for answers. But to the reality of the situation, Drodik seriously didn't know the answers to their questions. The captors continued to interrogate him with archaic and primitive means of torture such as whippings and beatings. The only answer he knew was that they were there to investigate the ship and how many of his comrades were on the ship. Either way Drodik pushed the thoughts out of his mind even after the forse sensitive man tried to get into Drodik's mind. But to no avail the man simply could'nt slip into the thoughts of the "Dark Padawan" kneeling before him, for some odd reason.
The man was dressed in light tan robes with a golden belt symbol, and a long white topknot indicating he was of extreme importance.

The interrogation kept on and on. Drodik nearly bludgeoned to death by interrogations was left alonein a dark cell. Huddled in a corner, Drodik's mentality would not be broken. He knew that when given the opportunity he would be faced with two decisions. He could try to escape and most likely die, or stay in the brig and await his companions. Either way, when the opportunity presented itself, He would be forced to take it on instinct.

Drodik closed his eyes in the dark Corner and attempted to meditate. Having just come back from a session of "Interogation". Why was the force sensitive man acting like a dark jedi. He was clearly a Jedi, even by calling the Jedi in the bacta tanks his "Companions". This man was a borderline Jedi. Very odd.

The hazy blue force field in between Drodik and the corridor across from the other cells vibrated with a static hum and zaps. EH EH EH EH. alarms were gonin off all of a sudden. Drodik could here his captors shouting among themselves as to what was happening. Drodik yelled out "Whats happening!" " We've run aground on to an asteroid field." Drodik thought to himself about the bombardements from the asteroinds. Anywhere on the ship you were in you could feel the shaking of the ship's recent explosins. All across the vessel a red alert light sprang to life. The red light went on and off in a continual action of repetitions.

This was the opportunity he needed. Drodik knew the entire time of his captivity that the lightsaber he found along with the other jedi was still in his pant leg near the top of his boot. He also knew that at any time if he unleashed his lightsaber he WOULD have been killed no matter what he knew or not. But finally at last he had the chance. Ripping his pant leg pocket open he called upon the force to heal himself before he attempted to escape. nearly revitalized Drodik carefully twisted the length knob on his lightsaber. He aimed the lightsaber on the ground. At the exact moment he ignited his lightsaber a captive in the cell across from him warned the guards of Drodiks activity. The force field went down and the cell Drodik was in flickered with the red light.

Drodik quickly cut away a large circle in the ground. The circle did'nt fall through. The guards finally got into the cell and Drodik knelt down and thrust deep into the abdomen of the guard on the right and sprung around to slice the other guard in the waist. The guards two halves fell to the ground in dismemberment. Drodik stood up and ran toward the hole he made in the floor. It was still orange with seared heat. He immediately jumped up and with all his might he landed on the hole, also at the same time he used force push and the circular piece fell through the ground along with Drodik. Except at the last possible second one guard stormed in and fired only one shot. Surprisingly that one shot landed upon Drodiks abdomen on the side. Although it was'nt a life threatening wound it did weaken Drodik.

The ship was still in an asteroid field and was trying to maneuver out of it by going above it. The alarms had gone off and the explosions did stop. But Drodik still could'nt find his companions. Taking corner after corner Drodik could hear the sound of Gaidal's voice. With extreme precaution he followed the sound of the voice.

Gaidal Dupar

29-05-2005 15:35:36

After playing pazaak for the thirteenth time, Lorien got on her feet and started walking around the room of the Trandoshan transport. She looked agitated with a cranky look on her face. Invictus looked at her and saw the irritation all over her lovely face. He grabbed the cards and started playing for himself.
“Why?”, Lorien growled, “why did I confirm that I would remain here? With you?”
“Don’t blame me, blame yourself”, the Zabrak laught.
She looked at him with furious eyes and wanted to do something about it, until they both heard a noise coming outside of the transport.
“Are the others returning?”, Invictus asked Lorien and himself.
“Wait here, I’ll take a short look”, she responded on his question, while she walked to the door. With an easy push on the button the door opened. Lorien was very surprised by what she saw behind it. An enormous and bald male was standing on the doorstep. Extraordinary muscled and with a heavy battered face, he mumbled something through his goatee like: “Is this all? Not much of a challenge!”
Before Lorien knew it, she found herself across the room and on her back. She stood up and grabbed her vibroblade, but this time she was hanging in the sky, while she felt that she was choking. She tried to warn Invictus and call for his help, but it was like she had no mouth; nothing came out of it. The male with his brown eyes looked at her and smiled?
“You’re not much of a challenge, dark one!”
He pulled her more up into the sky and threw her at the back of the room. Unconscious she felt on the floor and he grabbed her immediately and hung her over his shoulder. Invictus heard the noise and came to the specific spot where he heard this noise coming from. Although he was quite prepared, the male he found in front of him surprised him.
“Over, come in investigation teams! We lost the HQ, I repeat we lost the HQ”, he yelled through the com link, but there was no response. He looked at the tall man again and tried to reach the Force, but the man grabbed his lightsaber and ignited it. Invictus tried to dodge the attack, but failed due to the lack of space. With an easy strike the Force user wounded the Zabrak through the stomach, leaving him with a nasty bleeding wound. Invictus fell on his knees and was overwhelmed by the pain, but he never felt it when the man hit his head and Invictus was also unconscious on the floor. The Force user grabbed him as well and left the transport.
“This is Gormon for the General. The transport is taken care of and compromised”, Gormon said while he was walking into the direction of the Generals’ quarters.

Confused and disorientated Gaidal woke up after the meteor shower hitting the 'Usitan Overseer' and saw he was tied to a chair. A special chair it was with unusual handcuffs that made it impossible for him to use to Force. Carefully he opened his eyes and saw a man with short white hair and white robes entering the room, while his tormentor was leaving. The man had an unusual grin on his face and had a dreadful walk. Odd, Gaidal thought, this man looks like he is the incarnation of the Light itself, but there was also something mysterious, vague or even dark about him. He looked around the room and saw this had to be an improvised control room from where these Jedi could look at everything that happened on the ship. The man with the extraordinary golden belt walked in his direction.
“Well, well, another darkling”, the man sneered at him, “maybe you’re more willing to talk than your colleague in the other room.”
Sweat was flooding all over his body and he had several cuts and bruises, but Gaidal still had the guts to smile at this man and said: “You must be the general. Interesting, but not interesting enough. You’re a Jedi, but not as light as you would expect!”
“So you have a huge mouth, while you still need a lot to learn, my dark friend”, the general grinned at him, “General Argos, at your service, but my close comrades call me ‘General Quicksilver’, because of my sparkling eyes.” Gaidal saw a silver glittering in the eyes of the general, when the light shone in those eyes from the perfect angle.
“My name is Gaidal Dupar and I’m a Sith and I’m proud of it”, he replied, “although I’m not completely trained yet, I’m still a challenge for you. I know Jedi and I had their training a while ago.”
The general laught at him and said: “You’re very young, darkling, and very inexperienced! You should pay more respect to the ‘Inquisitors of the Light’!”
Inquisitors of the Light, Gaidal thought. This was getting strange, because he never heard of such a name.
General Argos grabbed the chair by using the Force and kept it a bit above the ground.
“I see you have a huge scar on your face. Due to a confrontation with Jedi? Orders from Lord Kaan?”, general Argos asked without hesitation. Lord Kaan, Gaidal thought, he lived over a thousand years ago. What was this man babbling about? Gaidal refused to say a word.
“Well, the Inquisitors of the Light are a special regiment of the Army of Light from General Hoth. We’re on our way to fight Lord Kaan and his followers elsewhere in the galaxy. You and your companions must be some kind of scouts. We’ll break you, because we have knowledge of the Dark Side as well, darkling!”
“General”, Gaidal laught out loud, “You have it all wrong. You woke up a thousands years too late, Lord Kaan is dead, Hoth is dead and a lot happened to the galaxy while you were away!”
“Don’t mock me”, the general responded and suddenly Gaidal felt a glow surrounding him. The he realised his wound were healing, including his ceremonial scar!
“No, don’t do that, you lightsided fool! That scar represents the pain I endured and don’t take that away from. I deserve that scar!”, he screamed at the man, who only laught.
“Pain? What do you know about pain?”, the man responded irritated, “I felt pain, because I turned away from the Light Side for the final goal; destruction of the Sith. We were bred to become a special weapon in the war against your kind.”
Before Gaidal knew it the general grabbed one of the two lightsabers hanging on his belt. After igniting it a beautiful golden blade was shown into thin air.
“Pain is something we all have to bare, but some more than others. YOU for example are not exactly co-operating, so I’ll have to use infliction of pain in order to get the answers I need, Gaidal!”
He started carving wounds in the face of Gaidal, which caused a lot of pain. Gaidal screamed it out and was trying to maintain his mental health, but strong emotions were floating through his mind. They all tried to take him over and he started to hate this general.
“In order to destroy the Sith, we were supposed to learn everything about the Force as possible, which includes the Dark Side. A great sacrifice it was, which caused a lot of casualties. May of us were not able to resist the temptations of the Dark Side. All and all, it was worth it for the greater glory and the destruction of the Sith, but I’ll blame every Sith for turning away from the Light Side. I’ll torment you for that until you give me the answers I require or until you’re broken and dead, my dark Padawan.”
The general raised the chair even higher into the sky, but it was of no use. After the infliction of the heavily bleeding wounds on the face of Gaidal, he lost his consciousness. The general noticed it and threw Gaidal with the chair across the room until he hit the ground. He looked at his com link and responded to Gormon: “Was it a good hunt? I’ll come to you as soon as possible, but first I’ll need to deal with an escaped prisoner!” After that he left the room and started searching for Drodik.

Drodik saw the general leaving the room where he thought they kept Gaidal. He waited in the shadows until he left and came out of the darkness when the man was supposed to be away. He ran as quickly as possible to the doors and entered the room carefully. He saw Gaidal lying on the floor and blood was coming from his entire face. Just like he experienced, Gaidal was tortured as well.
He walked over to the man and bent over to see the condition of his friend. Gaidal looked unconscious and so Drodik tried to wake him up by shaking him around. No response came from this proud man. He probably resisted all the way, like Drodik knew him. On the other hand, in case they asked Gaidal the same questions as the asked him, he would not be able as well to answer them. Drodik tried to get rid of the handcuffs by breaking them open, but it did not work. Suddenly he realised that he still had his lightsaber covered in blood. These Jedi were a lot more arrogant than the ones he ever met. Someone like Mike Halcyon was a proud Jedi Master, but he would never give you the opportunity to keep your saber when he would capture you.
Drodik knew he was not supposed to keep his lightsaber, but it was his only option now. He ignited it and a green blade appeared. At the moment he was ready to cut open the handcuffs, the doors slid open.
“Well, well, I expected you here, darkling”, the general smiled at Drodik, “never leave a prisoner unattended behind, is my motto. You see why I’m right. I also see you have a lightsaber; a powerful weapon never meant for your hands! Prepare yourself for a confrontation.”
Drodik looked around and saw that Gaidal also had his lightsaber with him. Through the Force Drodik grabbed it and tried to ignite it. He hoped it would work this time, because he knew the thing was battered and malfunctioning. He was surprised when he saw that it functioned properly and a yellow blade appeared. He also remembered a third lightsaber, which he had in his bagpack. Unable to grab it now, he prepared himself with these two sabers for the confrontation.
“Ready when you’re, general”, Drodik responded and stepped forward.

The tall Twi’lek looked at his opponents and only sneered. Did he know what they were planning, Semyon thought. Martrim Terakius sent them a message through telepathy.
~This is an unnecessary battle. I’m not what you think I’m. Hold down your weapons and I’ll explain!~
The four men looked at each other and were surprised by this message.
“Speak up, Jedi; let us hear what you have to say”, Semyon yelled at the Twi’lek.
“You’re a bit rude, young one, but I’ll forgive you”, Martrim responded on his question, “but let us go over to the Commendatore’s chambers. We can speak freely there and my brother can’t hear us then!”
They slowly walked over to the chambers and when they arrived there, everyone grabbed a seat and looked at the tall Jedi. He looked around the table and started talking.
“I’m part of secret regiment inside the Army of Light of General Hoth. Only the Jedi Councils know of our existence through a hidden dictate. We’re a special weapon created after we first encountered the incredible Sith Marauder Kaox Krul. In order to destroy the Sith of Lord Kaan we needed to be more prepared than ever and needed to be as ruthless as the Sith. So we learnt about the Dark Side as well through special teachings. It was extremely tough and there were a lot of sacrifices. We started with one hundred specially picked Jedi Knights and Masters and only around fifty of us survived. Many couldn’t resist the temptations of the dark teachings and many of us spoke out loud of the appreciation of the Dark Side. That was a huge mistake, because many were instantly killed in order to contain the fall of more Jedi. We called ‘The great Falling’.
The Twi’lek stopped and looked at the surprised faces of the listeners. “Well”, he continued, “I was one of few who could hide their sympathy for the Dark Side. Yes, I’m a Sith and I’m proud of it. But my companions may not know about this, not even my brother. We have a problem on this cursed ship, but I’ll help you to escape safely young ones. A war will start here soon and I can sense a lot of other Force users are woken up by now. There will be a confrontation of light and dark here and I think not much will survive this battle. Will you accompany to find a safe escape route?”

Ban and Tiberius looked at each other, before the Dashade appeared in the open and attacked Tiberius. Ban shot him down and the beast was instantly dead. Tiberius looked up and saw that the elevator was torn apart and would fall apart in a few moments.
“In order to survive this delicate situation, my dearest Rodian, we need to come up with a solution and get out of this elevator”, he concluded.
After he grabbed the Force and use it to open the elevator doors. They were still inches above the ground, but it was the only option. Tiberius crawled through the open space, while Ban covered him. The Rodian expected more Dashade to appear soon. When Tiberius made it, he followed him through.
Ban stood next to Tiberiusfor only a few senconds, when the elevator fell apart and into the deep. “Just in time, we’re”, Ban said.
“Yes, my little Hunter, but we have another problem now”, Tiberius answered while he pointed his finger at the persons standing in front of them in the dark and shadowy corridor. Ban looked and heard that the persons ignited their lightsabers. He focussed and saw that they had blood red blades. Did they have allies here? With lightsabers?
“It seems like we are close to the engine room. You could even say we found it, but we found ‘something’ more”, Tiberius concluded.
One of the persons stepped out of the darkness and showed his lightsaber into the light. His face was hidden under the hood of a black cloak. He growled something at the others and then gave his attention to the two young Brotherhood members.
“Are you part of the Jedi Investigation Team they sent to find Darth Revan in the Outer Rim”, the person stated with a grasping voice, “In that case we’ll treat you as hostile and kill you quickly. In case you’re not, we’ll give you some time to explain yourselves, voluntary or not, and then kill you!”
Tiberius and Ban looked at each other and they knew they had a big problem standing between them and the engine room.
“Well, companion, we’re in a bit troubling situation… again”, Tiberius mentioned, “do you have any suggestions?”


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Semyon broke the shocked silence of his companions, "We accept." The others looked to him with outrage for speaking on their behalf. Cain tried to accomodate, surely they could not go back empty handed to the Brotherhood Elite. "But first, we need to know if there are any holocrons, weapons or anything else of immense knowledge and value on board this ship."

The Twi'lek paused, unsure how to answer at first. "There is an armory, but it is in the opposite direction of your safety. And the holocrons, they can only be accessed by the General. His saber hilt is part of an intricate lock, designed to open only with the proper pieces input in the right order. And the lot of you would be hard-pressed to defeat the General."

"Not us, but another." Semyon's thoughts became thoughtful of the one called Gaidal Dupar. "We however, will see this armory of yours - just in case their is something worth salvaging."

The veiled Sith persona nodded acceptance of their plans. "I do not agree, but I understand the ignorance of returning empty handed to a Master." He motioned for the group to follow, snatching the Sc'rath from the Corellian to replace the shattered lightsaber.

The four departed following their newly appointed guide - what troubles lay before them unknown. Their mission switching from recon to salvage to escape. A light chuckle came to Semyon as he thought of the saying used by the New Republic when they were only known as Rebels ~May the Force be with you~