Braecen's alt. character


09-04-2005 10:03:08

Name: Semyon Cain
Species: Human
Homeworld: Corellia
Age: 22 years
Eyes: Gold
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 220 lbs
Skin color: pasty white
Hair: Red hair, shortly cropped
Order: Krath
Rank: Protector
Equipment: Plain Black Robes and Cloak, a Togorian Sc'Rath and a engraved dagger featuring a amethyst mounted on the hilt.

Semyon is a troublemaker as all Corellians are. He has been kicked around the galaxy from place to place, trying to carve out a decent life for himself. His journey started 16 years ago when he was selected for Force Sensitive Training at the Academy on Corellia. While at the academy he became proficient in the arts of the 'sword' in his relentless saber practices.

Later it was deemed he would never prove efficient enough in his Force skills and was dismissed from the academy. Taking his knowledge he worked his way around the galaxy as a freighter hand. Then one day he stumbled into the folds of the Brotherhood. Like so many others he was sent off to the Shadow Academy where he passed several tests, surprising even himself. Now he is at a crossroads again... has he once again reach his limits of power?

No distinguishing marks or tattoos. Seems more powerful than graceful in his gait, however years of training with the blade has made up for his inept dexterity. His upper body and arms are not extremely large, but they have defined tone from everyday use as a freighter hand. The largest muscles he posses may be his calf muscles; giving him great lower body strength. However he is not without fault, his largest feature would be his wide rear-end (which his friends continuously harass him about)

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