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Age: 32
Gender: Male
Hand: left
Species: Zabrak
Name: Invictus Thrax
Rank: Jedi Hunter
Order: Sith
House/Clan: Not known

Physical Description:
Bordering on 6 ft. or 2 meters, Thrax has blood-red runes running across the bridge of his nose and cheeks, down his muscular arms, and across his chest. Other than that, his skin is a dark grey color, his eyes are yellow and fiery red around the edges of his pupils.

He prefers to wear Mandalorian armor with a extremly well worn helm, similar to Jango Fett's but far more out of date without all the modifications. His armor colors are black and red, patches of scuffed silver showing where the paint has been chipped or worn off. He always wears a broadsword strapped over his back with the pommel jutting over his right shoulder.

On each wrist he has steel bands, remnants of his prison days. They were once used to chain him to walls, but even since he has joined the Brotherhood, he has not been able to remove them. It is believed that they are somehow joined with the runes on his body.
His under-tunic, pants and boots are all black, boots armoured only on the toes and calves, a knife sheath in the left boot holds a six-inch hunting dagger.

HISTORY: An escaped serial killer, Thrax was imprisoned somewhere in the Outer Rim, most likely on or near Tatooine. Convicted of committing over 66 murders, he was locked on Death Row, waiting for his execution a measly 3 weeks later.
While en-route to his execution, Thrax managed to pick his manacles and use them to beat in the skulls of his captors and escape out the rear hatch. As he was fleeing the armoured speeder, he took a knife slash to the left side of his face and it left a scar running from his left eyebrow to under his jaw.

Responsible for the deaths of many Imperial citizens, Thrax cannot show himself openly on any civilized world controlled by the Empire, or risk immediate termination. This is also another reason why the Zabrak has been forced to remain with the Brotherhood, since he cannot show himself without the threat of bounty hunters coming in around his ears.


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