Sykes' alternate character


06-04-2005 12:40:03

Name: Koi Hisui
Species: human clone
Homeworld: Kamino
Age: 10 years
Eye color: Dark Jade for right eye. Blood red in the left
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 200 lbs
Skin: pale white
Hair: shoulder length raven black
Distinguishing marks: nothing other than scars
Jedi Order: Sith
Rank: Jedi Hunter
Equipment: Hunter robes, .45 slug pistol, M4A1 slugthrowing carbine with explosive rounds, DL-18 blaster pistol, and basic stormtrooper armor with modified helmet

Koi is a human clone that was part of a test. Kamino scientists took a strain of DNA from their past donor, jango fett, and introduced it with the strain of a jedi masters DNA. Somehow, the cloners were able to reproduce the midi-chloriens in Koi’s body. This gave him the ability to touch the Force. Koi grew in power and was trained much like commando units in the clone wars but instead of working as a team, he was trained to work on his own. He had studied from one of the very few jedi holocrons left. Eventually, he left Kamino and immediately was drawn to Dajorra system. There, Clan Arcona corrupted him and drew him into the Brotherhood. Koi became a Sith in his own right however stayed mostly in the Arcona libraries learning all he could whenever he had spare time. Just recently he has studied a copy of Life energy (found at which allows him to heal himself faster than other Hunters. The Bridge is another artifact he has studied in arcona’s library. This allows him to speak to deceased Dark Jedi. Sometimes people will see Koi talking to a picture or a wall, when in reality he is speaking to the deceased jedi. Koi is an accomplished pilot and a more than adequate soldier.

Koi is alittle standoffish and rather quiet most of the time. He will put in his advice when everyone else has spoken. However, when under fire and in combat Koi is known to take immediate charge of a situation and begin giving orders. Koi relies mostly on his own body before he even thinks of using the Force. He will not do anything such as levitate a hammer to him when he could have just as easily walked over to it and pick it up. Koi is alittle ignorant about many things that have happened in the galaxy due to his being sheltered on Kamino and not taught about galactic history. If anyone speaks of history, Koi will listen intently on the person.