Adien Falaut

07-06-2007 14:42:41

I noticed the other day I have envoy options on my dossier. What does this new member tracking do?


07-06-2007 16:06:11

It's a tool for tracking member's advancement, initially completed to help Envoys. All DC Members, Envoys, Clan, House, and BTLs have access to it.

Adien Falaut

08-06-2007 14:05:02


Sephiroth Kali

09-06-2007 15:27:22

I like it. Thanks to whoever thought of it.


09-06-2007 23:54:25

It was something that Jac had originally speculated about back when Siya was KCB. Malisane asked Jac to finish it up, which he did.


10-06-2007 02:21:29

Envoy options? I don't see it on any dossier.....

Makurth Mandalore

14-06-2007 04:06:49

Hmmm, that's odd. That's never happpened to me before. I remember having the Envoy options back when I was a BTL about a year or two ago. You sure it's not some type of error on the website?


14-06-2007 04:23:53

Dismal: It is in your dossier admin.

Zak: This is a new feature

Makurth Mandalore

14-06-2007 11:31:30

Oh, I must have gotten it mixed up with something else.. Now I feel stupid :$


14-06-2007 17:17:51

ah...tyty Zeron


15-06-2007 05:09:09

Its a very useful new tool to have. You can run a report for the entire DB or just your own clan, or if you do a bit of work in access or excel you can seperate it out to House or BT level without much trouble.

Big thanks to Jac for doing this.


16-06-2007 13:42:44


Jac and Envoy Options ftw!