Course Suggestions


30-01-2005 13:35:18

If you have any ideas for a new course post them here, and please try to just post suggestions and not comments on suggestions.

If your post isn't or wasn't about Course Suggestions it was or will be deleted.


30-01-2005 14:17:48

How to run competitions

Some sort of ACC training

How to deal with conflict

Some sort of website course


30-01-2005 14:23:57

a Seneschal course :)
To know EVERYTHING about Cybey... :)

I already said this on the old forum


30-01-2005 15:05:10

How about an SCL beating course? Everyone get your sticks! :P

Nekura Manji

30-01-2005 16:14:16

I like the ACC Training idea- especially since the ACC can be quite confusing to newcomers.

But I have no ideas of my own at the moment... perhaps something on how to write stories, think up characters, plot developments, etc.?


30-01-2005 16:17:26

How to run competitions

Some sort of ACC training

How to deal with conflict

Some sort of website course

1. Thats a good idea. :)
2. If someone from the ACC is interested in writing an ACC training course I am open to proposals. :ermm:
3. That way to large an issue to be handled in a SA course. :S :ermm:
4. We already have 2 HTML exams, 1 ASP and 1 PHP exam. X-)


30-01-2005 17:08:23

How about a course on how to take a course?

No seriously I think there's enough tests out there. No need for an ACC training course if the trainers would do their job :P

Aidan Kincaid

30-01-2005 18:04:16

How can you teach "how to run a competition" in a course? That's the same thing we mentioned on another forum about trying to teach leadership with a course :P

Does not the ACC have a compedium of its own as well as requiring a qualifying match? Do those two things not work as a "course"

Conflict is good. Without any conflict this place would be intolerably boring. So... more conflict!

And yea... lots of website courses, lots more infos on the web :P


30-01-2005 18:50:51

3. That way to large an issue to be handled in a SA course. :S :ermm:
4. We already have 2 HTML exams, 1 ASP and 1 PHP exam. X-)

3. Some basics on conflict resolution would be really helpful for new leaders. Doesn't have to be counselling standard :P Most of it would be "Forward problem to QUA", "Forward problem to CON", "Forward problem to CoJ" :P

4. Yeah - I didn't really mean the coding side. More to do with what's useful to put on a house/clan website - roster/news/archives etc From my own experience, I could advise a lot on archives - different styles, useful suggestions etc I'm sure people have picked up what's good to go in news reports and what's just boring repetition...


31-01-2005 21:04:19

The ACC issue is that there are several steps until you are able to use the ACC normally. First you have to create your character sheet and get it approved, then fight a qualifiying battle, and then you can challenge people.

I don't think there is enough material to make an entire SA course with this, and the ACC does already have its Compendium as mentioned. However this does bring up a point I'm going to bring up on the ACC board...perhaps the ACC website should have a clearly labeled section "For Newbs" or something that can explain this getting started process.


31-01-2005 22:17:02

As to Alanna's post on Conflict Resolution, I could make up a course on it if you'd like, i am a certified peer mediator, and can change the course taht I learnt around so that it wont be copied, and will focus more on the DJB...... Just a thought.


31-01-2005 23:36:27

I am always on the look out for new Courses and new EPs all you have to do is send me a well thought out proposal .


01-02-2005 07:31:14

Alright, i'll draft it up, but first please clarify, is the conflict resolution between two other people you want, or between yourself and another?


01-02-2005 09:01:26

Alright, i'll draft it up, but first please clarify, is the conflict resolution between two other people you want, or between yourself and another?

I suspect he'll look at whatever you submit - you could write up proposals for both?

My suggestion was really a course aimed at leaders in how to manage conflict within their house/clan. There have been a number of incidents recently where conflict between members in the same clan has led to one or the other leaving the clan. It might have been useful in these instances if the CON had had some suggestions and guidance as to how to handle that sort of thing... or, of course, it might not have been useful... but there's no harm in giving it a go ;)


01-02-2005 09:06:34

Oh, and Spears - I'll do you a 'How to run writing competitions' course, if you don't mind waiting until after the RoS?


01-02-2005 09:08:42

I would suggest you aim more for general conflict resolution, in a broad sense of the word. Keep in mind this will be limited in the fact that it is a simple SA course and nothing will be handled in real detail. But a list of common procedures and explantions of how and why they work would be a good place to start.


01-02-2005 14:22:29

Lannie's idea i can have done in a day or two, if were looking at leaders working at solving problems. If it is general conflict resolution, it may take longer, although i could write Lannies first, and create the second later if need be. I'll get on it tonight spears, maybe have it by tomorrow.

Also, if this course does work, It may require an IRC room for use of in mediation. but that can be dealt with later.

Kaine Mandaala

06-02-2005 00:42:38

"Online Gaming Basics"

Name really says it all.
The more I thought about it the more I felt I should elaborate. How to get into an online game, including entering IP addresses and passwords.

Also - maybe a more comprehensive course on just Jedi Knight Series games or FPS's. If you'd like I could start to draw something up for either of these ideas.

I'm not sure if this idea has already been used but a while ago I suggested that the SA basic courses - the ones that elevate your rank - should have 15 random questions chosen from a pool of 100 possible questions. This would make direct cheating a little more difficult. I'm sure there could be something like this made in ASP or PHP, but I have no idea how.

Back when I was a QUA I knew people who had a "cheat sheet" page for the SA tests that read something like:

Test Name
1. (Answer)
2. (Answer)
3. (Answer)

Of course I encouraged them to take it down, but I'm sure it lived in some form or another.


10-02-2005 12:38:24

How about some type of graphic design course. Maybe sometin for 3D and 2D. There are just too many people who try to do this stuff and comletely screw it up. ;)

Kaine Mandaala

10-02-2005 13:00:38

How about some type of graphic design course. Maybe sometin for 3D and 2D. There are just too many people who try to do this stuff and comletely screw it up. ;)

I'm all for that, but the problem is the programs people like me use (3DS Max, Adobe Photoshop) are incredibly expensive, and there are many different versions with a ton of variations. Learning how to do something in version 1.0 will not always help you in later versions.

Maybe a general 'how to' using free versions like Paint Shop Pro and G-Max could be an option.


10-02-2005 14:11:12

Just to show I actually still read this thread I will say something :-P

I am all for a gfx course, and there was one being made but then the person making in went away, and I have neither the time or skill to write up a decent gfx course. Most of my gFx work is trial and error.


10-02-2005 15:11:16

.... I would but, i'm still not as good at as i'd like to be.. Personally I use Bryce 5, you can get it off Kazaa, its a really good program, and for Humans i use Poser 4. as for text, you can use elefont. thats all i got for now.


10-02-2005 22:21:36

Plot devolpment! I wish there was someway to make a course for plot devolopment...


11-02-2005 15:02:38

Plot development? You should try wading through some of the Tests of Wisdom I get in. Plots are hardly there. Not to mention, half of the newer DB members, at least those that did the Test of Wisdom, seem to have killed a Light Jedi Knight or Master. Or had their family murdered by Jedi. But, that's a discussion for another day.

The problem with a plot development test is how do you test that? You could ask them to write a story, I suppose. Better yet, how do you explain it so that people will get it. You could explain it a hundred times, and it wouldn't help some people.

Also, in the end, plot development is really up to the author- where they want to take the story.

Kaine Mandaala

11-02-2005 15:10:33

.... I would but, i'm still not as good at as i'd like to be.. Personally I use Bryce 5, you can get it off Kazaa, its a really good program, and for Humans i use Poser 4. as for text, you can use elefont. thats all i got for now.

Not to pick on you, but I actually paid for 3DS Max and Adobe Photoshop. :D

That's one thing I really see wrong with offering up a course on these programs - you're almost asking people to steal them. I don't think we want to promote theft.

What the SA might want to do is offer links to tutorial sites. No reason to get a DJB-SA acknowledgement for learning how to use any of them... besides, it's all about making the end product look good.

We'll have many comps to reward that.


14-02-2005 13:48:54

How about an SWG course that deals with Leadership skills?


15-02-2005 16:18:01

"Online Gaming Basics"

Name really says it all.
The more I thought about it the more I felt I should elaborate. How to get into an online game, including entering IP addresses and passwords.

Also - maybe a more comprehensive course on just Jedi Knight Series games or FPS's. If you'd like I could start to draw something up for either of these ideas.

Just to offer anyone interested, I have an entire document I wrote back in RGF for JK1 sabering including basic and advance methods of how to saber and information as well on how to connect/create MP games for several different types of connecting styles.

I know JK isn't often used in the DB anymore, thats why i never really thought to offer it before but if the SA is interested in viewing it or anyone else wants to see it, just contact me. as well the information can easily be altered for use in JO and JA for sabers and gunz.

Also, i don't know if this has been mentioned before or if something already exists, but what about a course teaching how to recruit. I know this can have the same criticism as the leadership thing but honestly if it could teach ppl how to promote our organization, what gaming networks are often used, what information should the recruiter get and give from/to the potential recruit and how to do follow up emails without seeming to harass the recruit; then i think it would be worth it.



15-02-2005 19:15:29

Leadership Courses in general are being pondered and worked on at current.

Raid I already told you if you want an SWG exam write it up :-P

Kaine Mandaala

15-02-2005 20:49:57

Just to offer anyone interested, I have an entire document I wrote back in RGF for JK1 sabering including basic and advance methods of how to saber and information as well on how to connect/create MP games for several different types of connecting styles.

I know JK isn't often used in the DB anymore, thats why i never really thought to offer it before but if the SA is interested in viewing it or anyone else wants to see it, just contact me. as well the information can easily be altered for use in JO and JA for sabers and gunz.
Also, i don't know if this has been mentioned before or if something already exists, but what about a course teaching how to recruit. I know this can have the same criticism as the leadership thing but honestly if it could teach ppl how to promote our organization, what gaming networks are often used, what information should the recruiter get and give from/to the potential recruit and how to do follow up emails without seeming to harass the recruit; then i think it would be worth it.


I imagine similar techniques are still being used in JO and JA. I'd like to take a look at what you have some time.

Sephiroth Kali

16-02-2005 17:30:11

I actualy have a question, Why do we have a meditation course? While i am all for it i am just wondering why.


18-02-2005 08:23:13

The Meditation Course isn't going anywhere, at current I am grading those exams, and in the future I may open it up to applications. Just because an EP that runs or makes an exam goes away doesn't mean the Course goes away.

As for why do we have it, we have it because it is an interesting course.

Dark Sabre

18-02-2005 14:09:42

and Braecen: passing a lot of courses doesn't mean you're going to be an EP. It just means you like the SA too much and need to get a life. :P


18-02-2005 23:23:30

DS: I don't get to be an EP??? :'(

I sorta have a life... i think... i'm... i'm... i'm just really active!
*yea thatz it, active* :P

Dark hunter

20-02-2005 10:11:38

i think we should have something on lightsaber construction.
Like there are many mysteries on the construction of a lightsaber and it could bring some people to get active


20-02-2005 12:59:44

a pretty good course would be "Dark Jedi Etiquette". Not saying manners, but how the Dark Jedi race itself should act when they're carrying out what they are doing.

One for each Order would mean:

Sith: Where not to crash your star fighter.
Krath: What not to write (LoL).
Obelisk: When not to blow up things.


20-02-2005 13:23:46

The orders no longer have meaning in the sense of Sith flying and Krath writing and whatever the hell obbies do :P


20-02-2005 19:50:50

An in-depth course about "Grant of Arms" once the new system gets set up would definately rock my socks! :w00t:

And you cant tell me that Asajj's curved dual saber isnt the most bad a$$ thing ya ever saw??? So why not create a course to cover lightsabers... good idea dark hunter! B)

Kaine Mandaala

21-02-2005 01:24:16

An in-depth course about "Grant of Arms" once the new system gets set up would definately rock my socks! :w00t:

And you cant tell me that Asajj's curved dual saber isnt the most bad a$$ thing ya ever saw??? So why not create a course to cover lightsabers... good idea dark hunter! B)

I have a guide to saber creation - you do not need a course. There will also be an equally in-depth guide for the GoA's when they are finalized.

And to answer this...
whatever the hell obbies do

Kill. That's what Obelisk do. They are the Army. Sith would be the Air Force, and Krath are beaurocrats. In a grand sense the orders are not entirely meaningful - they are no longer tied to their platforms. But in a Role Playing sense think of the Obelisk as warriors, Krath as thinkers, and Sith as well-rounded ... well, Sith. In a direct relation:

DJB = D & D
Krath = Wizard/Sorcerer/Cleric
Obelisk = Barbarian/Ranger
Sith = Fighter/Paladin


22-02-2005 12:38:30

I'm a krath, but a very mchanically oriented krath at that. I was thinking you guys could come up withsome sort of mechanical certification, or some courses dealing with the certain systems/abilities of ships/fighters/machines.


24-02-2005 00:42:29

I am currently working on a graphics course using the free graphics program The GIMP. Sorry its taken a while Spears it sorta got on hold when my rents split up.

As for how cool is assaji's light saber, cheeck out my masters dossier: 1688. I did his saber for xmas, also did a dual and double versions (for when he gains those ranks) mind you, he did give me a promo for xmas :P

Sith Bloodfyre

24-02-2005 13:46:20

Prompted from what Kaine said only a couple posts ago, maybe a course on what each of the Orders fulfills as part of the symbiotic trinagle within the DB, for fictional purposes. Of course, it'd be stereotypes, and not everyone fits into those stereotypes, but in general, it'd be like saying the Sith command, the Obelisk conquer, the Krath strategize, and help plan the combined effort.

Of course, you'll have Sith who enjoy the thrill of commanding the skies, but some Obelisk and Krath will also join them in the seat of a fighter, or commanding ships. There will also be Sith upon the battlefield with their brethren, and Obelisk and Krath in the command tent, as well. There'd also be Krath working their power within the Force, along with others of the other Orders, and all sorts of other stuff. Fictionally, though.

Someone mentioned to me the other day that bringing back suggested Order platforms as a primary source of activity, with the allowance of being able to do everything, might not bea bad idea. Something that we can say "in general, most people in this Order do this, tis other activity for this other Order, and this final activity for that Order there." Or whatever.

It could be used as a sort of training course, since it could be written in the tone of some master, who is taching a newly joinined Initiate about the roles of each Order, how they mesh, the tactics that are commonplace among the Orders, etc.

And as far as an ACC training course, you could do something like that. Have several of the ACC Trainers get involved, of course, and write up some notes about how to be more effective in each of the halls, or in each style of combat (one-on-one regular, one-on-one poetry, group combat, etc.). There wouldn't necessarily have to be a test for it, except perhaps to actually get into the ACC, and fight. Upon showing that you're capable of writing in those types of battles, the ACC can award you, through the SA, a certificate of competence in ACC writing.

Macron Sadow

24-02-2005 22:30:06

hey what about a Sith or dark side alchemy course?

Tarax Kor

25-02-2005 00:29:00

My quick 2 cents:

I wholeheartidly agree with Bf. 110+%

macron: not a bad idea, but what would it entail?

Macron Sadow

25-02-2005 00:37:44

good question- I was thinking of knowledge of achemical aspects in dark side literature. Like knowledge of making mutations, cortosis, clones, synthetic lightsaber xtals, essence transfer, dark side force powers, etc. just a thought.


26-02-2005 04:13:08

What about a course in JO/JA level design?


26-02-2005 11:54:13

Mortis: I like it but it requires compiling all that info from the books comics ect.

Windos: Also a good idea if you find anyone that knows how to design lvls and wants to write a course send them to me.


26-02-2005 15:26:02

I'll ask around on IRC tonight, failing that, when the graphics course is done I'll teach myself it.

Macron Sadow

26-02-2005 17:40:01

Darkside alchemy
That is true. I have a good start on compiling it already, as my current SW RPG campaign
has lots of nasty darksiders in it. I would be willing to do it, as in compile and write the course. i love to write and research, I guess i am a technical geek. I am still an acolyte though so I'm not sure if I qualify or if you guys would want me to.


07-03-2005 01:50:31

This isn't an idea for a new course, just an idea to expand on an existing course. Could we include Allegiance into the Sith "Test of Agility"? Several members have it and there is the movement to bring the game back into DB mainstream.

Just a thought...


10-03-2005 18:26:24

Heres my few bits:

Add a Technical or Mechanical test of some sort where the notes point out certain technologies on ships or vehicals and their histories and importance. maybe even specs on weapons, ships, fighters, vehicals. i would be able to contribute to that test if it were made final as I have the updated Guide to Vehicals and Ships.

Another idea would be to make a test(s) about the DB and its history. You could start with the history of the SW galaxy and move up through the millenia and once you get to the Post imperial era, you could tie in the DB connection sop every one is clear on what our purpose is, where we came from, and what is the mission.

It would take soem work, and some volunters, but once the SW/DB history test was complete, you could offer Clan histories to test people on. It would show a devotion to your own clan if you past the test and if you pass another clans, it would show scholarly interest.

Forever In the Service of the Dark Side,
PRT Vodo Biask

Macron Sadow

10-03-2005 22:49:31

I love the technical bit Vodo, that's great idea as are the others you postulated...


24-03-2005 20:42:20

So, have the Pedagogs abandoned this thread? I know Conflict Mediation was made into a course for the SA, but there have been many good suggestions, yet none of them have had acknowledgment for the instructors at the SA wheather or not they could make in as a course.

For ever in the service of the Dark Side,
GRD Vodo Biask


26-03-2005 00:08:39

Not true I have replied to several of them. I have yet to see a mechanical test I like but if you want to make a draft covering what the course will be about and how it works with the DB feel free to email me.

Macron Sadow

26-03-2005 09:49:03

I haven't abandoned this thread.

I am working on a course right now. In fact, I just sent the rough draft to Spears.

I really liked your ideas. If they were done right, then who knows? Maybe the higher ups would accept it. In order to get yours considered, you have to type it up as a rough draft and send it to Spears of course.

If it is an Order type course I would reccommend cc'ing the appropriate Order leader as well.

Just a thought.


27-03-2005 14:39:30

alright, sounds good, thanks guys.

Do I draft the questions up ona word or similar Word processing document in a Q/A style document?


Question: Why does the cow go moo?

Answer: The Cows vocal cords are stung together in sucha way that when air is forced through it, a weird........


27-03-2005 20:32:56

A draft contains what the Course will be about and what a member should know following the course. If the draft is more then a page it is to long.


28-03-2005 02:05:18

alrighty, thanks, I'll get back to you with one or two probably by friday then...

Aidan Kincaid

28-03-2005 03:05:05

Just noticed someone mentioned writing a JO mapping course. Well, - probably the best tutorials on the web for learning to map with Radiant... I guess if someone wanted they could slim it down into a course, though I don't think a Q/A style test would work. You'd have to have them actually submit a finished level (if only a room or two big) including the .map file in the zip so it can be opened to search for possible errors.

Aside from that, it takes more than just sitting and taking a course to learn how to map. If you actually want to learn it you have to spend hours and days working with the editor, testing maps out, testing different ideas and tricks, etc etc... and that's just for MP mapping. SP mapping is about 300x more difficult because you have to learn Icarus scripting, and there are few real resources on the internet for that. A lot of hours spent there testing things out, saving the file, coverting it, adding it to the map, saving the map, BSPing the map then finally testing it in-game just to see it doesn't work :P

Not to put anyone off or anything, but I don't think you can truly learn how to edit such an engine from a single course, though having a DB tutorial for it might be a good idea. It would at least give people interesting a place to start from.


28-03-2005 08:35:08

I agree with Shad there isn't a much a course on JO or JA editing can do to help people figure it out. The process is to in depth, for an SA course to do it any justice at all.

Macron Sadow

28-03-2005 09:21:48

I just realzied that my draft was too long. Sorry Spears. Should I shorten it and re-submit? Thanks a lot.


28-03-2005 09:49:30

Nah Macron its all good it will just take me longer to read thru :-P

Macron Sadow

28-03-2005 09:57:31

Sorry man!
Thank the Dark Lords it's okay though.I try to be thorough when I can. it's my research background you know. heh heh.

I have the questions and points system worked out already as well. Even if it doesn't get accepted, the mental excercise and data compilation was all worth it!

Thanks a lot.


17-04-2005 10:24:54

I want to do a course on Lightsaber Styles.

((Spears, I am changing the course cause Dalthid didn't like my ACC based one :P. I'll get onto you asap with a new course draft))

Please post any suggestions below about what you would like to see on the course. And please, if you have the time pm me over just posting in replies in this forum. - Your ideas have 10 x the chance of being included in the course if you do this. Thanks.


18-04-2005 18:32:08


I'm gonna e-mail you for a copy of that Sith Alchemy information... I have loved the idea ever since you first suggested it.


Still working on my rough draft, one of my resources i was using is currently in a different state

Macron Sadow

18-04-2005 20:31:13

Hi Braecen. Sure drop me a line and I'll send a copy. So far, Spears likes it and I am awaiting the SHW's approval. He's really busy, and hopefully will have some time to look at it in the future. maybe one day, it will get final approval. Check out the past two DV issues, there are excerpts from the info in my articles. Cheers!


18-04-2005 22:34:28

If there isnt a course on how to make lightsabers, then that would be a good idea. Additionally more Star Wars trivia or knowledge tests might be good


19-04-2005 08:26:57

I think something like that has been done in the Obelisk Campus. - Don't quote me on that though :/.


19-04-2005 10:52:53

It hasn't and nor will it unless someone can make a worthwhile test on the subject. Everything I have seen on "how to build an LS" comes way short of being Course worthy. There are some cool topics but not all of them will/would work as Courses.

Ark Dowell

18-06-2005 17:35:49

It hasn't and nor will it unless someone can make a worthwhile test on the subject. Everything I have seen on "how to build an LS" comes way short of being Course worthy. There are some cool topics but not all of them will/would work as Courses.

How about a course that includes 'How to create a LS' as well as the history of the LS. Some stuff that could be in it would be when was the first one created and what was its purpose. There could also be questions asking why the Jedis started carrying it around.

Then there could also be question about the actual parts of it. Like what crystals to mix together for certain colors. Which systems certain crystals are located on? And the parts of a lightsaber (Activation Lens, etc...)

A course like this could have its uses. Like, for example, people would have to complete this course to build LS's. But it could unbalance the DB. -_- It's just an idea...


22-06-2005 15:55:44

It hasn't and nor will it unless someone can make a worthwhile test on the subject. Everything I have seen on "how to build an LS" comes way short of being Course worthy. There are some cool topics but not all of them will/would work as Courses.

Maybe it could be a course "Make nice things for your darksider"? Make a course on how to make a lightsabgre and a good grant of arms. I bet this would be helpfull, and big enough for a course.


22-06-2005 18:16:02

two things:

i think there should be a lightsaber course, but more revolved around the dark side uses and the lightie usage and the lore and how to make one.

also, shimas, we're on the same battleteam, cool O-) :o :w00t: :lol: :blink: :ermm: :P

Ood Bnar

27-07-2005 17:38:37

Maybe a course that builds on the test of wisdom, an advanced wisdom course or something?


29-07-2005 21:47:13

well, im sure if he did that, there would be requests for the other order tests(ie: tow...atow, then obelisk would want an advanced test of strength)

Drodik alTor

01-08-2005 14:26:57

two things:

i think there should be a lightsaber course, but more revolved around the dark side uses and the lightie usage and the lore and how to make one.

also, shimas, we're on the same battleteam, cool O-) :o :w00t: :lol: :blink: :ermm: :P

Ok how about this : We combine the aspect of the lightsaber and its usage into an ACC test. Those that dont have a good way of describing movements in the ACC revolved around the lightsaber, would take this test to help them understand how to fight with a lightsaber.


02-08-2005 01:43:30

Regarding the advanced Test of Wisdom, I sent the proposal to Spears sometime ago. This was after I kept hearing "it is being worked on" by various people. I also got other questions about it (as the EP of the Test of Wisdom), so I typed up the requirements and said something about them. [For the record, the proposed ATOW required more length and extra emphasis on plot and character development]

::kicks Spears:: What's the status?

I saw the history courses mentioned earlier. I'm interested in the idea myself. Anyone else interested, drop me a line (and I'll be nice and e-mail the person who mentioned it, assuming they're still in the DB).

Finally, I must admit that I don't check the forums as much as I ought to, and I hold multiple SA spots. Others EPs are probably the same way.

Well, back to the topic at hand. Course ideas...

Ylith Pandemonium

10-08-2005 17:10:10

well I am still workin on that photoshop course, had some RL interferrence and ACC and phoenix, plus master assignments. but I'm workin on it as I speak.

you'll get results soon Spears ;)

Ark Dowell

21-08-2005 00:03:51

Woohoo! The Adv. Test of Wisdom is out! I might get around to doing that. :)

Anyways, what Ylith posted gave me an idea. There should be a Photoshop elements Course. Some of us aren't even able to create our own LS and I think a Photoshop course would be appreciated. Anyways, just an idea.

Drodik alTor

22-08-2005 21:23:00

I dont Have a course suggestion, but I have a question:

What is the Dark Savant and Dark Maven?

Muz Ashen

28-08-2005 17:15:42

Konar, get with me on that sabre form test.
I'll help you sort it out, as i don't have time to EP a course myself these days, and i think that the SA could benefit from it.

A planned revision/update to the Sabre guide will cover sabre construction in further detail, so the questions about such could be in the test for that.

as i said, drop me a line.

Lorien Sinclair

30-08-2005 12:22:27

What about a training course for MP in JA/JO? Personally, I'd take any kind of training i could get on the subject.

Macron Sadow

15-09-2005 13:28:51

Now that the saber guide is out, what do you guys think of doing a test based off of it?
I'd like to help. I helped write it, so maybe Muz and Xanos and I can come up with a course.

Ideas? Muz? Spears? Anshar?


15-09-2005 14:04:00

The Dark Raven and Malek is an award the Headmaster gives people who have helped with the SA A LOT.

I think a saber course would rock!


16-09-2005 09:32:15

*Smacks Aabsdu upside the head
They are Degrees of Dark Lore and the degrees are as follows.


Macron Sadow

16-09-2005 11:06:08

It looks like after consulting Spears, Xanos, and Muz the course is a go. It will take some time, but it will be fun.

Drodik alTor

16-09-2005 23:13:35

*Smacks Aabsdu upside the head
They are Degrees of Dark Lore and the degrees are as follows.


Could you explain them and how to get them. I'm interested even though it may be a long time till I get one.

Ood Bnar

17-09-2005 05:53:45


Ark Dowell

17-09-2005 16:03:28

I think you might have to do all of the courses... That should warrant a reward, right?


17-09-2005 18:00:46

Diablos would be inclined to think so, although he is an idiot.

Ood Bnar

18-09-2005 04:55:07

can anyone inform me what someone has to do get one of these degrees

They are Degrees of Dark Lore and the degrees are as follows.



18-09-2005 23:25:03

In short, said degrees are given to those who further the cause of spreading Dark Side knowledge throughout the Brotherhood. Taking SA exams will help in some way, but look at helping other members (new or not). Basically, anything you can do to help the Brotherhood grow in both size and activity will help you towards the degrees.

Of course, the activity has to be long term and consistent. You can't do it for a week and expect something. Also, remember, the Headmaster is responsible for handing out them out, or at least recommending them. He can't and won't be able to watch every member and everything they do.

Maven and Savant are awarded jointly by the Headmaster and the Grandmaster. The other two, Sage and Master, can only be rewarded by the Grandmaster.

I hope this answers the questions. In the future, start a new topic. This topic needs to remain for new course suggestions.

Ood Bnar

24-09-2005 06:48:32

thanks for the enlightenment


24-09-2005 12:14:06

They are given by the headmaster though.

and when will the saber course be ready!?

Macron Sadow

24-09-2005 13:42:09

Soon I hope, we are working on it right now. Of course, it isn't done 'til Spears says it is. :)


28-09-2005 07:06:17

I'm currently putting together ideas for a "Sith Ethics" course. Too many people think that to be a Sith you just have to be evil and hurt people for the sake of it. That's not what it's about. It's more to do with power resting with the strongest. Anybody interested in helping me get this off the ground...?

Ood Bnar

30-09-2005 14:02:39

sure, i'll help. just tell me what you need!

or mail it to me (


30-09-2005 15:59:15

I like the sound of this course.


30-09-2005 22:59:21

I'm Sith, so wouldn't mind helping.

Also, I could help with the sabre course, I don't have one, but I can write out a part that deals with the forms and such. Don't just make it about how touse one, make it about the lightsaber's history and the ancient forms and such. I'd love to help.

Anything just email or PM ( )


01-10-2005 15:18:00

Really I've only got the very basic ideas in place. seems like a few people would be interested in a sith ethics course so i'll get back to you all when i have more concrete ideas. watch this space...

Ood Bnar

01-10-2005 17:07:45

where already doing that!

Tarax Kor

31-10-2005 01:12:55

Ok this idea is really just for Spears and the elder (i.e. higher-ranked) members to comment on.

I saw someone posted a suggestion on a Protector course.

That got me thinking (uh-oh!):

Why not have a course for each rank in the trials towards DJK for each clan?

For example, each clan has their test for each rank posted in the SA, and whenever a member does whatever trials his master sets him, part of those trials is to complete the course for the next rank in the SA and the apprentice must get at least a certain mark in order to pass? The tests for the ranks would be provided by the clan summit (QUAs, AED, and ENVs as well) on what they feel should be known for each rank for their clan. of course, seperate clans have seperate tests, and the apprentice can't just like, do the DJK test when he or she is just a PRT. they have to do it in order by rank, and only when their master specifies.



31-10-2005 10:35:56

THe first thing is not every Clan has a Master/Student program, or set guidelines for promotions. By having set tasks set up in the SA, you're basically forcing Clans to adopt such a practice. Yes, they'd choose what those tasks are, but a Clan may not want set tasks in the first place.

As such, elevations should continue to be Clan-specific. The SA is a training centre, so I think its focus should just be on the much lower ranks in terms of promotion.

Not saying it wouldn't be a bad idea for Clans to have some set tasks/guidelines upto DJK, but I don't think it should be a part of the SA in any way.

Kaine Mandaala

31-10-2005 10:45:47

I agree.

I'm all for a general list available for leaders on things they can use as a promotion guideline. It's tough when you're starting out (as a member or leader), and knowing what needs to get done in order to advance (as a member) or what you can do to recognize acheivement (for leaders) would be helpful.

An educational institution shouldn't dictate to a business on how to compensate their employees.


26-11-2005 18:02:20

I think it would benefit all members of the DB to take a course on Lightsaber construction.

Course name: This weapon is your life.
What this course is made to teach: How to make your lightsaber.
Restricted to: Must have the rank of Protector or above to take this course. Note: You need to be the rank of Dark Jedi Knight to wield a lightsaber but that does not mean you can't start construction on your lightsaber early.

Lanius Sin

29-12-2005 15:16:43

maybe the name would be better as "Saber Constuction" as Vader muses in the DarkLord novel on page 78:
(The Sith grew past the use of Lightsabers, Sidious had told him. But we continue to use them, if only to humiliate the Jedi)

Macron Sadow

29-12-2005 17:23:11

There is something like that on tap- it needs final tweaking after the new saber guide update is released, then spears will have to bust out the red pen on us too.


30-12-2005 00:50:46

I had sent in a suggestion on an Astronomy course, but never got a reply. I just wanted to cover stuff like galactic distances, definitions on different galactic phenomena, the different phenomena that exist, ect. What does everyone think?


Ood Bnar

30-12-2005 07:12:35

sounds like a good idea to me. but it will be difficult to make such a course! there is an enormous supply of data about this subject, and some of the info contradicts itself. however, if you plan to do this, i'm offering my aid in the matter. together we'll get the job done faster!


01-01-2006 00:42:55

I actually have the course typed up and ready to go I just have to find the stuff :P I realy want it to be the basics of astronomy like terms and such. I made it up when I was trying to get the EH TO to let me make the course. I appreciate the help though.



13-01-2006 20:26:05

I think it would be pretty cool to have a course on Picture Prompts, because after all, a picture is worth a thousand words. And people misunderstand them sometimes.

Tarax Kor

23-01-2006 02:32:43

My idea...

Advanced Photoshop: How to make a forum signature. I'm thinking of making a tutorial in which people learn the steps on how to make a basic signature using Photoshop tools/commands they usually wouldn't use.

Macron Sadow

31-01-2006 22:25:35

To those of you who asked about saber and alchemy courses- they are done!

Hmm I was thinking a SW astrogeography or alien species/culture course could be interesting....

Lanius Sin

01-02-2006 10:38:04

i had a couple of ideas that could be implemented quite easily.
the first would be a "droid enguineering" course, questions on droid designations/ complonents and uses etc.

the second was a "galactic geography/geology" course. in this one there could be questions on the various planets arround the star wars galaxy. for instance (which planets are know to have large depostits of spice? name planets that are allmost or entirely covered by water... or where can you find large depossits of nova crystals?)

just an idea but im sure with work it could get off the ground. (unless someone has already thought of


01-02-2006 19:25:22

These sound like great ideas! I would like to add to the list an Imperial Officer course(Based on Leading a Squad)
we could base on strategic military commands.

Lanius Sin

01-02-2006 21:10:59

good idea, im sure a lot of people (myself incuded) sometimes have trouble immagining what would be going on in battles for fictional purposes... it would kinda pre-empt any writers block in that respect.


02-02-2006 16:23:48

I am always open to new ideas, so make a draft and I will take a look at it and see if a course can be made from it.


13-03-2006 18:37:17

what about a course on the diffrent species like wookies, bothans and others it would help for charctor sheets and give more back ground into star wars knowledge


13-03-2006 23:55:38

That sounds like a good idea. There are plenty of species out there; a lot in fact. But, at least covering the major species, the ones already covered in the ACC guide, might be good. I encourage you to write up the proposed course notes.

At this moment, I'm not taking any new course proposals, but that shouldn't stop you from starting to work on it. I don't anticipate this moratorium to last long; just long enough for me to get caught up on things and get the courses currently there updated.

Ricco Vao

11-06-2006 08:47:55

I think a course on the Force should be compiled. I have started wriring one and am getting help on how to structure it. Any suggestions on what to include in the course. I have already wrote sbout philosophies on the force, crystals, powers, midichlorians etc. Any ideas post here or send me an email. thanks >:)


15-06-2006 14:24:27

These sound like great ideas! I would like to add to the list an Imperial Officer course(Based on Leading a Squad)
we could base on strategic military commands.

I do alot of work with the Canadian armed forces, so if anybody ever needs info on mixed unit tactics, field commands, signals, etc, even radio signals and weapons ( i mainly use large bore rifles but i do know a fair bit about auto's), feel free to ask me any questions, and id be glad to help. (preferably by e-mail)


16-06-2006 14:49:33

I like these ideas, certainly the species and force ones. Also, it'd be real cool if Anshar were to release a list of courses in the works *wink* *wink*


16-06-2006 22:45:38

You must not read my reports :P

I did post a short list in one of my HM reports. I'm in the process of getting updates on the ongoing courses, and I'll be doing a report probably Sunday, and I'll include a list there.


20-06-2006 22:27:53

What reports!?! :P

Yes, I read them, and yes I know kind of what's happening

Macron Sadow

20-06-2006 22:35:32

hee Hee

Droveth Kathera Vectivi

21-06-2006 16:55:39

How about a test on the weapons other than lightsabers? There are alot of other choices than lightsabers, and if thats all that people know, then the dark jedi won't do to well disarmed of their sabers facing a group of droids.

Macron Sadow

21-06-2006 19:56:00

It is already in the works, Draven. It will take some time to complete with all the stuff going on, but it will come. Shadow Stalker and I are working on it right now.

Droveth Kathera Vectivi

22-06-2006 12:53:45

Well. That was a welcome reply. I am glad that that course is in the making. I will definitely add that one to my passed list.

Protector Draven Keshilla
Tridens of Tarentum
Sith flight member of
battle team Yu


17-08-2006 15:15:39

So, what happened to the idea of a JO course, or is it still in the works?

Droveth Kathera Vectivi

24-08-2006 10:49:26

Hmm. I was thinking about it, and it seems alot of Dark jedi in the Past ( And now) Use Companies, and Organizations to mask their true Identity. I think there should be a course on the Companies and Organizations of the DJB and the SW Universe. Every good DJ should have a cover, just in case.

Sorrow Prototype

24-08-2006 18:43:26

Maybe you could add a course that teaches new members a little more on how to get around with in the brotherhood webpages. Maybe a course that teaches them about the most common used acronyms within the brotherhood. because i've just joined and i have no idea what they mean half the time.
Also maybe a course on basic Brotherhood geography. Just how the system is laid out and where the clans are located and the cities.
Just a thought.


25-08-2006 10:54:22

I know there is Sith Alchemy so far, but what about a Sith Magic and Sith Rituals course? Maybe even some Necromancy and Sorcery?


25-08-2006 11:23:32

Sorrow, I think a few clan's have acronym guides on their websites, I know my clan does, check out the Taldryan website to see if they have included one on their site.


25-08-2006 17:32:07

Also maybe a course on basic Brotherhood geography. Just how the system is laid out and where the clans are located and the cities.
Just a thought.

There was a project about the Brotherhood's systems that was started, however, I am unsure of whether or not it is still being worked on. The link:

Droveth Kathera Vectivi

27-08-2006 13:12:06

I know there is Sith Alchemy so far, but what about a Sith Magic and Sith Rituals course? Maybe even some Necromancy and Sorcery?


I don't think there can be a Necromancy course, because that's Tarentum's clan power. It wouldn't have any signifance If everyone could do it.


27-08-2006 20:03:50

Sorry never knew that.


12-09-2006 18:44:51

Hey everyone, sorry for the late reply. Work and school and other real life things have been hectic recently.

Regarding a course about the DB webpage and acronyms, I don't think that will really work out. First off, many clans have such guides. Also, it would be a super easy course, to easily passed. I'm trying to avoid those. But, a guide to post on the SA site for reference might not be a bad idea.

There is a Star Wars astronomy course in development as well; in fact, I've got an e-mail about it just recently. This will include as much on the Brotherhood's dominion as need be.

Regarding a course on the companies and organizations of the SW universe, there might be some potential there. According to the poll I ran, people want more courses focusing on the Star Wars universe, and the fictional aspects of the Brotherhood. Please contact me with a more in depth proposal.

(by the way, in the near future, the SA site should have guidelines for submitting course proposals, but airing the ideas here is still encouraged).

Kaine Mandaala

12-09-2006 20:56:41

Did someone say acronyms?

Ricco Vao

21-09-2006 13:00:26

An actual graphic's course I know we have a photoshop one but there are alot more programmes too I am on a Graphic Design course at Uni and would be willing to help writing it if anyone wants to join me?

(I was nudged into this by lannie lol ...)


21-09-2006 15:36:08

I have typed up a complete course with questions and tried to send it to the HM and P:HM already. It is for Advanced Marksmanship. . . If you did not recieve it please email me at and i will send it to the address recieved in the notice.

Thanks for your time.


21-09-2006 16:43:58

I have a new coarse suggestion. It is Advanced Sith Alchemy It will enable you to further understand Sith Alchemy, and make you a master of such. Give you the ability to Alchemize stuff in competitions or whatever.

Thanks for your time!


21-09-2006 18:40:35

Anshar is going to say this, so I'll go ahead. If you have an idea, email Anshar and Kromtal with a proposal first and get their approval. Then start writing the course.

As with Endymion, I don't know if you did, but from the looks of it you didn't email them a proposal first. That's the proper way of going about these things, so I don't know what Anshar will end up doing

Then Notes
Then Questions
Then Submit It
((While updating Anshar all along the way))


22-09-2006 01:50:38

My mistake. I am brand new here and didnt know the procedures. As far as everything goes.. My version will probably not be used due to the face that it has been previously proposed and someone else is already doing it. So i wasted my time it seems. In any case it was fun to write up and I hope that i can be of further use for submissions in the furture.

There are a lot of things i have not had the hours in the day to learn. Procedures and things I dont know. Im doing my best to learn them as quickly as possible.. In my mind I had thought they would have liked to see this kind of thing from the members.. But now i see it is more rigid and with more regulations than i had origionally anticipated..

Sorry for wasting your time.


22-09-2006 10:40:17

Aabsdu got it right. I've actually got guidelines for new course proposals almost finished, and they'll be posted on the SA site for future reference.

Ricco, in regards to the graphics course, I'm a bit hesitant because the Photoshop course itself is rarely taken, to the point that its almost been axed one more than one occassion. Graphics programs are great, but my guess is that only a small number of members in the Brotherhood have them. Which means we'd just stick tests on the SA that don't really get utilized.

Now, I will talk with the Herald and the Grandmaster about maybe setting up a graphics certificate, or something like that, and those that want to earn it can do something: say, submit a small, but varied sample, of their work for review. If the judge or judges (Herald and his staff, most likely) approve it, then the certificate can be added to the dossier (it would be listed as an SA course).

I'll be using this weekend to go over course proposals, and work on the courses currently under development.

Droveth Kathera Vectivi

22-09-2006 17:17:58

Anshar, if you really liked the Idea about Companies and Organization....I could look into writing up a proposal. Unless the proposal form is already out on the SA site when I get my info, which would probably help a bit. I always found the Fictional side of the DB more interesting that the In-game and ACC stuff...but that's just me.


22-09-2006 19:37:34

New EPs selected. We had some delays that we couldn't work around. In the future, leave this thread for new course ideas only. Other concerns can be posted elsewhere, or e-mailed to me.

I've sent an e-mail to Muz, Kaek, Jac, and Xanos about the Graphics Certificate. Awaiting the discussion and decision on that.

There isn't a proposal form (and the guidelines aren't up, yet). You send an e-mail to me, Kromtal, and Dranik with your idea. Explain what the course would be about, why its important, and any specific topics that you'd cover.

Macron Sadow

28-09-2006 12:56:14

Advanced alchemy.... hmm. That would be hard to do. The current course is much more comprehensive than most of what you can find on the net in general.

Try this link for more info:
DJB Wiki Sith Alchemy


09-12-2006 23:25:09

Great Jedi War Course - Info about the GJW, past GJW's, winning clans, and different activities in it to prep people for GJW.

APP-PRT Smitage Course - How to properly beat your underlings!

GMRG Course - Info about the GMRG, How to get in, and how to survive.

Critters of the Galaxy Course - Info on some of the 'not so intelligent' species in the SW universe. Like Wampa's, Bantha's and Malik.

And yeah thats about it I think, but what do I know, I just work with the SA :S


10-12-2006 01:29:28

A GJW course (and clan and DB history courses) are planned for, though exactly when, I don't know. I'm actually hoping to have the clan history courses done by February. The clans are all working on their histories, if I recall correctly. The biggest problem right now with a strictly GJW course is the lack of information on the earlier GJWs.

GMRG course is being worked on by Khobai, or so he claims :P

No course on beating people; it comes naturally as one advances. Besides, we don't want to give people advanced warning :P

Critters course has some potential, though.

Just remember, I'm not taking any course proposals right now. Admittedly, the moratorium has lasted longer than thought, but that's because so many courses got in before the deadline. But, that shouldn't stop people from tossing out ideas.


18-01-2007 04:58:39

Topic/Idea =
A Generalized Instant Messenger Course

Reason why you think this course should be offered at the Shadow Academy. =

the SA covers icq, irc, msn, and aim courses. Oddly yahoo is excluded.
The point of the courses if to give a quick coverage of the many instant
messengers out there (theres 65) do to cultural regions some are used more
then others such as Gabu Gabu in Poland.

A short outline of what the course will cover (you don't need a lot of
details here).

I was thinking a name a url and a paragraph or so history/overview of each.
Do to the shear amount of the messengers it would be wiser to break it down
into 3 courses. The overall reason behind this proposal is it would educate
people and help them learn more about the variety of programs. And maybe
people wont make arrest jokes about my messenger I use. Miranda. On the
questions I would make 15 from the entire course not one from each messenger

Incase you dont believe me in mentioning the shear amount of instant messengers

please view this link.

ACO Ghilman (Obelisk)/Marka Ragnos of Naga Sadow

Pin: 8427


18-01-2007 04:59:53

Just a dumb question but we have a msn, a im, a icq, and a mirc course, why not a yahoo one?

ACO Ghilman (Obelisk)/Marka Ragnos of Naga Sadow

Pin: 8427


18-01-2007 05:03:46

What about a test for each game we play? I had to teach a new guy in jedi outcast how to work the control do to not knowing, maybe a 'Insert game' basics wouldnt hurt?

ACO Ghilman (Obelisk)/Marka Ragnos of Naga Sadow

Pin: 8427

Ood Bnar

18-01-2007 05:22:06

check the starfighter tactics. in there XvT and XWA are covered.

the test of agility concerns XvT and XWA
the Test of endurance concerns JA, JO

also some clans have individuals that teach games: CSP has JA-Lessons (I think other clans have similar projects or would benefit from them)

Oh, and try not to multipost it's annoying. you can edit your post if you think of something to add to it.


24-01-2007 03:24:05

Individual tactical training

Weapons course (note: Star Wars hardware, not theory)

Troop Leading Procedures

Tactical Course

Advanced Tactical Course

Basically most of what is covered in the US Army FM 7-8 (Also known as the Infantry bible) to beef up the Obelisk subjects.


26-01-2007 02:07:06

A basics weapons course is a good idea; it has been proposed before, but no work has ever been done on it. Certainly in the near future we can discuss it. It would fit in with the starfighter, capital ships, and lightsaber courses (in that it is a basic Star Wars concept that would impact the Brotherhood members).

As for the other topics you listed, Etah, I'm really hesitant about them. New courses are great, but, by and large I want to steer away from things that are to real life in the nature. For one, it is very hard to test that through the internet (which is why, despite the proposal, there will not be an advanced marksmanship exam, so long as I'm HM, and preferably beyond). Secondly, much of what you listed doesn't lend itself well to our fictional set up. We may talk about armies and the sort, but in the end, every gaming match and every fiction piece comes down to one final thing: you, the individual. The "troops" of the Brotherhood are the clan/house members, and we ahve leadership documents for house and clan leaders (not in the SA, but in the Alacrity documents).

To be honest, marksmanship is one exam that came out during my tenure that is the most borderline, but it was early in my days as HM, and I've had time to formulate and mature my thought process on new exams. In general, here's what new courses should be concerned with (most, if not all, will apply):

1. Is there a legitimate fictional cause for the course? In other words, would this be a subject that a school in the Star Wars universe would teach?
2. Along the lines of number one, is there a legitimate fictional Brotherhood aspect of the course? The Core exams and, if they ever get done, clan history exams, would be examples.
3. Is there a legitimate practical application to the Brotherhood? Think of all the communication and coding courses: those serve a practical purpose to the DB, as they can help members learn at least the basics of those subjects, and both are important to the DB's functions. The same goes for the writing courses.

I appreciate the ideas, and I agree that there needs to be more in the Karana campus (asides from weapons, a ground vehicles course would fit nicely there as well, *hint hint*). Just remember, I'm not taking any official course proposals right now, not until the Core rewrites get done, which I'm afraid to say, are still ongoing.

Orv Dessrx

29-01-2007 13:25:35

We have a need to update the HTML courses; the PHP course could use some updating as well.

In fact, I'd suggest an HTML 3 course that introduces Semantic Markup.
I'd also be interested in putting together a CSS course.

There is a need for more dynamic layouts where theme changes are easier to handle. In terms of HTML, div based layouts with semantic markup is a necessity. This not only will create more versatile & valid sites, but reduce development time across the board.


29-01-2007 21:48:51

The PHP course (and ASP) is going to be made just a reference file. Not enough people take the course to warrant keeping it around. This will happen in early February.

As for HTML, it sounds like there are some things to consider adding to it. I'm not sure if we need a third course or not. As for CSS, the one thing I'll say about coding courses: they should be as simple as possible. By that, I mean, a majority of the Brotherhood should be able to take them and expect to pass. Basic HTML is fairly simplistic, and many in the DB can do even some basic stuff. As you get into things like PHP and ASP, you starting getting more complex, and not enough people are interested in it.

So, new coding courses are always going to be iffy. Not that they can't be done, but there has to be consistent interest, and I'll need to find an independent reviewer for the course (though Jac probably could verify it; GM has final say on all courses anyway).

Orv Dessrx

29-01-2007 22:00:22

Understandable. I'll write up the CSS course, post it on and let you know. Then, when you're ready for a look see, you can check it out and implement it if thats the direction the SA wants to go. ;)

daek pyro

05-02-2007 22:08:59

I would like to see a sith story writing course. I started a topic like that in the writers corner.
So people could learn how to type out long stories.


06-02-2007 22:15:15

While a good reference file on how to write stories might not be a bad idea, the Shadow Academy already has two exams that test one's writing ability: the Test of Wisdom and Advanced Test of Wisdom.

With writing, testing someone over the basic mechanics of how to write (especially a long story) would not be very effective. Anyone can answer questions about what should be in a story, but the true test comes in the doing, which we offer with the two tests listed above. The Advanced Test of Wisdom is for longer stories.

In general, writing is like any other skill: it takes practice to perfect it. Even people with natural talent still need refining and practice. Daek, I can say this, as a bit of general advice for writing long stories (though we need not dwell on it to much in this specific thread): I found myself incapable of writing longer stories until I had first gotten comfortable with writing short stories. Strangely enough, none of my characters from a short story have ever made it to a longer one (except in the DB).

But, to recap: a course on the mechanics of writing (long or short stories alike) probably won't happen. But, a writing guide, and then asking you to apply that to the two writing tests isn't such a bad idea.


07-02-2007 10:45:28

I think we should get a Sith Biology or Genetics Course, to follow up Alchemy. Like all the beings in the galaxy that could be made into Spawn to benifit the sith. I'll expand later as i'm in school now, gotta go :(


08-02-2007 19:23:33

I think a Sith biology/genetics course would be very hard to do. I don't know how much canon info is available on it, and such a course would be heading well into a realm not otherwise touched by the DB. We have various writing courses, but the DB has a large fan fiction base, so the courses are very useful in that regard.


08-02-2007 19:33:35

Well, I meant more of a "how" to describe alchemy as well, the current alchemy course describes only what alchemy is and the history of it and famous alchemers. I think one on describing the process and effects of alchemy would be useful for fiction and for overall knowledge as well


10-02-2007 18:36:18

The wiki article Macron put up describes a lot about Force Alchemy; there is some more detail there than in the notes (it is actually more detailed than the Alchemy notes on the Wookiepedia). "How" to describe the alchemy isn't really something that an SA course can effectively cover, for the primary reason that it is going to come down to the individual writer more than anything else. Alchemy is, at its most basic level, nothing more than the rearranging of materials into new things at the molecular level. Exactly what the alchemic processes are are unknown. The effects of alchemy also vary, depending on what one is trying to do.

I don't want a variety of courses just on how to describe something for the purposes of writing about it. We can use existing SA courses and the wiki to provide someone with the information to effectively describe something, but we don't need to test them on it.


12-02-2007 20:12:19

Well, I just wanted this because Alchemy interests me and I have no idea how to describe it when writing. But thanks, I'll go read the wiki entry :)

Kalak Ragnose

16-04-2007 08:42:41

How bout a course on Sith artifacts.


16-04-2007 20:54:57

I don't think there's enough specific information about that topic. Feel free to prove differently, as I could be wrong.


21-04-2007 02:29:09

I think there's enough info about Sith Artifacts for sure, I wrote a three page info thingy on just one artifact :P


21-04-2007 10:54:22

Maybe you're just weird ;)


21-04-2007 14:39:23

Arcadian, that piece was just really really fictionally developed. Others might not be nearly as developed

Sakh nhem

21-04-2007 14:40:20

And you're not Aabs? :P If Arcadian isn't weird and there really is enough on sith artifacts then I would like to see that course made.


21-04-2007 20:31:01

I'll say the same thing that Anshar is going to say:

If you would really like a course on Sith Artifacts, then start doing a little research, put together a proposal along with a brief outline of the course, and email it to Anshar, at which time he will decide rather it is worthy of a course. Make sure to look at the Sith CORE, though, since I believe there is some stuff on artifacts in there


22-04-2007 01:14:03

Well, the rewritten Sith Core doesn't have any specific artifacts mentioned (if all goes well, the Core rewrites should be posted sometime mid to late next week). I'm thinking that, regarding the artifacts, most of it could be used to expand upon the Force (Sith) Alchemy course, rather than a course itself. I do have a proposal in my inbox, though.

I should probably update the proposal guidelines to encourage people to air ideas out on this thread. But, Aabs has the idea right. Ultimately, that's the step that has to be taken. Any course ideas put on this message board aren't real proposals, but just a way to get feedback from the membership, such as with Sakh's post.


23-04-2007 01:23:16

BTW Aads, of course I'm weird, I'm in a clan with you :P


23-04-2007 17:23:57

Thank you for that compliment :P


09-07-2007 09:24:46

By all means a Cookie Awarding Certification Course should be created. People have begun to abuse the issuing of cookies and have even gone as far as to mess up how to make one on IRC. Please help Anshar, you're my only hope! :-D

On the real, the SA may want to consider writing a course on each of the lightsaber styles instead of the DB just cramming it all into one big ole book where people like me are like "peh, like ima read all that just to know that I already knew how to swing a lightsaber." Just a suggestion, cause reading the lightsaber guide is kinda scary, but it does contain a lot of useful stuff that could be made into some SA courses. :-)




09-07-2007 21:06:07

Eh, a course per style would be too much, but we could possibly divide it up amongst the three levels (Core, Advanced, and Elite).

Yeldarb Vohokou

16-07-2007 20:57:46

1. differnt styles of hand to hand combat courses,

2. different saber style course

3. courses about different awards and what they get awarded for

4. courses about mp gaming, ie rules, how to submit wins

5. a course for every house/clan position that requires being passed before a person can be accepted into that position.


17-07-2007 16:27:54

And my replies:

1. The Hand to Hand guide was recently published. We will be making a course out of that in the future (sometime after the GJW).

2. I referenced saber styles in my last post, but to refresh, we're going to do something with the lightsaber guide in terms of making a course about it. How to divide said course up is the real challenge, but we'll definitely have no more than 3.

3. The Master at Arms has some guides about rewarding and promoting (or will be working on them, I imagine). Also, work on the Codex is continuing, albeit slowly, so the award descriptions will be entirely up to date (they're fairly close as it is). The General Leadership course covers the basics of awards. Also, we would undoubtedly run into issues about "this was accepted on the SA exam, but the MAA just denied my medal request."

4. MP gaming rules are provided in the Rites of Combat ( Learning how to submit scores is, in my mind, something that members should be taught by their Envoys or other members of their house and clan; or, even members outside their clans. All told, there really isn't enough information to justify a course. But, I can add a question to the Brotherhood basics to introduce new members to the Rites of Combat.

5. As for leadership position courses, the basic idea has been floated before. There are some leadership manuals partially in response to this. Also, by the time someone is selected as an Aedile, it is generally expected that they have served in some sort of position (battleteam leader being the most common). In rare instances, I have seen inexperienced members placed as aediles, but this is **extremely** rare. No one in the DB gets to higher positions without having done something before hand. By signing up for a position, it means that you are at least reasonably aware of the job expectations (it is also the responsibility of your superior to provide expectations).
The leadership courses currently offered provide some good background, but a lot of DB leadership has to be experienced first hand. Also, requiring that someone pass a course/courses could limit the supply of potential candidates more than it is already limited.

Thanks for the suggestions, though, Yeldarb. It's good to see newer members getting in on this sort of thing. Numbers 1 and 2 are definitely going to be produced in the future, but 3-5 stand little chance, unless there's a large demand for it, or if we determine that such information needs to be presented in an SA course.


19-07-2007 07:10:12

Would anyone be interested in a JO/JA map editing course? The course would include basics of architecture, entities, lighting, textures, and compiling .map files into playable JO/JA levels. With the final exam requiring you to create your own level that includes at least one example of each basic concept covered in the course notes.

Kaine Mandaala

19-07-2007 10:16:05

Would anyone be interested in a JO/JA map editing course? The course would include basics of architecture, entities, lighting, textures, and compiling .map files into playable JO/JA levels. With the final exam requiring you to create your own level that includes at least one example of each basic concept covered in the course notes.

Yes, especially if it covers what you need to d/l in order to do it all.


19-07-2007 16:41:38

What Kaine said. I am wondering what the demand will be for the course, and what strange levels people would come up with.

Macron Sadow

19-07-2007 18:53:44

I'd be willing to help with the saber styles thing after the GJW, considering that I wrote the original one. :)


20-07-2007 02:22:47

What Kaine said. I am wondering what the demand will be for the course, and what strange levels people would come up with.

I dont even know if there is a demand. I was attempting to gauge interest. But it would seem the forums are a poor way of doing so :P

Yes, especially if it covers what you need to d/l in order to do it all.

It would cover what you need to d/l, how to install it, as well everything else mentioned. Although it would be a very basic and barebones tutorial and as such would neglect many of the more intermediate and advanced facets of level design. Although if the basic course becomes popular enough I dont see why we couldnt also have an intermediate course (and maybe eventually an advanced course).

Adien Falaut

20-07-2007 12:53:19

I'd take it that's for sure i could use more experance with .Pak files


21-07-2007 08:03:40

I doubt the basic course would cover .pak files.

Adien Falaut

21-07-2007 10:30:09

figures :( but that's ok that is what all the computer science is for :P

Macron Sadow

31-07-2007 22:00:26

Hmm an idea.

A Vong course after the war is over.....


01-08-2007 13:54:26

I have a suggestion: gaming basics

It could cover stuff about the rites of combat, different servers, controls...possibly broken down into separate courses for each game. Just a random thought while playing JO. :)

P.S. <3 Macron's idea :D

Adien Falaut

01-08-2007 15:14:10

I agree with Dismal tutorials on the games we use the most like JA, BFII, and EaW could help our members in ICTE events as well as just normal gaming nights


01-08-2007 18:04:28

The problem with "Gaming courses" would be the fact that it's much easier to show in-game and explain than to write directions. Not everyone can follow directions.


01-08-2007 18:22:35

The Tests of Agility and Wisdom cover the basics of the gaming realm, and they're not taken all that often. Having game specific courses would be difficult, especially with the wide variety of games out there. I believe its best to leave the two current exams and then have clans (especailly Envoys) show people the ropes as far as getting involved with things like the ICTE.

As for Macron's idea, we could do it fairly easily. The GJW site already has the notes on the Vong, or at least the vast majority of them. I would want to avoid having a course on every race in Star Wars, even just every "major" race, but extra courses on groups of races could work (i.e., aquatic races). Something to consider, for sure.

Macron Sadow

01-08-2007 18:31:26

cool. I volunteer to cordinate an alien species course idea and do the research, maybe I could get some Ashar-approved help. I think after the War would be a good time to start. I have all the d20 books and species bits, plus some older material as well as the old d6/GURPS stuff.


01-08-2007 20:11:01

I'll help Macron with the species course. Alien species in SW have always intrigued me.

Adien Falaut

02-08-2007 15:30:53

I've been reading a bunch on the ships and weapons, and languages "Has helped in the ACC too" so if you need any help compiling I've got some stuff that might help.


03-08-2007 16:40:03

Yeah, definitely wait until after the GJW to start writing new courses. Though, as always, you do need to stake a claim in a subject, or else someone might get to it. As I've mentioned before, there was a lot of talk about an advanced test of wisdom, but no one ever did anything about it until I wrote it up. Thus, it became my course (but then I went and signed that agreement about my work being used by the DB... <_< )

Anyway, multi-course topics can work the way the 3 Sith Empire courses did. There will be one person coordinating it, but they can rope in whatever volunteers they need or want. Just keep Bubba and me in the loop as to who is working on the project. The person coordinating the whole thing would need to e-mail us initially and explain how he/she wants to break the topic down.

On a related note, I figure I can also use this topic to ask people to write particular courses. In the near future, we're going to need a freighters/transports course to go with the Capital ships course, and the new fighters course (currently under development, but moving along quite well).

Also, just for reference, someone has already laid claim to an Old Republic History course (or 2, depending on what we need). So, they've got first shot at it after the GJW.


05-08-2007 15:57:52

I did want to do a SW Species course and actually got to typing notes on it. I had covered humans and near humans, the Twi'leks, the Chiss, and the Rodians, there were more but I hadn't completed the notes. I also lost them somewhere and I cant find them (I have five computers at home and all of them are close to full <_< ). So basically i can't really do it anymore lol

but I would love to help if ya need any. I love Star Wars races and species (actually thats all i look up anymore on Wookiepedia). I do have experience in species because i did write up an RP system for another site having to do with a multiple of species. I also have the Star Wars Essential Guide to Races and Alien Species.


18-12-2007 03:57:19

Since there are so many Mandalorians here in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, I thought it might be a good idea for there to be a course on the Mando'ade. Sound like a good idea?

Kah Manet

19-01-2008 19:30:01

How about a more in depth Sith Course...I didn't even need the info on the page you guys had and I got a 100.

Just a thought. Or how about a Sith Lord Course, taking people that made a major contribution, instead of just Nadd, Sadow, Kun (Brief), and Kressh, you could have Ragnos, Palpatine, Bane, Revan, Malak (Even though he didn't really do much), Pall, Tulak Hord, things like them. You could also do different training styles, or techniques of the force, since Bane had used a different technique for the Force Lighting then what he was originally taught, and he also had to modify his movements with the Armor he had.

Just a thought.


19-01-2008 19:36:54

You mean like an Advanced Sith History course?


19-01-2008 21:13:34

To be flat out honest, I think the SA has changed alot from what it was when I first started. It used to be general courses and they were easy, now they are all advanced and stuff and require you to do a crapload of things. What ever happened to the courses that you could pass in 3 minutes without having to write "how you feel" about certain topics?

Sorry but I like simple things, thus why I have given up on the SA :(


20-01-2008 01:11:47

It's called evolution... the SA was getting too easy. A lot of those "three minute courses" ran into me and were done away with. Yeah, the SA changes and it always should. It is totally different from when I first joined.

As for the Advanced Sith Course, I'm leaving it up to Aabs to determine what he wants to do, but I'll say this on the courses we do have. On the three Sith Empire histories, anyone who has read the comics, novels, and watched the movies probably knows enough to pass the courses. Granted, if you're making 100s, maybe the EP isn't grading hard enough :P

As for Sith Core, it is meant only to be the basics of the Sith Order. The idea of Core exams stretches back a ways, as I had to take and pass a version of the Krath Core when I joined. Aabs and the Core EPs can always add questions and make the Core exams harder, too.


20-01-2008 05:17:52

The current SA courses aint too hard either =)


20-01-2008 13:57:02

It's pointless to have a bunch of courses that take three minutes to pass with a 100. As per the Advanced Sith History course, I agree with Anshar, it would probably be easier to expand the current courses rather than create a whole new.


20-01-2008 18:05:15

Hmmm... I have a suggestion (if it hasnt already been mentioned)

I remember reading somewhere recently that the three Orders get three different Paths to follow... Like the Krath had Scholar, Sorceror and something else. Is there going to be SA course on them???


20-01-2008 21:26:54

Im not saying they should all be 3 minutes but like why make some that you have to spend 023840384 hours to finish? I get all the way to the bottom then i have to write something hard and if i dont do it i fail?

And I'm not gonna lie some of it goes into way too much detail lol


21-01-2008 12:12:10

When the new Force Order stuff is released, it is possible that the COREs will be updated to include the new data, but that's a little ways away

Drichar Deis

29-01-2008 08:58:34

I would love to see a course specific to the creation of Sith swords.

Macron Sadow

29-01-2008 12:45:32

Hmm. You should check out the Alchemy course if you haven't yet. the subject of Sith swords is probably not big enough for a whole course...

cheers, mac


29-01-2008 16:49:05

Indeed. If more information is need on sith swords, we'll put it in the Alchemy course

Drichar Deis

30-01-2008 04:34:21

Passed the alchemy test, its just the idea of Sith swords intrests me deeply.

Kah Manet

06-02-2008 17:28:49

I think it would be beneficial if we had more leadership courses. Since there are only really 3 or 4


07-02-2008 19:13:51

While leadership courses are good, the only real way to become a good leader is through experience. The idea of more advanced leadership courses and come up, but in my opinion the next step up from General Leadership and Leadership Fundamentals is the real thing, where the real learning occurs.

Personally, everything I know was learned through practicality

Macron Sadow

19-03-2008 16:51:07

Hi! What do you folks think of a combat-oriented Maven degree? Like hth, saber basics, weapons, etc?



23-03-2008 17:43:43

Already in the works ;)

Macron Sadow

24-03-2008 11:39:51

No wonder it sounded like a good idea. :)


24-03-2008 12:07:42

Same old Macaroni :)


01-07-2008 13:53:17

how about a test that is about the dark side itself not the philosofy or the powers just about the dark side. >:)


06-07-2008 22:57:25

Because some people do not view the force as a dark side and a light side. I don't know if I am correct in answering this though.

The Dark Side is viewed by many to be one part of the force, the light side being the other. I don't think this is possible, but many people believe it that way. Maybe there just isn't enough writings or enough material that could be made into an SA exam. I am sure if you came up with the material and made it into a rough exam, then proposed it to Aabs, then maybe you could get it in.

I always thought there should be an "Advanced Force Philosophy Exam". Possibly something to do with your own ideas of the force and why you believe it to be that way. I actually had a rough draft for it awhile ago in the making, but I lost it somewhere in my homework files.


07-07-2008 01:16:08

Perhaps there could be a course on Force Powers (Dark, Light and Neutral). I mean with these new Force Powers for the character sheets coming out, it may not be such a bad idea to put an SA Course on the topic out there.


07-07-2008 01:55:52

Personally, I don't think there would be a course for the powers. They could just as easily be placed in a manual of how the whole thing is going to work.


07-07-2008 10:41:09

True, but when you have things like the lightsaber course, which actually incorporates a lightsaber manual, then I think a Force power course is worth looking into. Perhaps a Force manual could be incorporated into the Force power course. If not for anything else, journeymen could use another course to pass to help them get promoted :P.


10-07-2008 00:33:08

The new force powers within the new CS updates (when they arrive) will most likely be covered in something like the ACC Compendium. If information like that were to be added to the SA, it would be incorporated into the current Force Philosophy course, rather than make a whole new course for it


14-07-2008 00:48:52

Alright, well seeing as I've done all the courses possible at the moment, I finally feel qualified to suggest some courses. Don't know if they've been suggested before, if they're stupid ideas, or if they're in the works, but here's what I've got.

Also, if anyone thinks they are good ideas, I am volunteering to do the work and writing for all of them, but would welcome any other volunteers.

1. Enemies of the Brotherhood
~I think that we should have a course teaching members, old and new alike, about some of the enemies that us Dark Jedi face in our run-ons and fictions. I know that some of the younger members I've worked with haven't been 100% sure that they know what they are facing well enough to write about them, and I think that this course would be great for that purpose.

2. The Exodus
~Come on, the biggest event in the Brotherhood's past, and we have a lot of members completely ignorant of it. We could come up with enough content to cover a full course, and make it interesting and fun. There is barely anything about Brotherhood past, and I think we should add some more courses focusing on OUR history.

3. Clan Arcona History
~Hey, I know that I always think that it's odd that Plagueis has their own exam but none of the other Clans do. I took CP's exam and really liked it, and I think that all the Clans should have that kind of thing to sort of educate their members, as the Obelisk Core does for Obelisk members. I would work with my Clan Summit to make it happen, and encourage other Summits to do the same.

4. Great Jedi Wars
~Some of the greatest moments in Brotherhood history have come in the heat of the Great Jedi Wars, and they have helped shape the organization as we know it. Making a course dedicated to these ultimate vendettas would be great, in my opinion.


14-07-2008 06:11:00

Lego, and me talked about these earlier. I think these courses would be a great addition to the SA. For the most part, before the last GJW it seems like major plot arcs rarely ever had a long-term effect on the DJB storyline.

The enemies of the Brotherhood course are a good idea. But I think it might be hard to pull off because of the constantly changing nature of the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

Clan Arcona History would be an awesome course for, not just our clan, but to keep the history of our clan apart of the group conscience. I think the SAs eventual goal should be to have a strong history course for each clan.

The history of the Brotherhood is very important IMHO especially the Exodus. The Exodus is the first huge story arc that had a lasting effect on the Dark Brotherhood and it has shaped so much of the group culture that I think its important for new journeymen to know more about it than what they hear from old vets reminiscing with each other on IRC.

I think there should be a series of Brotherhood history courses. Maybe something to the effect of: Brotherhood History Pre-exodus, the Exodus and Brotherhood History Post-exodus.


16-07-2008 09:15:03

i had an idea for a course a little while ago, but i didnt think it was good enough, but i thought it would be cool to do a superweapons course. it could be about the death stars and the star forge, and the sun crusher, and all those other weapons, especially the ones used by the sith.


16-07-2008 23:37:47

Hmm, I like Dock's idea. I'm not a big expert on superweapons though, and I'm not sure if there would be enough content or too much content, or something like that. If you could come up with a solid proposal and a bit of preliminary research backing it up, Aabsdu and Dacien can probably take a look at it and get back to you.


18-07-2008 14:10:02

All of the clans, or at least most of them, are working on clan SA courses at some degree. It's just slow going since we're so busy. Plagueis' was released quickly and first because I sat down and just did it, the idea was actually Anshar's originally.

The enemies thing wouldn't be a whole course, but there might be a course we could add that information to, so look for something like that.

Brotherhood History course(s) are being worked on, but again progress is slow as we are currently working on like nine new courses, plus degrees.

The superweapons idea, again, would be added into a current course, like Capital Starship studies. Interesting idea, though, I'll think about it


18-07-2008 16:52:06

Well, I think that if we are going to put in information about enemies, it would have to be into one of the Brotherhood history courses being worked on. I'd be happy to take a role in helping create those, but you've probably got it all covered. At the moment, we don't really have anything that the enemies could fit into at the moment.

Once the Shadow Academy Audit concludes, I'll take a look at Capital Starship Studies and see if it can fit it in.


21-07-2008 23:09:24

Remember the superweapons thing, because I won't. I also might contact you about Brotherhood History, though you have another course right now, if I'm correct :P


24-07-2008 18:45:33

I still say you let me do a Vong course. Incorporate the Star Wars cannon, and then the Brotherhood cannon.

But nooooo.


25-07-2008 22:59:25

Aabsdu, you've got mail :)

I am ready to begin work on any new course that you have in mind, specifically the Dark Brotherhood History ones, whenever you want. Also, if anyone has any other suggestions at all, please post them up because I need ideas and something to do.

Quintan Tylax

08-12-2008 12:30:10

Doesn't seem to have had many people post to this anymore. I was looking for a degree suggestion thread and couldn't find any so decided to post here.

I was looking over the degrees section of the Shadow Academy. I'm the scholarly type and I love taking tests (yes I'm a freak). To go along Sith training I was surprised there were not more degree choices that were oriented with the mythos.

For instance, surprised there isnt a degree for lightsaber combat with the requirements of, ACC Intitates, Test of Power, Lightsaber Studies, Grammar (writing), and Run-On (Writing). Perhaps your qualification match in the ACC.

All courses written above were just suggestions.

Or perhaps a degree on Force-use, Then you incorportate the Test of Power, Test of Wisdom, Sith Alchemy, Force Philosophy, and then you add a course that instructs on the various powers and their appropriate uses.

What this new course will do is bring more realism and appropriate force use to the writing, teaching newcomers on the DJB's interpretation of the force, also how to use it in your writings.

I saw alot of practical degrees for the Shadow Academy but, unless you like history there is only one other RP type degree.

Just a few suggestions, please feel free to comment and let me know what you think.


08-12-2008 15:43:09

Well, ask the Headmaster if you are allowed to start drafting up the courses you want to involve. Degrees are all up to the Headmaster, but maybe if you talked to the Headmaster about the courses you want then you will be able to do draft them up.

The things is you can't really use the force. So a course on actually USING the force might be a little bit over the top. Most people just say "DJK Joe used the force to throe this person." Maybe even a little bit more detailed.

Quintan Tylax

08-12-2008 23:55:03


I plan on suggesting the course once I reintergrate myself once again into the fold again. I am merely making the suggestion as this is the topic for just that.

But you make a point on the course itself. I think I need to explain a bit better. For flavor, it will be titled as a course on Force Use. To make it practical, it will further explain force powers, examples of use for each in posts, as well as train the young apprentice how to be more descriptive in its use other than "DJK Joe used the force to throe this person."

I know in the past, with myself and other posts I've read, since the powers are used often, it is hard to come up with a more descriptive and creative way to use these mystical powers. It could benefit greatly.

On the subject of Degrees, I just wanted to make the suggestion here before making a proposal and drafting something up down the road. From what I've seen the SA courses were trimmed in the recent past due to redundancy and courses that were not needed. So this is something that will have to go forward slowly rather than now now now.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Macron Sadow

09-12-2008 03:47:34

"For instance, surprised there isnt a degree for lightsaber combat "

Not a bad idea. Just my 2 cents.


09-12-2008 14:32:56

"For instance, surprised there isnt a degree for lightsaber combat "

Not a bad idea. Just my 2 cents.

Not a bad idea at all. Maybe something that would allow you access to certain lightsabers? :P


09-12-2008 16:03:17

Not a bad idea at all. Maybe something that would allow you access to certain lightsabers? :P

Upon completion of the required courses (and have the degree listed on your doss, obviously) you would get access to certain lightsabers?

That doesn't sound like a bad idea either. It could really prompt people to earn the degree. :)

Macron Sadow

09-12-2008 16:23:47

Oo. Teh Sarin has spoken. :P

I'd be glad to help consult on it if needed. i did write the course, after all. :)

Quintan Tylax

10-12-2008 13:00:27

yay interest. And yay on "Teh Sarin" speaking on it ::chuckles::

As I said before this is just a toe in the water type thing. Or if someone with more DJB experience wishes to take on the Lightsaber and Force Use course, awesome.

But as is, what I want to do is gain some DJB experience under my belt (at least the new DJB, I've been on a 5 year break :P), after i get a degree or two and perhaps after the up and comming GJW, I can start working on something along these lines. I would be highly interested in getting a RP degree out there, and these would be the first steps.

I'm confused, you have a course written on Lightsaber Combat? Keep in mind that when I mentioned the course, I was speaking from more of a, how to write certain styles, forms, or better RP Lightsaber combat. Perhaps, a Lightsaber Studies (advanced) course, if you will.

Quintan Tylax

10-12-2008 13:02:29

I love the idea of having access to ceratin customizations, styles or special lightsabers, based off of that type of degree, course, or ACC prerequisites.


11-12-2008 17:15:06

That idea, while sounding good, could end up turning into a pitfall.

Quintan Tylax

11-12-2008 17:16:54

how so?


11-12-2008 19:05:54

Well, for starters, that's been done with the "Training Light Saber", albeit that being extremely easy. Second, you'd have to craft enough lightsabers for the degree award. Otherwise, everyone's will look the same.

There's also the fact that it would almost like be adding an award ONTO the degree. The degree itself should be sufficient enough as is. And then what tier of degrees would it be under? Obviously Maven, as I cannot imagine that with the current courses we have in the SA, and with those forthcoming, that it would be enough of a challenge to merit a Savant.

I don't know. It DOES sound good, but the potential for failure is just hanging in the back of my mind.


11-12-2008 21:25:08

I can see why...

Quintan Tylax

17-12-2008 14:27:45

I see where your getting at. I have thought about this a bit more and I think what I'm more focused on is getting the members more comfortable with descriptive writing. It is used in the ACC, Run-ons and fiction and the current grammar and Run-on courses work more on structure and requirements rather than focusing on how to turn a sentence from:

"He swings the lightsaber, and strikes his left arm."


"He ducks low to the ground, narrowly dodging his opponent's saber. Spring up from the ground, as a lion who finall has his prey, he swings the lightsaber with all his strength, and strikes with the quickness of coiled serpent on their left arm, just on the inside of his elbow severing the tendons that are crutial to wielding that second deadly saber."

The first sentence says what he's doing and his target. the second one does the same but produces very vivid imagery. Not everyone understands how to do this and I will bet my left arm that that is why people need to adjust to the ACC more often than naught.

I suggested Lightsaber combat and Force use as a focus because these two topics are constantly being written by all our members, it is hard to describe the same thing over and over again. It is even harder to read it.

As far as degrees, I like the idea of unlocking another saber option upon completeing a degree. But I agree the degree itself should be the reward. Instead I would offer that for more advance diplomas.

Here is the progression I had in mind. You have a writing degree, and a Philosophy degree. I would add another Maven and call it Force use. It requires Run-on, Grammar, ACC Initiate and the two new courses suggested above. Also, at least 3 ACC matches won. (that number might be lowered or raised depending on opinion).

That seems standard and though it shares two courses with another degree, you will still need to do 3 other courses and participate in ACC.

Then there would be a Savant that can be a RP Savant degree. Prerequites would be Writing, Philosophy and Force Use Mavens, 1 extra curricular course and you must be a certain rank in the ACC to recieve it. (I do know there is already a Writing and Philosophy degree and this is similar. If that is too much and too similar, I would take out the Philosophy Degree )

This won't happen overnight of course. I do believe this can be an excellent addition to the SA and will give more options in degrees for those of us that enjoy taking the courses and collecting them.


21-12-2008 01:55:28

Sounds nifty. However, everything force related goes under Force Philosophy.

Macron Sadow

21-12-2008 14:31:37

I was thinking more like a combat degree. Like: hand to hand, saber studies, marksmanship, weapons, training saber, obelisk core or something like that. Just my 2 cents.

Quintan Tylax

23-12-2008 11:16:23

However, everything force related goes under Force Philosophy.

Theres Force Philosophy, then there is Force Application.

If within the SA the two are synonymous with one another then I would suggest the course be renamed to reflect it's exact nature. Philosophy is not the use of something but more on theory or abstract belief/reason.

Besides I've done that course very recently, it in no way teaches one how to RP or use the force, but more on how different sects view the force and where it derives from (Midi-chlorians). That is most definetly not everything force related.

Macron Sadow - I like that idea Macron, on top of the other suggestions. Though I would still recommend a force use type degree or a RP degree as well as a combat type degree.


25-12-2008 20:12:10

Wow, double posting ftl. WTB a non-shitty PC.


25-12-2008 20:12:52

I was thinking more like a combat degree. Like: hand to hand, saber studies, marksmanship, weapons, training saber, obelisk core or something like that. Just my 2 cents.

Already in the works, Mac.

Macron Sadow

28-12-2008 15:49:03

Very cool, I bet that one will be popular. :D


28-12-2008 16:58:19

If I understand correctly there are quite a few projects being worked on at the moment. Hopefully we'll get a bunch of releases before the Great Jedi War, and then we can go from there.


26-03-2009 13:52:12

I was wondering If I might write a Basic Photoshop Exam. I am pretty adept in the matter, I think I can offer some knowledge to others as it seems alot of people are struggling with the Graphics Comp.


07-04-2009 22:17:50

We once had a Photoshop course, but it was closed down because, I think, it was based on CS2 during a time when CS3 was the norm, and of course now we have CS4. The idea has been passed around to rewrite the course and reopen it, but such probably wouldn't happen until late-summer/Fall, since we have so much going on right now (enough to keep us busy for well over a year). However, feel free to write up a proposal/outline of such a new Photoshop course, and email to Taig and I. We're always open to proposals


28-04-2009 03:33:36

I think the main problem with the PS course was the fact that it was for PS... that hing is expensive so the only people who could actually do it were extreamly rich, or pirates (which the DB shouldn't be promoting).

Why not a course about a free alternative? Like the GIMP.


30-04-2009 21:01:52

Lol, few years back, Pyralis supplied me with all the Taldryan "favorites", in regards to gaming. Not to mention that most of the DBers that have PS, is due to pirating.