Degree Questions


08-10-2007 20:04:48

You can post any SA degree related questions on this thread and either Dacien or myself will answer them.


08-10-2007 20:48:25

* Serve the Shadow Academy in multiple positions for an extended period of time
** Approximately 8 months or more
** Grading multiple exams counts for this
**Working on special SA projects will count towards overall time and may be “banked” for up to one year.
** Any combination of SA related positions (Envoy, EP, Magistrate, Praetor, and HM) may be used.
* Serve as a magistrate or as the praetor for 8 months or more
* All positions require excellent service. A moderate service record may be grounds for rejection. The immediate superior (HM, or GM, in the case of the HM) shall determine the awarding.

^ That comes from the Dark Savant - Service portion of the wiki. I was wondering if each bullet must be completed, or if only one must be completed. Like say someone was an EP, and an Envoy for a total time of a year, but haven't been Magistrate or Praetor, would they still qualify for a Dark Savant - Service?


08-10-2007 21:17:48

The sub-bullets, those with two asteriks in your post here, apply to the first bullet. The magistrate/praetor requirement is another method. Dacien is a good example. He hasn't been an EP, but he is now my praetor. He could still get Savant after 8 months. The last bullet, about excellent service, applies for both.

So, you could qualify without being a magistrate or praetor.


08-10-2007 21:38:51

Alright, thanks. :)

Yeldarb Vohokou

09-10-2007 04:19:12

Curious if any of the positions I hold in the DBPA, and the month that I have been an AENV will count towards the Dark Maven Leadership degree. I believe if we total all that time up I have the 4 months required.



09-10-2007 10:25:38

For the Leadership degree, it needs to be battleteam leader and above.
Basically, there are leadership positions and then positions of responsibility (though leadership positions are the latter, too). Leadership positions mean you're leading a unit in part or whole and include:

-Battleteam leader
-Combat Master (leads the ACC)
-Dark Council

Positions of Responsibility are important jobs, but you don't have control of a unit. These include:

-EPs and Envoys

So, I don't see your positions fulfilling the requirement. Assistant Envoy is supposed to be a short time position and you don't have a unit. The DBPA positions are iffy at best because they are only open to those who have the game required; also, they don't do much, if anything, outside the DBPA.

But, these jobs will be helpful in getting you into a leadership position.

Yeldarb Vohokou

09-10-2007 11:43:10

Thank you Ashnar for the explanation all makes sense now.


12-10-2007 03:07:07

Anshar, in regards to all degrees. It says that you've got to report that you're going after the degree before you complete the reqirements. When the new requirements were released for the degrees I had already completed 75% of the required material. When I saw the new requirements I had already submitted my final exam for grading.

My question is that am I ineligable to recive the degree?


12-10-2007 10:56:37

That's the other side of the retroactive/grandfathering period. The 50% rule doesn't apply during that time because, just as there are people who have already completed the requirements, there are people who are 3/4 of the way through.

I'd prefer that you send me an e-mail, just so I can have everything in one place, but you are still eligible and I can use this as your "sign up."


12-10-2007 13:58:39

I'll forward you the e-mail I sent to your Praetor since I'm in CP


12-10-2007 14:46:50

No need to do that. As long as you've e-mailed Dacien, you're good for the Leadership degree.

Dacien and I will sort through things over the next few days and find out who really qualifies. Thanks to Kaiann and Spears, I have course grades going back a few years now.

Macron Sadow

30-11-2007 17:35:16

Quick question- when will the philosophy degree grandfathering period open, or did I miss it already?

cheers, mac


01-12-2007 20:06:39

It is closed, at least for now. The only open degree is the history degree. This will change in the future, though not until after the new year.