Stelios Azarial

03-11-2007 22:10:54

Im new and Im not sure if this is the right place to be asking but, Im looking to join a campaign.

I have:
Core revised rulebook
Dark side source book
Ultimate alien anthology
Outer Rim worlds
New jedi order

and I can get whatever else you deem necessary to have.

So if there is any possible way to write me in to any story lines that would be great :] Im new to Star Wars Roleplaying btw and there are no local games where I live. Stoked to be here :D

Adien Falaut

08-12-2007 09:35:42

I'm having the same problem Stellios limited RPing in town here well with my work schedule that is and it has been attempted a few times to start one here, but if we can find someone capabile of GMing and get a good start i;m sure it's possible