Before we start


29-01-2005 08:18:13

1) Do post under turn topics ONLY if you are playing in the campaign and acting in character. Discussion goes in the general topics under the campaign name

2) ONE post per player under each turn topic. If you have something to change, edit.

3) When you take an action that you know needs a roll, indicate the roll type and, if you know it, your modifier. So, if for example you want to fire your blaster, write something like

"Sam Pleguy carefully aimed his heavy blaster at the head of the Wampa and let loose two shots in quick succession [Full Attack, +8/+3]."

This makes it much easier for me to determine the outcomes.

4) Mind the timeframe. In the header of each topic, you will see a final line looking like

Turn time: 5 minutes.

This means you should put in five minutes worth of action. If we're on round level, I will just state

Combat Turn

- so you get one round worth of actions.

5) New turn threads are to be opened only by the gamemaster. This is also where the resolution of the action will appear.

6) Please write your text in third person, past tense. This simply allows me to paste your text together with that of the rest of the bunch - so that in the end, we can archive all gamemaster posts and arrive at a halfway legible story.

7) No making decisions for other characters unless you've explicitly been asked to (e.g. someone is on leave and asks you to play his char for a few rounds). Write what YOU do.

8) Initiative in combat is determined by who posts first. There is no D20 delay action, but you can of course "delay" by posting late. Normally, resolution will happen at about 4pm EST.

9) If you want to leave the game, either find someone to play your character or inform the gamemaster so that you can be written out / killed off.