Sourcebook Confusion

Adien Falaut

10-04-2007 14:16:56

1).what are the most important sourcebooks to get ahold of?

2). on the games list how are the number of expansions classified?

right now I've got:
the revised core book
the darkside sourcebook
starships of the galaxy
arms and equipment


10-04-2007 14:28:34

if you mean D20

then i suggest

Revised D20 Core book
Galactic Campaign Guide
Heroes' Guide
Alien anthology
arms and equipment

with these you can run a good campaign

if you want force using then i suggest the

power of the jedi
dark side source book (rules are outdated but the background is priceless)

Myself not really use the spacefight but then you need the

Starships of the galaxy.

and of course for the specific eras or locations, use those source books but these are only important in a very detailed long campaign

Macron Sadow

13-04-2007 16:30:21

Yeah, Zeron pretty much covered it.


14-04-2007 08:17:11

May will see the release of the brand new edition of the D20 SWRPG called Saga Edition. Much of the system has been changed, from skills ranks and uses to feats and classes.

This articles briefly introduces some overview on the changes:

Macron Sadow

14-04-2007 14:34:00

Sweet. Thanks for the heads up, Khan.


14-04-2007 15:16:15

noooo, i wont spend that much money on these books again....

Adien Falaut

17-04-2007 13:09:01

Cool now I know what to look for and that I'm not screwed because I found copies of all those but the galactic campiagn guide.


15-07-2007 11:04:19

The new Star Wars Saga RPG has been released for a while now and after reading it I have to admit the new rulse make it soo much more enjoyable then the previous versions. The d20 system has been heavily modified and now SW doesn't look like a ripoff of D&D anymore.
I got my copy for 25 bucks on amazon if anyone interested.


15-07-2007 19:17:25

thanks for the info. I'm going to pick up some books this weekend.


15-07-2007 21:25:58


Of course the DJB would never endorse the illegal sharing of copyrighted materials among it's members.


16-07-2007 16:40:03

Who said anything about sharing it ? I just stated it cost only 25 bucks on amazon plus another 20 for delivery in italy. I said that because if I went to buy it at a shop here I whould have paid 45 Euro.


16-07-2007 16:47:11

it wasnt you :)


17-07-2007 01:29:43

I know, if I was going to suggest to download it somewhere I whould have clearly said so heh