Turn topic #09. Turn time: 3 minutes


05-05-2005 07:22:49

Just a note: From now on, a turn will be 3 days. We'll keep posting reminders (if we remember :$ ) but we need to hurry it up a bit.

OOC action summary:

About to crash, trying to repair the ship and trying to find a landing spot. Tyrax blamed for it :P

Moving to the engine room, Ban realized he wouldn't have time to reach the bathroom. "I've not had an accident since I was 3," he growled. Then he noticed Tyrax coming towards him. "We'll be experiencing engine failure soon."

"There is an area suitable for landing not too far from us," Kai shouted and transmitted the coordinates.

"You call that not too far from us?" Jeidos shouted. "We're about to crash. Curse the Council for this!" His attempt to correct the course of the ship did not work complately, bu at least they were out of the nose-dive. "We're about to experience a complete system failure," someone shouted, but he didn't want to think of that now. The landing spot Kai had transmitted was up in a high pass, the rest of the area was all ragged mountains. The ship would fit in nicely - that is if he was to manage a reduced speed soon.

"Aren't we too fast?" the voice of an Ewok could be heard.

"Smartasses, gotta love them," Akoor commented. "Here, I overloaded the stabilizers, but that should help us to slow down."

Indeed it did. The ship slowed down and stopped swaying from side to side, but at the expense of several more blinking red lights. "Come on baby, hold together," Jaidos mumbled. There was the wide pass, and not even much rubble on it's ground. Maneouvering the ship inside, screeching noises from the hull showed him that they weren't as stable as they should be. "Brace yourself. We're about to..."

The ship, still not wanting to slow down, touched the ground, and the screeching noises turned into an infernal noise. A split second later, the world seemed to explode around them as the front crashed into a large rock. Jaidos noticed sunlight and saw the torn up hull. "I'm alive," he whispered. "Is anyone else?"

The explosion basically destroyed everything they didn't carry with them.

Remaining resources - 6 enhanced med packs, 11 normal med packs. Accelerate healing halves the need of med packs and also allows recovery without medpacks. In this case, one med pack less = 12 hrs of recovery minus 2 hrs for each skill point above 1.


Jaidos - minor tear on his right shoulder and a cracked but not really broken right arm (needs one med pack) - 2 vitality, 1 wound damage. Wound penalty 1

Kai - concussion, deep cutting wound in left arm, burn marks on face from explosion (needs two med packs) - 11 vitality, 4 wound damage.Wound penalty 2

Tyrax - suprisingly, no injury, but hes a bit shaken up. - 3 vitality damage.

Ban - has had a toiletting accident, twisted his left knee only a little, broken right wrist, concussion with small bleeding wound on the back of his head, minor burn wounds on his backside (needs one enhanced medpack or three normal ones) - 13 vitality, 2 wound damage. Wound penalty 2

Peld Akoor - Lots of bruises all over, twisted right ankle, but nothing broken (one med pack) - 6 vitality, 1 wound damage Wound penalty 1

Sedraya - unconscious, severe burn wounds on back, concussion, cracked ribs and a cut over her left eye which bleeds heavily (2 enhanced med packs or 6 normal ones) - 22 vitality, 5 wound damage. Wound penalty 5

Jimbatica - unconcious, several serious injuries, including broken ribs, broken legs, a broken nose, open bleeding head injury, a piece of metal stuck in the lower back and bad bruises all over. If he's not getting help fast, we'll have a very dead Ewok. (9 enhanded med packs or 27 normal ones) - 27 vitality, 14 wound damage. dying at -6


05-05-2005 20:51:03

Kai's dazed form lay now on the floor near the NavCon. He could feel the force slowly flowing through his body, near his head and arm. (Accelerate Healing: 5) It took him a minute to realize he was laying in a small pool of his own blood, but could see the injury slowly begining to heal itself. As he stumbled out of the cockpit and over the ship, he noticed the other injured Hunters.

"Some just arnt worthy" he thought to himself. "Then again... I will probably need them..."

Shaking his head Kai tried to locate some of the healing supplies onboard to aid the most injured of them, who just happened to be the smallest.

"Damn midget wookies" he muttered trying to dig through the now blood soaked fur to see if there was anything he could do to help.

Kai could still feel the force flowing through is body, working to repair his wounds, but the gash in his arm still hurt quite a bit, and the knock to his head still kept him a little dazed.


The cry from the ewok's body echoed through the hull of the ship.

"Very well, but understand... If you now fall the same fate... I will show you the same fate."

Taking one of the med kits, Kai fliped the cartiac needle and thrust into his chest. The feeling of the chemicals repairing his body did wonders, and shortly he felt completly well again (-1 normal med pack)


06-05-2005 20:45:33

Peld opened his eyes slowly, cursing at the pain in his ankle. The Council wasn’t going to be pleased with this, the Hunter himself certainly wasn’t. He straightened up in his seat, and turned briefly to the growling co-pilot. The Sith swiveled his chair with his good leg, watching as Kai departed and blocked his view of the rest of the ship.

He winced as a surge of pain ran through his foot. Hopefully the ship could still be repaired; he didn’t feel like being marooned on this godforsaken rock. Akoor removed two medpacks from his belt, and tossed one to Jeidos. “Use it as you see fit, my friend.”

The pilot rose and lumbered painfully out of the cockpit. He quickly came upon the motionless form of the Ewok, and a blackened Kai vainly trying to give him aid. The Sith grunted as he took Sedraya’s pulse, and started limping back to the cockpit to deal with his own injuries. “Kai, I suggest you give up. He looks pretty dead to me, and there are probably others aboard who can actually be saved and still be useful to us, the female for one. Besides which, we may need medical supplies later. Don’t waste resources on him.”

“Isn’t that a bit cold?”

“Pragmatic” said the Sith as he disappeared into the cockpit and began dealing with his own injuries [use: one medpack].


06-05-2005 21:01:13

Jimbatica lays on the floor bleeding from all the wounds he has on his body. The dark blood soaking his fur and starting to form a pool of blood around his body. Several members of the team begin to notice that he is fading away from the force.


07-05-2005 18:41:04

Feeling the pain surge down his arm, Jeidos grabbed the medpac Peld gave him and immediately injected himself with the simulates. While this may seemed like a selfish act, since there were countless others who could be injuried in the craft, Jeidos was not to take pity on them. They were Dark Jedi still in training, and he knew the council would be watching them for weakness.

Once his arm felt better, Jeidos stood and left Peld to his own treatment. Arming himself with his Katana sword, Jeidos carefully walked out of the cockpit. He knew that despite his efforts to save them, the others could be bitter about the recent events and he would not be unperpared for any insanity from them.

Coming against the broken ewok, the Sith stood above him and watched as the life drained from his body. He had barely heard the conversation between Kai and Peld earlier but Jeidos knew the conclusion. The ewok was to die.

"You were an impressive being, Jam." Jeidos said coldly as he stared at the ewok's closed eyes and lifted his Katana directly over the ewok's chest. "But this is the path the force has chosen for you. You have no use to us nor the force anymore and the Council must have seen that."

"What are you doing Jeidos?" Kai questioned sharply from the corner.

"Giving this warrior his right to die by that of an combatant's blade, Krathling. You are not Obelisk nor Sith, so you would not understand." Jeidos hissed. "May we meet again after the Final Way, Jimbatica!"

Jeidos's shout echoed through the craft and silenced the sound of the strike and Kia's crys for hesitance.


01-06-2005 07:47:49

Tyrax opened his eyes. he had passed out due to the crash. checking his body, he found, to his surprise, very few injuries, just a couple of minor scratches.

'oh great', he thought. 'they will hate me now.'

getting up, he made his way to the other passengers of the shuttle, hardly knowing if he'd survive meeting them or not.