Turn topic #08 Turn time 2 minutes


18-04-2005 20:12:59

OOC action summary:

Everyone's arguing over landing or staying in orbit, there is a vague idea of where the target Jedi are but nothing real on the scanners. A decision is needed!
Tyrax fails to get the broken board to work (the "perform miracle" dice are out of order).
The Ewok has landed in a puddle of old, smelling oil while doing nothing but jumping around.
Dyl'Jo'Ban suddenly feels the urge to visit the bathroom

(Vessicant's guy saved by the fate of a database error. I'm a mean game master, so you'd want to post or find yourself in weird situations :D )

"So, what now?" Kai somewhat begun to lose patience.

"Two for landing, one against, the rest don't comment, so landing it is. And yes, I am able to land this thing in the dark!" Glaring at the woman, Jeidos took over the controls again, deactivating autopilot with his fist, glaring at the other Sith to dare stop him. to his suprise, that didnt happen. The now co-pilot just leaned back, shrugging. He looked somewhat uneasy though.

"Pffft." That was the only comment from Sedraya.

"We need to figure out where to land..." Kai turned to the scanners again, when suddenly the old bucket begun decending VERY fast.

"TYRAX!" Ban shouted. "What exactly did you break even more back there?"


18-04-2005 22:21:05

Kai quickly retook his place and fingers again flew over the console, attempting once more to scan the surface where they would be landing.


19-04-2005 01:58:02

"THAT WASN'T ME!"... "I think..."

Tyrax' quickly looked the new board he installed over, and connected some missing wires. 'work, dang thing, work!'

(please give me more luck with the dice this time... :P )


19-04-2005 16:04:19

She chuckled and went back to her seat, strapping herself in and waiting for the landing to be over, assuming they all didn't die in the process.


20-04-2005 17:33:19

Akoor snarled as the ship lurched through the atmosphere, loud groans emanating from a number of its bulkheads. He had been about to give his own thoughts in favour of landing in more lighted conditions, citing an enemy ship that probably outclassed them in weapons and sensors, and the need to repair the hyperdrive in case the Jedi fled the world, when Kai and Jeidos had both lost their patience. The Sith’s hands flew nimbly over the console, switching in emergency power and dumping the stored laser energy into the shields and stabilizers. The Hunter brought all of his skill to bear, fighting to even out the descent. [Skill check: capital ship piloting]

“Kai, scanners! Find me a landing site NOW!” The Sadowite tuned out the seemingly distant response of “already on it”, focusing on the task at hand. Peld’s rage was evident on his face; someone was going to pay for this debacle.


23-04-2005 17:59:48

"Blasted hulk of [Expletive Deleted]!" Jeidos yelled as he stressed to find the source of their trouble. Reading the digital output to his right he knew that something had short-circuited around the hyper-drive components.

"Ban!" Jeidos shouted as he turned in his seat. "Go find Tyrax and tell him to get the heck out of the engine bay! If possible investigate the cause of our problem but just make sure Tyrax doesn't do more damage. It would look pitiful to the Dark Council if all seven of us died before we even reached the planet."

Facing forward, Jeidos continued the struggle for a peaceful landing as he looked at the navimap for the course plot. "Kai! We need a landing spot now!"

"I'm working on it, I told you!" Kai yelled over the sound of the alarm warning of a dangerous descent.

Focusing his mind, Jeidos abandoned hope with the craft's systems and concentrated on the force to guide them to safety. Using his sense of Instinctive Astrogation, the Sith co-pilot felt himself fall into a slow state of mind as his hands and mind worked franktly to assist Akoor.