Turn topic #07 Turn time 5 minutes


04-04-2005 17:51:38

OOC Character summary:
Kai scans for unusual things on the planet in the hope of maybe locating the Jedi. Roll = natural 1! He accidentally miscalibrates the scanner and picks up what he perceives as atmospheric noise.
Sedraya uses the Force to locate life on the planet Roll 13+20=33. For precise readings, this power has a range much shorter than orbital, but it is good enough to get a coarse location. There is a relatively strong presence in a mountain range located 30S latitude which will slip into the night in about 30 minutes. Several spread out weak presences, like large herds of animals, are to be felt at various places on the planet, especially the mountains.
Jeidos essentially confirms the findings although he did have problems concentrating (roll 2+24=26).
Dyl'Jo'Ban takes a good look at the other two and attempts to similarly attune himself. However, not having studied Life Sense yet, he rather only detects noise. (roll 9 gets you nothing at all...)
Tyrax finally attempts to start replacements on the broken circuits. Looking over the damaged area, he locates the blown sub-boards (3+11=14), removes them and promptly fumbles one of the boards (natural 1, who jinxed your dice today ???). It falls to the floor and shatters.

"Well, that's as far as we'll get with this kind of atmospheric noise down there", Kai summarized the findings of the various probings on the surface. "That mountain range may be our best bet, besides, we need to set down somewhere to repair that hyperdrive - assuming we can ever figure out what it was that our clumsy brother dropped there."

"Shouldn't we wait a few hours until it's morning for them ? I don't feel comfortable confronting an unknown world and a foe at nighttime", a worried voice chimed in. However who had said this wasn't too apparent and whoever it was wouldn't repeat it or admit to it under the fierce scrutiny of twelve eyes. Yet, this was something to think about...

Peld Akoor turned around in his pilot seat and took charge in the ensuing uncomfortable silence: "Well, well, okay, let's see a show of hands - or voices as the case may be. Maybe in an open discussion, whoever made this proposition will admit to it."


04-04-2005 19:02:56

"Sounded like a cowardly Krathling to me, Captain." Jeidos laughed from the co-pilot's seat as he brought the craft on a descending path to the mountain terrian. Switching the craft on auto-pilot for the moment, the Sith spun his chair to face those behind him.

"I don't know who made the comment, nor do I give a flying wampa's piss who said it either. Our prey is on that damn planet, our mission is to destory them, and I for one will not allow anyone to steal my chances at success." Jeidos snapped as he looked directly into the eyes of all those present. "When we land you can stay inside the ship for as long as you want, fore I will gladly take a head start from any of you. But here's a tip. Yes we may be on a strange planet, but the force has bless us on our approach. The darkness of the night will hide our craft much better in our descent and in the cover of darkness we, Jedi Hunters of the Dark Brotherhood will gain our strength. Maybe your Krath or Obelisk teachings have limited your abilities but for us Sith the darkness of night and the shadows of day is our allies and I will not let you take away any advantage we have on this hunt."

Releasing them from his glare, Jeidos turned back to the control panel as he watched the adjustments made by the computer. After several moments of silence, he snapped at them again without turning his head.

"Now if the rest of you still have pissing and mourning to do, there's an empty cargo hold at the back that is easily detachable from the ship. Go make your case there, otherwise sit down and let me do what I'm best at."


04-04-2005 21:47:49

Sedraya snorted at the words of Jeidos; she stepped forward, glaring at the "co-pilot", not heeding his sharp words to sit down. "I will state what I have to say right here." She held his glare as he turned to face her then spoke. She had no qualms about speaking up for whoever it was that spoke the fear of the darkness.

"Feel free to step off the ship once we land for you are second in command, no?" She arched a brow then continued. "But I can promise you, you will die. If our higher ups thought one Jedi could handle this then they would have sent only one Jedi but as you see there are more then that here. You mistake caution for cowardness in us Krath, I'd advise you think before you speak next time."

She turned to the others. "I for one would advise waiting until daylight so our enimies do not have the cover of darkness, of course we won't either but then again we use the Force in ways the Light Jedi would not think of. Think on this, we give our opponents a lesser advantage while gaining one by creating one for ourselves."

She turned back to the co-pilot. "If you think us hidden then you are sadly mistaken, for they could easily have sense us a long while ago, it is folly going into battle thinking your opponent does not know you are there for then you give them the advantage of over cofidence on your part. I do not doubt the skills of our captain here," The word captain was said with a little less harshness then when she spoke to the co-captain. "however landing in the dark is hazardous, it could very well kill us."

She gestured towards the planet and faced the rest of them again. "I sensed a strong reading of life in the mountains as well as some lesser ones indicating there are animals there, possible food sources."

She now stepped back and let the others continue.


04-04-2005 23:10:29

Kai sat there listening to the lectures being exchanged.

"I do not fear the darkness, nor what it hides. I say we land. But, choose our landing sight carefuly, land a good distance away from where they are located. We can cover the remaning distance on foot. Even take the time to scout the area properly."

Kai leaned back in his chair. It seems he could do little else right today, so perhaphs it was best to stop pushing buttons. But hopefuly they would stop arguing soon, so he could meditate a few moments for the impending battle.


18-04-2005 12:09:59

Korras cursed, but then realized he had dropped the old board. "what are you doing, Tyrax?", someone yelled at him.

"nothing serious.", he said. "the old board is more broken now then it was before."

"errm... okay, just get that thing working again."

"no problem. I hope"

he sighed. why did he have to be so clumsy? things would be much better if he wasn't. he took the new board, and carefully placed it in. 'you better work', he tried to tell the board.