Turn topic #06. Turn time 10 minutes


09-03-2005 17:56:51

OOC action summary:
Kai attempts to retrieve and program the coordinates for the desination planet (roll 9+9=18, DC 20). While not entirely successful, the deviation is not too large, so the problem just adds to the journey time. Use the Force, Luke (or anyone with Instinctive Astrogation) next time :P
Dyl'Jo'Ban tries to overcome the electronic security on a locker by hacking in with a computer panel (roll 6+7=13, DC 25 - this isn't a typical computer task).
Tyrax is poking around and finding obstacles not even put in by the AM. Nice job, fix it yourself.

Hours passed before the blackness in front of the viewports gave way to brightness, streaks and then stars again. They had arrived in orbit of their destination - a bit later than planned but in one piece. Or, mostly in one piece as the smell of the starboard hyperdrive power coupling betrayed. Well, this would be a problem for later.

Suddenly the voice of the Deputy Grand Master boomed through the ship. "Well, you have made it this far. Now locate your targets and then do your work. Unless you'd rather settle this lovely world"

"Lovely ?", Kai asked aloud, looking up from the scanner. "This is a frigging ball of nothing except for frozen rock at the poles and hot rock at the equator. Oh, and if anyone is used to thick atmospheres, you may want to carry some extra oxygen, pressure is 800 millibars. I'd also suggest packing light, gravity is 1.35 normal. These Jedi must want something here."

OOC hint (just because I have a nice streak today): Ship scanners aren't the only thing you can use to gather data...


09-03-2005 19:23:08

This Kai knew how to do. He turned to face the console infront of him. His fingers flew across the computer consol infront of him, his eyes quickly scanning the data that flew across the screen as he searched the planet below for the Jedi and what they might be after [Computer Use +12].

He was aware of the movments and conversation around him, but he was so imersed in his work scanning the planet below that his responses were delayed, if he gave one at all.


09-03-2005 21:56:12

About half an hour into the journey Akoor had told Jeidos of his own experiences with piloting the cargo ships and starfighters of his family’s former, small trading business, and the two had shared a number of quasi-informative anecdotes. The Sith slipped from the bridge after that, leaving the copilot to oversee the simple task of monitoring the systems enroute, while he himself retreated to the door of the Captain’s quarters. Peld slapped his forehead as the door slid open effortlessly; apparently it hadn’t been locked as he had earlier supposed. This was probably deliberately done to accommodate any of the other pilots aboard who could have potentially taken command, but had no lockpicking skill.

The Kunite found a combination written on a scrap of paper on the bed. He tried it on the door and found it to be correct. After reentering the room he locked the door and set his equipment on a chair. Akoor moved to the bed, where he would remain in a meditative state for the two and a half hours. He opened his eyes quizzically a few minutes later than he had planned. For some reason the ship was still in hyperspace.

Peld gathered his equipment, locked the door behind him, and headed for the Bridge. He arrived just in time to witness the end of Jeidos’ berating lecture. The Sith took his seat with a scowl and waited out the rest of the journey. The Arconan had cost them a significant amount of time, time without purpose. Akoor cursed himself for relying on another Hunter and a machine rather than employing his own good instincts.

At last the ship came out of hyperspace, and the DGM’s words filled his ears. He listened to what Kai had to say as well, as it confirmed his own estimations. The Jedi were indeed here for something, and that something had sparked the interest of the seven Clans. They had to be stopped, regardless of the cost.

Akoor turned his attention to the radar, making sure that no unexpected company was in the area. “Kai, ah good you’re scanning the planet already. Keep it up. Now, Jeidos, what’s with this warning that the starboard power coupling is corrupted.” The Kunite lightly tapped a light on the control board above their heads.

“Ah yes, someone, I think that Tyrax guy, reported that that was failing while you were away. Without that….”

“We’ll have a fun time getting this crate into hyperspace again.” Peld interjected with a nod. “Beautiful. Why wasn’t this found earlier?”

“Apparently it was a fairly well hidden act of sabotage.”

Akoor flipped the intercom switch and raised the engine room, “Tyrax, see what you can do with that power coupling. There might be some useful parts in the agricultural machines in the cargo bay. It would be a good idea for you to find that out. We can deal with the actual repairs later.”


10-03-2005 19:40:32

Sedraya had stepped towards the captains seat and was watching what they were doing; from what she was hearing this ship was near falling apart. She watched as Kai used the ships sensors to scan the planet; she shook her head, doing anything beyond flying and landing might very well cost them dearly.

She moved back from the door way towards a wall and stood there so as to be out of everyones way. She closed her eyes a moment and building a picture of the planet in her head, gauging where the life forces were on the planet. (Life Sense 5)


15-03-2005 19:17:12

Jeidos held his curse beneath his breath as he smashed his fist into the buttons before him as he tried locking down the problem with the computer output before him.

I don't know whether I should threaten to kill one of these fools or the dark council for the sabotage. Jeidos thought as he scanned the computer screen for it's general analysis and suggestions for the problem.

"Son of a banta!" Jeidos yelled as his fist flew towards the consul, smashing into the steel exteror of the device. "Bah! Well at least we can land this thing but the only real solution for the cursed coulping is to install a completely new device. And unless Tyrax can find a complete fiture and tools to install thing we're gonna have to look on the surface for resources."

"That's acceptable for now," Peld said as he resumed command of the freighter. "As I said, we'll continue with our mission first and leave the problem for those that succeed the trials."

With a slow nodd, Jeidos accepted the Kunian's words and sat back in his chair. With Peld back to lead them to the surface, Jeidos was free to use his Sith senses to help find their prey. Focussing his mind, Jeidos was drawn to notice those force sensitive by him in the craft some of whom were already in the progress of using their talents to discover the Jedi. Pushing forth, his mind scanned the atmosphere of the planet and then the surface itself.


17-03-2005 09:03:10

How could they detect the Jedi from orbit was the problem Ban had been pondering for the last few minutes and he thought he finally had the solution.
Closing his eyes and drawing on his anger Ban sent a small mental probe towards the planet. Whilst his meager skills would not encompase the whole planet he would trust the Force to lead him. Picking a area at random he directed a small probe across the reaches of space towards the continent. The Force was strong in the area and Welshman entrusted in his abilities to discover the Jedi...


27-03-2005 12:33:18

Jimbatica was quite happy with searching the ship before he was forced to kill some Jedi for his companions. Crawling underneath the seats and sneezing at the build up of dust. Jimbatica cared not about the drama going on in the cockpit, picking himself up, he crawled up the seat and hopped over it, landing on the ground with a thud.


03-04-2005 05:36:30

Tyrax had been looking round the circuits for some time now, and finally managed to find the part responsible for the malfunction, a faulty relay circuit. he examined it, and tried to figure out wether it was intentionally done, or really an accident (craft(mechanic) 9).

whatever the cause, there were spair parts. he went to the storage compartment, grabbed a replacement circuit, and started to replace the old one (craft(mechanic) 9), hoping he'd manage to succeed with it. otherwise, he knew they'd have a big problem getting of this rock...