Turn topic #05 - Turn time 5 minutes


02-03-2005 18:19:56

OOC Action summary: Dyl'Jo'Ban makes two attempts at accessing important computer data. The first does quickly lead him to the same information Kai had already gleaned from the schematics, the second sends him on a wild goose chase until he is - or rather is not - satisfied that there is no information from the Council to be gotten from the memory banks.
Kai attempts to search the computer for aditional ship modifications and uncovers a useful crosswiring between the aft shields and blaster arrays that can be used to recharge either unit faster at the cost of energy to the other.

Four hours after Peld Akoor had barked the command to search the ship upside down, the results were clear - two more uncritical and quite common modifications were found. Dyl'Jo'Ban's plan to undo the hyperdrive modification - at least a twelve hour repair with questionable success chances - was quickly shouted down after Kai pointed out the operation modifications that needed to be made in starting up the drive. With this done - and a certain Ewok quite impatient to get to do something better than poke around in cable shafts too low for any of the other crewmembers - Peld and Jeidos settled in their pilot seats again and quickly ran through the pre-jump checklists.

"We're ready to go", Jeidos confirmed. "Now we just need some coordinates and someone to pull the lever".


02-03-2005 18:49:03

Kai got up from his place at one of the suporting terminals on the bridge and moved over to the navigational computer, glancing around to see if there were any loose data pads that might hold the information. His hands moved expertly through the computer system in search of the information, so he could program it in and get this bucket of bolts underway.

[OCC: Assuming he didnt find them while he searched the computer systems, or on a data pad in the bridge.]


03-03-2005 15:53:40

The Sith turned from viewing both the shifting field of stars and the controls. He fixed his eyes on the Hunter who was quickly coming to fill the role of the ship’s Engineer in his mind. “How are Jeidos’ coordinates coming along, Kai?”

“The computer is just about done crunching the numbers now.”

“Hyperdrive system is primed and ready.” chimed Jeidos.

“Excellent, gentlemen. Soon we’ll see what this old hag can do.” The Kunite flipped the intercom switch once more as his eyes wandered across the control panel for a final time, “prepare for hyperjump.”

“Thrusters are bringing us to final stage orientation.” the Co-pilot entered.

“So, Ketoan, you said you were a Captain before joining the Brotherhood. What ships?” Peld inquired, hoping to fill the last minute or so before departure with small talk, and also out of curiosity of his fellow Sith's background. Akoor poised his hand on the actuator lever.


03-03-2005 20:14:41

Jeidos hardly heard the fellow Sith has he was flicking switches and hitting buttons, cross-checking their position and the trip.

"Several feighters of small and medium size, as well as imperial starfighters." Jeidos said as he saw the stars infront of him jump from pin-point shapes to long blurred images. "My first was an YT-2100 that I managed to pirate from the Cornet Spaceport. Rest were different types of imperial crafts as I worked my way up the ranks."

Jeidos glaced over his shoulder to the captain, "How 'bout you?"


03-03-2005 21:38:56

Jimbatica got bored quickly, listening to all the Hunters talk about what they have flown and keep listening to them go on an ego trip about it. The curiosity of the Ewok got the better of him and walked out and decided to search the ship a little bit better. Jimbatica decided to keep his eyes and ears open for anything that might be valuable, or a hazard.


04-03-2005 16:28:56

Welshman saw in his peripharal vision the dimunitive Ewok leave the bridge and he could understand his reasoning. As a Sith himself he would much rather trust in his own piloting then others but for now he was content. The hyperdrive had been fixed as had a few other minor glitches that had been harrasing the system.

Taking his leave from the bridge Ban went to the rear of the ship hoping to get some peace during the jump to hyperspace, it was there he met the Ewok.

"Greetings Dark Brother" Said Ban.

The Ewok merely nodded.

Striding over to the view port that dominated the room they were in, Ban admired the infite darkness, space was the epitome of the Dark Side, and in this he took some comfort. As he began to meditate Ban heard Jimbatica grunt before releasing a sigh. Turning to see what was going on Ban saw the Ewok was trying to pry open a small cupboard locked by a small keypad.

"Let me try." Ban said kneeling down beside the locker and extracting his datapad, linking a cable from pad to pad Ban typed in a few commands and waited for a result (Computer Skill +7). Before the locker had the chance to open or refuse him Ban felt the floor vibrate as the engines increased their power output, looking out of the viewport he saw the stars elongate into lines and the ship jumped into hyperspace.


07-03-2005 16:41:47

Sedraya sat in her seat, watching everyone as they went about doing what they thought needed done. She was waiting for someone to ask for her assistance if it was needed. She knew little about ships but if she could help she would somewhere.

She stood and paced back and forth, stopping every so often to watch others at work before pacing again. She continued to pace the spaces between the seats, moving out of the way when someone came through.


09-03-2005 17:31:19

Tyrax was still busy working out some minor damage he had found when inspecting some of the support systems of the craft. at first, it didn't look very significant, until he had figured out what implications it would have.

"errm... we might have a problem here...", he said. "I'll need to replace this power coupling, or else the we'll find ourselves in a whole lot of trouble when we want to use the hyperdrive again.."

"what? why?", he heard someone ask, not really paying attention to who it was.

"This power coupling is responsible for the hyperdrive energy... it's not obvious to find... I think someone did this on purpose... possibly our masters setting us another task..."