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27-02-2005 16:33:01

OOC Action summary: Kai has taken the time to browse the schematics. Immediately (19+5=24), he noticed a hand-drawn modification to the hyperdrive. Some supply lines had been exchanged, resulting in a performance increment, but requiring a minor change in operations. As usual, see the storyline thread for details..

"So, anyone getting this ship on her way ? We don't have all year", Jimbatica inquired impatiently, still huffing and puffing.

OOC: Not too much happened, so I don't have much to say either :)


27-02-2005 17:59:20

"Damn it," Kai cursed, jumping to his feet. He just barly avoided tripping over Jimbatica he ran down the aisle towards the cockpit.

He crashed through the cockpit door, startling the two pilots. Knowing enough about piloting, he avoided any of the controls as he slamed the diagram down on the console.

"You guys need to see this. I dont know about you, but I dont want to be stuck here for several hours atempting to repair the hyperdrive... assuming we even have parts for it."

His finger pointed out the modifications as he explained them and the procedure. Not that he needed to explain himself to these expert Sith pilots.

"If your not careful, you will blow the engines. No to mention, piss off half a dozen Hunters."

Kai disregarded the comment about his health, and working on locating a computer terminal to use.

"Im going to atempt searching the computer systems. Perhaphs we can aquire more information from there aswell." (Computer Use: +12)


28-02-2005 00:36:53

Akoor slid his emerging blade back into its sheath as the intruder made his case. He could see that his copilot was on the verge of laying the man low as well. The Kunite raised an eyebrow as the man revealed an all too familiar modification to the hyperdrive. This explained how the old tub was able to reach the rendezvous point so quickly. The Sith smirked as he watched the yacht dash away into the void.

“I suggest you knock next time, it's far less hazardous to your health. Thanks for making us aware of this though, mister….” Peld began.


The Sith switched on the intercom, “Attention Hunters, this is your Captain, Akoor. Though I too wish to get going as soon as possible, we must be cautious; our superiors are a devious lot. Mister Kai has brought something to my attention which makes it abundantly clear that we should learn more about this ship of ours before getting underway. You will work in pairs to pool your skills, and give this rust bucket a thorough examination. Report your findings to the bridge every hour. That is all.”


28-02-2005 15:30:14

Jeidos Sunlighter turned back to face the his co-pilot controls as he heard Akoor make his announcement to the other Jedi Hunters. He was starting to regret this decision to mediate in the seating area instead of looking around the ship, it was something that might cost them dearly now but there was no way to change the past. He was now have to leave the exploration to the others while he assisted his fellow Sith set up for their departure.

Jedios busily pressed and slapped buttons has he brought up the nav-charts. Examining the maps showed their best route that would save enough fuel for the return trip would require a 3-jump process but that all depended on if they could get this old rust bucket moving.

The Ketonian knew that he had no mechanical ability and so assisting Kai and Akoor would produce no good outcome and so he decided to leave the two working with Kai's schematics while he looked through the ships database for other modifications.

Slapping a blue button to the left side of his body, Jeidos brought up the ship's database on his front screen and began scanning through the ship's files for useful information.


28-02-2005 16:41:42

Sedraya arches a brow as Kai runs down the aisle towards the cockpit but doesn't move; should merely be in the way rather then helping. She sat back, watching the others in the seats, gauging them and what they would contribute to this mission.

She sighed, thinking that perhaps being the only female wasn't all that a good thing. She shrugged to herself, she would deal. She unsheathed her ebon blade once more and examined it for lack of anything else to do.


28-02-2005 18:10:38

"I have some knowledge of Computes and starships." Buzzed Ban modestly to the two Hunters working on the bridge.
"What?" Asked Kai.
"I may be able to help you with that terminal." Ban stated.
"Hmph, but use that terminal over there, we dont want ourselves falling over each other."

Nodding contetly Ban walked to the other side of the Corridor and began logging on to the terminal using his above average computer skills (Computer Skill 14(or 7 and 7 i dont quite know)). shortly he had reached the directory responsible for the hyperdrive.

"Hey I think I've figured it out!" Shouted Ban
"What is it?" Asked Kai.
"We got to reverse the way we feed energy to the drive. That should help things."
"Good work Sith, I'll go talk to our Captain."

Buzzing to himself happilt Ban decided to explore further in the computer's memory and tried to find some information pertaing to his mission and more importantly his comrades (skill check Computer skills 14).

Waiting for the computer's tasks to be completed he stood back and waited...