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23-02-2005 13:57:30

OOC: Obviously three of you have decided to just sit around and do nothing. Bad move. That won't come in so handy in the next post...

OOC Action summary (resolved in storyline thread):

Kai takes the time to do a casual search around the storage area. As the only item of notice, he finds a set of technical disagrams depicting the current vessel's control circuitry.
Peld Akoor attempts to pick the lock on a box presumably owned by the ship's captain. The Take 20 attempt cannot succeed as there is not enough undisturbed time, however with no wards or other deterrents, you're getting in five attempts. The second one is good enough and the lock pops open. Rummaging through the chest, you find coinage worth 75 credits in the pockets of a pair of dirty pants. The rest is rather simple clothing of no particular value.

The whine of the hyperdrive had died down. Exchanging some puzzled looks, Peld and Kai got up to check on the pilot when a low rumble went through the ship. Instinctively, they all looked through a near window, only to spot an escape pod quickly spiraling away from the vessel towards a small yacht. Seconds later, the yacht's tractor beam engulfed the pod and drew it aboard.

Making their way to the pilot area, the seven adventurers found it unlocked and, of course, devoid of life. A single yellow button was blinking on the communications console. Jeidos pushed it. A hologram of the Headmaster came to life.

"Greetings, Hunters. You may not be acquainted with the traditional rite of the Jedi hunt but one of its criteria is that you have to go unaided. You will find current star maps in the navigational computer, so making the hyperjump should not be too problematic for you. Everything else is up to you. I'd also appreciate if you returned the ship in one piece, we still need it for target practice around the academy. May the Dark Side be with you."

With these words, the hologram flicked off. The pilot's seat invitingly swung over, daring any one of the assembled to get into it and take command.


23-02-2005 15:44:47

“How interesting,” the Kunian muttered as he glanced at his fellow Hunters and tapped the handle of his vibroblade pensively. It was the first moment of real tension the band would face on their quest, and Peld was determined to take the initiative. Yet the need to be tactful, especially in so sensitive an area of the old ship, and when he had no allies to support him, was great. He opted to use logic instead of his sword…at least for now.

The young Sith took a cautious step forward and turned to the assembly. “Obviously, resolving this matter rests on the capital ship fliers among us, and let’s face it, this old tub would benefit from being in the most skilled hands available. Those hands are mine.”

“Apart from being a Sith, and thus an obvious choice, I have flown this sort of ship all my life. I shall take command of this vessel, and get us to our destination. There is, however, room for a copilot in this cabin…consider that.” Akoor turned the pilot’s seat back around and placed his hand on the headrest, listening intently to the grumbles, and watching the wary stares of the others.


23-02-2005 16:21:52

"There's no need for them to consider it." Jeidos said as he stepped forward, rolling back the sleeves of his shirt. "As a fellow Sith member, and as a former captain of several ships of this type; I believe i qualify just as well as you to fly this ship."

"Sides, like I'll just hand my fate over to the hands of Kunian." Jeidos said with a grin as he slipped into the co-pilot seat. "The rest of you should head back to your seats and prepare your gear. We have no clue what other tricks our leaders have in store for us."


23-02-2005 18:10:01

Sedraya shrugged slightly and turned, moving between the others to head back to her seat. She knew nothing of flying a ship therefore would not dispute their claims to captain and co-captain.

She opened her backpack and took out some liquid and another cloth; picking up her staff she began to oil it carefully. After she finished she returned the cloth and oil to her pack and her staff to her side. She settled back after checking her packs for the umpteenth time, watching the others now, wondering what they would do.


23-02-2005 19:08:13

Kai turned slowly muttering under his breath.

"Figures it wouldnt be this easy. It never is."

Seeing the other Hunters taking their place, he took his also. His gear was light, no need to check it. It hadnt moved since he strapped it on. But trusting his life to the hands of the Sith was not one of the easiest things to do, not that he would admit that.

Withdrawing the diagram he had found, he glanced over the ships control circuitry, to see if he could find any information that would help the situation.


24-02-2005 07:01:39

Ban knew he could fly the ship as well as anyone on the expedition here but he decided to let the issue slip. A good measure of character was how a person handled a ship and Ban would need all the information he could get about his compatriots.

Buzzing something in his native tounge Ban left the piloting area and went back to the area he had spent that last half hour in quiet contemplation. Unholstering his weapon he looked down the sights and satisfied that his sights were zeroed he holstered it once more. Taking the short sword from it's scabard he began to move through some forms that were originaly for lightsabres but could easily be modified for other swords.

"Rodian, where are you?!" Shouted a voice from the bridge, Ban was unsure who it was as he had not been here long enough to get to know the people.
"I have a name..." Muttered Dyl'Jo'Ban keeping his blade and heading back to the bridge.


24-02-2005 12:39:52

What the? I can't Pilot, but, I could try, unless one of the other more "masculine" males wants to take their shot with thier arrogant attitudes.

Jimbatica ran towards the bridge, but nearly took a quarter more time to get there due to his short legs. Huffing and puffing, he finally brought him self to the bridge, doubled over gasping for air. Hearing the slight commotion in the brige area he knew they were determining who would be Pilot or Co-Pilot. Many of the other people that have not been introduced to him also were looking around trying to figure out what was going on. The Son of Sadow looked on intensivly.