Turn topic #02. Turn time: 30 minutes


19-02-2005 12:52:21

Evening was setting in on one of the less used landing ports on Lyspair when, in short order, seven shuttles descended from the sky, each discharging one more or less confused passenger and departing again without so much as a word of farewell. Kai, the first to be set down, surveyed his surroundings quickly - it would be at least eighty miles to the Shadow Academy if he wanted to get there - if that was his goal at all. His thought process was quickly interrupted by a second shuttle arriving, disgorging a Jedi Hunter named Dyl'Jo'Ban he had once met at a reception. The two exchanged greetings and a little gossip until the next landing - this time a shuttle with CSP markings whose passenger introduced herself as Sedraya. After that, there was hardly any time to exchange greetings as the landings followed as fast as any sensible flight control would allow them. When it all was over, they were joined by a certain Peld Akoor, a young Ketonian named Jeidos, a Hunter by the name of Tyrax D'Drom and finally an Ewok by the unlikely name of Jimbatica.

The last shuttle had barely disappeared into the thin evening sky when another, deeper engine roar was heard. It belonged to a decrepit freighter that must have already served the Old Republic well for several decades. With a sputtering of the maneuvering thrusters and a metallic clang, the ship set down on the pad, opening its single hatch before it had even come to rest.

"All aboard, we don't have all day", the voice of a Sullustian emanated from the ship.

The seven looked at each other and shrugged. Nobody moved.

"I supposed you are the seven passengers from the Brotherhood I am to pick up here", the pilot said. "So climb aboard, they don't pay me for waiting."

Reluctantly, the Jedi Hunters moved their belongings and themselves up the rusty ramp. They had barely reached its top when it slammed shut and the ship lurched skywards.

"Find yourself some place to sit", the voice from the pilot seat said. "And don't bother me until we get to the rendezvous coordinates."

[OOC: At this point, you may make any assumptions about the ship configuration that is consistent with the description so far - of course if you want to search for anything valuable, you know how to roll dice :). The size of the vessel is twice that of the Millennium Falcon. Please, when composing this post, be very careful of what the ones before you wrote - descriptions not matching previous content might be discarded. You'll be spending about five minutes in maneuvers, then just over twenty minutes in hyperspace (at a speed pretty good for the old vessel) and then it will drop out of hyperspace just before the end of the turn. The pilot area of the freighter is off limits, don't even try to go there unless you want to risk a blaster shot or six into the chest.]


19-02-2005 20:50:48

Kai walked through the ship, making sure it was actually space worthy. After several minutes he came to the storage area, and took the opportunity to nose around.[Search check: 16 unmodified] He finally finished his inspection and was reasonably satisfied that the ship would get to their destination in one piece, and returned to the passenger area.

“Well, this should be interesting.” He said as he took an open seat.

His gaze glanced over those that were gathered here, sizing them up. It was a habit he had picked up from his master. The words echoed now in his mind. Know thy allies. Know thy enemies. For at times one may become the other. Satisfied, he leaned back in his chair and awaited their arrival at the destination.


20-02-2005 15:57:53

Akoor sat silently with his arms crossed as the ship passed the threshold of the atmosphere. He mulled over the current situation, trying to find something to occupy himself for the duration of the journey. Though it could well be useful to speak to those around him at this early stage, appearing too chatty could easily be construed as weakness.

He glanced out the window, seeing that the stars had begun to shift. The freighter was beginning the ponderous process of orienting itself for a hyperjump. The Sith turned as one of his fellow passengers rose and walked off presumably to search the ship. Peld decided that performing reconnaissance of his own would be a prudent move. It never hurt to familiarize oneself with one’s surroundings, and if he found anything of value so much the better.

The Kunite rose, belongings in tow, and walked toward the mouth of an adjoining corridor. A short distance down it he discovered a container tucked into a quite visible alcove. Akoor turned back toward the passenger compartment, noting that he was still in view. He took a short walk forward, and looked both ways at the t-junction formed by two intersecting hallways. If there were anything of particular interest he would continue on from there.

He read the outcropping signs written in Basic above the nearest rooms. He decided that none of the four visible rooms, though interesting in their own rights, required his attention at that point. Although the sign marked “Captain’s quarters” was intriguing, he decided against investigating it. Based on their host’s earlier paranoia it seemed likely that the room would be securely locked, and probably contained a number of other security measures. It was too much of a hassle, especially since he wasn’t sure exactly how long the rickety, old ship would take to reach its destination.

He moved back to the container, raising an eyebrow quizzically. It was strange that his discovery was not in the cargo hold, instead being located so near the gangplank. Perhaps the hold was full…or perhaps this particular cargo warranted the option of removing it from the ship quickly. The fact that it was locked merely added to his curiosity.

The Sith looked out at the Hunters who were still seated. A thin smile came to his face. Making a display of his skill might gain him allies, and if he failed they might well underestimate him later. Either outcome was acceptable. Additionally, from this vantage point he could keep track of at least some of his fellow passengers movements. The Kunite drew his lock-picking tool and diligently set to work [Skill Check: Take 20]. Akoor’s ears perked as the hyperdrive came to life a few minutes later.

When he was finished he returned his equipment to its rightful place, and returned to his seat.


21-02-2005 19:44:47

Desdemonea snorted at the pilot as she seated herself, her baggage next to her. She glanced around at the other passengers watching each a moment before moving to the next. She shook her head and chuckled. The only female...how interesting.

She yawned softly and leaned against a wall waiting for this trip to end and the ship to land. She sighed to herself, this sitting about did not suit her so she stood up and began to pace the ship, familiarizing herself with her surroundings. Finding nothing of interest she made her way back to her seat and sat down once more, picking up her pack and taking a piece of cloth out. She drew the silver blade from her back and began wiping it, paying little attention to those around her. After that one was cleaned to her satisfaction she resheathed it and drew the ebony blade from its sheath. With this blade she used a different piece of cloth as well as a liquid from a bottle she retrieved from her pack. When she was done cleaning it she placed the blade back in its sheath and the cloth along with the bottle back in her pack.

She looked up as she heard the ship enter hyperspace, dropping out a few minutes later. She smiled. Soon it begins. She leaned again against the wall as she waited for the trip to end.


22-02-2005 13:36:52

THe young Ketonian Jeidos rolled his eyes at the comments the pilot had made to them.

No damn merc should be giving orders to a Dark Jedi, even if they had not yet received their saber.He thought as he removed his pack and placed it beneath the sit that he claimed.

Within moments of being seated, Jeidos felt the engines of the craft roar and shake as it lifted off for departure. As they pushed through the atmosphere of the planet, Jeidos was silently cursing the poor skill of the pilot as the craft shook beyond a reasonable limit. But as they made it to the cold recesses of space, the Sith was calmed from the fact that for most of the rest of the trip it would be computer programming controlling their fate and not the sense and skill of the incompeted moron merc.

As the ship entered hyperspace minutes later, Jeidos watched several of the others get and move about the ship but deciding it best to remain seated in an intimatating stance to avoid words with the others. While he had no sensable problem with the other Hunters aboard the ship, Jeidos knew that only three would advance and the rest would die for their failure. No sense getting comfortable with them.

After a dozen minutes or more of comfortable mediation, Jeidos was startled by sense of the ship leaving hyperspace.

And so it begins...