Turn topic #10a - COMBAT TURN


26-07-2005 17:43:22

OOC action summary:

Warhunter uses four medpacks on Sedraya. Heals 6 wound damage. Sedraya recovers 1 vitality.

Peld Akoor attacks Tyrax with his sword, (Attack bonus +6, rolled 13 = 19 against Tyrax' Armor Class (AC) of 16. Hit for 1d8+2 damage = 8. This is vitality damage - combat and most other situations damage vitality first, only heavy hits like that crash directly cause wounds.)

Tyrax counterattacks by firing a point blank shot with his blaster. Attack bonus +9, rolled 6 for a 15 against Peld's AC of 13. Hit for 1d6+1 damage = 5.

Health summary:

Kai: 5 vitality down (33 remaining)
Peld: 11 vitality down (40 remaining)
Sedraya: 21 vitality down (1 remaining)
Jimbatica: DEAD
Jeidos: 2 vitality (47 remaining) , 1 wound down Wound penalty 1
Tyrax: 11 vitality down (43 remaining)
Ban: 13 vitality (37 remaining), 2 wounds down. Wound penalty 2

We are in combat. Only Peld and Tyrax may act. (4 combat turns remaining until next turn for the rest)

(note: I will summarize all combat actions with the next full turn post)

Tyrax carefully retreated after firing his shot. However, he was not yet out of range of Peld, should he press pursuit.


26-07-2005 17:52:22

cursing at the cut he had recieved, Tyrax started to walk away aiming his blaster at Peld, pulling the trigger in quick succession.

[yay for 6 seconds... :P ]


27-07-2005 00:10:08

Peld advanced, infuriated further by the Taldryanite’s words. What sort of Dark Jedi didn’t take what he wanted if he was strong enough to take it? He ducked around the incoming bolts as best he could, closing the distance with his opponent as he looked for another opening to exploit. A feral growl escaped his throat as he brought his sword to bear once more, hacking away furiously at the insolent worm before him.