Turn topic #10 - turn time: 1 minute


21-07-2005 17:47:16

OOC action summary:
Kai: Accelerate Healing (3 Force pts used): FP roll 34, full effect, 2 wounds and 6 vitality healed. Medpack restores 3 wounds (2 needed). Help for Jimbatica came too late (4 rounds to death, you healed yourself first and "took a minute" = 11 rounds minimum.)
Peld: Medpack heals 3 wounds (1 needed).
Jimbatica: ***DIES***. Sorry. Blame your co-players.
Jeidos: Applies coup the grace to a dying Ewok, not that it would have mattered. No XP for this great kill either.
Sedraya: Blood loss causes 1 additional wound point of damage (failed DC 15 Fort save: 11); returns to consciousness. (made DC 10 Fort save: 11)
Tyrax: Essentially does nothing, but that quite well.

Health summary:
Kai: 5 vitality down
Peld: 6 vitality down
Sedraya: 22 vitality, 6 wounds down Wound penalty 6
Jimbatica: DEAD
Jeidos: 2 vitality, 1 wound down Wound penalty 1
Tyrax: 3 vitality down
Ban: 13 vitality, 2 wounds down. Wound penalty 2

(Note: I've actually translated the stuff into D20 terms. [Praetorkick...])

Somewhere down a corridor, Sedraya still lay where the impact had thrown him. He awoke to a massive headache and the feeling of all too much blood gushing over his face, already partially congealing.


21-07-2005 22:22:15

(*coughs* just for future reference, Sed is a chick =P)

Sedraya groaned slightly as she awoke, her head feeling as if someone was doing a conga line inside it. She slowly put her hand up to her face, feeling it slippery with blood which caused her to groan again as she brushed the wound. Against everything she learned she sat up, doing so too fast causing a wave of light-headedness to pass over her, she swayed trying to fight back a wave of unconciousness.

She called out, trying to raise her voice so she could be heard taking precious strength as she did so. "Is anyone there?" She dared not stand up for fear of passing out which she felt about to do now.


22-07-2005 04:56:59

Akoor squeezed the armrest of the pilot’s chair as he checked a few switches on the overhead paneling. Nothing. The Sith turned with a sneer and an icy glint in his eye. He burst out of the cockpit, ready to do what had to be done. Even if the rest of their mission went off without a hitch, which seemed unlikely given its fabulous start, the Council would still punish them all for the extensive damage to the ship. He reached for his equipment bag, stuffing a medpac into his pocket. Perhaps he would receive some measure of clemency if he dealt with the one responsible himself.

He spared a passing glance at the scene of carnage, grunting his acknowledgement and approval of what Jeidos had done. He looked to the female clutching at the air and pleading for help. It was a disgusting display, but he realized that it would be stupid to lose another able body.

“Someone heal her already, that’s an order!” the Hunter snapped. “We’ve already lost two, no need to lose a third.”

“Two?” Jeidos asked, half-suspecting what the Sadowite was getting at.

Akoor turned, answering the copilot with a low hiss, “the Ewok is dead, and if our resident saboteur isn’t dead already…he soon will be.”

Peld didn’t have too far to go; in fact it seemed that the failed engineer had come to him. Maybe Tyrax was coming to finish them off to assert his dominance and avoid dishonour, or maybe he was just stupid enough to show his face. It didn’t really matter why the man had come, though it was certainly considerate of the Taldryanite to save his fellow Journeyman the walk.

With a fluid motion the vibroblade was out and thrumming to life. The Hunter’s eyes narrowed as he saw that his opponent had received injuries even milder than he had in the crash. It mattered not, vengeance would belong to the Sith. “You’ve broken this ship, and jeopardized our mission. I shall suffer your incompetence no longer.”

Akoor moved forward, swinging his sword from the right. [I’m not sure what to put here, “Skill Check: Long Blades” maybe? At any rate it’s probably best for us to learn how to fight before we catch up to those Jedi].


22-07-2005 10:42:14

Watching as Akoor left the room to deal with the annoyance of Tyrax, Jedios felt little pity for the man as he looked at the lifeless body of the ewok and then the wounded female across the room. Shaking his head at Akoor's demand for her survival, Jeidos felt it was necessary to deal with his wounds first so that he would not be disadvantaged should someone around him wish for his blood in payment for Jam's.

Shoving the medpack needle into his arm, the Ketoian was relied when he can feel the stimulates working within him. Discarding the useless item to the flood, the man moved towards the fallen female and began examining her wounds. While noting the excessive amount of damage, Jeidos had no real knowledge of medicine and made the only attempt to save the young female. Injecting several of his last medpacks into the female, Jeidos sat back and watched as he left it up to the force to decide the female's fate.


26-07-2005 17:11:54

"and who gave you command of this mission, hmm?", Tyrax spoke, pulling out his blaster. "last I checked, we were all equals here. but no, you just assumed command"

he aimed his blaster at Akoor's chest, firing a point-black shot, and moving out of the way as soon as he could trying to avoid the slash from the blade.